Journey With PWI

Peaceful Writers International is not just a writing community. It's a family, a family of writers, a family of dreamers, a family of sweet souls, and a family of ambitious people. Today, at the moment of the launching of our official website, we asked our writers to express their journey with PWI so far. Excited to read what they said? Let's get started...


The unsung tale of- The Blissful beauty and the Brave Trinity!

Dedicated to the founders of the lovely beauty that Peaceful Writers International is!

An isolated bud,

With a potential beauty in it,

Cared by a young maiden,

Dainty and determined,

Tousled over with dilemma,

Where to go now,

Came the rays of sun to its rescue,

Bringing the crown of affection and love,

That blossomed it into a flower,

Too pretty to look,

And an admirer estranged

 I morale its fascination!

From the beats of some 20 hearts to a reach of 200 and more,

It was known by the name of 'Peaceful',

Cornating the lives of blissful many,

From Nigeria to Phillipines,

The benevolence art that it adored,

Has never looked back ever since!

The fragrance it imparted,

To diverse artists overseas,

Embossing the seeds of art,

From an amateuré to professional,

Caressed the inkings,

Into tunes of beauty!

The coherence of its expanding love,

With more admirers to come by,

Over and over days to pass,

As it gave rise to more of its kind!

From penning words to capturing moments,

Cultivating rhythm to cooking new recipes,

It extended its purpose,

With the warmth of the rays,

That look after its authenticity,

Furnished with the crown!

With the beauty comes the thorns too,

And daunting they were,

As backstabbers and betrayers,

Can determination ever be turned down by hate?

And it didn't,

The maiden,the rays and the crown so perfect,

A trinity of heroes,

For the blissful beauty!

Showering it with,

Blood,sweat and tears,

They made it to tomorrow,

Even when the darks were all night!

Look, Oh!Look,

How far has it come,

With the promises,

Of ' With you forever',

It has never reckon,

The call of its admirers,

Now a family of its own,

Compiling happiness,

Publishing love,

Gracefully designing,

The arc of epiphanies,

Which enlighten many,

Souls to come by,

' Peaceful Writers International',

A synonym for love,

A home to all,

A save heaven for those,

Who believe in it!

May the promise last as long as the Trinity of determination, affection and perseverance rule the dreams of every dreamer!

Long live PWI!

- Shanaya Stephens



In the verse of wisdom

There lying a piece of paper today.

Just want to pen down every nodes,

Want to let the blood rage today.

Started with a shock,

It is now somewhere apart!

Being a volunteer for many,

Hoping the jail of emotions to depart.

Cared like our own feather for,

The bird to fly high.

Now the zeal of flying is of many,

Let's try hard together and touch the sky.

The curation of love and,

The quilling feel is the favour.

Satisfying is the action for cast,

And the courage stood tall and deliver!

Having the crashed mindset,

Of nothingness hunted down.

In search of jewel of the hell,

We found a gem adored with crown.

A small tiny heart accompanied by,

A cheeky graphics lover.

Some doers in the work for,

Destiny is hunting some dreamers.

Shading the lives with colours,

Some comrades are in march.

They sacrificed their sleeps,

For your sunny life and heart parched.

Just the cause is unknown,

For the example set for the world.

Enchanted benchmark for many,

The glaze is overdue to be glad.

Fragrance in the soul and,

Bewitched today is the tailored curse.

The boon for the twitched dilemma,

Is fate graced by the love of cheeky blush.

Splendid was this wonder of,

Setting the platform to come front.

That feats celebration when achieved,

And bending the procedures blunt.

Those moments of joy overnight,

To cheerish some joyous occasion.

Some beautiful Certificates,

Owing down some typical passion.

The moment passed,

Will be never be back forever.

Let's focus on the present,

And regret be enhancing, NEVER!

Our deeds define our destiny,

And path defines the stardom.

Unleashing through the toughness,

Our feet will touch every grit run.

For example if those clouds spare,

For rain be must in our dry fate.

Although it's better late than never,

Rise of the conscience be our date.

Caressing those feathers today,

We are here for a spare.

Let the success touched all the souls,

The colours of prosperity be felt everywhere.

Those divisions and jokes gnarled,

Those fights for love still a story.

Our spam also cheerish the discipline,

Okay fine, list it another glory.

Feat is the steps covered but,

We love breaking our records.

Setting a furnishing show for many,

We even climbed the hill wearing strodes.

From 20 entries to 2071,

Life gave us the reason to live.

Still dream come true to be heard is,

Being in a shore of hardships to dive.

Commemorative is the company and,

Selenophile it's another charmer.

Being worshiped for a single take,

We decide our stroke with self harmer.

Waves of acknowledgement flew,

And the reason for a smile came to heart!

Gullies will be roared today,

Yes we are a shade apart!

Anthem being simple yet solid,

To rule the toughness to rise.

Decision to enhance the inner souls,

Spreading our inks so wise.

A genuine happy soul is knocking,

Accept it's sword for the self glare.

Looking gorgeous, your beauty!

You all are our day's first prayer.

Fantasies would be bending,

For the pranks of life so fair.

Gleason in the storm residents,

Have made them critics to spare.

Being cursed for our nothingness,

But I shall regard the team to be lion.

In this field of mercy and the greet lier,

Be a horse in the race of zion.

Okay the innovation is our finding and,

Unity being our ultimate strength.

For the bad days were passed.

Let's end the gusty rule of the tenth!

Touching infinity is our motto and,

Climbing through thorn is also clever.

Do remember the tagline guys,

We mean it, "With you forever"!

-© Archishman Satpathy

Founder of PWI



All the available appendages of my heart will cease to pen a thanks to one of the most supportive family,

I will utilize the little emotions I have to tell my love for you. 

The writer in me loved joining writing communities, 

PWI was one such,

When I felt everything to be soo mainstream, 

Pwi turned out to be unique.

It's not just an international community but a family with lovely admins and fellow writers. 

From the beautiful topics in the challenges to the wonderful open mics my enthusiasm blossomed, 

From the priceless reviews by the admins, 

To the go to go nature I fell for you all.

I have stopped writing many a times in between, 

But who knew that the topics of PWI would rekindle that love

Just 2 months with you all but the memory seems long .

Just few challenges I did but winning in it always was something which i am blessed with. 

Thanks is not enough!


But I love you family!!




Joined 2months ago,

was named as the peaceful writers,

A bit somewhere I was curious rather.

The very first day,

I got a prize somehow,

I don't know how,

but it gave me motivation and a feeling of Wow!

Gradually days went,

I participated to the extent.

I gave my level best, 

Every step I was promoted to next.

The day came when I came out of exam hall,

And saw that the community name changed to peaceful writers international.

It was a great day for me,

when after a week,

I qualified for book of records,

with 10+ entries after all.

The next weekend my write ups exceeded fifty,

there I was declared Ambassador of an entity.

I took part in various branches as well,

Somewhere singing,

somewhere exploring other skills as well.

An awesome platform,

rather it's a  blessing,

My lost passion

got its real feeling.

A long write up is recently published,

Now I feel my life has really met PWI to succeed.



Dear lovable volunteers of PWI,

The key to our success, rests in people like you.  You made us so special by your incredible ideas. Those germination seeds of inspiration made us to grow taller and taller everyday. Thank you for challenging us to think further, work hard & dream bigger. My lips always smiles when I wonder about PWI...and it is more than love. I am indeed thankful for Archisman Satpathy Sir who gave me a blessed writing platform to explore myself in various ways...You always care and enterntain us by your innovations and we always cherish the time you spend with us because those are the precious moments which cannot be stolen by any creature on this earth. By your guidance hope that any writer can become a professional scribbler. There are no sufficient words to thank the founder of PWI.  PWI team became my favourite alma mater. Without a favourite teacher there is no favourite subject at all in the same way without PWI there's no best writing platform of 24/7 in this universe. I request you to conduct daily challenges and announce the winners because the challenges we always go through in team is really awe-inspiring which contains fantasy, imagination, different ways of thinking and learning. We are really missing the everyday challenges. So, please look on to this point. Also I would like to say please never quit the group in middle because of some reasons, we all are here for you...East or West Peaceful Writers International (PWI) Is The Best. Journey with PWI is like a ray that enlightens our hearts and minds. 

©️ Geethika Reddy 


The community so amazing,

Wonder making society

Where freedom to all is granted.

So caring for it's pen-holders.

Though small it is,

The great change it has made,

Felt is its impact

For the wise words it speaks.

Though young I was,

Unfit in the great  works of renowned writers,

My words are now heard and felt,

On the world map I'm spotted

And work recommended.

I was just but a toddler,

Now I am growing up,

So energetic and healthy

My pen,it has some sense.

Yes my pen; it's been taught

The best way to live life

Among the great men of the world.

PWI, the mother of all,

The unborn and the grown up;

It doesn't discriminate,

Each writer is equally important

For whatever little they do.

Out of my poor background,

Nothing to showcase,

Now I am grateful

For I have all the reasons

To cherish the work of my hands,

For I have been raised from lameness

And I can walk around the world!

Though I don't have money to fly,

PWI has not been a lier

For now I'm known

Not in my mother land,

Not my birth place:

In the Asian and European villages

Where I am unable to reach.

What can I say

That the great work could be explained

Of the documents I have

From the great community

Full of intellectuals,

Who's brains are always at work

To create a better world?

I am grateful for the

Opportunity so precious and

Much humbled to the family

That has a heart so clean

To nurture great talents.

PWI, the home for writers!

- © Washington Newton Odongo (O.W.N)

PWI is much more than a community, it is a family. It is more about love, support and learning together. PWI gave me so many opportunities from being a part of Book Slime Community to being an article writer for the blog on medium. I learned so many things and met so many new and amazing writers.

My journey started by being a co-author of an anthology named Aurora, I never knew I would ever become so much involved in this family, that I would never think of leaving this beautiful family. From there, I participated in different groups, joined 2 more anthologies, met new writers on the way. I learned new things, I improved more and more.

When I was really upset these people made me feel good, they actually cheered me up. They all are so unique and colourful and especially this is for my friends in PWI’s Medium group. You all are so amazing, so nice and out of the box. I really love being a part of this family. 

PWI gives so many opportunities from being a co-author to compiler, they give us new challenges to improve our writing skills and interact with the other team mates and see their beautiful and elusive works. They organize open mics, jugalbandis, and many more events which help us face our fears, make us confident and be a better writer.

For me, PWI has always been a door to new opportunities and I love to be a part of this beautiful family. Thank you to everyone who knows me and who doesn't, because literature keeps us connected even when we are from different parts of the world. I never regretted being a part of this wonderful community and I wish I always be a part of this family, because no matter how bad or good the situation is, families can never be abandoned. Families give strength and support and both of them are found here in this lovely group of unique individuals.

Name and Pen Name- Alveera Hafeez

सफर PWI के संग

जुड़े है जो एक लिखावट की डोर से,

परिवार है जहा परवाह है हर किसीको,

कुछ कम तो कुछ ज्यादा सबकी अपनी हुनर अलग है,

पर सब बया नहीं करपाए कुछ एहसास है उनकहे इस दिल के।

मेरी शुरुवात है यही से,जहा से प्रेरणा मिली है कहीं से,

लिखने का शौक तो पहले से ही था,

पर अब वो ज़िंदगी का हिस्सा बन गया है इन्हिसे,

बस खुद में ही जीते थे गुम होकर ,

जाना है दुनिया की रंगों को याहिसे।

अलग पहचान मिली है इसिसे,

कई यादगार तस्वीरें जुड़ी है सिर्फ एन्हिसे,

दिल के जज़्बात सब कागज़ पे उतरते है बड़े आसानी से,

यही कारण है जो आज भी हम सारे गमों को भुलाकर बस लिखने की सोचते है।

अनजान थे बोहोत,सवाल थे कई दिल में,

सारे जवाब मिले है यही से,एक अलग दुनिया से रूबरू कराया है

हार कर भी लड़ाई में जितना सिखाया है,

सारे ज़ंजीरों के बीच सपनों को उड़ान मिली है।

अनकहे अधूरे एहसासों को नाम मिली है,

बस कुछ और ना सही कई रिश्तों की छाव मिली है,।

- ©Dr Nikita Dudagi

Title :- Footsteps To My 3rd Family 

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.” –Anthony Brandt

I still remember the day when my third family adored me . Yes ! It was 7th March , 2021 . In the evening I stepped in and was welcomed by the family members. Taking time every day to appreciate our loved ones for all that they do helps us to reconnect as a family. On the very next day , I got my assigned tasks. But these doesn't seem like suffocating rather it helped me to inhale more with courage, love and support . The behavior and co operation is just something where words are not enough to say. 

"Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” –Lisa Weed

This above quote of Lisa Weed exactly goes with my relationship as well as bonding with PWI. Am really blessed to be a part of this beautiful family . Wherever it places me , makes me more attached . Proud to be in the team of Brand Ambassadors , Reviewing Head and Event Head . I believe that the memories will be with our PWI family is everything till my last breath.

By : Debasmita Ghosh 

Journey in PWI

I love writing ❤️ I love people who share my passion ❤️ and even more, I love people who support my passion ❤️.

I've found all of this with the Peaceful Writers International community during the period I've been a member. We're all accepted no matter our faults, we're pushed to be better at what we do, we are rewarded for good work, and there are so many branches! So that it's not for writers alone. Such diversity makes PWI unique and lovable 🌸.

I'm not as active a member as some but I can say, my journey so far in PWI is one that has been amazing, eye-opening, motivating and I cherish it so much! ♥️

It has made me know that there are people out there who are better than me, and that I shouldn't just ride on my talent alone but build on it, improve it and be diligent with it 🌸.

It has made me meet people from various parts of the world, and understand how to relate with them and has opened me to various points of views on certain situations 🌸.

I look forward to much more blissful years with this community ♥️ and shout out to the wonderful and supportive founders! ❤️🌸.

- Olotu Osasuyi


Can a soul ever thump like heartbeats?

Can a soul ink down its feelings?

Can a soul narrate its inner turmoil?

Can a soul spread millions of smile?

The answer to every question resides here,

PWI is the reason to never fear,

Because when you put down your pen, you'll regret,

Because after every failure, there's a path to rise higher.

It is not a community, not even a company to run,

A family of 200 plus members rule with fun,

There is chaos, there's a pause at times to life,

But falling once makes you courageous to fly.

We spread our wings through bleeding ink,

Never really thinking twice of whether we'd lose or win,

PWI is not  merely a group but is an emotion,

Which attracts diaries and papers to fill with notions.

Immigrants and emigrants are also welcomed,

Celebrated fests and contests being humble,

It's commendable how smoothly this channel works,

And still lets our lives breathe letting the moments be preserved. 


IG ID:- @deep_scribblings

PWI में मेरा सफर कुछ अलग अंदाज़ में केहना चाहुंगी।

Write up :ये सफर अभी अधूरा है

अभी तो सफर अऱम्भ ही हुआ है हमारा ।

लेखन की जन्नत मैं शामिल हो रहे है ।

मुश्किल राह में चलना सिख रहे है।

अभी तो हम संभलना सिख रहे है।

अभी तो हम समझाना सिख रहे है।

घावो के साथ ही सही पर जीना सिख रहे है।आँखो में नमीं तो होंटो मुसकान लिऎ चल रहे है।मंजिल की और बढ़ना सिख रहे है।

PWI  के साथ अभी शरूआत ही है।इस सफर में साथ है हम अभी तक ।विश्वास है  कि हमारा साथ आगे भी ऐसा बना रहेगा। ताकि मैं बोहोत कुछ नया सिख सकुं ।साथ ही साधारण से शबदो में जज्‍बात ब्यान कर सकुं।

मैंने एक किताब में कुछ लेख लिखे थे तो वही से मुझे किसी लेख्क ने इस ग्रुप का लिंक भेजा था । मुझे बेहद प्रसंता है की मैं इस परिवार का एक छोटा सा ही सही लेकिन हिस्सा हूं।

धन्यवाद ।🙏🏻😇✍️ 



Jis shaks ne mujhe yaha tk ka raasta dikhaya,

uska naam hai meri pyaari shreya...

milwaya unse jinka kaam hai mahaan,

aur naam hai Archishman...

jiske mehnat ka nhi hai koi alfaaz,

naam hai uska Naaz..

Peaceful Writers se Peaceful Writers International tk ka safar mehsoos kiya hai is dil ne janaab, 

shayar nhi kam se kam ghayal zarur kehlayenge in kaatilana mastano ko dekh kr hum kuch is qadar soch mein the 

PWI sirf ek TEAM nhi hamare liye wo afeem hai jiska nasha hume Zindagi bhar nhi utaarna. 1 Participants member se admin member ka ehsaas aur wo opportunities ka bhandaar, core team se core Friendship tk ka safar kabhi meri aankho se aansoo k zariya bahar niklega samundar ki tarah gehraai ko naapte reh jayegi duniya pr iske peeche ka pyaar kabhi samjh nhi payegi duniya... intezaar bass us pal ka hai jab hum saath mil kr khule aasman mein jhanda fehrayenge jeet ka jinko khoya hai majburi k naam pr shayad unko bhi wapas is family mein haq se shamil kr payenge hum... intezaar hai bass us pal ka ab bass intezaar hai us pal ka ...



PWI मैं मेरा सफर कुछ खास नहीं है

मुझे इससे  जुड़े चंद दिन हुए हैं ,

लेकिन PWI मैं आकर मुझे एक platform मिला और मुझे बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिला व मेरा बहुत फायदा हुआ।

 मुझे देश यहां तक की विदेशी  लिखितकारों(writers)  से मिलने का अवसर मिला।

मुझे लगता है यह किसी भी लिखित कार को अपने सपनों तक पहुंचाने में मदद करेगा।

और यहां की Faculty भी बहुत अच्छी लगी।

आशा है आप हमेशा ऐसे ही तरक्की करें।

Name - Tayyab Patel 

Insta I'd - @tayyab_pinku or @dark_poeter


आजका टॉपिक है बहुत ख़ास,

इसे लिखनेका अलग है अहेसास;

PWI के बारेमें है लिखना,

होने वाले अनुभव के बारेमें है बताना;

हर रोज़ मिलता यंहा लिखने को कुछ नया,

जिससे उभरकर आती है किरदार की छाया;

सभी निर्णायक की बात है बहुत निराली,

ज़ेसे छप्पणभोग से पिरसी हुई थाली;

कभी कभी लिख ना पाए अगर डेड्लाइन तक,

बढ़ा देते है फिर टाइम इसका रात तक;

अगर कोई बात का हो अगर कोई टेन्शन,

ग्रूप में तुरंत ही कर देते है सब मेन्शन ;

मिल जाता है इसका जल्दी से जवाब,

एसे है हमारे सब निर्णायक जनाब;

नंबरो की कोई नहीं है हमें ज़रूरत,

बस एक बार देख ले फोनमें इसकी सूरत;

अनुभव का आहार है PWI,

मीठे का एहसास दिलाती ज़ेसे MITHAI;

ये मंच है मेरे लिए बहुत ही अपना,

जंहा हररोज़ लिख पाऊँ नई रचना;

इसमें सामिल नहीं है कोई आम समुदाय,

सीखते रहते हम नया कुछ सदाय;

आज का टॉपिक है बहुत ख़ास.....

- Nimisha patel

My Journey Through PWI

I was introduced to PWI on 23rd March 2021 by a certain Joker who is none other than my brother Archi whom I met on a certain group. Untill then I only wrote all things in a notebook and kept it myself because I was scared that I would be made fun of. When I was introduced to PWI, then I was not very confident about my writing. But when I joined this amazing group,  I gained confidence and started writing more. 

The amazing activities carried out by PWI boosted my self-confidence and I my interest in writing went on increasing. Reading others beautiful write-ups taught me new things and new ways of writing. 

The founder and admins of this group are very friendly and so interacting with them gets more interesting and easy. The reviews they give helps in improving the writing.

I attended my first open mic last Saturday although I was a part of audience but still it was the thing that I enjoyed the most. 

Writing on different themes each day gives me an idea about how to write on various topics. I really enjoy being in this group and I am really lucky to be a part of a great international community like this.

I want to learn more about writing and I hope that this community keeps spreading its wings more and I keep learning new things from everyone.

My Journey in PWI community started a month back and It has been a really good journey till now . I never thought I would be in the core team of PWI until Archii who is a really good friend of mine Introduced me to The PWI family and thus began my association with this International writing Community. It's like a huge Opportunity to work in an International Community like PWI . I am thankful to Archii And Naaz for bringing me here . It's a great honour working with PWI. It's one of my favourite communities After My Community Spread Those Inks. Hoping for a lifelong association with PWI . Thanks to everyone once again . ©️Navya Mrunmayee 

PWI  में मेरा सफर....,

PWI में मेरा सफर बिता इस कदर.....,

सीखा मैंने यहाँ बहुत कुछ......

जो ना आया नए दोस्तों ने बताया....

भेद भाव कुछ नही यहां पे....,

PWI ने हर रोज कुछ नया बताया.....,

ये ऐसा plateform हैं जो मुशत- ए- ख़ाक को सोना बनाता है......,

हर एक नई चुनौती हर रोज एक नई कहानी......,

जो  हर रोज सब ईमानदारी से निभाता है....,

ये ग्रुप परिवार जैसा हैं और आशा करते है हमेसा रहेगा......

📝📝अंकिता द्विवेदी📝📝


Journey in PWI writing community 

The journey of writing in PWI is interesting with lots of learning and achievements. PWI helped to provide a platform to express my thoughts, ideas on various topics. It is such a peaceful writing community just like its name. It's members are very supportive and helpful in every aspect. 

 By being a part of this community I learnt a lot and got an opportunity to improve my writing skill. 

PWI has been an amazing writing community who would come up with something unique everyday for its members. Every achievement is celebrated and honored. Everyone is given respect and love. I am blessed and thankful to be part of this community. Hope to continue this journey forever.

Name - Drishti

Instagram id - drishti-2228

सफ़र PWI के साथ,

सफ़र को सुहाना,आज हम सब ने बनाया है,

अपनो से मिलकर आज अपनो को महकाया है,

सुखद अनुभव का कुछ ,पल में लेे आया हूं,

क्या बताऊं मै लेखनी के कितने गुण पाया हूं


कुछ शब्द मोती बन दिल में पिरो गए है,

ऊपर ,आप सबो का प्यार,मै छुपा कहां पाया हूं,

किस गहराई को मापु मै,झील से मिल कर आया हूं,

शब्द की  कलाकृति मै क्या जानूं,टूटे फूटे शब्दो से,

मै अपनी लेखनी शजाया हूं।।

सफ़र का मेरा दूसरा पंक्ति,

कितनी शब्दो के रंगों से,एक गुलिस्तां सजा कर लाया हूं,

खुशियों का एक सुखद अहसास अपनी सुकून को भी दे आया हूं,

एक पैनी सी धार मेरी कलम अब भी मांगती है आप सभी से,

गुज़ारिश बस इतनी  मेरी,बस सफ़र ये चलता रहे,

मुसाफिर बदले कोई बात नहीं,हर आज सुनहरा,कल के सपनों में पलता रहे।।

@ हिना राय।।, @ Dr Nikita, @ Dr Sudhanya Nath, @ shrishty.

Journey in PWI 

The wandering pen was searching for a stable piece of paper to write,

Unknowingly got PEACE in PWI.

The environment best so far ,

The appreciating founders, with amazing colleagues and friends.

The harmony is maintained among all.

With less fear of rejection,greater aspects of recognition.

The writers,with beneficent international mentorship and outward range of versatilities , love is only be felt in the air of the community.

My wandering soul, sacred yet confident in providing content, found the platform to explore and experience..

PWI community is not just a platform not just a page anymore, it's an integral part of my heart, my family, my second home.


© Sirsha Ganguly.

A budding soul just prayed for the platform .

To showcase her talent. 

Writing this to knowledgers .

Awaited for a platform higher 

Than the common judgements.

Soul's Speakings can't be said.

But it can be with love for writing.

Success can be achieved with those disguised words.

Writing comes with the passion.

Writing need practice and  we are just beginners to the journey. 

Here comes the car to take you to your destination. 

Ananya Majumdar 



Peaceful Writing Community,

Is not just a word,it's become a part in our life,

As the name has peaceful,

The members in the community are also the members of peaceful,

Truly speaking,it's not a writing community,

Rather it's a place stands as the symbol for the unity in diversity,

It's a family of identity for the budding hearts,

It's a seed of positivity,

Little by little,it's become our habit,

Which is keeping our life in a state of busy,

Converting our scrriblings into worthable writings,

Playing a vital role in creating grandeur thoughts within us,

And most probably,feeling proud to be one among in this family,

Now and then loving it,

And enjoying the journey in this world of writing.

-by J.Martina

लोग बोलते है तुम बदल गई हो,

किसी एक की हो के हम सब को भूल गई हो।

मैने कहा,

वो तब मेरे साथ था जब कोई नहीं था

उसने मुझे तब संभाला जब मेरा दिल टुकड़ों में बिखर रहा था,

मै क्यों ना उसके साथ रहूं,

क्यों ना उससे प्यार करू,

सब ने मुझे छोड़ दिया था,

मै परेशान थी और सब ने और अकेला कर दिया था,

वो तब भी मेरे साथ खड़ा था,

मेरे लिए मेरी निराशा से लड़ा था,

वो मेरी ज़िन्दगी में फरिश्ता बन कर आया,

दोबारा से मुझे जीना सिखाया,

उसने मेरे पत्थर हो चुके दिल में घर बनाया,

उसे पिघला के उसमे प्यार जगाया,

मुझसे प्यार करने से पहले,

साथ रहने कि कसमे खाने से पहले,

उसने मुझे मजबूत बनाया,

खुशियों से वाकिफ कराया,

फिर वो मेरे चेहरे की मुस्कान बन गया,

और अब वो ज़िन्दगी का हिस्सा नहीं खुद ज़िन्दगी बन गया....

©️Sakshi Shrivastava 'Manishi'

Today, on 24 April 2021, Peaceful Writers Community has successfully completed 3 months. With all your love and support, we keep expanding and bringing up new opportunities to our fellow writers and poets. 

PWI - With You Forever

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