Flawless Poetry Week by PWI Sapiens' Arena

The Peaceful Writers International Writers' Community organized a month-long fest for #NaPoWriMo. We named it the Inscribing Manifesto. So, talented writers at the Peaceful Writers International penned down these beautiful pieces of poetry and shared them with us. Come, let us take you on this beautiful journey traveling to the poets' heart, exploring their thoughts and words...

With a brilliant smile on the face, she kept moving while she was fluttering from inside.🥀
©Smilee Prashant Bhatt

You yourself are a precious gem 
You yourself are a precious gem,
Fighting like a warrior and standing on your toes like a strong stem,
Though you are hated by some ; you are always loved by many,
The sadness you experienced in your life will never divide the twenty,
A gem never share it's glorious beauty with anyone,
Because it is designed in it's own way to show it's value in ton,
Hater, angry, demons, fake smile, true love, and society,
Are the purest minerals which made a solitarie's personality,
The precious baguette in you is not as strong as others,
The glitters and layers on this pretentious cabochon are new discoveries,
Glistening your beauty with different colours are awe-inspiring,
Each hue playing it's different role on the basis of perspiring,
Profound in the depths of wickedness rise,
The inner spirit open the true vision of your blind eyes,
The mistakes of one's life can often deliver nightmares,
Which can later lament into a powerful diamondiferous and dares,
The expensive gems are hidden in the heart of the human museum,
The jewelry maker in you is really multi-talented and awesome.
©️ Geethika Reddy 
IG : @my.silent_world

love-Love is a stationary body
Always in love with 1st love,
Coz heart's never move on,
Hey you!-your 1st love is your life love,
Hearts never move on!
Have a look at my Nancy,
Not short-not tall-sleepy eyes,
Our love gone for many days,
So I found another Nancy called Lucy.
Lucy my darling,
Like Nancy she Soo caring,
Good in the art of cooking,
And we play a lot when "bathing"
I found another Nancy called Lucy!
Hearts never move on,
Take my neighbour Ann,
Her undying love for John,
Finally their love boat went down,
She cried and was cured by kevin!
Hahaha but who is kevin?
Kevin a refined version of John,
Same hobbies same likes-Game on,
We say 'Ann and Kevin'
The new couple in town,
But she just found another John called Kevin!
Coz Hearts never move on!
Always in love with 1st love,
Coz Hearts never move on,
If you find her Mister Man!
Hold on coz it's always her over and over again 
So loose her once,
Next time show no reluctance,
Grab her into the salsa dance,
Don't loose her twice let it be once!
Coz Hearts never move on!
- The Lunar Peak Pen
-© Nyale Voti

 प्रकृति का प्रतिशोध
हाथ में कुल्हाड़ी देख बोल पड़ा एक वृद्ध पेड़
कहा हे मानव ! प्रकृति के सौंदर्य को मत छेड़, 
जिसने सेखा अपना सर इस कड़ी धुप में
ताकि मिल सके तुझे छाया हर रूप में l
कल जिस उत्साह के साथ तूने बीज बोया
आज उसी उत्साह के साथ पेड़ को काटा, 
देखते ही देखते कितना खुदगर्ज हो गया है यह मानव
जो आज बन गया है इस प्रकृति के लिए दानव l
दर्द, कष्ट सहकर भी जिसने दी लकड़ी घर सजाने को
आज उसी इन्सान ने अक्षुत कर दिया उसके दर्द को, 
बड़ी शिद्दत से जब बरसा प्रकृति का कहर
तब इन्सान को याद आया अपना ही फैलाया हुआ ज़हर l
बहुत कहा था कर दे प्रकृति पर थोड़ा मेहर
हे मानव ! उस पे अत्याचार करने से पहले ठहर, 
कुछ मानव उद्धारकर्ता के रूप में प्रतिज्ञा लिए हुए थे
तो कुछ अपने अर्जनशीलता के व्यवहार से ग्रस्त थे

Be my heartbeat
N i'll be your soul
I want to go with you
To shop in every mall
You are short than me
And i am quite tall
Be my teddy bear
And i'll be your doll
-© Vaishali jain
IG - @fleurine.25

शीर्षक : स्व अध्ययन
लहरों में मैने राहें खोजी
मंज़िल से प्यार किया मैने
तूफानों से टक्कर लेकर
खुद को तैयार किया मैने
खारों में संभवता ढूंढी
पुष्पों को वार दिया मैने
कंटक भरी उन राहों पर
कलम प्रहार किया मैने
पल पल डूबा डूब गया
अचल किरदार किया मैने
कल कल बहती नदियां सा
मन सागर तैयार किया मैने
नीरसता की छाया देखी
हर रस तैयार किया मैने
हारों से जब हार मै जीता
खुद को ढूंढ लिया मैने
"लोग तुझे कब तक रोकेंगे?"
है ताकत तुझमें आगे बढ़ने की,
है ताकत तुझमें जितने की,
तो रुक मत लोग तुझे कब तक रोकेंगे?
तेरी हद रोशन करने में,
तुझे मंज़िल तक जाने में,
ये रास्ते तुझे कब तक रोकेंगे ?
तू खड़ा हो आगे बढ़,
तू हार मत मान ना,
ये दुनिया तुझे कब तक रोकेगी ?
तू अपने सपने देख,
तू अपने सपने पूरे कर,
ये समाज तुझे कब तक रोकेगा ?
मंज़िल नई मिली तो क्या हुआ,
तू फिर से मेहनत कर,
ये रास्तों के कांटे तुझे कब तक रोकेंगे ?
लोगो की मत सुन,
तू अपने दिल की कर,
ये लोग तुझे कब तक रोकेंगे ?
जो होगा नहीं उसके लिए मत रो,
जो करना है उसके लिए तैयार हो,
लोगो का तो काम है, वो तो हमेशा टोकेंगे
ये लोग तुझे कब तक रोकेंगे ?
कोशिश कर हल निकलेगा,
आज नई तो कल निकलेगा,
हैं मुझे भरोसा, एक दिन तू कुछ करके निकलेगा !
-© Dev S. Bhavsar

My Life as a Poet
When emotions were warming up at the fire place of my heart,
When anger wanted to erupt like magma in a cooking mountain,
When my face was masked with different colors,a chameleon,
A life I had to fight battles of metaphors and similes.
When critics knocked the doors,an armour of courage I had to wear,
Because this grass would soon disappear in the dust,
When I raised up my head and all I could see were fingers piercing my soul,
When the claws of expectations were sharp and like a snake fang,teared off my flesh.
What could you have done? Give up the process?
Of course not, because this is the reality behind the sparkling and dazzling smile you see,
When my molars and premolars ask for your hand amidst rain and hailstorm,
When my sunken dimple betrayed my heart and springs of my eyes eloped with my cheeks.
I feel in love with my pen and paper and in her arms I was cuddled,
An embrace that extinguished the burning grass in my heart,
The cracks in my life and heart were hidden in the figures and words,
When those who believed in me held me up and gave me the torch to inspire and change the world.
-© Kennedy Ochieng'

A letter to my Love -
If I could pen down a saga of our loveless tale I would weave a dream, 
With all the memories those we have witnessed ,
And I would fuse it with my verses, 
A hue of melancholic rhythm,
If you could accompany I would dive deeper into the stream ; 
Of how my untamed spirits jingle all the way, 
And I would say it aloud, 
That I need you to the most to soothe my rude mind,
But you know my arrogant insight  will not ready to confide,  
As it is the only answer to your unheard question,
But now on I will print my apology in every pamphlet that you would not read
-© Sudipta Mishra

From a sibling to a sibling-
When the world is crumbling and there's no one around,
I'd walk up to you from the crowd to be your sound.
When there's darkness everywhere surrounding,
I'll be your profound light, always near and shining. 
When you won't be able to sleep with thoughts in mind,
I'll be your lullaby to make you and your being calm.
When you won't be able to scale heights in life,
I'll hold your hand to let you pass the field without fright.
When you would find it tough to swim the oceans,
I'll be your lifeline to let you shallow with less commotion.
If you have no one to wipe your tears in life,
I'll be the shoulder on which you could survive.
I won't let you say goodbye so easily, my dear sibling,
I'll be there for you to walk till eternity without a sigh.
Distances between us won't break our bond ever,
It'll strengthen as I'll stick by your side forever.
From the day we met till the time we'll let go off this world,
I'll always stand with you even if heaven calls from above. 
This relationship really means a lot to me since I met you,
And let me tell you, even if tempestuous storms call me,
I'll give my life for the sake to let you be free from the harsh sea.
If we were destined to meet each other in this birth,
Then I'll make our relationship ever strong till it's worth! 
IG ID:- @deep_scribblings

ये कैसा अंधविश्वास..??
 जीवन का हर सुख लेकर मुझसे वो प्रेम रस दर्शाते हैं, फिर क्यूँ वो पाँच दिन मुझे अशुद्ध बताए जाते हैं? 
क्या जुर्म?क्या खता है मेरी? जो मुझे सबसे दूर बिठाए जाते हैं और अपराधियों के लिए तो कोई पाबंदी नहीं, फिर क्यूँ मेरे मंदिर जाने पर भी रोक-टोक लगाए जाते हैं और क्यूँ वो पाँच दिन मुझे अशुद्ध बताए जाते हैं? 
ये कैसी परंपरा हैं हमारी, ये कैसे रीति-रिवाज निभाए जाते हैं, क्यूँ वो पाँच दिन मेरी रसोई से भी छुट्टी करवाते हैं, और क्यूँ वो पाँच दिन मुझे अशुद्ध बताए जाते हैं? 
जब ये प्राकृतिक हैं तो शर्म कैसी फिर क्यूँ नैपकिन काली पॉलीथीन में बिकवाए जाते हैं और क्यूँ वो पाँच दिन मुझे अशुद्ध बताए जाते हैं? 
-© Shreya Gupta
IG : @Shreya_rhyming_world

Cry of a broken heart
Its been one month
Exactly one month since
You had asked for a chance from me
And I gave you a chance to enhance 
Three days after
You came and said that you loved me
And I was elated 
I was elated because I loved you too
But little did I know
That love was only a show
You never loved me as myself 
You only loved me for my beauty 
When I was attacked,
My beauty was taken away from me
When I needed you the most,
You treated me as if I was unknown
Five years later 
you come back and say 
'I Love You!'
But why should I believe you 
Five years back you left me alone
You took away my heart and soul from me
I was only a fool
To think that True Love was cool 
I was shattered 
I was broken 
I lost my hope 
I lost my faith,my sanity
Five  years back when you left,
You left with a part of me
Now there's only one part of me left
Have you came back now to take away that remaining part from me too
Five years back when you left me
Since then I closed all the doors for love to enter in my life again 
Because I don't want to be betrayed again 
True love gets to them only
who have a good fate
But do everyone
Have the same good fate?
-© Mrunmayee Pawar
IG - Mruna_03

उन सुन्दर  किरणों में अक्षर 
भानु भी ताप नहीं लिखता
तिमिर दूर हो लगे बिखरने
जग अंधियार नही लिखता 
निखरित पुष्प खिले चमन मे
खारों को वार नही लिखता 
दल पंकज भी स्वर्ण से ठहरे
उजियारी पर बार नही लिखता
तरुवर हल्की छांव रखे जब
मौसम दुख यार नही लिखता
खिल जाती जब भोर लालिमा
राघव अंधियार नही लिखता 

In This era She was born with wings 
But barbaric society caged her in chains .
Whenever she tried to escape and fly 
The solenoid vibes on her path shoved her to cry ,
Her one step on the way of gleefulness
Unfortunately rewinded into mournfulness .
As every creature was obsessed with bullshit unbelief 
That brutally snatched her all relief , 
Tied up in the rigid metallic chains
She was yelling in the pains .
Mushy wrist were red in shackles 
Every lone second she was hoping for miracles , 
In the endmost stage her veins were raged 
As the wings of her soul were slashed .
Anxious deep down inside from chains 
Feeble She let them win over her Pains ,
Agony of her pain was an epic
From century that remain static .

Being mom
You are my dream, you are my sweet lime...
you know what, you are mine...
When you are finding me with twinkling eyes , I really feel you are my comprise... I forget my weary day meanwhile,When  you give me a cute smile...
When your lil finger hold my hand , 
I feel like I am on Iceland... By putting your head on my shoulder you give me bliss ,
I am really grateful to God for this... 
I love you a lot, you were in my womb since... 
you are the best thing happen to me , my Prince ...
- Snehal

Unrequited love
This is not what I wanted to have
All my hopes of having a loved one sent by the most high from above
Now lost because of unreciprocated love
Thought we'll be perfect for each other and like a slave I'll serve
Both obsessed with love and doing the creepy things of pervs 
But in return denial is what I get breaking my nerves
How couldn't I see that coming
I anticipated for a perfect ending
As much as much as it was never a good start for us,I tried my best tricks of seducing,
All were fruitless with no other option but weeping
Jealousy  overwhelming me as I saw other lovers dancing and kissing
On my side abandoned, left alone on couch sitting and sobbing
They say everyone has got a perfect match
Yet my man is still in search
Am I not the beautiful one who was supposed to be hatched?
Or maybe the one he could cling on to and catch?
Maybe it is just a dream of me being his patch
I have to accept that I'm not his cup of tea
Letting go is the only solution after my pleas
Including begging and going down on my knees,
He still won't acknowledge my love because he's blinded and  can't see
So I walk away unchaining  myself from him and setting myself free
As much as I never got a passionate goodbye kiss
I had to seek a new breeze.
Savviest ink
-© Becky Dan Ogolla

Chori nhi ki hai humne
Bewajah kisi se dar nhi sakte
Mahobbat kitni hai tumse
Ye hum baya kar nhi sakte
-© Vaishali
IG - fleurine.25

अल्फ़ाज़ ए इश्क़
इश्क़ को आखिर इश्क़ समझने में मन्हाई क्या है
इश्क़ अगर बुरा है तो इसकी बुराई क्या है
ये तो बस लोगो का वहम है लगता
इश्क़ अगर राह है तो इसकी रहनुमाई क्या है।
इश्क़ का तो अल्फ़ाज़ ही निराला है
इश्क़ का मतलब महज दिल को मिलाना है
आज कल तो इश्क़ का मतलब ही बदल गया है
इश्क़ का मतलब अब तो बस दिल को बहलाना है।
मरीज़ ए इश्क़ मैं हूं तो दवा मेरी तुम बन जाना
बहार ए मौसमों की बहारे तुम तो ले आना
हुई गुस्ताखियां बहुत से मुझसे तेरे दीदार के खातिर
हर गुस्ताखियो को मेरी नज़र ए अंदाज़ तुम कर जाना
-© Mohd. Zahid

इश्क़ इबादत
ये इश्क़ का शहर इतना बदनाम क्यों है साई
जहा पे लोग दिल लगाने से डरते है
ये तो कोई शहर ए जादू है साई
जहा से लोग ना कभी वापस आया करते है।
जो लोग इश्क़ को सरे आम किया करते है
वहीं लोग इसको बदनाम किया करते है
इश्क़ तो एक पाक सा अल्फ़ाज़ है साई
जिसके होने का तो लोग इंतज़ार किया करते है।
इश्क़ को इश्क़ समझने में बहुत वक़्त लगा करता है
जो इसको समझता है वहीं इसे पाया करता है
इश्क़ का मतलब तो ज़बरदस्ती नहीं होता है साई
इश्क़ तो एक तरफा भी हुआ करता है।
-© Saiba khan

Even you are miles and miles apart,
You are still holding all of my heart.
Fortuitously we had a lovely start,
No one can eternally make us apart.
The true friend is a progenitor,
Eminding the pathway,
Through thick and thin times
Every plant needs sun God's love,
Every human needs mother's love,
But for every life,I need a friend like you.
Friendship does not begin,
with words and looks,
Friendship is a companion that is born,
With soul and be with us,
Until we degrade in the soil.
Though I have many games to play,
I am addicted only to your playfulness.
Though I have many fairy tales to listen,
I am obsessive only to your formulate.
Though there are pearls and,
Aurum existing in this galaxy,
Those treasure trove do not mean as much,
As your friendship means to me.
The only goal of our true friendship theory is,
There is no breakup between us,
So we have to enjoy the torture of eachother.
How memories remain with us forever,
Without fading away,
In the same way,
We both are made for eachother,
I love you so much my bosom buddy,
I hate to be apart from you,
You are always a part of me forever.
©️ Geethika Reddy 
IG : @my.silent_world

Two writers, one group
Two genres, one topic
Two writeups, one post
Two words, one meaning
That's how writers fallen for words.
From hi/hello, to hey, what's up
From how's you? To how's your day?
From acquaintances to friends
From friends to bestfriends
From bestfriends to crushing
That's how writers fallen for each other.
From reading quotes,
To reading conversation.
From caring about words,
To caring about her.
From waiting for her text,
To waiting for her call.
From sending laughing emojis,
To sending kissing emojis.
That's how writers fallen for time.
From feeling broken,
To feeling loved.
From "good bye" texts,
To "never say goodbye" texts.
From no priority,
To top of the list.
From one state to another,
From sad songs to romantic,
From "I'm busy" to "Always there for you"
From "I hate my life" to "I love you"
That's how writers fallen for each other.
That's how I fallen for her and she fallen for me.
That's how two writers who doesn't wait for anyone, waiting for their text.
That's how writers fallen in L🖤VE.
With no boundaries, no restrictions, forgotten past, enjoying present, and
Doesn't care about what gonna happen next.
©️ Aayush Aggarwal
IG: @iaayushaggarwal

The wonders of Nature-:
Our life is packed with much pain 
Unquenchable thirst for power is the sole cause of such disdain 
Never we strive to be a better human 
By overexploiting  the delights of nature we derive elation 
Vainly we pass the golden days of summer and winter,
Awaiting for the spring‘s trees laden with the pleasures of nature       
By forgetting the essence of our culture 
Now we bear the wrath of nature 
So let's tread on the path of our ancestors 
As we the winter’s children await to embrace the beauty and hope of spring 
Still, there is time to weave the joy of spring in our barren lives 
Let's imbibe the joy of heaven 
Listen to nature's invitation
Let's glorify our days of irritation 
Let's bask in the breast of spring‘s exotic region 
Amidst the meadow of nature's blossom forget your all anticipation 
As we are the children of all seasons...
Feel such a magical reunion
 Grow up with new hopes and fun   
Caress such celestial carnival to feel the divine emotion...
-© Sudipta Mishra

An extrovert she was called.
In reality only she knew that she was an introvert deep down.
Someone who just kept to herself.
And didn't open up to anyone.
Little did she know her introvertedness was the cause of her problems.
She tried interacting with people.
But failed miserably.
She liked being alone in her own company.
She hated interacting with people.
She thought people were monsters.
But how wrong she was,
The world is made up of good and bad people.
She just didn't know who the right ones are.
She was an extrovert by heart, and an introvert by circumstances.
Never judge someone by their nature.
IG - thoughtsofnavs_

Female violence
I don't have a say,
 He cained me yesterday, 
What a pay 
 A child here as a way, 
My body,
 Down I lay, 
what kind of violence, 
 A sincere mess. 
God created woman, 
From a rib, 
 To make him proud, 
One flesh, 
With a man. 
Why so weak, 
Hit my cheeks, 
 Hurt my heart, 
Yet you had my start, 
A man, 
 You left your mother's, 
 And your fathers home 
To join with a woman, 
 I complete your house, 
As your wife and life. 
Leave it in the past, 
 Female violence, 
A part of the worst 
 God atmost, 
To institute your marriage, 
Foundation of your love, 
 God is love 
 God is peace 
 Let us fight end female violence 
Wake up to a new dawn 
Sunrise of peaceful family
-© Cacie the poet

Spurious Vibes
You said you Loved me
So then why did you ditched me.
I stayed the same
But you well played the game,
Now I am confused whom to blame
Deep inside my soul still there is an ignited flame.
I let your lies grow deeper
Like a root inside my heart,
I thought it was a love
but you felt as a lust.
A dull witted me was in a myth that you had touched my soul
But in realism you touched my body gravely,
You lied me so much
I trust you little too much.
In your fake Love
I have become a annihilated dove,
Experiencing your vibes of fake feelings
I wish there could be someone for healing.
You said that you will walk with me on every back-breaking road
But you left me stand forlorn at that mode,
In your fake fun time pass
My time had permanently passed.
With your deceited feelings
You have demolished my heart willings,
Now at the end I am lying on the cold hard ground
As I am blessed with your fake feelings pound.
My dear soul hurter I will forgive you
But never forget you,
The way you murdered my heart
Now only way for both of us is to stay apart .

Lonliness stabbed my heart.
I took my pen,which was residing in the corner of my heart.
For inking out the loneliness,
And quenching the thirst,of these lonely feelings.
Ink in my pen rushed out swiftly.
And the words spread throughout my paper slowly,
Healing the wounds of my heart,
And erasing loneliness from my heart.
Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

Unrequited love
This is not what I wanted to have
All my hopes of having a loved one sent by the most high from above
Now lost because of unreciprocated love
Thought we'll be perfect for each other and like a slave I'll serve
Both obsessed with love and doing the creepy things of pervs 
But in return denial is what I get breaking my nerves
How couldn't I see that coming
I anticipated for a perfect ending
As much as much as it was never a good start for us,I tried my best tricks of seducing,
All were fruitless with no other option but weeping
Jealousy  overwhelming me as I saw other lovers dancing and kissing
On my side abandoned, left alone on couch sitting and sobbing
They say everyone has got a perfect match
Yet my man is still in search
Am I not the beautiful one who was supposed to be hatched?
Or maybe the one he could cling on to and catch?
Maybe it is just a dream of me being his patch
I have to accept that I'm not his cup of tea
Letting go is the only solution after my pleas
Including begging and going down on my knees,
He still won't acknowledge my love because he's blinded and  can't see
So I walk away unchaining  myself from him and setting myself free
As much as I never got a passionate goodbye kiss
I had to seek a new breeze.
Savviest ink
-© Becky Dan Ogolla

She was once my enemy,
Because of our feelings and misunderstandings.
Yet I knew that she was facing a problem
From her side,
But I couldn't understand her problem correctly
And we fought.
But, when I heard her story
From her close friends who also were mine,
I was shocked that
She suffered a lot of mental pain.
One day, I went to her
And tried apologizing to her with a deep heart.
But she was reluctant,
And she drove me away.
Time passed,
And I thought if she changed for the better.
She became more outgoing than ever before,
But I was scared she could be the same to me, as in the past.
But she came to me,
And said, "Hello Anna¹ ! Do you remember me?"
This was enough to give me a shock
And a deep warming of my heart.
I tried to hide, by saying
"Yes, I remember you.
You were the one who fought with me so much,
And you left us months ago."
But she found the deep sorrow in me,
And she said, in tears;
"It's okay anna¹. It happens.
I know you want to say sorry."
"All I want is you to stay happy,
And I want you, as my partner.
Because you only know how much pain I was suffering,
And I will tell you my story."
I was shocked to hear her story,
And I wished to adopt her as my own sister.
But time changed,
And it was deciding about my marriage.
Parents chose me a bride,
And when they showed me her photo,
I was shocked.
It was the same girl that I met before!
I accepted the proposal,
And so do her;
And finally, we both were married.
A perfect soul for me.
During our honeymoon,
My wife asked me,
With a pleading face
Laden with tears;
"Can we stay together happily?
Can we be always together?"
I assured her,
"My cutie, don't worry.
We stay strong, so is our eternal bond.
We could be far apart,
But in our hearts,
We are always together."
And a kiss to her forehead consoled her,
And we started living, as loving couples.
Abhiram B.
IG: redhunter_m16

I've lost you
And I know
I've chosen to let go,
my hands off your shoe
I've lost a precious stone
and the chuckle on your face,
glitters my heart, I amaze
But now, am left alone
The passion of your love
The melody from your lips
Your words that I kiss
Are now worthless as chaff
I have some silent tears,
of pain and regret
of the day you left
Leaving me to battle with my fears
My feelings and emotion
The warmth of your hand
Your love like the sand
Have been sunk into the ocean
It's hard to say 'goodbye'
To someone you cherish
Even though it's a wish
But we must let sleeping dogs lie
All rights reserved, April 2021
© Johnny'D poems✍️
IG - johnny_d_poems

Leaving home with escalate eyes,
Flying our country's tricolour flag over the skies,
Those soliders who fought for our patriotism are our national fathers,
Protecting the price of liberty of our Indian mothers and sisters.
You people are born to fight with cavernous trenches,
With full blast you people experience grenades of wrenches,
Serving you and seeing your style is a honour of our satisfaction,
Your love towards zillion of Indian people is like an adorable affection.
Soliders bind all those boundaries of ills and evils,
Without any panic the prompt of wisdom reveals,
They bleed with sacred stains of sacrifices,
Country of Indus know the cost of liberty's expensive prices.
Oh my mother India...I bow before thee,
With high spirits of humanity,
The one's who marched in rhythm of war,
This writer ink her words to rest,
Those kudos dead India is debuted for centuries so far.
©️ Geethika Reddy 
IG : @my.silent_world

It’s a story of a boy, a story where an empty space remains void.
He sits down calm, and slowly lays his head down.
Not minding if anyone was watching, neither did he care if the birds made a sound.
But in his own thoughts he drowned.
Thousands of thoughts flew over his mind, like a shooting star that flies through the sky.
Most of them came with answers, most of them where nothing but cancers.
Eating down into the depth of his heart, where love could not be found.
It’s a story of a boy, all alone.
A boy neglected and disowned, rejected and disposed, destroyed and exposed.
All he could every do was pray for a savior, one without a Favour.
It’s a story of a boy looking for love.
-© IahmAzaeyy

                 KISI NAYE K AJANE SE...."
There can be no good bye for us!
Though the time is approaching with the arrival of dusk......
Always remember the days that we spent toghether;
Lets make a promise that at any cost we will not leave each other.
These memories are not going to last with the time
But these are the memories which will always last throughout the life time....
     Today is the day which is full of emotions!
Photosession and farewell will shape the memory like water of the oceans....
             No one can take the memory away;
With all the things that happen with and many more to say.....
We all share seven year of friendship or more than that;
We are going to miss our classroom,the place where we use to chit chat.
Thank you my teachers, thank you my friends to support and guide me throughtout my seven years journey,
Years after years at 12o'clock my mind will revive this memory......
-© ASMI Barman (Asu)

Uska text tak nhi aaya aaj
Kya yhi hai uska pyaar?
Hum dekhte reh gye
Or vo ho gye farrar
Galat thi me shayad
Nhi karna tha unpe aitbaar
Mere na hone se bhi farak na pde
Kya yhi hai unka pyaar?
Unse ladai krne ke baad
Hum ho gye the bimaar
Unhone haal tak na pucha humara
Kya yhi hai unka pyaar?
-© Vaishali
IG - fleurine.25

Am I rolling out tears,
Just for someone's taunts?
Am I rolling out tears,
Due to people making fun of me?
Am I rolling out tears,
When some of my dearest ones turn against me?
Am I rolling out tears,
When I lose my closest people?
Am I rolling out tears,
When I face tough odds in my life?
Am I rolling out tears,
When I apologise to someone and yet get maltreated?
Am I rolling out tears,
When my will power is lost?

All I could bear, with my heavy heart;
But now it has been wounded,
And with enough injuries,
My soul has been tattered to a near-death.
How many advices,
How many slaps,
How many scoldings...
...they were countless,
But they couldn't change me easily,
And now I am facing all negatives from the four walls I am surrounded.
I could hold my tears,
But the amount has exceeded;
And now I am bound to cry out in pain,
With no one to help me,
Even for the simplest of reasons.
If my soul is dead nearly,
Then what do I have, to lose?
Hope if someone infuses me with a new life,
My empty heart strays,
Starving and crying for life, no matter what.
Abhiram B.
IG: redhunter_m16

The phoenix is my heart.
In which my pains were hold tight.
My kindess started flowing out through the impure blood.
And it was my sorrow which hit my heart muscle very hard.
I love my heart.
But the troubles caused by my heart's heart,
Literally can't be accepted by my soul.
So,a letter was sent to it by my soul.
Dear Heart,I love you,but I've to let you go.
So break yourself into two.
And come back with the sword called love.
For that love to get acceptation from my soul,you must burn to emerge.

-© Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

In The Crave For Courage
She Stoutly Fought With Outrage.
Tied Up In The Rigid Metallic Chains
She Was Yelling In The Pains,
Her Soul Was Loaded With Rage
But Physiognomy Was Obsessed With Courage.
Enclosed By A Whiff of Slavery
Her Heart Ignited The Flame Of Bravery,
Then Smashing The Stifle Of Cage
She Thrive On With Wings Of Courage.
IG - molly_mehta19

The longest flight over the crystal blue sky,
Stretching my red coloured wings high,
Crossing over the earth with full of keen,
This aviation makes my heart childish and clean.
The clouds seems to be so strong,
Its guidance protect me like throng,
I can joyfully sing a song in different languages,
 I am free to roam anywhere and choose glorious images.
The sun is in pure gold and as igniting fire,
For now I can feel the heaven of freedom and admire,
The longest flight teaches me that,
Time is one-way road and we need to run fast.
The colours of rainbow inspire my inner mind,
The nature plays a violin beat which make my mood bind,
Mountains are pure brown and very huge,
Dealing with my boredom and accepting my comrade kluge.
This longest flight hiding a poet,
All the mixed emotions screaming it's quote,
Laughter, Anger, Pride and Dreams,
Are museum of our heart and we should flow with this stream.
Being unique when compare to others,
Teach us best experiences like nature's colour,
Fear is our treasure where we dare to enter the dark cave,
Soaring with confidence wake our blind vidion to stand over the waves.
Flitting is like a rollercoaster,
By flying high and high my responsibilities fall upon my shoulders,
The angle of suspicion is too small,
To reach our new heights we need our vision to get install.
We are the pilot of our own flight,
We must search the right direction to find the light,
My soul and land are both interconnected,
Like success and failures are projected.
©️ Geethika Reddy 
IG : @my.silent_world

She stayed still
Closing her eyes to the danger still
Giving life to her fruit,in the presence of a prey to kill 
She should have given a fight but she didn't feel
The danger as much as the pain she feel
Did she give a deaf ear to the still
Waters?,that even in the silence the river  spoke 
It shouted
It rambled
In silence,the river warned
Didn't she sense the weirdo situation?
Maybe she fell for the false tranquility Created by the devil ready to devour
Maybe,she concentrated on the fruit,
Nine months of tire
And now the time had come
To see what she had longed for
Her precious fruit
As she celebrated her safe delivery
The serpent celebrated a lucky hunt
A mother and her fruit
With a single swipe he swapped them all
She should have given a fight,but she didn't

Loving you from deep of my heart.
You're smiling in my lovely dart.
Feelings are always amazing with you.
Stress disappears while seeing you.
Winter gets warmer when you run in my mind.
Heartbeat rises through to your lip syncing.
Imagination turning into a beautiful storyline.
Pure emotions of your love always healing.
Month of Love February, makes my life glad.
Feelings of January never be soothing bad.
Cozy mood turning Romantic in February.
Lovely Emotions are always high in January.
But our love is beyond of Time.
Your little smile, making me chime.
Praising with your presence glows me.
Your lips touch, seems like love slime.
IG - krishankant.sen.Jr

A dead soul
Like a dead soul, 
I m hanging in my home, 
With my tattered heart,  
and withered state... 
Decayed roof is my identity, 
All my life has been lost in waiting... 
Waiting for whom? 
You know, my heart throbs  without any passion for no one, 
Struggling with darkness,
I starve towards my end,  
Darkness is all over the house,  
I embrace only distress and sadness; 
Denied to life, 
I crave for stillness... 
But with no respite from this darkness, 
I moan and groan 
Gradually I get  afraid of the smiling faces of the unknown persons 
With a rotten spirit, 
I have  seen all the seasons of this duration,   
 With  the features of a zombie, often I compare my senseless emotions,  
I act without any intentions, 
O dear ones, still there is time to behold spiritual admission...
Without valuing relation, 
We are accepting vicious pretension 
Let the enlightenment of our soul transfuse    virtuous humans, 
May the luminous spirit withdraw the darkness for a glaring dawn...
-© Sudipta Mishra

Kiske ho? Kiske ho?
Tum ab hamare to nhi
Hum single hi khush the
Tumhari jarurat us waqt thi nhi
Bolte ho pyar bahut hai tumse
Vo pyaar ab dikhta kyu nhi
Ab bta bhi do kiske hogye
Tum ab humare to nhi
Bhot sochte the na hmari khushi ke baare me
Ab humse pucho khush ho ya nhi
Kiske ho? kiske ho?
Tum ab hamare to nhi
-© Vaishali jain
IG - fleurine.25

You don't even think about me
but,I still think about you.🥀
You don't love me but,
I still love you.
Please come back my full moon smile,my cheeks are missing you.❣️
©Smilee Prashant Bhatt

Today or tomorrow
Later or never
The choice is yours
Your footprints are washed away with every arriving wave,
Your face is shadowed by the sinking scarlet sun
I am scared,
No I'm terrified just by thinking 
Of a future without you,
Slave to the choices that you make,
Oh the choices that you make
Today I'll make a choice too,
A selfish little choice,
It will be final and irreversible,
Without second thoughts,
Never looking back
I'll choose myself,
Over you,
Over and over
Forever and ever
-© Saadia Zia Khawaja

I used to know you
I used to care for you
Even though you weren't true
I saw something in you
That made me to want to stay.
It was a learning curve
Because your mistakes, your heartache
Gave me a breakthrough
To escape the misery you put me through.
What you did
Made me doubt my beliefs
In something I thought was so great
But even so, I know the hole you dug inside my heart
Is slowly but surely closing up
They say what doesn't kill you makes you strong
I say I know what you did was wrong
When I look at my life I realize
Experience is the best teacher
I found strength in my weakness.
I've done enough crying caused by your deceit and lying
It took me a while, I ain't going to lie
But now that I have accepted and accommodated your deceitfulness
And learned to take a step forward without feeling any weakness
I have my life ahead of me
Even though sometimes it feels like I can't go on
I know accepting what you did and forgiving you
Was what I had to do to make my life right.
IG - the_lonepanther

I wish that I could get a kind-hearted and beautiful girlfriend for my birthday,
As a gift from God because I'm feeling lonely.
This bucket full of pains started overflowing.
To empty those pains from this bucket I want a girl who would also keep me strong.
In the dark night resting on her lap in the cold breeze,
While the waves hit our couple and produce some positive charge,
Called Happiness,may heal all the wounds of my heart,
And her kiss on my forehead would refresh my thoughts under this moonlight.
Our romance in this dark night.
Would not be caught by the Supreme God but,
This moonlight stood steady muddling our romance.
This would easily drown in the large cloud and dark our place.
I expect this gift from the God.
Because it is too hard,
To manage my bucket.So as to manage it in a proper way,
That would be a big gift from the God for my birthday.
Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

My first speech it was made while I was 11 years,
My hands are shivering and heart was crying with tears,
While I caught the mike in my hand my body started to sweat,
I thought I can't speak because of my fear so all will regret,
Meanwhile I heard my bestie voice saying that you can do it,
By seeing all around I made myself to stand as thee and permit,
Looking towards the cameraman made me to feel proud,
By hearing my words all started to shout and clap aloud,
My first speech was extremely successful,
Also it gave an everlasting experience which is unforgetful,
My first speech was not just a memory,
It made to reveal my hidden skill and got a huge victory,
When my correspondent and staff was praising,
My smile and hormones in my body were igniting,
I realised then you can't experience the new taste until we try it.
©️ Geethika Reddy 
IG : @my.silent_world

His words strikes a chord in my heart .
His words were everything to me.
His words just made me drown in his love.
His words made me blush and smile a lot more.
His words also made me cry .
His words made me overwhelmed .
His words were golden .
And something which brought me happiness and joy.
His words were full of love and care.

Dear God
I say this with a tearful heart.
Father I am bitterly lost in the dark cloud of anxiety.
My heart is heavy.
I'm scared of this life.
Nothing in it seems to be right.
Father I  have so much questions.
I don't have peace,
Is it not for me?
Why do things we love don't seem to find us?
And why do I love things I wish I could forget?
Why does life seem to be more of a fight?
Dear God if my life is a fight I need a light.
For I am in dark.
If really life is a journey,
Then why do I seem to lose my way just the moment I would be saying I got it?
Father where I'm I going?
And who is with me?
Dear God I am dangerously scared.
Why all this?
What's all that?
How did this happen? 
Why me?
Life is always flooding my mind with so much of these questions.
Father I'm lost and scared.
Life is a race, I clearly heard her saying it.
God whenever I fall I'm threatened to lose
Father can we all win? 
Who doesn't want to be a champion?
Dear God I am always trying
But I end up crying.
I pray but I can't find the right words to say.
I am angry with this life
I am ashamed of my ignorance 
But I'm not too scared or even ashamed to call your name. 
I am tired of my sinful deeds 
They give me sleepless nights
I am a sinner not because I want to be one
But my life always drags me into it's sinful ways
Then father I'm I still your child?
Maybe yes, but a lost one.
Then father will I ever be found?
Life is not fair 
Father ain't I being ungrateful?
Dear God
I'm breathing for the reasons you only know.
I am fighting for something known by you
I am in a race, the results you already have.
I'm on a journey to somewhere known only by you.
But father 
My pains and troubles are silently killing me.
My sinful life is eating up all my hope.
And my faith is messed.
Father  what then shall I be?
© Yeukai Beverley Faera.

Hasna bhul gye hum
Face pe fake muskurahat rehti hai
Ek tu hi to tha mera iss duniya me
Ye rooh meri mujhse kehti hai
Ig - fleurine.25

Kisi ko chaha tha maine ,
Man hi man sab kuch mana tha maine ,
Ek din uska message dekhker,
Man hi man muskaya tha maine .
Date pe chalogi yeh sun kar git gungunaya tha maine ,
Lekin us raat aapne aasuo ko dabaya tha maine ,
Usse door gav me hoker pachhtaya tha maine ,
Use mana karke phir se aapne aasuo ko dabaya tha maine .
Uske paas pahochkar phir se usse bulaya tha maine ,
Ek mazak bolker mujhe thukraya tha usne ,
Mere dil me bhare armano ko rulaya tha usne ,
Phir bhi man hi man usse chaha tha maine .
Her beautiful curly hair.
Was something to die for.
Her curly locks.
Were as soft as fur.
Her curly locks just made me blush.
And smile like as if i saw a stunning beauty.
Her curly hair was something other People used to envy.
Her curly hair just made guys fall for her.

Shrieking Nature
Some Dense People Slash The Wood
To Make Their Interior Look Good.
Coal Black Wiff Exhaled By Wicked Creature
Flawlessly Annihilated The Beauty of Nature ,
Some Took The Pedge As Saviour
Some Were Obsessed With Their Acquisitive Behaviour.
Seeing The Deep Down Ruined Nature
They Were Anxious About Their Future,
As Nature Took The Step Towards Its Revenges
Human Was Prisoned To Face Onerous Challenges.
IG - molly_mehta19

जाते देख
मेरा दिल तड़प उठता है उन्हें दूर जाते देख
तड़प के रो देता है उन्हें किसी और का होते देख
मैंने तो हर मुमकिन कोशिश की थी उन्हें पाने की
पर दिल को सुकून मिलता है उन्हें खुश रहते देख।
मेरी किस्मत में यही था जो मिला मुझको शायद
भूल से कोई गलती हुई होगी मुझसे शायद
इतना भी नादान नहीं हूं मैं की उनके रुख को देख ना सकू
लगता तो है ऐसा कमी कोई रही होगी मुझमें शायद।
दाग़ तो चांद में भी है फिर भी उसको अपनाता है हर कोई
तुझ में ऐसे क्या कमी है कि कोई अपनाता नहीं जाहिद।
-© Mohd. Zahid

जाते जाते
एक मुलाकात तो मुझसे किये होते जाते जाते
जानती हूं कि वापस आओगे नहीं पर मूड के तो देखो जाते जाते
कभी तो मुझसे मोहब्बत की होगी तुम्हे झूटी ही सही
एक बार तो देख के मुस्कुरा देते जाते जाते।
प्यार अब नहीं रहा तुम्हे मानती हूं मैं
पर एक बार तो बात की होती जाते जाते
चलो होगी नहीं गलती अंजाने में भी मुझसे
पर एक बार तो बात सुन लो जाते जाते।
ठीक है नफरत ही करो वहीं मंज़ूर है मुझे
पर इतनी भी नफरत ना करो जाते जाते
मांगती हूं माफी मैं तहे दिल से अपने साइबा
अब माफ भी कर दो ना जाते जाते।।
-© Saiba khan

The Real Burden
Society-Your daughter is still unmarried at 30.
Don't you feel burden?
Her Dad-Yes,I feel burden one day when the precious treasure of our family will leave us after her marriage.
Marriage will happen when it has to happen.
The real burden is when she is not going to marry the boy she likes and feels unhappy.
-© Dipsikhar Datta 
IG - dipsikhar_20_official

My biggest is on existence of the value for my words.
Neither my family nor my friends whom I feel as myn are not valuing my words.
I'm alone as a bat in the night sky.
But I cannot get the value for my words in the society.
Then,who will give the value for my words?
Will my wife after the marriage,listen to my words?
Will my children listen to them and perform accordingly?
But I'm also a citizen in this society.
What didn't I achieve?Not live from my group members hearts?
But soon after their flight to the ultimate places,
Commonly known as hell and heaven to this society,
I was left alone and the value for my words is sentenced to death in this society.
Till then,we have had a great time and beautiful memories.
And helping each other with some special arrangements.
Our group had a good name and value for the words in the society.
But after their death,the value for me and my words evacuated from the society.
How could I regain my value in my family and friends?
And how could I get many loving hearts?
Should I get a job for the value for my words because I'll be getting salary?
Or as an influencer by experience, should I get a good name in the country?

The answer for all my questions will be revealed in the next part.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

Life is a chasm replicating bubbles 
Where stories dance and often as an artist we stumble...
Hold your breath and relive the present moments of bliss 
Who knows about the future?
Try to capture the essence of the present picture in your mirror 
-© Sudipta Mishra  

I wish you were here
How cruel of you to leave me alone? 
Nobody is here to accompany me in the stage of isolation? 
Gone are the days when you were with me! 
Now, you have left me with a desolate feeling...
You know, my lonely nights haunt me with dreadful nightmares,
I can feel my withered state which is full of despair,
Like a tattered body, I'm waiting for my death, 
And, the cruel death is coming to me with instalments...
"I wish you were here”, my dear! 
To witness my wretched state,
Though I am breathing without any interest,
I seek pleasure in trailing towards death, 
The memory of night-long conversation still fuels my passion, 
I don't know how to overcome from such an illusion,
Still, my soul yearns for your arrival, 
Is it possible to delve back into the realm of past momentum?  
No, no, no...do not appear, 
I wish you were not here to witness my absurd behaviour,
Please leave me with my uproar,
Let me hold our unfulfilled affairs as a beautiful memoir...
-© Sudipta Mishra

Why cry, 
 we so many to give solution 
 Why fear, 
 We can tear it apart, 
 Wipe your tears world 
 Now cacie and the world, 
 cacie against corona, 
 Everything that has a start, 
 Must have an end, 
the world and me we are cold, 
 So much rules in bold, 
 Now we mop the floor, 
 The school stopped, 
 Business on hold, 
 Where are you God! 
 Churches closed 
 Will we be kept in envelopes, 
Save us
 World developed countries, 
numbers raves on the screen,
 This is not a matter of any race 
 Africa what is your pace, 
 Untie your your laces, 
Sit down,
Am I a good poet,
 Your Safety. 
 I see a dawn, 
All the masks, 
 Down on the floor, 
Everyone with a task, 
 Will you hope with me, 
 We make it end, 
 I write this poem with no spend 
 Send it to every end, 
 All around the world, 
I know you understand me, 
 we had peace, 
 We moved freely, 
 Face without mask, 
If you want to be alright, 
 Friend and a friend, 
 We won't spend to get a cure , 
 It had a start, 
 It must end 
 Believe the world 
-© Cacie the poet

Khamosh hu aaj kal
Kyu? Ye pta nhi
Tere bina jeene ki ab
Bachi koi wajah nhi🥀
IG- Fleurine.25

My pen is the ruler of my destiny,
Manufactured from the area of spinney,
It's body is filled with full of emotions,
Inking glossaries is his greatest devotion,
It always bleeds his passion in form of stanzas,
Blotting alphabets always brings the marvellous bonanzas,
Scribbling is sparkle hidden in foetus of intelligence,
Flowing our imagination in ocean of excellence,
Pen the master's of sensation and slave of feelings,
By it's communication with words pen starts stealing,
Though I'm lost in this forgery universe,
My pen make my life song to sing as a verse,
The one and only living soul of my heart,
Which always cheer me up and never ever hurt.
©️ Geethika Reddy 
IG : @my.silent_world

My dream wedding would be a destination one.
I have always dreamed of having a destination wedding.
As travelling to places  has been something that fascinates me.
Destination weddings are the best because you have a lot of events to cover in a destination wedding.
I dream of this everyday that I would get married to someone who likes this idea of mine.
That dream is a distant one .
But one day it is bound to happen soon.
Some things are pure bliss.
And my dream wedding would be pure bliss too.
I am waiting for that day to come soon .. 

Am trapped and I feel it,
The less I pray the more I see it,
It’s a short story with more lessons ,
A curse disguise in a blessing ,
They speak softly in the dark,
But their voices are heard in a spark,
Creating a state of insecurity,
With a faith that has not only been derived
fearfully but fully,
Set on a scale of hundred to hundred,
Hunting those who claim to be claimed,
I run but i don’t,
I hide but I’m exposed,
Fear holds me as my belief becomes the very last pillar of hope,
My hands stretched out for a grip,
Carnality hinders me as I weep,
Self pity creeps in like a thief,
As depression throws me off the cliff.
-© Azaeyy 
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The day you knock the door of my heart 
I wish we could never ever be apart .
From being just a single body to single soul 
I have attained the status as a whole ,
With you I can see my imminent years 
So that together we can swipe each other tears .
Until my dying day my heart is reserved just for you 
My life is yours , my hope , desires , expectations too ,
All the relations in this world are pale 
As our endearment is not a tale .
Before I met you my days were gray
Now the prayer is coming from my heart that you will stay ,
For me supreme power has created you 
As I was in the quest of a person like you .
Without you I will be on verge of death 
As your name is engraved in my every breath ,
You are my beacon  in this murky night 
Darling merely with you I share the bond of infinite .
Wherever you reside my heaven is right there 
As a soul like you is rare ,
In this era of cleverness 
I am blessed with your togetherness .
Be mine forever 
Do not leave me ever ,
As my ardour for you will never fade away 
So hold my hand tight in this chaotic midway .

They pour their hearts,
In weaving the beautiful clothes.
They withstand crisis,
By weaving for the extra time.
They struggle alot,
In weaving the alluring clothes.
They support other weavers,
By helping them in work in the harsh conditions.
They work day and night,
In weaving the golden borders.
They cope up with all the hardships,
By training their brains to not get sleep.
They spend alot of time,
In weaving on the hard handlooms.
They weave,
By pouring their hearts.
They stand on their own feet,
In any hungry and hard times.
They resist every pain,
By inspiring themselves.
Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

Cruel and Selfish World
The world is full of fake,cruel and selfish people.
They have no heart,no feelings.
They only remember us when they need.
Otherwise they don't even care about you,whether you live or die.
But once you are gone,they will start their drama in social media.
So,in the end you have only yourself,
so love yourself always and work hard to fulfill your dreams...
-© Dipsikhar Datta 
IG : @dipsikhar_20_official

My one and only hateful subject is Maths,
I usually plan to escape out of this class,
I feel so boring and scratch my head,
Those 3d shapes will see my face and laugh at my dead,
Multiplication will be adding more numbers,
I usually feel Maths is the world's biggest trumper,
By using geometrical instruments I will be putting rangoli,
I feel that wantedly this idiotic time is walking slowly,
Those sums lie on the page in an order,
For me Maths phobia is the great disorder,
When my Maths sir call me by my name to do a problem on board,
I feel so awkward and struggle a lot to win this battle with a sword,
Those percentages and fractions,
Always make me fight with those interactions,
Even now I hate Maths and Maths class,
Solving those equations made me to wear eyeglass,
I do get first class in each and every subject,
But I don't know why I always get second class and it always deflects me.
But moreover the thing which we hate,
Is the only one which we love the most.
©️ Geethika Reddy 

You are forever mine-
A letter to my doppelganger 
I know there will be moments when nobody will be mine,
But dear replica, don't leave me with my barren being,
Stay with me for an infinite time...
Everyone has deserted me with a rude mind,
But dear reflection, don't quit me in such desolate times,
Stay with me by the grace of divine shrine 
In this rat race of life, I was left behind...
So fill my soul with the silence of your presence
With you, I realize my naive essence...
-© Sudipta Mishra   

She was a doctor,
And I was her junior.
She had a gentle nature,
Yet I was rough in my attitude.
She used to advice me,
But I was hesitant to listen.
My exams came,
And I failed by a very near margin.
She came to me and scolded,
Albeit with heavy tears flowing out of her,
Like an unending waterfall
Pouring out of her lacrimal glands.
I realised that if I had listened to her,
I could have passed with flying colours.
Finally, it was the supply exam
And it was a meditation for me, with her.
I listened to whatever she could explain and do for me,
And I was able to grasp many.
Finally, I passed the supplies
And was promoted.
Had if my senior was not there in emergency,
My career could have been broken down,
And I could have been a complete failure
Of a neuron-cored machine.
Abhiram B.
IG: redhunter_m16

Kuch yaadein dard de jaati hai
Lekin kasam se
Akele me chehre pe muskurahat
Bhi vhi lekar aati hai
IG - Fleurine.25

I trusted you
I loved you 
I cared for you 
But, you broke me from inside 
You know,
I was a forgiver
I had a big heart
I was kind 
But, you burned holes in my heart.
IG - whenrubalwrites

l was shy to tell you this
l thought u will be angry,
l thought you were going 
to be mad at me and then 
break our friendship.
l still remember all the
child plays that we did
when we were kids .
Well ,the truth is that 
"l love you so dearly" and 
l want to spend the rest 
of my life with you  and
never let go of your hand
-© Nozzy Moyo

Raastay bohot hain thikanay bohot kam,
Umeedvar bohot hain, mustaheq bohot kam:)
-© Saadia Zia Khawaja
IG - thetoprightcorner

Being by the sea
life feels like,
there's always ups and downs in each wavy moments , 
nevertheless you should not lose the affirmation of being a better self.
©Smilee Prashant Bhatt

A question:
"Many people think negative, yet they want to go to the most positive part of their life.
Yet why only rarely some people think positive and straightforward? Why is the need to fear positivity?"
My small answer was:
"When negatives exceed the threshold where positivity is enjoyable, the positivity itself turns way bitter."
Abhiram B.
IG: redhunter_m16

मेरी यादों का शहर
मेरी यादों का शहर ,
बड़ा सुहाना है,
कहीं चारों ओर रौनकें,
कहीं चारों ओर खुशहाली,
कहीं चारों ओर घने पेड़ और जंगल, 
कहीं है मिलन नदी का समंदर में    ।

कहीं जगमग रौशन हैं बाज़ार,
कहीं सन्नाटों का है कारवाँ,
कहीं बसों का शोर,
कहीं चिड़ियों की चहचहाहट ,
कहीं खूबसूरत बाग बगीचे,
कहीं जानवरों की टोलियाँ  ।

कहीं मंदिरों की घंटियाँ,
कहीं मज़िदों की आज़ान, 
कहीं चर्च की प्रेयर,
कहीं गुरुद्वारों की अरदास ,
कहीं ईद पर बनती,
 सेवईयों की खुशबूदार,
कहीं दीवाली पर बनती ,
मिठाइयाँ  चारों ओर,
कहीं बैसाखी पर ,
लंगर चारों ओर,
कहीं किर्समस पर केक हर ओर   ।
कहीं बच्चों की किलकारियाँ,
कहीं बुज़ुर्गों की हिदायतें,
कहीं माँ की लोरियाँ,
कहीं पिता की जिम्मेदारियाँ,
कहीं बड़ी बहन का कंधा ,
कहीं छोटे की अठखेलियाँ, 
कहीं बड़े भाई की फिक्र,
कहीं छोटे का प्यार    ।

हर तरफ दुआओं का कारवाँ है,
सबकी हर अदा निराली है,
इनसे ही तो ,
रौशन है मेरा शहर, 
यही तो है ,
मेरी यादों का शहर ।
-© Gagneet Kaur Saluja

ज़िन्दगी का सफर
कब आसान हुआ है,
कभी फूलों की महफिल, 
कभी काँटों भरी डगर, 
कभी चारों तरफ उजियारा उम्मीदों का
कभी मायूसी भरा अन्धेरा। 
कभी अपनों से रौशन महफिलें,
कभी दुश्मनों से भरा जंगल, 
कभी अरमानों से रौशन रात पूनम की,
कभी ना उम्मीदों सी अमावस की रात ,
कभी सपनों की बारिश, 
कभी जिम्मेदारियों की बारिश ।

कभी दिन रात की दौड़,
कभी सूकून भरे महीने,

जिन्दगी आखिर जिन्दगी है,
कहाँ इस पर किसी का ज़ोर,
नाज़ुक कंधे मेरे,
बोझ कितना उठाएंगे, 
एक दिन थक हारकर,
टूट ही जाऐंगे,
डोरी हाथ उस रब के है ,
मंज़िल भी वही तै करता है,
रास्ते भी वही बनाता है,
और अंत हमेशा,
मंज़िल पा कर ही होता है  ।
-© Gagneet Kaur Saluja

सुबह की पहली किरण 
जब होती है उदय 
विदयांचल पर्वत के किसी शिखर से 
प्रतीत होती है स्वर्णिम सी
जिसकी गवाह बनती हैं
ये दस दिशाएं ,
जो प्रभावित होती हैं 
सभी सोलह कलाओं सी 
करते हुए पूर्ण खुद को
त्रि गुणों से 
समाहित होती हैं अनंत में
अनन्त काल की ओर 
ठीक वैसे ही जैसे
कोई बीज प्रस्फुटित हुआ हो
अभी धरती के गर्भ से 
जो जीवित रहेगा
एक विशिष्ट काल तक
और छोड़ जाएगा एक सफर
किसी शून्य से फैलाव कर 
अनन्त में विलीन होने का
इन सब में निमित्त बनती है
एक स्त्री 
जो उतनी ही सच है 
जितना सूर्य का शौर्य 
और जब उदित होता है 
ऐसा शौर्य कहीं भी 
तो करती है प्रकृति 
-© Aakash Raghav

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From Thy riven side which flowed,
Be of sin the double cure,
Cleanse me from its guilt and power.
-© Jeremy

Not the labor of my hands
Can fulfill Thy law's demands;
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears forever flow,
All for sin could not atone;
Thou must save, and Thou alone.
-© Jeremy

When my pilgrimage I close;
Victor o'er the last of foes,
When I soar to worlds unknown,
And behold Thee on Thy throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.

I had an unforgettable memories with you.
Memories that brings strength to my week bones.
Memories that put smile on my dry cheek.
Every times, I think of them, they feels  like butterflies in the bellies 
Memories that can never be taken away from me.
Memories beyond humans thoughts and imaginations.
The more I think of those moment, the less I ease myself of being distance from you.
 When I remember, those days with you.
Time means nothing.
My heart beats for you.
My heart pound for joy.
The only words that comes out from my mouth are"Ooh wow"
Ooh wow because I just can't express it at all.
Ooh wow because those moment are magical.
Ooh wow because those memories are eternal.
-©Jennifer Okoro

The tales of mythical being Sita, Draupadi and Padmavati
Are recited as ballads.
To the tiny pretty soul in two ponytails sitting on her mother's lap
Listening to the tales keenly,
I always questioned in my dreams,
why mother tells me to be like them. 
With a thousand queries in my mind,
I confronted her one day,
She listened to me keenly
With burns on her hands and dark circles underneath her eyes.
Why ought to I become like Sita?
She who gave up her life, to prove to others her purity and sanctity.
Why didn't stand up for herself and shield her self-respect?
Why ought to I become like Padmavati?
She who gave up her life to save lots of herself from disgrace.
Why didn't she fight with weapons in her hands to safeguard her dignity.
Why ought to I become like Draupadi?
She who had no selection however to marry against her can.
Why didn't she took her stand against the society's norm.
Why shouldn't I become like Kadambini? 
She who fought against all odds to measure upto her dreams of turning into a doctor.
Why shouldn't I become like Captain Lakshmi?
She became a soldier to bring freedom to our nation. 
Why shouldn't I become like Manikarnika?
She who fought until her last breath to bring dignity to her nation and herself.
My mother answered my doubts with a silence smile on her lips.
"My love, one has to be the mythical being to let the Manikarnika fly 
That's why ladies square measure thus though to put into writing about"
Saying that, she had her cold and dry roti with stale curry.
-© Sakshi Agrawal

The one to be
Today I must pen this for my lover,
The one currently under illusion,
The one that God created to match my wants,
The one that owes me my left rib ,
The one i will put on a wedding ring.
That  cultured African woman,
With an enticing body curvature,
Who doesn't  wear heavy body make ups,
Who doesn't depend on wigs but her natural hair, 
One who embrace naturality,
Simply who rank her culture over the western culture. 
Am writing for that morally upright creature,
That God fearing being, 
That who is of right mind,
That who will sire me beautiful children,
That the girl am fictionalizing about.
May God,
Grant me this ultimate wish,
Give me right mind while making my ultimate choices,
Help the girl to remain purely untouched.
Make her conscience and mine to eternity remain attached.
Ward off the evil one and protect her wherever she is.
© Jeremyleakingpen ✍️

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