Future India By Top - 10 Wordsmiths Of The Inkling Hues

The Inkling Hues, a community sponsored by Peaceful Writers International had organized a grand contest "WORDSMITH OF THE MONTH" and here are the creations of the Top - 10 WORDSMITHS...


India, a country of diverse religions, customs, languages, and cultures. We all need to be feel proud as an Indian. But truly speaking, this proudness lies only in the word not prevails in our actions. I will not blame all for this pathetic situation rather I want to say "WE" all were responsible for this situation. And it's necessary to create a new India in the future and that responsibility lies in all our hands.

          Yes, we are a developed nation, we learned many things and developed in all the fields and our citizens are working in various fields in all over the world and in some countries, our people are the rulers. We are paving the path for all the nations to follow but what is the use? Nothing, because we are also placing the first position in all kinds of illegal activities. Along with goodness our negativity also visible all over the world and they are mocking us.
And none of us are showing much interest to change our present situation we are undergoing.

              You can raise a question to me why you are talking like this. Yes, I am talking, the reason was still we are only talking about the situations which are going wrong in our country but none of us are ready to take the actions. This is where the crime starts, if a five-year-old girl is raped by an 18-year-old boy or above, it's trending news on social media for one week and on Whatsapp, Instagram page, or Facebook it will be great news for the feed posters. All will talk about it seriously till the next incident happens, then this case will get vanish and the victim will get ready to indulge in the next illegal activity.

           In this way, many cases are still running and it even runs after the victim, and the person who got wounded dies too. Not only this, there are many pathetic incidents are going on now, one among those was if anyone got an accident no one is ready to take them to the nearby hospital rather, they want to take videos and selfies. So that, they can post it on the FB pages and Instagram pages and get many likes. I have a question for all," what is the use of making high followers, once if your soul leaves your body?".Nothing right, then why none of you is ready to save the life of a person.

         I will not blame all, there are some good souls too but only a few in number. They can be countable. But in the country of India, there should be many. Just think about it folks, we have all kind of pleasures in our country but many of us are using it in the wrong state, if it continues surely one day there won't be a name called India only the name illegal remains. So, in order to create a new India out of all illegal, victims should be severely punished. If it happens, India will become a phenomenal country.

IG - martina_soul_of_majesty



My future India will be free from any toxification but only detoxification,
Detoxification from all sort of discrimination,
Detoxification from all sort of dehumanization,
Detoxification from poisonous air,
Detoxification from brutality in every layer,

Where one can live free,
 head held high with glee.
No corruption to suppress the rights, 
 Where everyone feels relation like a gifted alliance, 
Where there is love in the air,
But not a virus floating to rip us like a flyer.

The government will be working on Constitution substantial role,
Which is to the people, by the people, and for the people but not leads to documentary holes.

Conserving nature will be our priority,
But not ripping forest and leading RIP humanity,
Animals will be equally important as humans in parity, 
They will be treated with kindness but not with so-called brutality.

People will be aware of their rights and true rituals,
All will be brothers no matters with different mothers,
Religions will be a matter of correspondence but not a reason for riots for fake idealizing, 

Very girl, women will not be a pray of biased views of society,
And can feel safe and secure with her vitality, 
Discrimination will never be an option to be an arbitrator for her existence.

A smile will be genuine, sacred as a divine edition.
And can be secured like a rare version.
The heart will be the treasure to cherish but not the thing to be demolished, 
No oxidation in humans, 
But only Iron or any materialistic things will show true colors of humiliation, 

My future India will be heaven solely,
But not only one place, but Kashmir also acclaimed as a heavenly, 
World powerful kingdom will come forward to know our nation,
But not just to find a topic for pessimistic exaggeration, 

Our India is our mother,
Be graceful with her in every matter,
Make our future India glisten without any shutter, 

I dreamt of an amazing future India that never leans down, no matter what happens,
In my future India, everyone should have 
one religion, an Indian,
One caste, an Indian,
One creed, an Indian,
One mother, India.
My India, My pride 

Surbhi Tripathi
IG - #mystiq_surbhi



The salubrious sub-continent juxtaposed with innumerable geographical features proudly enshrines the priceless Vedas. The country is the abode of a sundry of diversities in religion, culture, tradition, talent, and so on. Undeniably the nation has a rich history and formidable potential. India has successfully grappled with many economical hardships. Its undeterred conviction to trudge towards progress heralds its glorious future.

The country has already made notable progress in fields like space technology, sports, military, global politics, etc. It will continue projects like MOM and will definitely introduce dazzling things in space to the world. Talented sports persons persist to improvise their sports and achieve laurels for the country.

Despite the great capabilities of the country, the nation is still reeling under woeful effects of certain evils such as corruption, communal disharmony, environmental problems, illiteracy, etc.

A loaded arsenal is not enough to win a battle, rather a skillful military is sufficient to win the battle. And in our country's case, the skillful military is none other than the proud citizens. The citizens are definitely fortunate and proud of their nationality, but should not forget to sublimate their energies for the country's progress.

A time-tested tenet of the country is 'United we stand, divided we fall'. This principle was testified invariably. The country's unity drove out epidemics, British and formidable hurdles.

So the country has to re-work its strategies fastidiously to arrive at the desired results. The firm belief of every citizen and unflinching sincerity will definitely help the country manifold and entrench a glorious future for India.

Digamarthi Atchyuth



Scientist 1: Time Machine sounding... Checking engine... Connection failed... Holy God we missed it!! 

Scientist 2: Omg!! Check this we are in 2080...What to do now?.. It seems to be a house garage... I am terrified, Can't we go back? 

Scientist 1: We lost the signals! We are in the future and we should be here as long we are...

Scientist 2: let's check what's happening out...

( Tarak - A future generation kid opened the garage shutter) 
Tarak: Hey man! Who you two are?... What are you doing in our garage... Why are you dressed like that?? 

Scientist 1: Oh no! What to do now? 

Scientist 2: Hey little boy, We are your past generation. 

Tarak: Oh, Are you two those Indian scientists who missed out the way while eagerly making the time machine registration first in India? ..Just saw on the news channel! 

Scientist 1: What? Omg... 

Tarak: Nothing to worry about. You can adjust here easily. Nothing has changed much in India from then to now. The phrase "India is at 2nd stage as a developing country" is heard here. 

Scientist 2: It's too bad to listen to that... 

Tarak: No worries... India has technically and scientifically developed much... And it's the best friendly nation in the world. All those viruses at those times got defeated by the Indian ayurvedic medicines... 

Scientist 1: Ohh dear! Then why India is still a developing country? 

Tarak: It's not all over there! It got all center of attraction, Tourism everything... The reasons for India to lag behind are Scams, Women Security, the Education system, etc... 

Scientist 2: Are all those problems still there? 

Tarak: Yes they are, No one is interested to solve them instead of socializing the country as a nation of unity and integrity... 

Scientist 1: We believed Future of India is going to be awesome with no issues... We primarily thought all these problems would be solved... 

Scientist 2: Yes dude!.. It's so sad that India has all these problems even now... 

Tarak: One more news!.. India has solved the issues with fellow countries but the inner region people are arguing with issues... 

Scientist 1: Oh my gosh! I can't listen to this anymore... I really didn't want India to be this way!.. 
(The officials made some changes in the machine portal. Scientists suddenly disappeared from there and came to 2021) 

Tarak: Ohh!.. What happened?.. It's ok... I will go and play with my specially made mobile..

Officials: Are you okay? What happened in the future? 

Scientists: No way that can happen like that... First, let's stop working on technology... Instead, make our countries unity strong and solve the issues as soon as possible... We can really go great on technology but India needs so many things to be done for a great future !.. 

Everyone is important for that change of future India. India is a better nation with those best changes!!

Gayathri Emani
IG : @magical_life_015



ECONOMIC CRISIS is the most effective flavor in future India.
It all arrived due to the pandemic called CORONA.
This is the most embarrassing word for the citizens of the country.
Everything blocked and then arrived intricacy.

The future of this beautiful nation would get affected due to this ongoing phase.
Farmers would establish their own markets in the near future.
Because inter-state transport made them adapt to this.
Being entangled in this current situation, even the god couldn't guess about the future happenings.

Students faced mental stress and in the future, their health conditions would be so serious.
The online classes would not stop for years.
Small businesses would collapse forever.
And they would adopt to the services at doorstep because for their family they're the main pillar'.

Our national animals would run out to extinct species.
For them, fetching food becomes hard in the future phase.
Doctors would become the most important Gods due to their dedication.
They would get worshiped by the whole nation.

Villages will surely become the hotspots for leading life.
The lifestyle of the Farmers and soldiers would remain the same.
The economy of the country would get affected in a bigger way.
Living with courage filled would put all the worries away.

Kolli Sai Charan Reddy



It's about the unity we all have among ourselves,
It will stay forever by accepting more castes, religion without bias and without fights within ourselves,
Future is more pleasing as we invite more people who want to stay in India,
It's not only for people like us but home to birds, animals that stay on lang and under the land in our India!

It's opening up more opportunities for employment so that nobody will be unemployed but everyone will be happy,
It's emphasizing on giving shelter, food, clothes to the ones who are in need like the poor and lower middle class but will make their day,
Every state has unique thing yet we communicate by our common language so there's the scope of adjustment without complaints,
Festivals are a way of celebrating we have every time within us.

The technology is also improving each day,
India is going on the developed country,
The mentality of people is on an advanced level,
We see things how we want but now each person is studying being literate understands and implement towards making India a better nation on the highest level.

The transportation facilities have been many now,
The electricity, water facilities have been sufficient now,
There's the bank who's helping us every time,
We Indians are proud of our nation every time.

We feel honored to have birth here,
We struggled yet we have our stars who are achieving in various fields,
When we hear India we feel joy within ourselves suddenly,
It's a land everyone is addressed at utmost by taking worries nicely.

Rajvi Shah
IG - @unwanted_stories



Yes, we live in a country known as India filled with cultures and traditions,
Where each and every individual contribute their love towards a country with dedication,
As the citizens of the 21st century, we are the proof of our present India,
Come on, let's discuss the actual portrait of future India.

Yes, we would be still following our ancestor's cultures and traditions,
But the freedom to create new goals would be crushed under cultures forming suppression,
Yes, the slogans of 'unity in diversity and 'every religion are one' would be tight,
But , every community in some manner will be indulged in community fights,

Education facilities would double up in the world,
Oh! Many interesting professions and degrees thus creating a competitive world,
But still India as a developing country, the future citizens could not make,
As half would remain illiterate and the literate ones would jump to foreign for the stake,

Science and technology would surely improve exceeding the limit,
New innovations and new machinery in numerous numbers which are rigid,
Radio, Television, smartphone and internet facilities, you would surely find developing,
But at the same time, you would find every type of relations wrapping,

Medicinal facilities would surely double up in the future time,
But diseases like corona and dengue would continuously hymn,
Yes, I am sure that the vaccines and medicines for every disease would increase,
At the same time, sympathy of the hospitals regarding the poor would decrease,

Yes, laws in our book of the constitution will be strict when found,
But criminals will be treated as guests to keep them healthy and sound,
People would roam around the courts to ask justice,
But, it would be still delayed like a mantlepiece.

Girls will be still called Laxmi, Durga, and Saraswati,
But they will be raped openly near every house, markets, and places of deity,
They will go to the temple to worship the devil for power,
But if a girl child is born, they would mark her lower,

Industrial facilities, factories, and apartments will increase,
But machines will replace man and the employment will decrease,
Financial conditions would increase in every house,
But sadly, old age homes would remain the same in every age.

No element in nature would remain glad,
Climatic changes would diminish the chance of enjoying spring flowers and winter clad,
People would love to take photographs when they visit nature,
But at the same time, they would be the ones harming the creatures,

Yes, India will be still a democratic country run by politicians and prime minister,
But people would be blindly believing them converting them into proud sinsters,
Yes, it seems that the future of India is this, oh no, I fear!
If my perspective is right, then the world would be a stuff of fear and tears.

Srishti Rani Panda



India breathes today, with its so many states and capitals,
Union Territories smiling, with the humongous population,
The 'Golden Bird' is blessed, with a diversity of traditions,
When the foundation was built so strongly, we praise our nation!

We are the future beings, and this our voice hailing,
Hailing from every direction, for a bright 'Earthling',
Earthling named as India, which would be governed by youth,
And youth dreams of scaling heights, reaching the farthest Moon.

The criss-cross of religions, and the flags of communities,
We don't want a fight, rather peace in hearts prevailing,
A pencil rose to write, shouldn't be biased in surname,
Rather feel the pride to be in the era, where everyone is equal.

Harmony is in brains, and hearts collaborate simply,
No rapes or murders on toes, but vermilion is a bliss,
Where preachings don't hurt people, sacrifices are prohibited,
A land of technology aimed, with society handling the old days.

A future with ample rights and justice is gifted on time,
Every work is equal, and the convict is imprisoned for a crime,
The farmers don't have to worry, but sow seeds happily,
Where poor and rich aren't segregated; Aadhar card is nationality!

Every festival is celebrated across, and gifts are pleasantries,
Bloodshed is just a rotten history, and isn't carried forward ahead,
Future should be such that buildings aim, and aim to fly high,
But taking along its citizens, without their pathetic cries.

IG - @deep_scribblings


भविष्य का भारत

भारत एक ऐसा देश है जहां विभिन्न धर्मों के लोग एक साथ मिल-जुल कर रहते हैं,लेकिन अभी भी भारत में कई जगहों पर लिंग,जाति का भेदभाव होता है। अगर हमें भारत को उज्जवल बनाना है तो यह सब भेदभाव मिटाने होंगे।

भारत ने पिछले कुछ दिनों में बहुत ही ज्यादा तरक्की कर ली है।हमारा भारत स्वच्छता से लेकर विज्ञान,शिक्षा और अन्य क्षेत्रों में भी आगे बढ़ रहा है।अगर ऐसा ही रहा तो कुछ ही सालों में हमारा देश सभी देशों से ऊपर आ जाएगा।

लेकिन हमें भारत को आगे बढ़ाने के लिए सबसे पहले अपना एक कदम देश के प्रति बढ़ाना होगा,तभी हम भारत को "डिजिटल इंडिया" बना पाएंगे।हमें देश से भ्रष्टाचार, लिंग-जाति भेदभाव को मिटाना होगा क्योंकि यही सब चीजें ही भारत के विकास के लिए बहुत बड़ी बाधा है।

भारत को हम "सोने की चिड़िया" भी कहते हैं,लेकिन अब भारत का यह नाम बहुत कम ही लोग जानते हैं पर अब हमें ही भारत को कामयाब बना कर उसे फिर से 'सोने की चिड़िया' बनाना होगा।

हमारे भारत में सबसे ज्यादा कृषि कार्य ही होता है।यह हमारे भारत के विकास का एक अहम हिस्सा है,लेकिन आजकल के लोग कृषि कार्य को छोटा समझते हैं जबकि ऐसा नहीं है हमारे लिए जितने जरूरी डॉक्टर,इंजीनियर,साइंटिस्ट है उतनी ही जरूरी किसान भी हैं, इसलिए हमें कृषि कार्य को सरल बनाने के लिए नए-नए साधनों का आविष्कार करना चाहिए।

आजकल हम देख रहे हैं कि हमारे देश में रेप,डकैती,मर्डर,चोरी,भेद-भाव बढ़ रहा है।हमें यह सब रोकने होंगे,इसके लिए हमें अपनी सोच बदलनी होगी ,हमें हर काम अपनी मेहनत से करना सीखना होगा।हम तो जानते ही हैं कि हमारा देश भारत "अनेकता में एकता"का प्रतीक है,इसलिए हमें हमारे देश के उज्जवल भविष्य के लिए इसे ऐसे ही बनाए रखना होगा।

लेकिन हमें सबसे पहले यह बात भी ध्यान रखनी चाहिए कि हम भारत का विकास करते-करते अपनी संस्कृति को ना भूले।हम हमेशा अपनी जन्मभूमि से जुड़े रहे,उसकी मिट्टी की खुशबू को ना भूले।

अगर हमने थोड़ा सा ही भारत का साथ दे दिया तो हमारा देश भविष्य में सबसे ऊपर आएगा। भारत को उज्जवल बनाने के लिए हमें एक साथ हाथ मिलाकर चलना होगा,फिर भारत को ऊंचाइयां छूने से कोई नहीं रोक सकता।

आखिर में इस सब का निष्कर्ष यह है कि हमारे "भविष्य का भारत"ऐसा होगा जहां लोग खुश और सुरक्षित रहेंगे।हमेशा अपने भारत के विकास के लिए आगे बढ़ेंगे और अपने जीवन को आनंद से जिएंगे।

Garima Rajput


भविष्य का भारत

मैं भारत हूँ, हिमालय की तराई से कन्यकुमारी तक मेरा आस्तित्व है। अनेक भाषाओं, कलाओं, धर्मों, जातियों से जकड़ने के बावजूद एकता की पहचान बनाये आज भी पर्वत के भाँति अडिग हूँ।

भूतकाल हो वर्तमान या भविष्य, हर काल में मेरा गुणगान रहा। कई बार उजड़ी हूँ और फिर सम्भली हूँ। कई रंक आकर राजा बने और कई राजा यहाँ रंक, लेकिन जो कोई भी आया मेरे ही रंग में रंग गया। यानी पवित्रता का रंग, सच्चाई का रंग, प्रेम का रंग और एकता का रंग। मुझसे जो भी नफ़रत से मिला उसे भी गले लगाया चाहे वो दोस्त रहा या दुश्मन लेकिन हाँ कई ग़द्दारों को ख़ाक के सुपुर्द भी कर दिया। मेरा आस्रित्व सिर्फ़ मिट्टी की पहचान नहीं एक माँ के समान है। मैं भारत माँ हूँ।

सोने की चिड़िया न सही लेकिन आज और भविष्य में भी एक बोलती चिड़िया ज़रूर रहूँगी। जिसने खुले पंख पखेरू संग आकाश की दूरी मापी हो, जहाँ ये बच्चे आने वाले भविष्य में नई सभ्यता से जोड़ेंगे, नई टेक्नोलॉजी में ज़माने के साथ क़दम से क़दम मिलायेंगे, संस्कृति की मर्यादा रखते हुए, चाँद पे आशियाँ बसायेंगे।

Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef
Fb, IG - writernilofar

India - not just a name of a country. There are uncountable emotions hidden behind each letter. 
It is like a paradise where love, peace flow like the air. 
It is a place where the mythological power will make your agony repair, 
Where the culture shows the strength, power, unity, dignity, and different religion can make a perfect pair, 
and finding a place like this is really rare. 
Where the soldiers crucified their lives for the motherland and never step back from facing the dare. 
No matter it is Diwali or Eid, Church or Masjid where every festival we celebrate together with love and share...

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