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Time immemorial, from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens; modern man has come a long way around and yet there are miles more to conquer. If we reflect a bit on the span of development and our ultimate purpose of life, all the soul ever searched for or will ever wander for is peace. Peace is the ultimate need of the untamed mind whose thoughts as farsighted though maddening need to anchor itself over the sands of time. Peace is the hook that binds it to one thing or another. With peace comes another adorable present to the soul...Hope! Hope is the blissful beauty that lights every wanderer's path as they search for peace in their journey of life. Tumbling tides, daunting to drive us away from our purpose of peace are overcome with the courage that Hope imparts! If Peace is the crown that shines atop the throne, hope it the guardian that seamlessly preserves it all the way through tumultuous hurdles...

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 तू न कही खो जा नाकामयाबियों के घेरे में,

वे तो सिर्फ है तेरे सफलता की शोर रे;

दर्द हो तो फिर से है जोश जगा अपना,

आशा और होंसलें रख तू, रास्ते बदल, न सपना ।

- Udit

A ray of shine which we get,

A different positivity which we get,

We want that to accomplish our dreams today,

We try our level best to complete just on this day!

- Rajvi Shah

Every morning is a new chance, a new beginning

But I'm still not sure 

Where I want to be

Do I want to be?

- Saadia Zia Khawaja 

Giving  us seeds of ray of hope and warmth of sunshine,

OCEAN helped us to handle every ordeal of life.

Sand under feets flooded with water,

Brought back love for soil of earth.

- Rakshita Batra

Don't hope for a Hope.

Your heart is enough for giving you Hope.

Your skills are your Hope.

You're your own Hope.

- Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

Don't focus on others view

Focus on your view

To succeed in your life

Have hope for you in your life.

- Minion

Thamti saason ko jo,

Jeene ki wajah de jaaye,

Umeed vo chirag hai,

Jo andheron ko,

Roshan kar jaaye...

- Gagneet Kaur Saluja

You smile at a distance to the black and white sights of my entity, 

You've easily fused in the mellifluous rhythm of someone else's affection  ...

Without any hope, I trail towards an unknown destination  

By snatching my harmony, you watch my frailty...

- Sudipta

Champions are not legendary fence sitters,

They judge...they opine,

They challenge, 

They fight for their vision.

- Geethika Reddy 

I know the situation is getting darker,

I know your soul is shading

Even thou,

I know the lamp of enlightenment

Inside you, sparking the shades of "HOPE"..

- Naina Prajapati

कामयाबी से ज्यादा तुझे तेरी नाकामयाबी सिखाएँगी, 

नया रास्ता तो वही तुझे दिखलाएँगी। 

बस हार मानकर नहीं लाना कभी मन में अपने निराशा, 

मंजिल तक जरूर ले जाएगी तुझे,  तेरी ना टूटने वाली आशा। 

- तान्या गुप्ता

"Even though  expectations go wrong

And the future seems a blur

A tiny wish longs inside

The Hope of A Better Tomorrow."

- Alline_pathil

It's the hope in you that keeps up the strength to fight the inner dark side of your soul leading to a fresh new story !!

- Vanshika Parmar

Hope gives you hope to do all hopeful things you have ever hoped to do

- Aishwarya Tripathi

"To standup again do you depend on someone, 

failure asked to me; I replied NOPE...!!!

I'm depended on myself & my HOPE..."

- Anuradha

To keep yourself 'alive'  in darker times must remember, 

 darker times will soon go away. 

Keep your sadness & darkness short.

And "'hope' bigger in those days".

-  Rozina Shaikh

Hope is that support

that withheld every lost 

intellect in the storm of 


- Payal Chowdhury 

The spirit to keep fighting, even with fractured walls,

It's the hope that keeps igniting, Phoenix in the dark,

Pebbles many on way, yet every obstacle is a story,

Hope is the meadow of heart, which blooms even in misery.

- Angarika

quotes about peace

Life is one big journey whose beginning, end, and middle are defined with the state of peace one has achieved. Often accompanied by satisfaction and emancipated with happiness, peace is the bestower of ease to the soul. Hope all the while remains to be the superhero with an invisible cape, watching over closely and coming in mysterious forms and tactful ways. Deciphered and encoded with morals, lessons, or perhaps subtle daily acts, it comes, rejuvenates, and lifts the soul up. Peace gives you a goal, hope gives you the push to reach it in the best possible way.

- Shanaya


Peace is the best fees; one can provide,

To other human

For this peace,

All the people are on a run.

- Kitty

Which can count my pain as tons

Calculate my tensions as kilos

Estimate my schedules as a watch

Relief my troubles and help me in being satisfied

- The paper voice

In the world of technological ease,

Life becomes pleasant,

But gaining peace is like searching an answer for the enigmatic question.

- Majestic Martina

बाहर मत भागें कभी, उतरें अंदर आप, 

मिले शांति अद्भुत बहुत, दूर सभी संताप।

दूर सभी संताप, नियम समझें ईश्वर के, 

कर मन निर्मल आप,भगाएँ डर भीतर के। 

योग को नित अपनाकर करें चित्त को शांत।। 

- मनिषा शर्मा

Peace is not just deficiency of hostility. It's something that is craved , achieved through great sacrifices and impairment. Peace is not metaphysical, rather emotional at significant degree.

- Sirsha

Sukoon dhundna buri adat hai 

Ummeedein badh jati hai 

Aur dhundte dhundte toh hum Jeena hi bhul jaate hai...

-  Soudia

अश्क के पहलू में अब दर्द भी ठहरने लगे है,

हम गम जदा होकर भी सुकून से रहने लगे है,

खुशियां,कर दी तेरे शाने में मैंने फना,

अब मुस्कुराहट के नकाबो में भी

चैन के कुछ पल मिलने लगे है।।

- हिना राय

"Don't search for anything except peace. Try to calm the mind. Everything else will come on its own. Nor give the keys of your peace to someone else. Be the master of your soul... "

- mystiq_surbhi

Peace is needed for mind when there is fight going on of thoughts in mind. Peace is needed to lead a peaceful life. Peace is needed for the whole world to stop the unnecessary wars and to spread the message of peace all around.

- Drishti 

Practice before you preach,

Peace  can not be derived from an unrest soul,

Generate the serenity of mind and body, 

The key to tranquillity is self-reflection and introspection...

- Sudipta

Which can count my pain as tons ,

Calculate my tensions as kilos ,

Estimate my schedules as a watch ,

Relief my troubles and help me in being satisfied ...

- The paper voice

As long as you're still holding onto your past, you will never have peace.

Let go of your past, depression, fear, stress &  welcome peace in your life.

Forgive & forget if you wanna have peace.

Smile & be happy because peace starts with happiness

- Joy❤

Peace is the satori of the soul,

And always embellishing inside your darkness,

As Nirvana,

Buddha was untold reflection of peace,

So, why can't be more Buddha to reflect the power of peace....

- Naina Prajapati

Darkness led me to the peace.

It pushed by little hairs on the toe,

To the unknown places,

Where peace lies within that alluring place.

- Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

विकास और समृद्धि की नीव शांति है

प्यार, स्नेह, ईमानदारी सब साथी है

जहाँ लोगों की सोच से फर्क न पडे वहाँ शांति है

दिलों में सम्मान हो तो सब आनन्दमय रहेगा ।।


Priceless it is,

yet no one wants to acquire it,

In the rush of monetary benefits and materialistic things,

People often forget, what peace is.

- Payal Chowdhury 

This world is unstable,

Stability has only one key,

It's your time to turn the tables,

Unlock it with peace.

- Poet unknown

 कामना की थी लढाई की और,

खुदा ने शांति बख्श दिया।

जिसे हासिल करने की सोच भी नहीं थी,

उसी मंजिल को अपना अस्तित्व बना दिया।

- © Archishman Satpathy

लोगों ने चाही राहत,

और वो मेहरबां हो गए।

दगी हुई उस बंजर शाम में,

खुदा खुशियों की बारिश दे गए।
- © Archishman Satpathy

उलझन की हर आग है शांति

ज्वाला सी हर राग है शांति।

जिसने अपनी चिराग निखारा,

चंचल सी वो त्याग है शांति।

- © Archishman Satpathy

ताकत सब पर जोर का,

पर चाह उनके एक हैं।

जब जब तोड़ हुई इस कदर,

शांति के बल सब विवेक हैं।

- © Archishman Satpathy

While we wake up every morning with a residual thought of what's your next move for peace to embrace you as your ultimate life partner, hope comes in shiny stilettos and pours in impressive dating tips for you to take over, often giving in a word or two to the lady 'Peace' you wanna appease! 

- Shanaya

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