200 Quotes on "DREAM"

Every achiever was once a dreamer in life

A person must dream a great deal of time in ordinance to perform with dignity, and vision is administered in Murkiness.
- Dubey Kashish

The love I store 
in the vessels 
somehow drops in jar
In the journey of dark
Practically, yes he is 
emotionally touch with thoughts
Heartlty made of gold
Eyes let me fall for him
Uff! I couldn't take away my lens
Love never makes lies it makes lie
It can't be turn out in jokes
but sometimes it does
like a forever I hold you
but you were made of mind
The sneezing and coughing 
wondering me to yours
pleasing himself ,finding myself
that's was our begining of love
Love for him was not a plan
It was incident 
through an conversation
the little later sharing a bond
Love came on plam
Love is home for me
He is meant to my destiny
Home is person of love
not the mansion that builds realtionships
One more I came up with thought
our unforgettable talks
that remains as a blank page
I will refill over times with his eternal love.

Night dreams are dreams of special,
But it is lasting only till the sunrise,
And vanishing within a fraction of second.
Though most of the dreams are reel,
The reel is better,
To soothe our heart of unbearable pressure.
Love to dream,
As it helps me to achieve the path of success.
-by J.Martina

Dream are the beams of night.
For few dreams becomes life,
But for many dreams are still dreams.
As a human,we are dreaming,
Unfortunately,as a god he is changing.
-by J.Martina

Dreams are the birds,
Flying only at night.
I like to dream,
To build my self-esteem.
Some dreams are making our heart into buoyant.
In the life of human,
Dreams are unavoidable.
Being a dreamer is better than a day dreamer.
It is my dreams which deviates my negativeness.
-by J.Martina

When you are too occupied with listening to others your soul speaks to you through the language of dreams.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen

सपनों के बगीचे में,
अरमान कई पनप रहे हैं,
सच होंगे वो एक दिन,
दिल से बस यही दुआ कर रहे हैं
- ankahey_eahsaas

Sapne sakaar honge ek din,
Vishwas dil me pakka hai,
Paa lenge ek din apni manzil ko,
Hausla buland hamara hai...
- Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

Chase your dreams with high spirits,
Many roads will,
Help you reach your destiny,
Choose it wisely,
Make a mark for yourself...
- Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja
Sapne sach karne ke liye,
Har mushkil se ladna hoga,
Apni kamiyon ko,
Apni takat me badalna hoga....
- Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

Sometimes bad dreams haunt us very badly. 
- ©️ Navya

Hazaron khwaabon ke beech,
Kuch armaan dabe reh gaye,
Ya to vo armaan khwaab na ban paaye,
Ya shayad hamme it a dum na tha,
Ki unhe pura karne ki him at dekha paate...
- Mrs.Gagneet Kaur Saluja

तुम मेरे ख्वाबों के शहजादे हो,
जिसको पाने की ख्वाहिश में हर पल करती हूं,
वो आँखे ही क्या जिनमे तुम्हे न देखूं सपनो में,
वो सपना ही क्या जिसमे तुम्हारी झलक न हो,
अब सपनो में भी में ये ख्वाइशे रखती हूं कि काश में बन जाऊं मेरे शहज़ादे की शहज़ादी।
- डॉ. सुधन्या नाथ 

Initially they doubted my dreams,
Now they don't believe in my reality.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen.

Likes to dream,
Because only there I can make all the impossible to possible.
Dream high as the sky.
Dream is inseparable in life,
But don't be a day dreamer.
- by J.Martina

Make your dreams into passion,
To achieve the passion,
Take the action.
Have a sweet dreams,
So that your sad weep will turn into serene sleep.
Unconscious dreams are not in reality,
And conscious dreams are not happening in reality.
- by J.Martina

Dreams are the soul of every being
To make them actual,
Let's spread out the wings to achieve it soon.
- Naina Prajapati

The eternal efforts to reach the shine
Will make a deeper star,
As you are dreamy alive so, how can you be apart
Retain the power of perseverance
Damn! Sure my dears,
You will hit the milestone
- Naina Prajapati

Glaring luminaries struggling to be a star of the sky
Dreaming the gracious future
With your endurance power, Once you will be a pole star
Then your world will shine by your fragrance
And become the dream for other stars
- Naina Prajapati 

Twinkle twinkle little star
Oh, God! This child dream so far
Want to shine like a diamond in the sky
Praise this child power so that
Reach out to eternal enlightened vibes of the dreamy sky
Let's go!
- Naina Prajapati

When sunrise knocks at my door of eyes,
Dreams are ruling it within,
And not leaving me to open my eyes,
At times, I am not wishing to open,
As I was got arrested by its unimaginable fantasy of lock.
At times, certain dreams are changing into passions in our life.
-by J.Martina

If you can't sleep peacefully at night,
And you have  imaginations behind your sights,
Be sure that life is insisting you,
To live upto your dreams and fulfill it. 
~Payal Chowdhury 

I love to daydream and night dream
Dream about the future
Parallel universes
And impossible possibilities 
There is no limit to the dreams I dream
- Saadia Zia Khawaja

I once heard that we must chase dreams,
But the day since I have started working my dreams are chasing me.
- Payal's Empire

Let not your profession get merged with your dreams.Your dream must be unique to everyone.Your dream must be setting an inspiration to everyone.
- Payal's Empire

Looking out my window,
I see birds, 
Oh no!! Caged birds just like me. 
Calling out for help in the havoc of the society, 
Lassies are not getting anything bounty. 
Their dreams are curtailed forcefully, 
And they are the best examples of melancholy. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Dream and Destiny are different don't mix up both  
- © Navya 

Some emotions are left unsaid, 
Some bonds are left unwoven, 
Some ecstasy remains a dream, 
Some dreams become imagination. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

I am a girl,
Wanna tie my dreams like a pearl. 
And not the one as shown in fairytale. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

I wanted to be a physcologist!!
As doctors cure the pain in the body, 
Not their wounded broken heart
And console them from the loss of losing their loved ones.
I wanted to be a teacher,
And teach all through the day 
For those who can't afford learning
And be their guiding light.
I wanted to be a lawyer!!
And throw the criminals behind the bar
To provide Justice for those who seek
 To fight for their right.
Atlast I wish being a daughter,
Making my parents proud
To fulfill their sacrifices their worth
And stand for them.
- ©Keerthana

Dreams are important to lead a meaningful life. Dreams help to provide some purpose to life. Efforts are required to make them real in life.
- Drishti  

Dreams don't die until you kill them. 
- ©️Navya

People will give thier best to pull you and your dreams down, 
But it needs to be you who should keep a tight hold on your dreams. 
- © Naaz Nayim

Someone asked me what Is my dream, I replied saying My Dream Is To Become A HR and Here I am. 
- ©️ Navya 

Aim your dreams high, 
Achieve them with your talent, 
Never settle for less. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

A girl without dreams is like a bird without wings.
- © Keerthana

Overcome your nightmares to have a dream,
Over come your failure to be successful,
Overcome past to have your best future,
Overcome hate to show the love,
If you can dream it u can get it so, dream big nd achieve big
- Siri Sumedha Devalla

God created dreams because he knew destiny can't fulfill the desire of each being.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen

Those who aren't destined to be together meet in the realm of dreams.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen.

Everyone Is capable of achieving something great in life!! So never stop with dreaming. Work for it and make it happen!!
- ©Keerthana

Those who dream 
They dare, 
They dare of every risky thing
To make their dreams come true. 
Those who dream 
They care, 
They care of every kind thing they love
To make their dreams come true. 
Those who dream
They work, 
They work on every minute thing they have mistaken
To make their dreams come true. 
So Dare, Care, and Work
And you'll be able to
Party: Carribbean
Drink: Russian
Eat: Indian
and Drive: German
And that's actually one thinks of
(According to me)
- ©Aishwarya Tripathi

No matter who supports for your dream!! Support yourself and never give up . Prove them that you're capable of making dreams come true
- ©Keerthana

If you have a dream...
Than you have that ability to achieve it as well... 
Have faith and believes in yourself...
- ©Aishwarya Tripathi

These livings are the pathway,
For my dream deserves the best!
- © Archishman Satpathy

A tons of charms once created a destiny and,
People named that heaven as dream !
- © Archishman Satpathy

Dreams hath to be the one I perspire for,
Not the ones that let me sleep!
©Shanaya Stephens 

Trying out a favour for the ambition,
The warmth of rage is low today!
Way back I smiled at that dream,
Again that made the blood warm today !
- © Archishman Satpathy

Answering the havoc of the society in an ingenous way is dreams that I call them. 
- © Naaz Nayim

I see a string of possibilities,
The weak ones reckon it to be an illusion,
Pyres are the bed of those,
Who think dreams are just overrated fiction.
©Shanaya Stephens 

Aspiring a conscience so glad and,
Stars made their way to Zion.
Once prayed for getting a pot of livings and,
God made dreams leading for the oblivion!
- © Archishman Satpathy

You can never demise when your dreams are with you no matter how hard life strikes at you!! 
- ©Naaz Nayim

A dainty lass knocks at night,
The men call who failed to answer the call,
Have always addressed her astray,
The brave ones call her lovingly,
The dreams to be accomplished today!
© Shanaya Stephens 

A star had kissed the sky asking,
The strength that kept it constant forever!
Said the reason is the small kid that smiled,
Telling sky is that ultimate love, more than ever!
- © Archishman Satpathy

A person without a dream can never accomplish their life, 
For life without dream is like a barren land. 
- © Naaz Nayim

Once they told me that life is a lie,
I lived my dreams to mock their plight,
Cause the losers always call,
The best reality an illusion!
© Shanaya Stephens 

A sailor was once carrying a dream,
He will reach out his destiny.
No matter how harder and easier the ship breaks,
His will and dream will succeed with an epiphany!
- © Archishman Satpathy

A dreamer is the first person to climb the success in the galaxy. 
- © Naaz Nayim

Doer once gazed for the dreamer to love on,
The emerging world is still thriving hard to succeed!
-© Archishman Satpathy

Dreaming the hailing flick
Mazel flutes you're brick
I silenced, blinking tore,
Madding but not from core.
- ©Trishna Chakraborty

Endless moments have bygone,
My eyes are all weary and torn,
The ultimate purpose remains constant,
Never shall stop the conquest,
For the best of my dreams to come true!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Eolian sound knows the dream I carry, 
For my life stars and moons are a proof, 
How hard I try to grab success just as high as them. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

In the horizon of endless envision,
One star asked the sun the reason of its hiding!
Said the sun am giving an opportunity,
Passed on the baton of success to the dreamer aspiring!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Night angles guided me down
Shining with this for blown
Cranky thoughts caddie fights
Showed up that rights.
- Trishna

Deep down the ocean,
That zeal of creating own kingdom is dream!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Love has been all but a dream,
Till you know hearts don't sin,
And certainly the walls that you arose,
Will collapse to heal the scars.
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Neglected minds held his hand
Charm not harm and got band
Whispering dreams flickered today
Shining breams with good day
- @Trishna

Cosmo's of positivy imbibed in me, 
Guided me through the darkest lanes, 
Leading towards the horizon of failure and sucess, 
Where my life terminated, 
But my dreams gave me the strength to live again. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Being a dreamer is hard,
It takes courage to dream,
For dreams conquer the best of your fears,
Else they are just nightmares!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Ek sapna apna bhi tha,
Logon ne pagal kaha mujhe!
Kosis ke bal jab itihaas rach liya,
Unhi logon ne ishq farmaya mujhe !
- © Archishman Satpathy

उछलता उस सपने को,
आज मुकम्मल करना चाहता हूं।
किसी मंजर पर पत्थर के बल गिरा भी था मैं,
आज उसी पत्थर के सनीके झंडा लहराना चाहता हूं।
- © Archishman Satpathy

Nights were filled with sorrows,
The hope of dreaming again,
Kept me going,
When the lights were out!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Nothing would be more real,
Than the warmth of success,
When dreams dance at the grand ball of life,
Endless applause at every stance!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Nightmares and Dreams are inversely proportional, 
Lies in our conscience, 
Where to take a ride, 
For the rollercoaster of life, 
To sail on both the boats. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye,
Apne kismat ko thank you jaroor bolna mere dost!
Kitni sikhati gyi aur tum insaan bante gye,
Ye zindagi ko, dil se shukriya jaroor kehna mere dost !
- © Archishman Satpathy

Kai sapne aise hai mere jo mujhe sone nhi dete, 
Fir kehti zindagi mujhe so gye toh sapne kesi. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Pardon that thought,
Which drove you away from the track last time!
Now a dream is tangling and pulling harder,
The soul started striving towards in my rhyme!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Sapno ne sapne dikhaye hai, 
Apno ne apne rang, 
Samet liya sapne jo maine, 
To Ruthte hue apne apno ko dekha hai maine. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Who said nights are for sleeping,
The whole of world shall leave you alone,
To weave the collage of reality,
With threads of dream knitting at Karma's needles!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

A space is created that absorbs the much-needed rage!
Gaze at your fate and proudly that fate is your dream!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Dreams are our touchstones, 
Until we realise this, 
Life has no meaning!! 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Long ago they had called it a fate,
Pay no heed for,
Dreams shall thrive beyond time,
In the vision so esteem that made your eyes shine!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Imbibing rouse flaming caught
Dreaming shown your mousse
Breams round your binge...
- Trishna

Painting the future,
I focussed on balancing the present today!
Once dreamt a heaven full of happiness and,
Hope started believing in the path today!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Sapno ke dagar me
Chand se muqtalib huyi me
Raho me kashish he
पर tere hi साथ हू me.
- Trishna

Khushboo tere pas ki
Kwabo ki sath ki
Kwaishe tere हो ya meri
Aaj tere liye mene usse बात की

Sapne mere the, 
Par naam apno ne chadhaye the, 
Sapno ko kuchal kar mere, 
Tute hue sapno k sang rhne sikhYe the. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Lack of time is just an excuse,
If the willingness to meet is strong enough
Even the lost souls (dead) pave their way to visit you through dreams.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen.

Dreaming is not the mindset
Is my power to pure my heart again.

Was lying down the lane and,
Watched the sky shining like a day!
Came an angel and described what's life and,
Understood the reality of those sayings today!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Tum bin ab rate nhi adhuri
Sapno me sath nhi tumhari.

Zindagi ka sath nibhati chali gyi, 
Yeh soch kar ek din sapne mere honge, 
Sabko raah me bhulte chali gyi. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Terrible times  have tripped me down,
To alleys where there are no dreams,
Look what the pieces of their beauty left me,
Resources to grow my broken wings!
-Shanaya Stephens©

Let's dream the hope
Are you sleeping?
But don't dream what you never hope.

Sometimes the biggest mistake we commit is to bring in the person in reality who use to visit us in dreams because they are not same as they appear below our closed lashes in our subconscious state.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen

Sapno se mere bate chalrahe
Tum sath nahi toh उनसे kehrahe.

Travelling through the path scared,
Thorns lied to walk upon!
Think of the day you will be reaching the crown with bleed,
Trust me the process and the outcome will be equally shared!
- © Archishman Satpathy

I am dreaming of you again
Shimmering with that shaver fame

You will tell me to close my eyes,
But the best dreams I will ever see,
Will be when I will be fully awakened,
And my conscience shall smile at the exquisite sight
- Shanaya Stephens ©

People tell us not to dream beyond our limits. Prove them wrong there are no limits to dream and make it happen.
- ©Keerthana

दिल se dil tak bate nhi
Sapno me uski ab yad नहीं

The best dreams are the ones,
In which all of us are smiling,
What sort of reality would pertain,
The sole smile of a sickened soul!
- Shanaya Stephens©

Don't stop dreaming when you're tired,
Don't stop dreaming when you're done.
Make your dreams higher and stop when people start wondering about your victory.
- ©Keerthana

Do not plant your dreams and forget to water the plant and let it die. 
Plant with hard work and enjoy the result.
- ©Keerthana

Aaj maine waqt pe Naaz ki,
Aur apni pehchan ko Shan maana!
Pal pal saath deti uss Riya shakti ko aaj,
Kismat ki mili apni wardaan maana!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Kismat ki aankh ko maine,
Apne sajde seencha hai!
Kulfi si uss Alfiya ko maine,
Mrig trishna ban mehnat karte dekha hai !
- © Archishman Satpathy

Dreaming for my cutie archu
Here's my shanu too
Each day my lion and lioness growing as pro.

The seeds of dream yield the fruits of success only to those hands which are willing to get mudded with the soil of hardwork & perspire under the sun of perseverance.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen

Tears rolling down made me realise dream can be any, 
But life is hard, implaceable and melancholic. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Sapno की sajjedari
Aaj apno ki meherbani

Reams of paper are not going to fill,
As my dreams are deemed to the hill.
- Alfiya Suroor khan

Aaja Akash tujhe chanda par niharun,
Sapne apne apne the!
Surya bhari uss roshni bhi to,
Mahakti chidiyon par taraste the !
- © Archishman Satpathy

Reshma si iss muhabbat mein,
Ek Keerthana naam hua!
Saare sapne dagar pe paane,
Ek parinda naam hua !
- © Archishman Satpathy

Archishman is the radiance of PWI, 
Three people hailing from three different states, 
With the homogenous dream, 
Fulfilling it together. 

Yeh Naam Ko mere jo tune apna Bana liya hai,
Roshni Ko khud mein basake Archishman,
Bade Naaz se kuch sapne mere yu buland hue,
Kuch kisse lawzo se Bana na hue,
Jinke Riya kuch yu mil se Gaye,
Ab ishq ka Shreya rab tujhse hi leta rahe!
- © Shanaya Stephens

Everytime I see a dream,
Why do I wake up with a scream ? 
Oh no that's a dream too.
- Alfiya Suroor khan

Yaad karun uss Shreya ko mein,
Uski Shrey nirala tha!
Bhai ban wo Shrey na paaya,
Shreya ki Shrey uski apni ujala tha!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Koi hai Shan,
Toh koi hai Archishman,
Bankar lakshmi aayi hai Shreya, 
Akash chune ki sabme hai Trishna, 
Banna hai hame Sudhanya, 
Jab hai sath Riya, 
Toh koi sapna adhura nhi. 
- ©Naaz Nayim

Gupt bhari aankhon se mein,
Apne Sudhanya ko pranam karunga 🙏
Uss Nikita aur Srishty ko bhi,
Dil se pyaar ka pal jeeunga 
- © Archishman Satpathy

Bonjour dear useless hope,
We have started acquainting with dreams!
Said the saviour all-time warrior,
Bake the cookies of life with some creame !
- © Archishman Satpathy

Mano yeh khwaab mera bikhar saa Gaya tha,
Ishq Trishna Ko na bujhi thi yeh aas,
Alfiya sa Maine tujhe yu paya,
Khudko meine tere hone mein paaya,
Ban Ruh meri Archishman,
Kitne hi dafa bas Mann yeh gazal-e- Riya gaata hai,
Khudke inn khawbo par Naaz sirf tere hone se aata hai!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Switching to the courageous self,
I acquainted a sense of love.
Gradually the dreams hindered,
Soul achieved the perseverance of love!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Naaz hme he har roz
Sajjedari shanसे karta he archu और उसकी सोच
Shrest he सपनों bhare shreya ki
akshu ने लिखा kulfi jo alfiya he hamari
राय sbki suni जाती है riya ki ab chuppi है
जागो sare rat bhar पर सुबह सोना दिनभर
- ©Trishna

A messenger of god once created a zeal,
Acquiring with no domain for it is dream!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Yeh ishq mera bas khwaab sa,
Kuch phool kuch angaar sa hai,
Chah isme kuch teri bhi isme hai,
Ilteja isme meri bhi kuch hai,
Ab kar bhi de muqammal,
Apna yeh Afsana,
Iss zindagi Ko mere khwaab ka ek Nazrana!
- Shanaya Stephens©

Ashq kiya tha apne sapne,
Tujhpe yun kurbaan hua 
Tirange pe lipat ke mera,
Jeena ab mukammal hua
-© Archishman Satpathy

There when you feel low,
Remember you need to chase your dreams,
Hold the rope and climb the negativity. 
- ©Naaz

Raakh mein taare gin gin,
Chaand sa mukhda taaz hua!
Sab bharose pe kayam ae khuda,
Uss chamatkar se khudpe Naaz hua!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Neend Ko mere Quotes battle ne aise kuch ujada,
Khwaab Taare sang timtimate rahe,
Shabdo ka karwa chalta Raha,
Silsile chalte rahe,
Pyaar syahi mein behta Raha!
- Shanaya Stephens ©

You came into my life 
Like a breath of fragrance 
It was just a dream 
Or a dream coming true,.
- Alfiya Suroor khan

Chali aayi thi haath pe haath daal,
Rubroo wo dil khudpe hua!
Jab jalaye apne dum ke ujale,
Dharti pe naya ek itihaas hua!
-© Archishman Satpathy

Iss kathputli si zindagi ne,
Insaan banana sikha hi diya!
Khushiyon si unn sapno ki ahmiyat,
Waqt apne rang nikhar hi diya!
-© Archishman Satpathy

A night without sleep,
A sleep without dream,
And a dream without me,
Is you without a soul. 
- Alfiya Suroor khan

Aur ishq tera kuch yu hampe chada,
Neend udd si gayi,
Khwaab sajte rahe,
Farishton ka aana Jaana chalta Raha!
Yu toh mein Aashiq aise na tha,
Par tere pyaar mein deewana Banta Gaya...
-Shanaya Stephens ©

Itihas uhi nhi hota mere dost,
Uske liye kuch karna padta hai,
Bar bar girna padta hai,
Kisi aur par mohobat karne se pahle,
apne sapno par ishq karna padta hai
- Ramraje Morepatil

Ek khwab aankh band kakre dekha hai,
Ek ko khuli aankho me sajaya hai,
Ek khwab neend khulte hi bikhar jata hai,
Ek ko uthne ke baad baar baar jagaya hai!
- Akash

Sapne mere koi gulab ki kali si khubsurat hai,
Aaj mile, kal khile, fir ek din kisi ne toda hai,
Fir ek nayi kali aayi, bahar aaya, mann khush hua,
Yun naye gul sa hamne tute khwabon ko joda hai!
- Akash

Sapno aur apno ka ek sa vyavahar hai,
Sapno ke kareeb jao, sapne thodi dur bhag jayenge,
Aise apno ka bhi is jahan me pyar hai,
Apno ke khwab me kareeb jao, vo toh neend se hi jaag jayenge!
- Akash

Bikhrte khwab dekhkar aisa lagata hai jaise,
Sapne me jeena, aur jeete hue sapne dekhna,
Dard nahi hota, sirf dosti ke naam ka diya bujh jata hai,
Apno ke kareeb jana, fir bhi dur jate aapne dekhna!
- Akash

Aksar sapne ujale me dekha karo,
Andhere me kam karo,
Roshni ghar ki jalane se pahle dil me aag jalaya karo,
Pani jaisa pasina bahaya karo,
Mehnat itna karo ki apne sapno ko ankho ke samne paya karo
- Ramraje Morepatil

Neend aa gayi,
Khwaab aa Gaye hai,
Shabdo ka kya hai,
Kuch cheeze aankh band kar mehsoos karlo...
Ab kisse kahaniya,
Hamare sapno ke jaagir Kahan,
Kuch unkahi Dastaan,
Band alfazo mein gunj uthte hain
- Shanaya Stephens ©

Sapne ujale karte rahenge,
Kismat ko bhi naam karana!
Sapne mein ek sapna khudpe pyaar,
Apni dil ko bhi jaroor nikharna 
- © Archishman Satpathy

Aksar Ujale me aate hi neend tut jati hai,
Aur khwab jo dekh rahe hote hai yaad nahi rahte hai,
Aksar jab haqikat me aankh khulti hai,
To apne hi apne nhi hote, na vo hmari fariyad karte hai!
- Akash

What is betrayal? When the Earth dreams about the sun under the moonlight.
- Reshma kausar Mohideen.

Pyara jo he mera
Akshu जो he nyara
Soya nhi abtak
Jagega kabtak
Sapno me bhut bhulayenge
Unse ise ही darayenge.
- ©Trishna

Hmare ghar pe aane se darte hai jo,
Vo mere khwabon me kya khwab bankr aayenge,
Itne mere sawal hai ki vo dar jayenge,
Fir kya vo sawalon ke jawab bankar aayenge!!
- Akash

Kya khoob likhun
Is shks ke bade mai, 
Jo humare sapno mai aaya Karte the har din,
Aur hakeekat mai tou bichadhi gayi.
- Alfiya Suroor Khan

I miss those golden PWI days,
Where from just a participant I became spamming teacher,
Roll No. 1 Shan was first to get enrolled,
Now I dream every night to get back those days.
- © Dr. Sudhanya Nath

Bate hui thi bas char
शिक्षक का सम्मान दिया bar bar
Har ख्याल mera रेहता he उसको
Masterji kehkar दर्जा दिया जिसने मुझको
लिख रहा आज behad खूब है 
Likte रहिए दोस्त भी हो और student bhi, 
शब्द se खेलना सीखना तुझको भी  है
- ©Trishna 

These tears today will be the,
Glaze of our success tomorrow!
Sweat is all over in the battle,
Some dreams are yet to be achieved tomorrow!
- © Archishman Satpathy

Toh aye na agar woh
Ayenge hm, tum sone jao ab
Warna tumhara khana khayenge हम
- ©Trishna

Sab ke sab ashiq hai yahan,
Yahan mai apne khwab kaise bataun,
Hmare sawalon ke zawab azeeb hai,
Yahan mai tumhare sawalon zawab kaise bataun!
- Akash

My PWI journey started with Archishman when PWI was TPW,
His friendly behaviour made me consider him as a younger brother,
Day by day our bond became more stronger,
The same growth I dream every night for prosperity of PWI.
- © Dr. Sudhanya Nath

Khwab toh churayenge hi ham, Aur,
Neend toh kya khwab bhi hamare hai,
Aur aapke khwab alag kaise ho gye,
Iss baar toh aap bhi hamare hai!
- Akash

Ek bar apne khwab bata kar toh dekho,
Kya pata tumhe mil jate tumhare har sawal ka zawab!!!
- © Dr. Sudhanya Nath

Vo toh aisi hi hai janab,
Khwab se aati hai magar aaj haqikat hai,
Aur aisi nhi ki, pakde aur chhode,
Aur jisko pakad le, uske sapne pure karne ki kabiliyat hai!
- Akash

Khane ka sapna dekhte raho,
Kya pata sapne me tumhare man pasand khana tumhe mil jaye!! 
- © Dr. Sudhanya Nath

Sapne hum ne bhi dekhe hai in khuli aankho se,
Ab nind nahi to nahi aate in ankho me,
Sochta hu thoda so jao apne sapnonko yaad karlu nind me,
Kambakht sapno me hi kho jata hu din me
- © Ramraje Morepatil

Kya arz karrun inke barre mai ,
Yahi hai wo jinhone hummara haath pakda,
Aur humari manzil pr le aaye,
Humari sapno ki duniya mai.
- © Alfiya Suroor Khan

Mai kya likhu ab inke bare me,
Wo hasti thodi badi hai,
Umar bhale hi choti hai,
Par kam se bahut badi hai,
Likhna atta nahi muzko fir bhi ungali pakadkar sath mere kahadi hai,
Dedicated to may sweet master ji..
- © Ramraje Morepatil

Yesterday I was shocked to see my date "Dr. Nikita" actively participating in Core group discussion,
I couldn't resist myself from asking a question -
"Am I dreaming?!!"
Just then Naaz explaining me the real reason of her activeness. 
- © Dr. Sudhanya Nath

Char bato ne muzko aj kabil bana diya hai,
Maine to master bol apko,
Apne hath pakadkar sikha diya muzko,
Writing duniya me kabil bana diya muzko,
Dil kahta hai apke jaisa dost jaisa mila muzko,
Waise mil jaye is duniyan me sabko
- © Ramraje Morepatil

Tum jo aaye zindagi mai, 
Humare sapno ko tumne cheenliya humse ,
Ye kya baat huyi 
Hum sapno mai b aapko hi dekha karte the,
Aur aapne humari neend hi churali .
- © Alfiya Suroor Khan

Dost mila mujhe bhi pyara
Sajjedari jiski he और man bhi saf
Sikhaya mene tumhe bas kuch
Sikhne ki chah tumhara he
Wahi mangaye हम bas
Yuhi badhte jao, लिखते raho
- © Trishna Chakraborty

Likhte raho yuhin tum,
Ek din apne manzil mil jayegi,
Mehnat kro, sapno ki unchi udan tak,
Ek din manzil bhi jhuk jayegi!
- © Akash Chaurasiya

Hum to bahut nasibwale hai jo ap humne paya hai,
Kismat humari khul gayi jo dost tum jaisa hume mila hai,
Tumne ab hat humara pakda hai,
Humne to bas pair apka pakda hai,
Khusnadib hai hum jo tumhara  ashirwad humesha ke liye paya hai
- © Ramraje Morepatil

Hum likhte Rahenge,
Dikhte rahenge,
Ye Wada hai humara,
Bas sada ke liye sir par hath rakho tumahar
- © Ramraje Morepatil

Likte tum bhut khoob ho
मेरी जान मेरे साथ ho
पर so nhi rahe bat hme kha rahi
Chinta horhi tum abtk soye kyu nahi..
- © Trishna Chakraborty

Tumne tou in khawabon 
Ko hakeekat hi banadi ...
Hummare jo bangaye ho.
- © Alfiya Suroor Khan

Is haste ko aj humne bhi jan liya hai,
Kisine sahi kaha tha baghawan har roop me hota hai,
Ye hasti to baghawan ka hi roop hai,
Isliye meri manjil ki raah par ,
Humesha mere sath hai,
Dur hokar bhi pass hone ka ek ahsas hai
- Ramraje Morepatil

Hm toh pahle se the, 
Bss aane me kayi var beet gaye,
Fir bhi khwabo me aate the,
Khwabo se hi pyar seench gaye!
- Akash

Tum aahi gaye tou chalo
Hum Humare sapno ki duniya saja de.
Tum aur mai saath samundar paar.
Saath janmo kaa saath. 
- Alfiya Suroor Khan

Ab aa gaye hai toh,
Yahan ek nayi shuruaat hogi,
Kuch tum kahoge, kuch ham,
Sapno ki tarah apni baat hogi!
- Akash

Batoon mai hum uljhe rahe,
Sapno ko aur hum bunte rahe,
Aagaye hum humari manzil pr,
Sirf saath mat chodna har mod pr 
- Alfiya Suroor khan

Sath chhodne ke liye ham hath nahi pakdte,
Dil todne ke liye ham baat nahi karte,
Khwab sang dekhenge, sang rang bharenge,
Yuhin fizool ki ham shuruaat nahi karte!
- Akash

Mera auda tumne bht bhada kardiya
Hm bas ek mamuli jan he
Apne toh hme aasman me rakdiya
Sikhne ki chah ap me he
Wohi sbse acchi baat apki he 

Khwabo me uljhenge nahi,
Ham toh suljhakr sajayenge naye sapne,
Aur sapno ki unchi manzil tak jayenge,
Aur jalte rahnge rishtedar apne!!!
- Akash

Din ho ya raat,
Hum sirf aapke khawabon mai rehte hai.
Chalo shuruat karre,
in sapno ka hakeekat mai badlne ki .
- Alfiya Suroor khan

Rishtedaron ko jalane ke khwab hamare bhi hai,
Bass ek ek khwab sajate rahe,
Aap yuhin saath dete rahna,
Ham yuhin sabki bajate rahe
- Alfiya

Jalte he rishtedar Kwabo se
Suljhakar uchay udenge
Tum बहत age  jaoge
Swapne or Kwaishe tumko chumenge
Akash me akshu ka nam rahega
Sapno me bunde hue har ful khilega. 
- ©Trishna

sapne Haqikat me badlne ki arji de do,
Khuda se kah do ki ab aap bhi apni marji de do,
Hamari sapno ki zindagi yuhin chalti rahe,
Kuch raatein hamein yuhin farzi de do!
- Akash

Ye khwab jaldi pura hoga,
Vo din ek din jarur aayega,
Hm sapne pure karte rahenge,
Aur koi jalkar yahan kala ho jayega!
- Akash

Agle pal ka pta nahi,
Hm zindagi bhar ka khwab nahi sajate,
Jis pal tak hai, us pal tak apke hai,
Puri zindagi ki baat nahi batate!
- Akash

Humne tou aapse puri zindagi ka saath manga hai.
Jab tak saansein hai 
Humme aapki hi talab hogi
Aur khawabon mai aap hogein 
Tum raho ya na raho lekin hum humesha aapke rahenge .
- © Alfiya Suroor Khan

Har dua mai yaad aate ho tum,
Koyi dua nahi jisme tumara naam na ho.
Yahi hai dua tum humare hojao,
Zindagi bhar ke liye.
- © Alfiya Suroor Khan

A place where,
I can't be reminded of your betrayal,
And can enjoy my life like a fairytale. 
- Sravani 

Don't die,
Don't leave them,
Do achieve in reality.
- Sravani 

Dreams are nothing but golden. 
- ©️Navya

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