100 Quotes on Darkness

Darkness is one of the deepest concepts that exist. Darkness signifies horror, sadness, grief, and deep feelings. With times so dark and feelings so hard, some amazing writers at Peaceful Writers International took to write short quotes based on the theme dark. Let's dive into this dark sea together...

Darkness shows me 
The importance of,
light enlightens within!!!

Darkness helped me,
To search for the,
 lost spark within....

Darkness taught me,
Importance of,

Even in darkness,
The beauty is hidden,
Deep inside,
It's all about,
Our perspective of,
Looking at it...
Some need eyes to see it,
Some feel it wholeheartedly...

Go through the darkest days of life, To feel & explore how beautiful life is.  

ले चल मुझे वहाँ जहाँ बंदिश या कोई पहरा ना हो, बुझी तो हो कमरे की बत्तियाँ पर मन में अँधेरा ना हो..!!
Shreya Gupta

If the stars loose their shine,
There will be darkness all over,
No one will dare to shine,
Fear of losing their identity will always remain,
It's all about,
Keeping our hopes ALIVE!!!
To surpass the darkness and,
Shine again...

रातों के अंधेरों में कुछ यूं चल रही थी वो, सोच कर कि कल सवेरा होगा,
पर उसका नसीब तो देखो, वो हर सुबह उसके लिए कोई नए अंधेरे के दरवाजे की चावी लाता था...। 
Shruti Kotecha

Darkness is the power of Devil.. Without Devil there is no Lucifer.
Ashis Pahi

A lonely place which comes before light. 
Sravani Chavata 

Darkness is a territory with no light.
Sravani chavata 

Darkeness is a safe place for demons.
Sravani chavata 

Darkness is what brings in light as a ray of hope in life. Darkness is what helps you to see true colors of people in life.

Wqt kisi ka saath nhi deta 
Na paiso ka na ghuroor ka. 
Rashida Usmani 

When the dark clouds,
Holds the countless stars,
Along with the round moon of awesome,
My heart with numerous thoughts of oscillation,
While seeing it,
Becomes the heart of conciliation.

Darkness led me to the peace.
It pushed by little hairs on the toe,
To the unknown places,
Where peace lies within that alluring place.
Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

I will write you in books 
even at worst 
I will keep your name on top 
and when they will ask me about you
I will simply smile 
and start pennig about you.

Your love enlighted my dark life With full of dream lights,
Filled with your care and concern, I still behave sometimes like a kid
Dr Nikita Dudagi

I hold the darkness deeply inside in my heart cause my granny taught me darkness always ignite lightning flame.

"In this frosty murky night
Someone healed my heart and soul infinite ,
All the fog of pain melted away
As Somebody came as beacon in my way. "

Constantly be  humble in the bad times of life as same shall pass. When good times comes be grateful , open your eyes & appreciate all good things you weren't paying attention to earlier.
Jawahar B Lalla.

Often the colour black is symbolized as dark, but we can see blackboard enlightening life,hair adding beauty and no moon is celebrated is Deepawali.
Payal Chowdhury 

It's not light that I desire from you,
But your company in the dark.
Sheha Sheikh

Hearts are the courtesy for,
The enlightenment will graze some day.
Today the lost soul is preaching hard,
Dark will be the inner destiny one day.
Archishman Satpathy

The enchanting dreams are the lights for,
Darkness be it's soul charming catalysts.
Archishman Satpathy

Tunes are the demands of inkling memorandum!
Darkness gets completely sunkissed the other way.
Archishman Satpathy

If not for the darkness, would you still count the stars?
If not for the stars, would you still have hopes?
Sheha Sheikh

सैलाब सी नदी के उस पार,
एक अंधकार सा छा गया।
कोशिश तो बहुत की मगर,
उस जान को अल्लाह प्यारा हो गया।
Archishman Satpathy

Had the steps being carried far,
Darkness would have acquired its enlightenment on the way ❤️.
Archishman Satpathy

Hamari hifazat mein,
Aaj ek jigar Ka tukda aur kurbaan ho gya.
Saansein bhi kya nami dikhayi,
Aas mein uske ek ujala phir andhkaar ho gya.
Archishman Satpathy

when it is night, wait for the day...
when it is dark, wait for the light...
Sheha Sheikh

Darkness and me are forever a love story. 
-©️ Navya

If finding a path to the light is difficult, sit and count the stars...
Sheha Sheikh

More lessons are learnt in the dark than in light...
Sheha Sheikh

अक्षरों के रोशनी से
अंधकार को मिटाना है,
विद्या के जोत से ही तो,
ज़िंदगी संवारना है।।
Dr Nikita Dudagi

Walked in dark for giving light to others.
-© Radhika chejarla.

We appreciate dark only because of stars.
The shine in them helps us to trust.
Truth spreads lately but effective.
Wake up to observe the beauty.
Radhika chejarla.

Pain should be said to someone or else it allows a darkness like shadow.
Radhika chejarla

I heard her cry in darkness but wasn't able to write in poetry instead heart cried in pain.
Radhika chejarla

Moon makes us feel special,
Want to grab in hands,
It's a Beauty only for eyes.
Darkness says spectacular.
Radhika chejarla.

I love to walk without my shadow when I'm inside the darkness where I want to make a friendship with Devil and his friend Lucifer..
Those black shadows can be your nightmare for one day...
Ashis Pahi

Darkness is also awesome,
Only few understand.
Ride alone on midnight.
Feel the pleasant breeze.
Silence is audible.
Listen, carefully about glory.
Radhika chejarla

He always wanted to know her dark story and she don't want to loose him by saying
because feared of uniting with pain again.
Radhika chejarla

Darkness was her demand and,
She gained the web of enlightenment
Archishman Satpathy

In this dark, a voice is heard it just moved the vein with terror and realised it's a person who's not visible. Simply said ghost and flashes in front.
Radhika chejarla

Although the greatness is seized,
I still believe the light will glow.
Although the destiny defines us today,
Trust me the vibes irrespective of those darkness will flow.
Archishman Satpathy

Celing has a story to listen but covered with tears and mind full of darkness wakes up depression from heart also stood for help on bed.
Radhika chejarla.

These bells ringing to wake the conscience up!
A light had just entered the hall filled with darkness long ago.
Archishman Satpathy

Today, these words healed the dark but what about tomorrow where the seashore is not visible will same words run from origin.
Radhika chejarla

Core never defines the destiny,
Rather it teaches the life to be glorified.
Wished I could have got a glaze but,
Again a shade sketched and the sadness again got nullified.
Archishman Satpathy

Without enlightenment, every soul is full of dark,
Without challenges, every human don't deserve light,
So, let's take this dark inside and back with illumination
Naina Prajapati

Illumination is that door to be unlocked.
Let the destiny transfer the jewel of the well today.
Archishman Satpathy

Conscience lost consciousness heard correctly it's not light maybe sadness is conqured.
Radhika Chejarla

And makes life with the shades of little grace.
Maybe that divulge the precious things for the present
Naina Prajapati

The way you see dark, it doesn't mean it's harsh
Sometimes dark is our soul mate
When you hearty want to cry alone
Naina Prajapati

The sadness say let's go into the Darkness core,
The smile says let's go into the shiny rays,
But my heart says let's be a sun
To shine others darkness.
Naina Prajapati 

I am the lonely scar,
I am the lowering bite,
I am the dark,
I am the one who goes through every cry
Which made me to die entirely
Naina Prajapati

It's only in the time of darkness ,
Many hided stories comes to liveliness.

Some painful memories are making our present paths into dark paths.

In the time of dark,
Solitudeness surrounds me,
Which is giving me a chance,
To find the answer for the question,
Who I am?

I am feeling hopeless,
When the incidents of dark,
Crossing my way repeatedly.

At noon,
The slight mixture of dark clouds and white clouds,
To create a rain,
Making me to reminiscene,
That the results of good can come only through bad.

For the travellers in the ocean,
The vast dark sky,
Is the only comrade.

What is dark? Is it something which isn't visible or something that appears black?
Just peep into your heart it's something that doesn't support the spark within you, then you feel it's all dark.
Payal Chowdhury

Dark is sky
at night
So cool and still. 
Dark is the colour
of car
Makes it royal and bloom. 
Dark is actually beautiful.. 
Aishwarya Tripathi

The Dark is dreadful
Dark is Imperial.
Dark is the Voice of Rebellion
Dark is the enhancement of cognition.
Dark is powerful, dark is mischief.
Dark is the best way to bestow peace .
Sirsha Ganguly

Much dark was the triggered fountain and,
They flew their hearts out of the hardened dreams.
Archishman Satpathy

Walking through the path of darkness,
He achieved the zeal of light in the life.
Archishman Satpathy

"The moonlight isn't so bright,
For the clouds aren't so white,
The vision can't see what is right,
For its still darker than the evil side"
Tobit Minj

जिन्दगी तो जिन्दगी है सादगी में जी रही 
बानगी ऐसी मिली गमजदा ही तो रही
तिमिर के कुछ कृत्य से तुम भला डरते थे क्या 
रोशनी भी थी वहीं तिमिर में भी जी रही 
आकाश राघव

सफर सुहाने लगे ,
जब जब अंधकार ने जीना सिखाया।
आज महफिल में खुशियां मिली मुझे,
कोई ठिठौलिया ने आज हँसना सिखाया।
Archishman Satpathy

उड़ान बाकी जो रही सपनो को यूँ छोड़कर
मंजिलें अधूरी रहीं रास्तों को मोड़कर
अंधकार गहरा रहा घरौंदे जो घायल पड़े थे
उम्मीदों निकली थीं फिर उम्मीदों को रोड़कर
आकाश राघव

Saajis thi,
Mujhe andhkaar se rula denge.
Are bawlon aao tumhe sikhata hun😂,
Aaj chand ko taare mukammal kara denge.
Archishman Satpathy

जिन्दगी सिखाती है जीना भले ही
जोकर बखूबी माहौल देता है 
मन मे रहता है बबंडर अंधेरे का 
फिर भी हँसता हुआ चेहरा देता है
आकाश राघव

Andhkaar se uss ujaale ki chah mein,
Maine apna bachpan kurbaan kiya.
Jab jab kastiyan badli, maatam badla;
Humne milke itihaas rach diya.
Archishman Satpathy

सबको खुशियाँ दे आज खुद को भुलाये रख्खा था
आसान खेलों के जरिये रस्ता बताये रख्खा था 
देख बैठे गलती से मुखौटा हटाकर जोकर का
हँसते चेहरे के पीछे रोना छुपाये रख्खा था
आकाश राघव

Sliding down the lane with dreams to spare,
I am in debt of the Happiness I got!
I had today a galaxy of light in these darkness to share.
Archishman Satpathy

मैंने अंधेरों को उजाला दिखाए रख्खा है
नाकामयाबियों को अपनी दफनाए रख्खा है 
जोरों पर होती हैं शैतान राहें भले कभी कभी 
उनके ही कारण तो मन में उफान लाये रख्खा है
आकाश राघव

Walking alone in the dark.
Searching for a light. 
Eventually lost myself in those darkness.
When I imagined what life is this?
All I could see is phase of success.
Behind those empty days.
Fainting to fill those empty days.
I ended up again thinking clueless.
Like wise life has to go on. 
With the tough days.
Searching for success. 
I lost myself in the path of life.
Wondering how to get succeeded.
Finally beside all those dark days.
I hope I will definitely find a light!

Shadow lives with glimmer not with darkness,
With dark and dusk,flees the glint,
Light persists as dissimilar to darkness.

When there is dark, I need a positive spark. 
Every way turns black, like a long railway track. 
Still have a hope, as strong as a nylon rope. 
I want to shine, like an unerasable line. 
Filled my life, with positive vibes. 
Shraddha Rai

Have faith in God, 
as we are in their squad. 
Darkness lasts no longer, 
when we become stronger. 
Be a fighter, to make your future brighter. 
Shraddha Rai

Darkness will be shorter, 
when you are stronger. 
Light the lives, like positive vibes. 
Stay focused in life, to keep away from sacrifice. 
Shraddha Rai

In the midst of the dark, 
 Our thoughts starts to revolve around the past. 

 If the skin colour is dark, 
 That is not a problem, 
 But don't keep your mind and heart dark, 
 That will create immense problem. 

 In the time of dark, 
 My heart speaks a lot to myself. 

It's the dark which makes my heart spark with thoughts of lot.

In this world of troublesome,
It's better to lose the eyesight,
And enjoy with the world of dark.

In the midst of the dark night,
Try to count the stars,
Though it's not possible,
Your hope is making to do it right,
So have a strong hope in yourself,
One day all the impossible becomes possible,
And all your hopes of dark,
Will turn into hopes of light,
And you will be in the place of height,
Where success will be in a your hand as a bouquet of flower.

In the time of dark,
Heart speaks a lot,
By Remembering the past.

In these brutal darkness,
Trust me that very light will glaze someday.
Archishman Satpathy

Darkness was their statement and,
I taught them the story and glory of light.
Archishman Satpathy

In a scenario so dark,
Let's be that ray of light of hopes for many.
Archishman Satpathy

Today a soul is dreaming of the clouds,
Darkness was their point to fear.
An angel just enlightened their paths and,
Light became their victory, so clear!
Archishman Satpathy

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