Limitless Inking by PWI Sapiens' Arena

Limitless Inking is a boon for the poets where they can express their heart out limitlessly. Penning down emotions is the best thing a poet does to lighten his heart. A diary and a pen are the poet's best friends. So, let's dive into some poets' hearts and read their pieces.

Doston ki Dosti!!!

Vo mera hamsafar nahi,

Mera hamsaya hai ,

Ye rishta bahut khaas hai,

Hamne ise bade pyaar se banaya hai....

Na din dekha,

Na raat dekhi,

Na subah dekhi,

Na shaam dekhi,

Ek aah uthi thi is dil me,

Mere dost ne sirf vo aah dekhi...

Na choda kabhi tanha,

Na kabhi rone diya,

Mere dost ne to,

Muskurat me dabe aasuon ko pechaan liyaa...

Dil ke bade kareeb hai,

Meri jaan se zyada,

Vo mujhe azzez hai ,

Ye rishta khoon nahi ,

Par unse kahi bad kar hai ...

Jaha sath apne chod de,

Vo mujhe thaam leta ,

Na chodta kabhi tanhaa,

Jab lagne lagu bhikharne Mai,

Vo gale se lagata hai ,

Ye rishta bada khaas hai,

Hamne is bade pyaar se banaya hai ....

Zaruri nahi,

Dosti bachpan ki ho,

Dost har mod par milte hai,

Dost lakh sahi,

Par kuch hi dil me baste hai ....

Chehre par jo muskaan laaye,

Ruthe hue ko jo manaye,

Dost wahi khaas,

Jo dil me ghar kar jaaye ...

Vo hasata bhi hai,

Vo rulata bhi hai,

Meri haar mera dil,

Behlata bhi hai...

Na chode tanha kabhi,

Mere aur mushkilo kee beech,

Dewar ban kada bhi rehta hai...

Submitted by - Gagneet Kaur Saluja 

Pen Name - ankahey_eahsaas

The universe is full of shine

Because it's the collection of pride,

The main character is Sun

Who always use to burn,

Sun knows the philosophy to glow

That's why it can glimmer ago,

Sun is the main character

Who is the bright director,

Shine of sun everyone get

But One Relation Is Left.

Moon and Sun has a glorious


Because sun gives its meditation.

Everyone knows moon's glow

Because of sun's law,

Sun gives it's brightness

And, moon capture its kindness,

Sun has a great empowerment

And he full fill the requirement,

Moon learn these things

A beautiful glee brings,

The sky becomes too beautiful

Sun and Moon both are aspirational full,

In Night moon always say

Thank You

Only sun can give welcome to few.

Moon hasn't its own shine

He gains it by the time,

Through the sun.

Sun is the teacher and moon is Student. That's I want to make you understand.

Pen name: Naina prajapati


How beautiful was you.

Couldn't propose you,

As soon as my first gaze at you.

In a child's park I fell for you.

In the first sight between many girls,

Your beautiness caught my eyes.

And your kindness observed in your serving hands.

I had also noticed many happy faces which was served by your hands.

Your alluring clothes is not for what I fell for.

Your blissful lips is not for what I fell for.

Your standing as a pillar,

For the society to inspir'. Is what I fell for.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


Ever thought why is it so easy to fall for someone but

 harder to get over them?

If yes,then I have an answer to your question.

It is because when you fall for them,

You have no memories you start creating memories and,

when they leave all you have is memories.

Memories are a good thing but they make your heart ache at the same time.💔

©Smilee Prashant Bhatt



Oh my birth India, 

We pledged our lives to own nation, 

Right when we were born,

The tricolour of flag fills agony in our blood. 

Oh my goddess India,

Himalayas are the crown,

For you our heads bow down, 

Here in the ocean of accurate science drown. 

Oh my mother India, 

You are the cosmic land of diversity, 

You are the emblem of unity, 

Where in every single creature repose with love and pity. 

Oh my matriarch India,

The land is filled with full of rich in character,  

We have dynamic ageless history,  

Which has great mystery to our birth. 

Oh my predecessor India,

We have temple of gold,

Also we have a body which is bold,  

You are the song I sing for land of pilgrim's pride. 

Independence has its price, 

I salute with all my devotion of thee,  Whatever the colour we are, 

India treat us like own family. 

Oh my origin India, 

You are the shore of many languages, 

My loving heart relinquish, 

A glory that will last & here are the praises for you. 

You sacrifice for the nation, 

We just breathe free from the suffocation, 

You fight in the war, 

India indebted for centuries far.

©️ Geethika Reddy 

IG: @my.silent_world

सुनहरे ख़्वाबो में कलम के इशारे

हर ख़्वाब में कलम,

नई श्याही के रंग ढूंढती हैं,

कभी नील गगन के जैसा ,

तो गुलाबी गुलाब जैसा 

कहती हैं ,

दुनिया रंगीन होनी चाहिए ,

ख़्वाबो में भी अम्बर की सैर होनी चाहिए ,

जहाँ पंख फैलाये उड़े 

मुक्त गगन में,

वहाँ बदलों की उड़ान होनी चाहिए ,

वो इन ख्यालो को अल्फाज़ो के जरिये ,

कलम उसे बुनना चाहती हैं ,

हर लफ्ज़ का मोती उसे

सुनहरा, सुंदर  चाहिए,

कहती हैं कलम ,

ऐसी उड़ान होनी चाहिए ,

बिन डोर पतंग उड़े ,

फिर भी ,

उसकी तलाश को ,

हर इंसान फिरे ।

कलम खबसूरत आलम को 

रंगीन पृष्ठ को सजा देखती हैं

उसकी इस दुनिया में 

कहती हैं ,

सितारें भी हो ,

चाँद भी हो ,

जहाँ देखें वहाँ ,

जिलमिलाते उसके ,

अनमोल लफ्ज़ो के तारे हो ,

उनके सुनहरे ख़्वाबो में ,

कलम की स्याही भी सुनहरी हो।


© धनवंती कुमारी

Never forget your friends,

when you are in a relationship.

Because when your love breaks your heart and leave,

its your friend who will collect those broken pieces and helps to fix them!

Name-Dipsikhar Datta 

IG : @dipsikhar_20_official


That beautiful, lovely queen,

That was sent from heaven and never born;

The one I gave my heart to take care

And did the wonders you can't bare,

She is not a person to dare.

The girl whom I chose to curve,

Doesn't know how to love.

She wants all that's just brave,

But turns it into a huge garave.

She's not the right one to believe.

That sharp edged blade,

Who seduced me to her lead

Caught me up her spade,

And tied me tightly in a suade,

Before cutting my heart into pieces by a sword.

My love taught me just to hate

All that was not of her fate,

And made it sure that I bett

Not to let even one pet

Come in her absentia and make me to date.

I still suffer all the pain

When I remember all the pen

That she made me slain

Just to ensure that she gain

All that her heart felt like was protein.

©Washington Newton Odongo (O.W.N)

I wish you were with me-:

How cruel of you to leave me alone? 

Nobody is here to accompany me in the stage of isolation? 

Gone are the days when you were with me! 

Now, you have left me with a desolate feeling...

You know, my lonely nights haunt me with dreadful nightmares,

I can feel my withered state which is full of despair,

Like a tattered body, I'm waiting for my death, 

And, the cruel death is coming to me with instalments...

"I wish you were here”, my dear! 

To witness my wretched state,

Though I am breathing without any interest,

I seek pleasure in trailing towards death, 

The memory of night-long conversation still fuels my passion, 

I don't know how to overcome from such an illusion,

Still, my soul yearns for your arrival, 

Is it possible to delve back into the realm of past momentum?  

No, no, no...do not appear, 

I wish you were not here to witness my absurd behaviour,

Please leave me with my uproar,

Let me hold our unfulfilled affairs as a beautiful memoir...



बीता जो पल आज मुबारक 

गुजरा वो कल आज मुबारक

महकती जमी हुई जो पुष्पित 

सबको नवपल आज मुबारक

सुन्दर सपने आज मुबारक

प्यारे अपने आज मुबारक 

चंदा मामा दिखे गगन में

सबको हो रमदान मुबारक

प्यारे ये नवरात्र मुबारक 

तुमको हो हर पात्र मुबारक

बेटी है स्वाभिमान धरा का

हरियल सा ये सत्र मुबारक

हर पल खुशियां आज मुबारक

खिलती कलियां आज मुबारक

बच्चे झूमे नाचे गाएं 

कुछ तो सुंदर पल मुबारक 

दुनिया में भारत मुबारक 

हमको अपने जन मुबारक

बना रहे सौहार्द जो ऐसा 

सब कहें हर पल मुबारक 

नववर्ष , नवरात्रि , रमदान की  सभी को मुबारक बाद 

सभी यूंही खुशहाल रहें

राघव ❤️

Request poem by Halima Wanga to her lovely Amor, Jayden 

To My better half Jayden

Jayden you're the prince in my Kingdom 

Whenever I hear the five letter word 

What comes in my mind is you 

You're the only man 

Who gives me happiness 

You're the love of my life 

This world is desolate without you 

Amor you're my everything 

I cannot live without you 

If loving you is a crime,

I'd rather spend my life behind bars 

Just for loving you my prince

You're the man of my dreams

Honey you're the man that made me believe 

That this thing called L-O-V-E 

Actually it exists

And I concluded that L+O+V+E

Equals to we 

That's you and me

And I just love you With all my heart

I want to be with you  till death do us part 

I want to  honor and cherish you my prince

Cuddling and kissing each  another

For you're my happiness Jayden 

And the love I have for you can't match the stars 

I can't compare it with anything 

You're my world 

You're my home 

You give me hope 

And   you always  support me 

Babe I'll never take you as an option 

You'll always be my first  priority

Thanks honey for making me the woman I am  now 

Jayden you'll always be the best


मुझे कुछ नही चाहिए बस ये ही दुआ मिले,,

वो खुश रहे सदा उसको उसका खुदा मिले,,

मैंने देख लिये इश्क़ के कई मौसम जीकर,,

उसको ताह उम्र झूमती गाती हुई हवा मिले,,

मेरी जिंदगी में देखे हैं कई उतार चढ़ाव मैंने,,

उस मासूम को जीने को एक नई अदा मिले,,

मुझको धोखा,नफ़रत जो कुछ मिला उससे,,

उसे रकीबों की फ़ितरत में सच्ची वफ़ा मिले,,

जब कभी थककर बैठी हो आईने के आगे,,

उसे मेरी याद से सचिन सुकून ए दवा मिले,,

© Sachin goel


Is shabad ke mayne,

Har insaan ke liye alag hai...

Ha ye sahi hai,

Ki teacher wahi insaan hai,

Jo hame padhata hai,

Sikhta hai ,

Jeevan jeene ki sahi raah dikhata hai ,

Par ye zaruri nahi ,

Ki teacher sirf wahi ho ,

Jo hame school me pdahaye...

Aaj ki is duniyaa me ,

Har vo insaan hamara teacher hai ,

Jisse ham jeevan me kuch na kuch seekh paaye...

Vo insaan,

Jo hame jeevan ke har chote bade,

Faisla lene me madat kare,

Sahi galat me fark karna sikhyaae,

Koi bhi nahyi cheese,

Choti ho ya Badi hammee jaane unjaane sikha jaaye....

CHOTE bacchon se sikho,

Choti Choti,

Baatoon me khush rehna,

Hamare Mummy papa,

Hame unke jeevan ke tajurbon se sikhate hai..,.

Ghar ke buzurgon ka,

Zindagi jeene ka alag hi falsafa hota hai,

Vo bhi hame zindagi ke alalg alag mod par kaam aata hai...

Hamare dost,

Hame nit naye sabak zindagi ke sikha jaate hai....

Aur sabse bada teacher,

Hamari life hai,


Isse bada teacher duniyaa me koi nahi...

Jo sabak hame waqt sikha jaata hai,

Shayad ki koi aur sikha paaye....

Supreme Teacher of the Universe!!!

Param pitaa Parmeshwar!!!

Usse aage na koi hai,

Na koi tha, 

Na koi hoga,

Pal me sabki zindagi,

 Badalne ka dum ka hai us issewar ke pass...

Jo vo sikha sakta hai,

Kisi me itna dum nahi,

Ki uska kaha kabhi taal jaaye, 

Hamare jeevan me aise,

Anginat teachers aate hai,

Aur chale jaate hai,

Koi hame vishwaas karna sikhata hai,

Koi pyaar karna,

Koi zindagi jeena,

Koi khush rehna....

Un saare teachers ko mera dil se 🙏🙏🙏🙏.....

Thank u all!!!!

Submitted by - Gagneet Kaur Saluja

उम्रभर हुनर बरक़रार रख टूट कर मुस्कुराने का,

ये दुनिया ज़ालिम है मौत पे आके भी खिलखिलाती है,

© सचिन गोयल

वो कहती है उसकी किसी बात को मैंने कभी बिसराया नही

वो मुझे मेरी जान से ज़्यादा अजीज है उसको सताया नही

आज उसे मेरी उसकी जिंदगी के किसी मोड़ पर जरूरत है

आज वो अकेली खड़ी है दोराहे पर कोई उसके काम आया नही

वो कहती है एक बार मुझसे बात कर लो मुँह मत फेरो

तुम्हारे बाद कोई भी ऐसा नही जिसने मुझे रुलाया नही

मैं क़ुबूल करती हूं मैंने तुम्हें धोखा दिया मेरी मजबूरियाँ थी

पर मुझे मेरे बच्चों की कसम मैंने तुम्हें कभी भुलाया नही

तुम्हारा रूठना वाज़िब है सचिन पर मेरी बात तो सुनो

मेरा साथ दे दो आज मेरे साथ मेरा अपना भी साया नही

© सचिन गोयल

सोनीपत हरियाणा

Ig, burning_tears_797


It was on the bench I sat.

You've shaked my heart.

By a cute "Hello".

My sweat started flowing like a river flo'.

When you've asked me about my designations,

I got surprised about this.

When you've introduced yourself with your name.

I started creating an Acrostic poe'.

When we've had our introductions,

We fell in some general talks.

Which led my heart to love.

And my thoughts hit my heart muscle to propose.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


TITLE: My Village

I am sitting beside my window

having a down face,

Then a flawless delectable air,

Kiss my cheeks and flicker the glorious, image of village in my empty mind.

The sunrise in the morning,

And the dizzling of diamond light in the night.

Can be seen clearly above the sky. 

The peaceful fields and the chirping of delight bird

Feels by the thousand minds, 

The prade of little shepherd along with

Naughty animals, Fill my heart with the joy.

The unity of village made me proud, Look at my village,

It's a pride of my childhood touch. 

The flow of river in my village,

Relax the stress of the hardworking farmers.

 And the innocent simle on the face of villagers

Made me at superior heights,

The alluring beauty of nature can't be seen


And I closed the window with the blissfull face 

Covers the imagination into reality.

By Naina prajapati


Winter always describes about eternity of love,

In this season you are my body heater and salve,

Cuddle me in your arms it gives me finest sleep,

Time is just flying away like a leap,

Though the days of winter is short and dark,

Your velvet lips always make a sense of remark,

The snow sings a song of romantic night,

Your presence behind me always ignite,

I don't remember the past but I feel the present,

This winter always gives me a hope of luminescent,

The fragrance of flowers are gloriously lovely to wonder,

To grow up like a beautiful rose it should step into flounder,

I glimpse the garden of floret it blossoms from tiny ovules,

A flicker of lust from passion and heart bleeds and views,

Winter love paints our scenery in white,

The beauty of tenderness in us may reach it's great heights.

©️ Geethika Reddy 

IG : @my.silent_world


Do you have the knowledge of a writer?

A one in a million and a million in one,

Who creates the whole world in simple words:

Creating solutions to problems

And making unknown to the known,

By just a paper and a pen?

He points out and pens down the history;

I call him the scientist of vocabularies.

A role model to all in the society,

Who turns nonsense into sense.

Someone teach me who a writer is...

A poet just scribbles little words on a paper,

Making short and simple lines

Which he eventually calls a stanza.

He brings out realities and unveils the truth

From behind the scenes into broad daylight;

But who is a writer?

A tongue twister twists simple words into complexity;

He uncovers the covers in a cover using curves,

Trying to mind about the minds of the mindful ones.

He makes love with the love of a lovely lover,

But, tell me then who a writer is!

A playwright is an amazing wonder maker,

Makes dramas on a paper with just a pen.

He can make one think of non existing world

By playing around with their minds

And still leaves them yawning for his work;

But who is a writer?

Teach me how to know who a writer is.

© Washington Newton Odongo (O.W.N)

तुम बात कर रहे हो नही,बात क्या हुई

एक बार कहो प्यार की,सौगात क्या हुई

वो बेवफ़ा आयी है रुसवा, होके अपनो से

कहती है मुझको भूल गए,रात क्या हुई

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

मैं जानता था बेवफा वो लौट आएगी

न जाने कितनी बातें,और बहाने लाएगी

आख़िर मैं चाहता हूँ उसे जानता भी हूँ

वो मुझसे लिपट जाने को रोकर दिखाएगी

© सचिन गोयल

Ig, burning_tears_797

सुनो मुझको माफ़ करना, नेट बन्द कर रहा

क्यों आया बेवफा का मैसेज,अब मैं डर रहा

न जाने उसको सूझी है अब कौन खुरापात

आवाज़ उसकी सुनके, जीते जी मैं मर रहा

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Life is life 

We have brains 

but we don't know how to use, 

why hear this,

 '' I told you'',

" you didn't want to hear me",

 "you don't listen", 

"I wish I knew"

 "why always me"

 yet when you fall,

 you get up, 

yes there is a way

You are the way,

You the controller,

Why trouble, troubles you

You hold a heart,

Good one,

With plenty of space,

To hold much peace,

To house much love,

It's life. 

Whether difficult,

easy, rough, tough, 

sweet, bitter, tasteless, 

enjoying, tearful, dry, wet, moody, 

all is called life. 

It is life 😔😔

I can't complain any, 

I can't cry bout any, 

if I talk 

my heart will expose all my weakness, 

rather I be quiet 

and heal this little 

than talk and make alot, 

to make me fall

Free you

- Cacie the poet

Someone asked me, “Don't you ever think who'll be with you at your worst?”

I replied,

“I don't think because they're already with me.”

That person asked me,

“Who are they?”

I replied,

“My heart and my poetry,my heart makes me write my feelings which turns into a poetry. 

And,they've never left me,nor they will.”💓

©Smilee Prashant Bhatt


बेचैन है बहुत वो फिर से पाने के लिए

ये उसकी हरकतें हैं आजमाने के लिए

है बेवफ़ा शातिर बहुत, वो दगाबाज है

कहती है फ़िर से आई हूँ,निभाने के लिए

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797


My son, listen;

Listen much careful

And let it not escape from you:

Those lions you call cats will finish you!

Son, look at your father;

This mark on my forehead

Is the work of Mr. Tumbobelly:

The innermost friend of yours!

Son, keep off the evil ones!

They will kill your future

And burry your dreams;

All they want is to rob you what is good...

Son, that"four-eyed" man is an enemy!

He will snatch your prosperity with his two hands

And leave you naked in public

Do not lead your life into a mess.

Son, they're hyenas in sheep's clothing;

They pretend to be Holly yet demons.

Son, I your father suffered in their hideous hands

In my youthful age just like you're.

Son, I leave you at peace

To decide on the right piece;

Do not let them make you a slice

Of daily bread at their place.

© Washington Newton Odongo (O.W.N)


Reliving stress and pain is what everyone wants

To achieve this, people opt to go for the non prescribed drugs

Maybe some have the urge of recreating themselves

Getting high feeling they are living in different dimensions

All these with an aim of having their own pieces of minds

But how addictive it became part of your daily routine

Cigarettes becoming your daily meal

Being the top priority of your basic needs

Puff after puff for your soul to heal

Making a covenant with the blunts and seal

Always being the number one paid bills

Making them a big deal

Forgetting the song sang from kindergarten stages about effects of cigars

Or is it because your wallet is reflecting best figures?

Maybe it's the pressure from your folks you call niggers

In a series and circle you pass it calling it chain after chain

Not knowing with time you will be in pain

Why did you have to make smoke a substitute air that you breathe?

Have you not seen the headlines how it has made people go down six feet deep?

The grounds always ready to swallow your skulls?

The pain and sorrow they've left their families and pals?

It's high time you stop treasuring cigarettes cause they're not pearls

A healthy life is what we all need than fried lungs

Hope someone will inculcate these words of my weeping pen in their brain

It can't write anymore cause it's filled with pain

So to halt it comes without any gain

But a soul it wishes to change.


Savviest ink

By Becky Dan Ogolla

Nature flower 


 From sunrise to sunset ,

 Beautiful woman I bet, 

Left and right straight,

 You are so cute, 

 A beautiful Uasin Gishu girl. ✨💯

Land I Walk and talk on,

 You are an African beauty, 

Yellow and and brown,

Right and centre a colour

 African green and savanna, 🍂🍁

Pettier than pictures 📸

 Nice looking Kenyan Abby. 

 Love and peace cemented, 

Concrete and well created,

 Kind and adorable perfected, 

Selected by the beast of Africa,

 Alluring pretty Jemutai💖 💯

You woman of the world,

Without any worry,

Family of a house,

 Loving charming Abby chemutai 🌷

- Cacie the poet 😍


I visit that place

It chokes my mind

My mind starts overthinking

Overthinking about what will happen next?

What will they say?

Then they took me to the X-RAY machine. 

Lying there, I just pray to God,

That if there is any problem, 

Please let us know.

Because the fear kills me most.

Then they took out a syringe

And fill it with my blood.

My nervousness reached at another level.

About the results.

I hated being surrounded with those monstrous machines

And those doctors who only keeps serving me medicine.

Lying on the hospital bed,

Crying out loud in pain,

Because I was unable to sleep whole night

Coz I was getting negative vibes.

And one day,

I heard the doctor saying

It's just anxiety

A young aged girl of 19,

Who just started focusing on her career

Is facing just anxiety

The age in which she should visit clubs,

She visited that hospital regularly.

The age in which she should enjoy parties

She was enjoying paracetamol as appetite.

© Sakshi Agrawal


First love

Class 9, new school, new children.

Both were walking in the corridor, busy in own thoughts; bumped into each other

Both were lost in each other's eye, he thought of something romantic and

I just yell out at him, saying what not,

Ans then went to the class hoping that we would be in different classes.

Same class, new rules, same seat, 

A lot of troublesome for almost a month,

And then suddenly we get addicted to each other,

Each other absence suddenly hurt & causes pain to us

Slowly we become friends and then best friends.

 The day, when you propose me,

I, again, yelled on you by saying,

I have only bestfriends feeling with you,

You become disappointed, decided to leave school,

And when I get to know this,

I felt your presence in my heart, in my heartbeats.

And now its been more than 9 years with you,

Still our first meet brings a lot of laughter to us,

Its truly said that opposites attract each other and so does us,

A simple, introvert, straightforward girl get in love with such an ambitious, notorious boy like you.

You are my first love, and forever love.

©️Kashish Soni



Soon after your proposal,

And my acceptance for your approval,

On our further project.

We prayed at the God's feet.

We prayed to the God,

For making our bond,

More stronger and healthier.

And for completing our projects more easier.

A special prayer for the foreverness,

And togetherness,

Made the God to reveal his idea,

And give us the strength in untilizing the supreme idea.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy



I'm waiting here for million light-years for you,

Dear love you are the baby light I knew,

Our both names has already written in stars,

Your small touch can't wipe away my all tears,

I knew this world has so many twist and turn,

After completion of mission don't forget to return,

I'm always your biggest die hard fan forever,

I haven't yet finished what I need to endeavour,

The floor is covered with full of fallen petals,

But in case of you I start over again and step on pedals,

Because it’s me who has been waiting and fallen for you,

This distance is very confusing how can I break through,

You are my one and only raincheck I have all got,

Cuddling you is the best heater of my body to unlock,

In that faint light in the sky I'm hoping for your soul,

I will be born again for you find you and shine on you,

Like a tale of Nine tailed fox I'm blossoming in blue,

Because our love has colourful shades of hue.

©️ Geethika Reddy 

IG : @my.silent_world

Every night, I think about my mood swings, 

I cry and I laugh to understand is it even the real me?




Hiding under the bushes of love,

We were hit by the cold breeze.

You've asked me for the warmness.

I'd searched for it. But couldn't find it anywhere els'.

Then,I neared you and holded your head through your cheeks,

Stretched my hard lips,

And kissed you for providing you with the warmth,

That you wouldn't have got till now and gave you strength.

Our saliva dropped from our mouth,

And wetted our clothes with a splash.

Our saliva mixed and flavoured,

Under our romantic kiss and smoothened my lips which were hard.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


Jab bhi kisi cheez ki khwaish kro

Tabhi vo dur hoti chali jaati hai

Pahuchne wale hote hai mukaam tak

Tabhi manzil ruswa ho jaati hai

Hasne ki koshish me lage hai saalo se

Na jaane kyu ye aankh bhar aati hai

Jis cheez ko paana chaaho

Vhi humse cheez li jaati hai

Mat kar ae zindagi itne sitam

Kab tak sahenge itna gam

Zinda hai to chain se jee lene de

Haste hue ye aansu hume pee lene de

Vaishali jain

Ig : @fleurine.25


She is a daughter: a treasure of her parents.

She is a sister: a best companion of her brother who cares and supports him like a mother.

She is a best friend: whom you can trust the most. Who tells you everything they know, but keeps every secret you tell.

She is a lover: who loves her partner unconditionally and helps him to create a better future.

She is a mother: who struggled for 9 month to bring you into this world.

She is a wife: who always stand by her husband in the worst situations and protect him like a shield.

But above all she is a 'Women'- A True Warrior.

Name-Dipsikhar Datta 

IG : @dipsikhar_20_official

अभी तक मैं न भुला था,वो फ़िर से लौट आयी है

मेरी जाँ साथ में अपने,कई मजबूरी लायी है

उसे समझा दो जाके कोई,अब न हाथ आऊँगा

अभी भी ज़ख्म ताजा है, जो उससे चोट खायी है

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Kuch baatein ankahi reh gayi,

Kuch yaadein adhuri reh gayi,

Tera sath jo chuta,yu bekarari main, Yeh zindegi bewajah yuhi ruk si geyi...

Name-Dipsikhar Datta 

IG : @dipsikhar_20_official

My music!

A sound comes to my ear,

To whisper,

About the previous year,

About the abyss of darkness, that i feel into.

And  that pit of heartlessness,

That carried me so deep, 

That even i could not hear the red beep!

But your sound,

Only i can hear,

For I, 

Have plugged my ears.

Beacuse they save me,

From those unheard screams,

That act like spears.

My music,

saves me.

My music,

Makes me.

And my music is not on the computer,

Not spotify, not youtube,

It's a person,

It's You!



Woke up with dreamless thoughts,

Evidently over the hilltops,

We advanced aimless - handed,

With hearts full of panic,

Also we had drank juice of friendship,

And ate chocolate of love.

Started to sing songs that never stills,

The nature heard the lyrics,

And made us to enjoy the eyes of youth.

Took a memorable ride on rollercoaster,

It was crowded with full of ups and downs,

Made us so scary to be eliminated from the land,

The ride made some of us heart broken that made us cry.

I just realized that moment,

Even our existence is also like a rollercoaster.

Sometimes, we all feel broken and scream...

Our stomach tinkles not only with excitement,

But also with nervousness.

Though it has ups and downs,

It also has different directions to come out,

In the same way, our life has some outcome...

The cave of adventures seek many treasures in it,

This adventure with my friends made me to teach something new,

Adventure will not lie in the trips you made,

But probably it lies in us.

My life is my big and memorable adventure.

And I really love this journey.

©️ Geethika Reddy 

IG : @my.silent_world

By now I have lost and found myself many times

There are still uncertainties in certainties

There is meaning to life

There is a cause

But I can't see myself

Among the herds, among people

Nobody cares

How far they've left me behind

But I stride on that path

Without guilt

I trek every path I see

I search and explore

I'm looking for myself

I can't find me

Saadia Zia Khawaja



Dear Love,

In this moonlight,

With my thoughts caught,

I want to lie in this hug forever my love.

You're myn,

I wouldn't stress you much lying in this hug.

But your presence made me to smile and stay strong.

With you I can even climb a big mountain.

For hate,

You've always motivated me to leave that.

I love from the deep core of my heart.

You're myn my love.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


शैलपुत्री माँ तेरे भवन में, लेके अर्जी आया हूँ

कोरोना को दूर भगा दो, माँ मेरी घबराया हूँ

इस कोरोना ने मैया, हर और मचाई आफ़त है

जो भी निकले है घर से,समझो कि उसकी शामत है-2

चीन देश से आया जालिम, चाल समझ न पाया हूँ,

अमरीका,अफ्रीका, क्या इटली,रूस,जापान करे,

सब सोच सोच के हारे, क्या इसका माँ समाधान करे-2

हिंदुस्तान ने बनाई वैक्सीन, मैं लगवाके आया हूँ,

© सचिन गोयल

सोनीपत हरियाणा

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Victory from The floods of life

 God you made this talent in me 

 I go through pain, I strain 

 I suffer, I struggle 

 I can't go on silent, 

 If you denied me, I go patient. 😭😭

I need you more than in little 

This is my whistle 😔

 The God of Jacob is our refuge, 

The Lord of the hosts is with us,

 People say 

 "I have money to buy vaccine" 

The virus you hear,

 Trust in God, 

Shall No more for ever

 Why so much fear, 

 The immune turning with effects, 😭

See the salvation of the God,

 The earth has been trembled, 

 The Holy place with tabernacles of most High 

 Hearts of people broken, 💔

 Right at early, God shall help 😭😭

 I am His voice 

 GOD does not have a choice, 🎲

 Knows you are crying, 

 Clears all your worrying and trying, 🎯

Into a beautiful successful morning,

 He can wound and His hand heal, 🧬

 Your deal is to pray, 

 Say and cast your burden to God. 

 Jesus took me on the ground, 

 There is a man who died on the cross, 

 with wounds He defeated death, 

 You reading this is there any flood,🥲

 That can defeat your word to God, 

 Just silent prayer, 

 Action better than words, 

Gone busy writing for the world,

 Making a world a better place, 

 You and me we live in peace 💖

 I am grateful you reading this, 

 May God bless you, 

 Who I may to remind you this God 

It's a sacrifice am doing for God and Jesus, 😭😭

cacie the poet😭


Even you are miles and miles apart,

You are still holding all of my heart.

Fortuitously we had a lovely start,

No one can eternally make us apart.

The true friend is a progenitor,

Eminding the pathway,

Through thick and thin times

Every plant needs sun God's love,

Every human needs mother's love,

But for every life, I need a friend like you.

Friendship does not begin,

with words and looks,

Friendship is a companion that is born,

With soul and be with us,

Until we degrade in the soil.

Though I have many games to play,

I am addicted only to your playfulness.

Though I have many fairy tales to listen,

I am obsessive only to your formulate.

Though there are pearls and,

Aurum existing in this galaxy,

Those treasure trove do not mean as much,

As your friendship means to me.

The only goal of our true friendship theory is,

There is no breakup between us,

So we have to enjoy the torture of each other.

How memories remain with us forever,

Without fading away,

In the same way,

We both are made for each other,

I love you so much my bosom buddy,

I hate to be apart from you,

You are always a part of me forever.

©️ Geethika Reddy 

IG: @my.silent_world

शुभ रात्रि मुक्तक

मेरे घर रात को चंदा न जाने क्यों उतरता है

देखकर मेरी आँखों में,वो सजता है सँवरता है

पूछ बैठा एक दिन मैं,उसके आने का यूँ कारण

चाँद बोला यार तेरा, तेरे अश्क़ों से गुजरता है,

© सचिन गोयल

सोनीपत हरियाणा

Ig,, burning_tears_797

एक कोशिश कर रहा था

साथ चलना चाह रहे थे एक बवा आयी कहीं से

उठ रहा था कि चिलमन अब हुआ पर्दा हमीं से

कौन जाने क्या ये जाने क्या बला ये आ रही है

घोंटती है दम हवा और उठ रहा पॉँव जमीं से

ख़ौफ़ के साये में है अब फ़िर बेपरवाह जिंदगी

आँखें नम ये हो रही हैं रोज़ अपनों की कमी से

या ख़ुदाया रहम कर दे बख्श दे सबकी खतायें

गर पेट की ये आग न हो तो रहें घर में खुशी से

मुफ़लिसी का दौर सचिन ज़हर के भी दाम ना

साथ कोई भी नहीं अब बोलते सांसे थमीं से

© सचिन गोयल

सोनीपत हरियाणा

Ig,, burning_tears_797


Let it be known,

Let the whole world know,

That never even in the face of persecution,

When the unjust perpetrators of her persecution,

Fought her tooth and nail did she stood and fight back,

And fight for herself. 

She was human,

Humble enough to humiliate humility,

Little did she know her humility shall be her validity,

The expiry her dreams that were yet to effulge.

She is now but a memory,

A memory without memories 

For them to ululate for they knew her not,

Rather she is the black quiet girl that had to leave,

For the society to open her eyes on the despicable deed,

The people she natured did.

Did it really have to be this wicked?

For the world to fall into solemn somber,

Of what rich people of colour go through?

Prince Diaries

Bitter truth:

The makers are the first destroyers, those who said I'll always be there for you are the ones who 

left us first.💔

©Smilee Prashant Bhatt 


Maturity is when you preserve your girl permanently in your heart, no matter how people try to interpret it negatively.

Abhiram B.

IG: redhunter_m16

"A girl is deemed beautiful only if she has a pure and a kind heart.". -Anonymous

आज उसको लेके बातें,की बहुत उसकी सखी से

आंखों में थे उसके सपने, दिल में लेके बेरुखी से

मैंने पूछा हाल उसका, रो पड़ी उसकी सखी भी

मैंने पूछा क्या हुआ,वो बोली अपने मन दुखी से

जिसको चाहता है तू सचिन,वो है मौसम की तरह

साथ छोड़ा ही नही,वो रहती है बिल्कुल सुखी से

© Sachin goel

Insta@,, burning_tears_797

A Letter to my girlfriend 

Hae babe

I came to understand,

On this planet on many paths we pass,

I don't regret the path I took,

The path that made us met,

The path that brought my favourite icon my way,

The path that made me start a new life...

A shitty history we have,

Exes we made,

Heartbreak encounter we had,

Wetting our pillows we did,

Regretting having them we did,

But despite all...

Moving on we had to.

You are my star

My favourite icon babe,

Just the other day was your birthday it was,

The other day it was Valentine...

I never made you feel my presence but I won't apologize....due to to the following reasons.

I dint celebrate because...

Making you special just a day,

That has never been my goal

You are special from the moment the sun sets till when can count the stars in the night...

I wanna treat you right

Make each day special,

My jealousy can't allow me que with all your friends tell you hbd or hpy valentines.....

Am sorry but I wanna be there when they ain't around,

When you need this guy the most...

Too bad to this distance,

Killing and torturing  us,

Lonely nights,

Long calls to cover up ,

Chats to keep us moving ,

Am trying to kill the distance to have the chance to.. Just be there and give you my time and full attention babe.

I won't promise you earth but my love,

Promising you fancy dates and gifts I can't but my time,

But if we get a chance I will let you feel the vybe ✨

Spending on you I can't hesitate,

Because with all on this planet with a sick heart its vague....I wanna feel you

Am waiting for the day I will be by your side all time.

Hey ☺️

Mrs classified whenever you are ....

I will come for you ✨i will be coming soon


Classified pen

Your smile

Like the Gold in a chest,

Your teeth 

The stars in the sky,

Your beauty the treasure in the ocean bed.

You walk like you own the streets,

And your vibes contagious 

Like some viral infection.

Only if I could own you...

I would pour out my Care and desires,

I would give you your fantasies,

And reduce to nothing your sweet memories.

I would cling to your heart,

As much as I would cling to your body,

I would grease your lips with the abundance of my affection,

And make you pour your juice on my sausage.

I would flaunt you to the world,

My outstanding model beyond skeptism.

You would be the queen of my Lens,

And the Goddess of my Pencils,

I would always stare in your eyes until I transcend from this world.

I am a soldier

But I choose to always be at your watch,

I am prince charming

But without doubt you are Queen Diva...



Would you know

that a fire burns in my heart

with a glow. A mirror of harsh pains,

spitting deep cuts to light.

I would wish for a flight

where life becomes a fairytale of happiness

dressed in colorful outfits of

Deceits. Slowly. Slowly. Drifting.


Would you know

that love weaned this sweet

agony; Stretching my anxiety

and curiosity in charming innocent

gestures that would kiss the heart

of a beast into an angel. A saint!

Spilled with the holy paint

of a heart that leaped in holy faith.

Wishing. Whistling. Hoping. Hopping!

Would you know

that these bruised hands have romanced

bitterness on the untidy beds of sorrow

just to buy a crown of shame for

a tomorrow lost in the wilderness of

hopelessness. Loneliness?

Each tiny circle of the minute jest at 

this piece broken without peace.

Biting. Blinding. Drifting. Drifting!

Would you know

that this prince is a warrior

beaten. Smitten on every side with

stripes of unease that cuddles perplexities

relishing silent seducing seconds of torment.

Dancing without shoes. Flying without wings

Swimming without fins. Ears deafened by strange

tunes from the other side where shadows exist

without figures.

Drowning. Drowning. Washing. Wasting.


Your Parent Love 


 Brother and sister, 

 Comrade, Graduate, Doctor 

 Either millionaire in work sector 

 even the harsh parent, do love, 

parent love can be silent, 

 But the weight it carries, 

It is permanent

every parent, 

they have love

 Both born, raised, 

it is alive, lives like a human

Only the love of your mum 

Is perfect,

 Parent love is born, 

 You own your parents 

 Even in kilometers 

 Daddy your love is raised 

 Without any weakness 

With all greatness.

In a family 

 Troubles shakes, It bubbles away, 

The Bible says,

 "Honour thy father and thy mother" 

you shall respect, them you shall serve' 

 the respect you owe your God 

 equates with the respect

 you must show parents.

 Love Mummy and Daddy, even to their eighty 

 even When you are forty

 Even respect someone's parent, 

 Even If you don't know them 

 Respect as your parents 

A person in office 

- Cacie the poet

मुझे छोड़ो ना यूँ अब तुम,मेरे नज़दीक आकर यार

करो चाहे भले नफ़रत, मुझे अब चाहिए न प्यार

मुझे तो चाहिए न कुछ,के अब है आत्मा घायल

मगर रिश्ता निभाना है,सुनो कुछ तो करो तक़रार

© सचिन गोयल

सोनीपत हरियाणा

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Singleness is like the empyrean. 

No pressure and a high altitude. 

But can be frozen dihydrogen monoxide cold and the weather can transmute to deplorable anytime.

I am the astronomically immense plane aerially circumnavigating

I am the immensely colossal plane endeavoring to fine a sizably voluminous resplendent airport to land on.

On one nebulous, and inclement night it rained and poured 

Like a needle that dropped into the waters of a flowing stream, I lost hope and thought I was going to crash.

Suddenly I visually perceived an outstandingly brilliant airport with a lengthy, wide and smooth runway with feline's ocular perceivers in abundance inexplicably giving me the most pellucid signals I've ever been alerted with.

But hesitation inundated my endeavor to land, as it is verbally expressed, if you rush you will crash.

I aerially circumvented the area to take a moment of critical cerebrating

As I turned around in degrees, to my bewilderment and consternation I could not visually perceive the airport's signalization anymore

Like a microscopy practical I moved proximately so visually perceive why

I realized the airport was occupied with another plane afore I kenned it. 

I woefully flew back with profound perturbation into the inclement weather that got worse

Few days later the weather transmuted 

But I am still an astronomically immense plane probing for a pulchritudinous airport to land on.

Iyeni Mharakurwa.

Dear God 

See that we are stranded in cages

Beasts are freer than we do

The doom has last the hour

We are afraid that the next moment is our last

The innocent looks in crisis

Due to the whelmed pores

We're scared of mortality

As for now we're susceptible to it

Death roams fiercely like a wounded beast

Ready to devour whomever it meets

Dear God can you hear us

You're the last person that I will ever call

Dear God

You're my shepherd,look after me

You're my doctor,inject me

You're my security,guide me

Ain't ready to weep!

गला भी सूख जाता है, ये आँखे भी नही रोती

सितारे भी नही दिखते, ना बातें चाँद से होती

बड़ी ही कशमकश में बीतती है, रोज़ ये रातें

तेरी तस्वीर देखे बिन, मेरी आँखें नही सोती

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797


The cracks this time are cheaper

I feel this is beyond repair

There’s no heavy adhesive

To fix it right there

The wounds they just keep weeping

Gaping, sore and bloody

This tortured heart still beating

Burns like never before

The soul inside me

Is shattered into pieces

Which can’t be reunited again

Where shadows are awaiting with long hopes

Dreams, desires and aspiration

Has completely disappeared

Lonesome emptiness all around

The bridge, there in the distance

Seems more farther than once it was

If only we could just reach it

Couldn’t we get back just what we lost.

©️Riya Rashmi Dash



The stone the builder casted away that has become the chief cornerstone,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

A worthless piece of stone not even befitting to be casted at a sinner's toes,

The best in everything till the end of time comes,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

The worst even if the worst is Still yet to come,

The king and pride of my people,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

The outcast, the prodigal son who wouldn't be welcomed if he comes back home,

The bravest of all men, I defeated death and got married to life,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

A powerless and spineless coward, a yellow belly who can't even fight for his right,

A shooting Star traveling along the skies and granting wishes all over the earth,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

A little useless debris of a dismembered meteor which never made it across the milky way to earth,

A winner in everything I do, a symbol of victory,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

A loser of all losers, a self pitied depressed human being,

The light of the world, the sweetest grape in the vineyard,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

A companion of darkness, a substance more bitter than vinegar,

Worth much more than gold, more precious than diamond and more priceless than silver,

I am not that anymore, now I am,

Less valuable than a muddy rag wore by an insane man.

Read from bottom to up.

Okoro Favour Alexander.

लगाओ मास्क ओ यारों, बनाओ दूरी दो गज की

नही तो सिर्फ़ रह जायेगी,पतलून पूरी दो गज की

चला आया है फ़िर से दौर, यारों लग रहे कर्फ्यू

रहोगे क़ैद चौदह दिन, गिनोगे दूरी दो गज की

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

देखकर मेहंदी को उसने, आईने से यूँ कहा

जिसका इसमें नाम लिखा, वो बता तो है कहाँ

आईना कहने लगा के, वो नही दुनिया में अब

मेरे आगे बैठ कर न, बेवफा आंसूं बहा

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

I hope you  remember.

I hope you  remember I was once your pet before I turned into a beast.

I hope you  remember how much love I had for you before you turned it into rage

I hope you remember how humble I was before you pushed me to the edge.

I hope you remember the story even if I turn to the next page.

© Yeukai Beverley Faera

I wish

I wish for so many things

I long for it so much

Knowing it would be not fulfilled

Wishes never ends

Being like a darker blood

Rushing in the vein

Trying not to give up

Let my wishes fly

As they can get broken

Let the lights shine

Before it  goes out

Let the fatigue win

Before it loses

Let the tiredness overcome itself

Before it falls down.

Let my wishes touch heights

Before it gets pulled by others

Let it grow and gather like a gem

Lustrous with laughter and happiness

And cunning time a crown of years

Contrives for who wears them

©️Riya rashmi dash


We are still here by Peter Iverson

"9ja When?!"

The heart bleeds

There's no hat to reach

It's an undefined state 

Searching and researching to be redefined

No one knows it defined state

She's lost in this journey

Freedom turns boredom

Our kingdom gradually sinks

We are sold cause we aren't bold

We are still here

Though our mindset are there

Wounded Knee they say

With pains we still kneel

All to find gains to bind not blind

Written by Cynthia Maduekwe 

😶मुक्तक उसी को🍂🍃 समझ आएगा जिसमें इंसानियत बची होगी😶

न तुम बरसाओ यूँ लाठी,ज़रा मजबूरी तो सुन लो

मेरे बच्चे हैं घर भूखे,मेरी लाचारी तो सुन लो

न जाऊं काम पर तो,घर चलेगा साहब जी कैसे

मैं माँगूँ भीख अब कैसे, मेरी खुद्दारी तो सुन लो

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797


The big illusion started when I said I loved you 

I'm the one who set it up

Now I want to end it 

You were never satisfied 

No matter how much I tried

I walked in your heart

Unwelcomed, uninvited

In an unknown territory

The illusion marred my vision

This love is blind

All my efforts to make us something 

Was all a big waste of time

I painted love in you

But you washed it with white wash

You were my only drug

I got that hardcore addiction

But it was all an illusion 

Just vanity

I was lying to myself

I cheated my self

I betrayed myself

But I am back 

I've found myself

Time to face reality

Fuck the illusion


Title:- I Wish you were a song

I wish you were a song

To which I would listen hours together

With a huge smile on my face

Making a separate playlist

Having all songs of you

I would have spend long making my soul soothe

Your voice would have given me a sense of serenity and peace

Calmed my heart and filled it with love.

I would have heard you regularly

No matter how many apps I would have to browse for jiosaavn , gaana what not

Your songs would be the ones to which I would plug in my earphones

And just listen all day long with coffee and drizzles of rain

Your reprise version would make my heart sing with you 

Your unplugged version would make me understand your depth and taking me to the world of your Tunes and imagination

You would be my favourite hangover

Which I would never let it get sober

You would always be my favourite tune

Which I would always repeat on my loop

Making my heart shine with your words

And bringing a wide smile on my face with your tone.

©️Riya rashmi dash

पिछली सदी बीती थी दुख में,

अगली सदी भयानक है

डट जाओ सब अपने घरों में,

काल की बदी भयानक है

लाखों घर खा गई बीमारी

पिछले साल कोरोना की

अबकी फ़िर से मचा रही है

तांडव ये तबाही कोरोना की

गर अपनों को देखना चाहो

दूरी दो गज अपना लो

निकलो न बे-मास्क घरों से

मास्क सभी को पहना लो

शमशानों की खाली भूमि

लाशों से लदी भयानक है

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797


I looked into my mother's eyes,

and saw the eyes of her mother;

blushing with the goodness of 

a million rays of grace spilled from

a smiling sun, washing on a

bright morning.

I saw the stories of love

written all over the wrinkles that

adorn her skin, ebony. **

A daughter of joy well fed at the 

tables of motherly care and

nurtured with the milk of kindness

into a princess blushing with beauty,

with strength, with blessings that echo

one truth; she drank her mother's love potion

Khawabon me manzile hai,

Yaa manzilon ke khawaab hai ,

Dekhe jo in nazaron ne ,

Sapne behisaab ...

Dekhe the same,

 khushali ke har ore,

Socha tha hongi ,

Ronakee har ore,

Par palta pahiyaa waqt ka ,

Chaayi har taraf maausi,

Khilkhilati , muskurati aankhoon me ,

Chaayi aaj khaamoshi....

Hai matam chaaya chaaroon taraf,

Udaassi ki lehar si chaayi hai,

Nahi hai gawara mujhe ye,

Aaj guhaar us khuda se lagayi hai....

Jhoodte hai,

hath aaj aage tumhare,

Bikharne se bachaalo,

Maasssom sapne hamare,

Na dekhi jaati ye tadhap na ye rudaali

Bhar aayi aaj aankhee hamari....

Kya hai ye vo gulistaan,

Jiske sapne,

sanjioye the in ankhoon ne..

Aaj to aasamaa bhi too pass,

Sath hamare dekh hamari bebasi Jo,

Aaj laachaar hogaya har sakhash,

Ek chota saa jeev,

Duniyaa ki sadkeein veeraa kar gaya....

Ek dua hai us khuda we ask,,

Hausaliee an toottne dena hamare,

Jeet lenge ye bhi jang,

Sir pe agar tera hath hai....

My latest writeup

Pehli mulakat!!!

Submitted by -Gagneet Kaur Saluja

Insta page - ankahey_eahsass

Kissa ye khaas hai ,

Dil ke bahut pass hai,

Mili thi nazarein ,

Jab pehli dafa ,

Yaaj bhi mujhe yaad hai ...

Ha ye pyaar pehli nazar ka nahi,

Par jab dekha un nazaron ko kareeb se ,

Dekhi gehraayi unme,

Hui kuch halchal is dil me ...

Baithe vo kareeb mere ,

Ki kuch baatein kuch idhar udar ki,

Sehmi hui baithi thi me,

Shabdon ki tallash me...

Thodi khoyi si thi,

Thodi ghanbraayi si thi,

Shabdon ki talash me,

Nazarein bhi daudaayi...

Unhone puche sawal tamam,

Jaanna chaha haal -e- dil mera,

Hoton me gaye,

Shabdad jaane kaha ghoo gaye...

Socha tha maine,

Dar apna nikal ke,

Baya kar dungi,

Har eahaas,

Dana tha Jo dil me,

Pehli mulakat thi,

Mai apne apno ke sath thi,

Tez thi dhadkane is dil ki,

Sharm tazaron me tamaam thi....

Sunaya faisla unhone,

Haa kar Di,

Pal bhar me,

Mere pass kaha koi chara tha,

Shayad ye waqt ka ishara tha...

Diya ishsara us rab ne,

Haa kar Di fir maine,

Waqt ki yahi nazakat thi,

Us pal me chupi,

Umra bhar ki khushiyaa thi...

Aaj shaam ka waqt,

Lagi mohar rishte pe us waqt,

Laga jaisa aaye hai chaand sitarae,

Bharne daaman hamara khushiyon se,

Barsaya pyaar unhone aaasmaa se....

8 saalon ka ye safar,

Lagta hai jaise baat kal ki,

Pyaar bana rahe umra bhar,

Dua us rab se hai ye meri....

अब डर लगता है घर में भी

कहीं बीमारी आ न जाये

सोते वक्त भी मास्क लगाऊं

कहीं कोरोना खा न जाये

इस कोरोना का मुख लगता

बिल्कुल सुरसा के जैसा

मैं कोई हनुमान नही जो

बच जाऊं बनकर वैसा

हे बजरंगी हमें बचा लो

राक्षसी कहीं चबा न जाये

सोते वक्त भी मास्क लगाऊं

कहीँ कोरोना खा न जाये

इस कोरोना ने तो डटकर

चहुं और घमासान किया

बच्चे, बूढ़े, नर औऱ नारी

हर एक को परेशान किया

बस विज्ञान की देवी आकर

अच्छी दवा बना जाये

सोते वक्त भी मास्क लगाऊं

कही कोरोना खा न जाये

ये कोरोना सब को लुटे

लेकिन बचे हैं नेता सारे

आख़िर क्यों बचते हैं नेता

क्यों नही एक भी पांव पसारे

मुझको लगता है ये वायरस

राजनीति के जाये 

सोते वक्त भी मास्क लगाऊं

कहीं कोरोना खा न जाये

हे अल्लाह हे भगवन मेरे

इतनी मेरी पुकार सुनो

भुख, ग़रीबी कुछ भी दे दो

बस इतनी दरकार सुनो

माथा पटककर रोता सचिन

कोई नही जो गले लगाये

सोते वक्त भी मास्क लगाऊं

कहीं कोरोना खा न जाये

अब डर लगता है घर में भी

कहीं बीमारी आ न जाये

सोते वक्त भी मास्क लगाऊं

कहीं कोरोना खा न जाये

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

बजाओ न मेरी जाँ यूँ, मुझे तुम देखकर सीटी

मैं हो जाता हूँ पागल सा, याद आती मुझे पीटी

बहुत पीटता था सर से,लेफ्ट राइट भूल जाता था

मुझे मत याद दिलवाओ,वो बातें ओ मेरी स्वीटी

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

her love

I'm drunk!

I'm drunk!

I can't see properly,

I can't walk properly,

I can't speak properly,

And I can't think properly,

Just because I'm drunk.

I'm drunk!

I'm drunk!

After looking at me they all start laughing,

They say I'm always smiling,

They think I'm under the influence of alcohol,

But no!

However I'm drunk!

I'm drunk!

I'm drunk!

Let me reason with my brains,

Let me come to an understanding with my senses,

Especially the sense of feelings,

Because this drunkardness has become my debility,

I have become an addict,

But no let's not talk about that now,

Because now I'm drunk. 

I drank rivers of cultural love from her glands,

The society have named our love traditional love,

Motivated by the waves of true love,

We are sailing in unending romance of this pure love,

And believe me when I say,

I'm drunk!

I'm drunk guys!

Guys I'm drunk!

I'm not crazy,

I'm not mad,

I'm not confused,

I'm not just chanting,

But I'm in love.

Kelvin Muzira (the curve)

Chill batch:

हमें पढ़ने के लिए मन नहीं हो रहा, कुछ देर के लिए बाहर जाते हैं। 😌😌

After some time:

भाई, पूरा शहर तो बंद है, कुछ नहीं मिल रहा। और पुलिस वाले भी हैं।

चले, हॉस्टल में वापस जाकर पढ़ते हैं; और हम फिर क्या कर सकते हैं? 🥺🥺

अभिराम बी०

IG: redhunter_m16

भोर की किरण फ़ैली

पर तबियत मैली

कोरोना ने हाल सारा बीमार कर दिया

उषा की करूँ क्या बातें

निशा नित्य देती घातें

कोरोना ने बेहाल संसार कर दिया

जतन अनेकों करूँ

मैं तो जीते जी ही मरूँ -2

कोरोना ने फेल देखो उपचार कर दिया

घरों में ही रहो सारे

पीछे पड़ा है तुम्हारे

काल का ये रूप धर

धरे रूप न्यारे न्यारे

कोरोना से बचना है

जाल में न फसना है

करो सेनिटाइज और

दूरी भी बनाओ प्यारे

कोरोना ने सचिन देखो हाहाकार कर दिया

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Blessing in disguise is what you were for me

You came when my ocean of heart was ripped apart

When the canvas of my heart faded monotonously

When my bruises got deeper and painful

You picked me up...

You were an embrocation to my bruises

You were the hues that brightened my faded canvas

You sewed my broken heart bringing it back to those living nights

You were all in the person I was searching for all my life.

Losing you ever is all I feared

For you joined my delicate broken pieces so calmy

For you bestowed your love and fondness so beautifully

My love for you grew so unconditionally

That You were not less than a blessing in disguise.

©️Riya rashmi dash

She had hair which was like the beach on summer evening.

She had eyes which were like the blue crystal water crashing on the sharp rocks.

She had a voice which was like the healing touch on a bruised knee.

She had legs which shone like a magic stone on the darkest night.

She had fingers which were like the burning matchstick which melts the ice statue.

She was like a hot day in Siberia.

She was like the tree who protected all the bird nests in the worst weathers.

She was the flawed queen who loved the imperfect me more than anyone.

She was the imperfecto who was perfect for me.

 She was the sun who brightened my day.

She was the girl who arose from the flames.

She was the girl who dressed ridiculously and laughed a maniacal laughter.

She had the smile which could melt the world.

She was the girl who found herself when she was cheated on.

She was the girl who ran through the forests alone to help that same person who ditched her.

She was the girl who never spoke of her pain.

She was the girl who cried herself to sleep everyday.

She was the girl who trusted every lie that was told to her.

She was the own Edward to her Bella, 

the own Sam to her Stella, 

the own Romeo to her Juliet 

She fought every passing second against her intuitions.

All she had was a song, a song which spoke to her,

 a song which had the answers to all her questions.

She was not alone. She had herself. 

That was all she needed.

And that was the reason when I cheated on her, she smiled that smile and left. 

Left like a storm. 

There was that power in her legs and the attitude in her walk. 

She learnt another lesson. 

She was a tigress who was done with her vacation. 

She lit my heart and left forever.

And that is why I regret losing her and I am sure all will some day

My redemption

Pardoned by the forests,

After being blackmailed by the Levites,

My face is still as yellow as saffron,

But why was I suffering,

Didn't He die for me.

"Patience and perseverance overcome the greatest difficulties,"

Thus saith my new norm of life,

In faith we believe,

Even though I couldn't shoe my running horse,

I managed to bath it,

I'm cleansed and I'm rich.

I trespassed and I abused my royal powers,

I sinned and sometimes I forgot my identity,

But this is my chance,

This is my time,

Let me take my position and my crown.

Let me take off my cap and pray,

Our Father

Who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done on earth

As it is in heaven

Give us this day

Our daily bread

Forgive us our tresspasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

For thine is the kingdom

The power and the glory.


Kelvin Muzira (the curve)

Some people tell me to stop writing, because they feel it does not suit me.

But I know that writing is hard-wired in my DNA¹, and I know how I can deal with my comforts.

Abhiram B.

IG: redhunter_m16

मुझे सताने के लिए आजकल मैसेज नही करता

मुझे चिढ़ाने के लिए आजकल मैसेज नही करता

हर रोज़ वो पहले करती थी गुड़ नाईट मुझको

मुझे आजमाने के लिए आजकल मैसेज नही करता

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Lyrical breakdown: galat fehmi

_Tarasti hain nigahain meri takti hain raahain teri sun kabhi aahain meri 

Yeh kese main bataon tujhey soti nahi ankhain meri kat-ti nahi raatain meri_ 

Love is the purest feeling. One's life is incomplete if they hadn't loved anyone. Well, it is human nature, that they fall in love and the destiny, you know, never leaves your hand. Love is the only thing which can make someone's life and eventually it hurts too. Not every story is meant to be successful. We sometimes get separated from our lover because of studies or job or any issue. And that is the toughest moment. Living in a  different city and waiting for each other to get free so that you can even get a glance of them on video calls! Thank God, atleast technology grew and we can meet anyone at anytime, otherwise it would be  tough to live peacefully. Every night, before going to sleep, the two lovers can't sleep till they don't talk to each other. Distance is what that hurts  them  the most. They always miss the time, when they were together in the same city. Now, even for a single glance, they have to wait. And physical meetings are just like a dream.

_K khuahishon pe khuabon ki barishain azabon ki kahan gai dhoop mere hisse k sawabon ki

K dard bharey naalon pe kar karam sawalon pe 

Q sitam hai tera tere chahney walon par_

Pain of being separated from someone they love is just unbearable. They will be unable to sleep peacefully or even sit or eat. Without that particular person's presence, they start taking life for  granted. It feels to the lover that life is a burden. They always pray to God for their togetherness and happiness, but once they get apart, they start questioning God that why is he punishing them? Why is he giving pain to lovers who  are meant to be forever? They ask for God's mercy and ask him to do some miracle to get them together again. Such is the magic of love that you won't be able to live without your beloved whether it is a  good time or bad.

- Sakshi Agrawal


She comes gracefully

Yet with fierce in her eyes

She's the goddess staring down

Her painted pupils cutting through the smoke

Her face adorned with shine

Her fuselage adorned with jewels

She enters boldly from heaven

To bless every child of hers

She be our almighty

She be our saviour

She is the creator

She is  the desecrater.

©️Riya rashmi dash

Lost soul

May be I 'm just a

another lost soul ,

but not the one 

that wants to be found.

Sayra (@whiskyn'stars )

"Rain and little romance"

The water droplets kissed my lips,

I pretended not to look up,

But couldn't force myself.

The grey clouds,

Covering the sky.

Breeze moved my hair.

Setting my fringes around the ears,

Another drop felt on me.

A boy rushed towards me with an umbrella,

And what a coincidence

I knew him.

My crush from utopian world.

He himself had came to me,

But I was a little confused.

He closed his umbrella,

Looked at me and smiled.

Rain was moderate,

" You love this weather,right?"

"Hm" I replied.

He accompanied me to my home,

We talk all the way.

Outside my house,

We stopped.

 A bright ray of sun fall on us.

I looked at him,

He looked at me.

He slowly came closer,

Kissed my forehead,

And he waved and left.


Alarm went on

I opened my eyes

Still blushing

And realised it was just a dream

I went outside

Slowly dark clouds covered the sky

Water started to downpour

Have I got dejá-vu?

 Or nothing will happen like I dreamt off

Like I dream off...


आज छोटी बहन🍂🍃 की शादी में लिखे कुछ शब्द रैप भाषा में👇🏻🙏🏻

ओ दूर देश के चंदा सुन,तू लेने आया तारा मेरा

अब कुछ भी मेरे पास नही है जो कुछ भी था सारा तेरा

मेरे इस अनमोल रतन को,बीच अंगूठी जड़ा के रखना

तेरा है ये आज से हीरा, सीने से तू  अड़ा के रखना

नाजों से इसे पाला मैंने, पलकों पर है बिठलाया

मैं तो हूँ सुन टेक अंगूठा,पर इसको है सब सिखलाया

तेरे सारे काज करेगी,कल परसो क्या आज करेगी

हो जाएगी उस पल तेरी, जब चुटकी तेरी मांग भरेगी

ये मेरी है छोटी बहना,मुझको जान से प्यारी है

ये मेरी माँ जाई नही है,पर माँ जाई से प्यारी है

मेरी एक अर्ज सुन चंदा,हाथ जोड़कर अर्ज करूँ मैं

मेरी नम आंखें है लेकिन पूरा अपना फ़र्ज़ करूँ मैं

ये पूंजी जीवन की सारी,इसको पलकों बीच छुपाना

मुझको सो ताने दे लेना,पर इसको न कभी रुलाना

आखिरी बार बस एक बार,मुझको जी भर के देखने दो जी

न जाने फिर मिलेगी कब ये,रोती आंखें सेंकने दो जी

बस अब सचिन चुप हो जा तू

बहुत हुआ तू क्यों रोता है

रही नही थी सीता घर में, बेटी पराया धन होता है

बेटी पराया धन होता है

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Wind rewind all my friends 

 The wind came, 

 blew away all the blame, 

 Went away with my shame, 

 But why carry my fame, 

 Friend friends made my frame 

 Without you I am not cacie poet 

 I cry all the quiet friends, 

 I try we meet on the bends, 

 I walk alone, 

 I fell not done, 

 I tell not gone, 

 A message to my friends 

 Cacie bend ands sends, 

 Much love to you 

 Much safety to you 

 If there is great, 

 I can do treat you, 

 If I hold enough hope, 

 I won't allow you be dope, 

 Friend and friends ,

 I call for your hand, 

 Let us stand, 

 Together Kenya is great 

 Neighbour greet your neighbours 

 At first, 

 They will quench your thirst. 💖

- Cacie the poet


Me:- Hey Darling,

See that round ball popping out from the sky.

I think it is the bomb,

That is being thrown by your father,

To kill me and take you home.

Come, Let us run away from the place.

My Love:- Are you mad?

Did you went into the world of illusion?

My dear,It is the moon.

Which is gleaming due to our presence.

Me:- Then,what about those shining stones?

Arriving to the earth.

My Love:- They're called stars for your kind information.

They're shining due to our hug.

Me:- Ok.But are we roaming in a roundabout?

My Love:- You bloody, you're holding me tight in the hug and illusionating about the roundabout.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


खाली दिमाग था,

आओ बताऊं कौन हूँ क्यों सर पे डोलती हूँ,,

हूँ जिंदगी की दुश्मन मैं मौत बोलती हूँ,,

तुमने हजारों जंगलों को काटकर जलाया

तुमनें पहाड़ी चोटियों पे रास्ता बनाया

क्या क्या कुकर्म तुमने किये सारे खोलती हूँ

आते नही है ज़लज़ले यूँ ही घाटियों में

होते नही है यूँ ही भूस्खलन घाटियों में

कचरा फैलाते जाकर मैं सब ही तोलती हूँ

मैं हूँ बड़ी ही मीठी,मैं हूँ बहुत ही तीखी

मैं भोर का उजाला,हूँ शाम सी मैं फ़ीकी

तुम छेड़ते प्रकति को,मैं तेल सी खोलती हूँ

जो हो रहा है सुन लो,है नाम जो कोरोना

ये मेरी माया सारी, अब घर में ही रहो ना

क्यों कोसते हो मुझको, मदमस्त डोलती हूँ

© सचिन गोयल

सोनीपत हरियाणा

Ig,, burning_tears_797

Our Scars never heal.

Since  scars are permanent.

Our Scars never heal.

Since scars are bound to be there forever.

Our Scars never heal 

Since scars hurt us like thorns.

Our Scars never heal

Since scars are like a thorny bush. 

Our Scars never heal 

Since Scars are like torture .

Our Scars never heal

Since Scars isn't time to heal. 




My dear sweet heart, My heart beats for you.

The blood flow in my heart is due to your smile.

For living on this earth,the reason is you.

My family went away to the god's abode.

Because of your strength,

A little smile is still lying on this hard face.

The pains which were recided in my heart,

Flowed along with the impure blood by your guidance and strength.

Your cute little words under that hay,

Hit my pure red blood and made it more powerful.

Your talk will put all my worries away,

And makes my day more joyfull.

Your attractive clothes are not the only reason for filling the colours in my life.

Your kindness on this orphan filled colours.

You're an epitome of different skills,my love.

You're my heart filled with ample of love and happiness.

I am very thankful to you.

You're my sweet and cute heart,

To whom I have ever met and I couldn't survive without you.

You filled my heart with lots of positive vibes and made my thoughts caught.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


Sitting aside in darkness

She was penning down her notes of hopes

Under the moon which covered himself

In a beautiful red sheath 

She unfurled her desires she wanted to get fulfilled

With the smooth swirl of wind 

Caressing her locks

She wrote everything that she wanted

With a desire to reach that height someday

With a hope to get her fulfilled one day

©️Riya Rashmi Dash

गाइये आप भी

बात मेरी सुनो तुम जरा गौर से

तुम अभी अपने घर से निकलना नही

काम तुमकों पड़े या कहीं भोज हो

तुम अभी रास्तों पर टहलना नही

रोज़ लाखों मरे,फिर भी हम न डरे

करके अनदेखी महामारी फिर भी फिरें

एक दिन सबको खा जाएगी ये वबा

फिर कहो मौत पर सब्र कैसे करें

दूर सबसे रहो, सेनिटाइजर करो

पर बिना मास्क के तुम चलना नही

ले रही है हजारों को आगोश में

मौत नाम इसका सुन लो मेरे दोस्तों

तुम जरा साथ दो,मौत को मात दो

ख़ात्मा इसका चुन लो मेरे दोस्तों

गर जिएंगे सभी,तब करें जश्न एक

सुन लो दौर ए वबा में रिफलना नही

© सचिन गोयल

Insta,, burning_tears_797

Conversation between hamburger and chapati:

Hamburger: I am the best out there. I taste better than you.

Chapati: I do taste less than you, yet I am made with the same stuff as you.

Hamburger: Oh, please! Anyways, I have contents inside me to taste better than you.

Chapati: Really? Contents doesn't matter here for the taste. Okay, you are good in taste, but what about people? Are they being healthy from you?

Hamburger: ehh..... (frets), some people do eat me for their free time. And I am tasty.

Chapati: Here, tasty doesn't matter much, dear. The main factor for food is, how much nutrients people get from eating it. I maybe not tastier than you, but even with curries tastier than me or you, still I am more healthier.

Hamburger: What about my contents inside?

Chapati: It varies. Some can be healthy in you, but some are not. Yet, a food is healthy, not just that it has reduced fat; but also it must have essential nutrients in it. Fat is claimed the worst, but still it is always an essential nutrient which is required by us, for energy.

...and the Hamburger is quite relieved to hear it.

Abhiram B.

IG: redhunter_m16

My love,

When I heard that you are affected with COVID,

That brought lot of tears to me.

I want you to stay strong,

And be a full-fledged warrior;

All because after this dreaded pandemic,

I want to kiss you, deep in my heart.

Your sensitive, pure and noble soul has proven

How courageous you are,

And all my prayers are with you,

Everyday, and every second.

With lots of love, and regards;

Your lover.

Abhiram B.

IG: redhunter_m16

कभी सोचा न था ऐसा घरों में छुपना पड़ेगा

मरकर जिएंगे सभी सांसों को घुटना पड़ेगा

कौन जानता था वबा का ऐसा दौर आएगा

उठते बैठते बस खुदा का नाम रटना पड़ेगा

डर लगने लगा अपनों के नज़दीक आने से

बस अनदेखी होगी और पीछे हटना पड़ेगा

क्या बला है ये क्यों पांव जमाकर बैठी है

कब तक लाशों को कमरे में कटना पड़ेगा

बातें बनाने वालों कहाँ हो अब आओ आगे

इंसानियत निभाने को सचिन उठना पड़ेगा

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797


He used to write letters for me when we started dating


He hardly gets time to talk to me

Everyone changes by time



You said forever and didn't say anything further,

and I was fool thinking it's forever us, unknown about it was forever pain.💔

©Smilee Prashant Bhatt


पता नहीं 

आज कुछ अजीब सा लग रहा है।

जिस ओर नजर उठा रही हूं,

सिर्फ लाशे नजर आ रही है।


लाश के साथ केवल तीन चार लोग थे।

कहां थे उनके परिवार वाले? 

हिम्मत करके मैंने पूछा एक से,

वो मुस्कुरा कर बोला,

"बाबा पॉज़िटिव थे, इसलिए कोई नहीं आया"

अजीब सी हलचल हुई मन में।

ये कैसी दुविधा आई हैं।

फिर मैं घर को चली,

और फोन उठाया।

सोचा थोड़ा वक़्त सोशल मीडिया पर बीताऊंगी तो शायद हल्का लगे।

मगर सबके स्टेटस पे हाहाकार मचा था।

किसी को जरूरत थी ऑक्सीजन की

तो किसी को बेड की

कोई गर्भवती महिला को प्लास्मा की

तो किसी बुज़ुर्ग को इंजेक्शन की।

मगर था कुछ भी नहीं उपलब्ध।

मिल भी रहे थे तो 

चार हजार की दवा चालीस हजार में।

ये हाल है मेरे देश का।

ना दवा है

ना अस्पताल में बिस्तर है

सिर्फ है तो हर तरफ आंसू

और लोग,

जो हर रोज अपने परिजन को खो रहे है।

हर तरफ चीख है बस

आवाज़ें है, दरख़्वास्त है।

मगर आखिर क्या हुआ?

रूह ने जिस्म का साथ छोड़ा

और फिर रह गई सिर्फ आवाज़ें।

और दुःख और आंसू।

Sakshi Agrawal

कहीं नही मर पाएगा सुकूँ से

 चाहे नदी नाले जोहड़ समंदर में कूद जा

मरना है तो ऐसा कर मुझसे अश्क़ ले

और जाकर चुल्लू भर पानी में डूब जा

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

घास फूस के झोपड़े में रहता मजदूर है वो

हर किसी को बाबू बाबू कहता मजदूर है वो

दिनभर गालियां खाकर भी मुस्काता है जो

उफ़्फ़ किये बगैर सब सहता मजदूर है वो

रास्तों से लेकर ऊँची बिल्डिंग उसकी देन हैं

पर आंखों से अश्क़ न बहता मजदूर है वो

जरूरत पड़ जाने पर पाता है सिर्फ़ ठोकरें

कहने भर को सबका चहता मजदूर है वो

चुल्लू भर पानी में डूब जाओ ओ पैसे वालों

सचिन भी तुम्हें बेशर्म कहता मजदूर है वो

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797


One day, I was anxiously searching for an inspirational quotes to decorate my board. None were virtuous, but wrote them for formality...Days went on...!! 

Finally a day had arrived when I was attending my English class earnestly...On the spur of the moment our teacher clamoured saying Tomorrow would be an interesting one..!We asked the reason, He told that tomorrow we would have a short poem competition..!! We got excited first and we'd accepted it.

Finally I had reached the home and ceased all my homeworks and had unfolded my book to write for the next day's competition. My mind was unable to add the masala to my pen. Finally I had written a line, and had done with my poem after an hour. It was just a 4 lined poem...I had conveyed it to my mother, she told that it was good enough for the competition...

Next day, When I had reached my school all had started climbing on me for my writeup....I read in front of them...They had responded with the same words which my mother had told. I thought it wouldn't work out...Then I had taken my pen and started penning my poem in a rhyming way....I didn't even do my breakfast on that day...

Finally our teacher had made an entry into the class...All were very excited to reveal their poems...All were going one after the other to disclose their mouths to utter their writeups... Eventually I got my chance...I had uttered myn..

It was,

Concentrate on your concentration

Die for the nation

Free your motion

Control your emotion

When I was moving to my seat, Sir countered, "Go in slow motion" All had cackled in joy..!!

Afterall sir had announced all the people as the winners...We were very happy.

After that, I didn't look back and had started my journey with some inspirational stuff and went with the natural essence for the beautiful topic called happiness. And for a beautiful smile, I had discovered Love.

Name:-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


मैंने उसको बुलाया बहुत देर तक

मैंने होरन  बजाया  बहुत देर तक

बोली  कैसे मैं  आऊं सँग में पिया

और बहाना बनाया बहुत देर तक

© सचिन गोयल

Ig,, burning_tears_797

While she was busy in adorning herself

With every desire she wanted

He captured her in his photography

Framing and keeping herself close to him

Forever and ever

©️Riya Rashmi Dash

हम दोनों अलग हो चुके हैं, यह तुम्हारी गलतफहमी है। तुम्हारा मेसेज आने पर मेरे फोन की आवाज ' टिंग', मेरे दिल की धड़कनों को बढ़ा देता था।तुमसे बात करते वक्त, तुम्हारी फोटो देखता रहता था मैं, ऐसा लगता था, तुम सामने बैठी हो। मेरे मोबाइल पर लगा तुम्हारा वॉलपेपर बातें करता है मुझसे कहता है, साथ जिंदगी बिताने का वायदा क्यों नहीं पूरा कर पाए तुम 'जी '। जब तुम मुझे 'जी' कहती थी, मेरी आंखों में आंसू आ जाते थे। मेरी बाजुओं के रोए खड़े हो जाते थे। मेरे कान गरम होकर के लाल हो जाते थे। आओ, कभी मेरे बगल में बैठो। मेरे मुंह से अपनी तारीफ सुनो। मुझसे झगड़ा करो। अपने हाथ मेरे गाल पर रखो और फिर मेरे मोबाइल से अपनी सारी । तस्वीरें डिलीट कर दो। अपना फोन नंबर भी हटा दो। फिर ऐसा करो, मेरे सीने में हाथ डालकर मेरा दिल निकाल लो, उसमें जोतुम्हारी तस्वीर छपी है उसे भी मिटा कर ही जाओ। इस वक्त किसी दूसरे को अपने करीब आने देना मेरे प्यार की बहुत बड़ी बेइज्जती होगी।...❣️🥺❣️

@Amiya Rana🤞

हां मुझे एक औरत से प्यार हो रहा है। 

क्या करूं मै? कैसे रोकूं मैं खुद को।

प्रिय कृष्णा सिंह जी,

कैसी है आप? क्या अभी भी आप उस साये (घबराहट, anxiety) से परेशान है? आपकी हर तस्वीर से ये मालूम पर रहा है मझे, कि आप कुछ परेशान रहती है। मगर मैं चाहती हूं कि इस खत को पढ़ कर आपके चेहरे पर कुछ यूं ही मुस्कान आए जैसे कि सुबह सूरज उगने पर चिरियों में जान आती। 

मैं आपसे सबसे पहली दफा रूबरू हुए kirti दी के वजह से। हमेशा उनके स्टेटस पे आपके पोस्ट, या कविता की झलक होती हैं। वहां से मैंने आपका पीछा यूट्यूब पर किया। और फिर जैसे ही मैंने आपकी कविता "तो फिर ये मोहब्बत ही सही" सुनी तो आपसे मुहब्बत हो गई। कोई कैसे शब्दों के साथ इतने प्यार से खेल सकता? और मै उससे पल आपकी ओर आकर्षित हो गई। और साथ ही हिन्दी की तरह। मैंने कभी हिन्दी को इतने खूबसूरत तरीके से नहीं देखा, जितना अपने बताया।

अरे। जहां सारी औरतें साड़ी से दूर भागती है, आपको इससे इतना प्यार। चलो मुझे भी साड़ी बहुत पसंद है। जिस तरह से आप खुदको साड़ी में लिपटी हुई रखती हो, माथे पर वो छोटी सी बिंदी लगाई रखती हो, खुद के लिए, खुद के खुशी के लिए, मुझे एक अलग सा जुनून और हिम्मत देता है। कि क्या हमेशा दूसरे के लिए सजना जरूरी होता। खुद की खुशी सबसे ज्यादा जरूरी होती।

और जिस तरह आप अपने शब्दों से उन सभी कहानियों को व्यक्त करती है, ऐसा लगता है, जैसे आपने हमारी आंखें पढ़ी है। मानो आप हमारी कहानी सुना रही हो। आप कैसे इतने आसानी से सबका दिल जीत लेती हो ना। कितना खूबसरत होता है आपको देखना, आपको सुनना और बस सुनते ही रहना।

वो जो आपकी मुस्कान है जिसके पीछे हजारों दर्द छिपे है, मुझे प्रेरित करती है, आपकी कहानियां मुझे कहती है, कि अगर तुम्हे उससे प्रेम है, तो करो, जरूरी नहीं जिससे प्रेम हो वो साथ ही हो, मगर प्रेम सच्चा करो। अपने हमेशा एक ही बात सिखाई कि खुदको सबसे पहले रखो, और खुद की खुशी का ख्याल करो। बस यही बात है आपकी जो दिल छू जाती, ना जाने कितनों का।

आपकी कहानियों में मुझे कुछ अपना सा लगता है। चाहे मै उसे पढ़ रही होती हूं या सुन रही होती हूं। "तुम मेरी आखिरी मुहब्बत नहीं" बहुत सही कहा था आपने। जब भी मुझे ऐसा लगता है, उससे दूर होना शायद गलत था, तो मै दौड़ कर यूट्यूब पर जाकर सुनती हूं, कि हां तुम मेरी आखिरी मुहब्बत नहीं, ये ज़िंदगी है, यहां और मिलेंगे जो मुझे प्यार भी करेंगे और मेरी इज्जत भी। और देखो समय के साथ वो मिल भी गया। और "एक नई शुरूआत" के इंतज़ार में मै बस उनका इंतज़ार कर रही और आपको सुन रही। 

और मैंने जब आपकी कहानी "मेरी बिंदिया रें" सुना, तो बस मै आंसू के दरिया में डूबने लगी। जैसे आपने वो सब कह दिया जो हर एक लड़की के दिल में छुपा होता। जो वो किसी को नहीं बोल पाती। एक बिंदी या सिंदूर उसके सुहागन होने का सबूत नहीं हो सकती। बिलकुल सच कहा।

आपने काफी प्रेरित किया है मुझे। और एक उदाहरण है आप, हम सब के लिए जो खुद को सबके समक्ष रखने में डरती है। (We introverts)

मगर मै आपको तहे दिल से शुक्रिया बोलना चाहूंगी मुझमें हिम्मत भरने के लिए। 

बहुत सारा प्यार, और इज्जत।



I want to...

the sound of your anklets coming louder mesmerizes me of your deep love towards me

I want to smile at you, when you are happy.

I want to hug you, when you are uncomfortable.

I want to lift you, when you need support.

I want to kiss you, when you cry for me.

After all,

I want to love you very deeply,

And I want to keep you forever in my heart;

Until I breathe my last, for you.

My heart is always there for you,

And I know you have kept me always in your heart.

And the ocean of love between us,

Will never fade in our souls,

No matter how tough times go for us.

Abhiram B.

IG: redhunter_m16

Self value

Self value??

Self value??

The way you carry yourself,

determine how your world will be.

It direct your ways

It gives you focus.

When you hold yourself with self value:

Its not pride but high self esteem.

Pride says "I am never weak and owe no body my success and am good at it"

Self esteem says"I know it won't be easy, but I strive and am irreplaceable and  strong.

Self value!!!

This virtue can't be bought and can't be learn.

when you know  self value you don't do common things **you are just unique and special

 Self value

Self esteem

Self worth

Guard them

Don't let anyone talk you down!!!

 Jennifer Okoro chioma

'Tomorrow-i'll call'


,,,Letters to my beloved ones,,

Tomorrow-i will call my mamaa,

And tell her--i don't get the lecturers grammar,

That my intelligence is in a comma,

But I still love the tales of Iliad of Homer,

I will tell my mamaa,

Of the Taylors--series Dramaa,

Of how like rabbits I eat 'Sukuma'

I will tell my mamaa,.

That there has been no winter or summer,.

That I don't like the daughter to the farmer,

Cause it's like I found my kid's mamaaa,,

Tomorrow I'll call my sister,

And tell her everything I cook is bitter,

But with my gal's training am getting better,

I'll tell my sister,

About the average campus boy-a cheetah,

About the sponsor theory-a man eater

I tell my sister of my love to her in-law sister

I'll tell her how cheating is being a monster,

How without it life would be better

Tomorrow I'll call my sister!

Tomorrow I'll call my girlfriend,

And tell her she is a goddess in that  ornament,

That I'll never let her lament,

That always I will strive for commitment,

I will warn her about kelvin and clement,

I tell her about the wrongs I never ment

I'll remind her of our 'Agreement'

Tomorrow I'll call my lover-my galfriend

Tomorrow I'll call my brother,

To check if she finally got the girl next-door,

I will remind him how we watched her dance on the corridor,

Tomorrow I'll call my brother,

And ask him about the Epl transfer,

About whom they will buy at what offer,

I'll remind  him about selling dad's woofer,

So he could take out 'Harufa'

Whether he had some balance to but a "lofaa"

And about his progress in school soo far,,

Tomorrow I'll call my brother,,,,,,,

The Lunar Peak Pen✍️,,


For the first time I seeked for attention,

I seeked for it with alot of intention and to my parplexion nobody cares about your infection,

They'll come to give help, yes, but for your demolition

Sad right?

God for us all so singles, don't stop the fight,

Try and strangle your freight,

Like the panda🐼, conquer the stairs and reach your height,

See you are not a looser,have the delight,

In this dark day, through the night you are the light.

And that was my second stanza,

It really got some of you up there?

When was the last time you stack your head in a freezer?

Don't tell me you had no fear,

Coz I'm sure it was not de`javu, bonanza?

You froze and it was clear,

Just to say,I'm not motivational but I'm just a..

Depressed boy with no one to call dear

-© Cavinart


Tell me I was wrong,

For fate to  make us meet,

To have a hawk's eye,

And see your elegance,

 Shine beyond the ridge where you sat,

It's golden spark lighting me to the core.

Tell me I was wrong,

To anchor by your side,

To shelter under your warm canopy,

At a time when the storm beat its chest,

No other shelter in sight.

Tell me I was wrong,

To feel the warmth of your embrace,

To feel a conqueror in your company,

To slay the monster of bland existence,

And shimmer in your whispers of victory.

Tell me I was wrong,

To forget the sorrows of life's voyage,

To  savour your conquest of my soul,

And hone my weapons for battle,

In a new spirit of manhood.

Tell me an wrong,

To wish I was right,

In hoping its a dream,

Whose darkness ends soon,

And I rise to the old truths,

Cherished for a future of peace.

Tell me you've heard,

The lament of a lost soul,

Whose hope you might quash,

In your dance of spurriness,

When expectations are brimmed.   

Tell me I stand a chance,

To walk you into the future,

And dare where few fear,

Shedding the yoke of fear,

Espying the new horizons,

Fearlessly gaining lost terrible,

And savouring new glories,

Of sweet shared times.

Tell me, and save my poor soul,

The induced welcome expiry.


When daybreak strikes,

And dew flees beneath the feet,

Your eyes are the ones I yearn to see,

Your smile is the one I desire to set eyes upon,

And your beautiful face is the one I want to stare at.

My heart beats for you baby,

In a thousand crazy ways,

And I am head over heels about you.

Infinitely I adore you my darling❤️

-© Prince Diaries


Walking into the broad smile of your arms.

Seeing you joke with me playfully.

You chew meat and in it consumption I find solace. 

The bond was so strong that I made you my world.

Millions a time I feel you are the best the world can offer me.

Suddenly, like vapour it vanish into the thick air.

Leaving me not knowing blue from black.

Morning turning night, whale looking shark,

all in my view.

The sketch is so untraceable.

The witch of the night  scares me.

I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel burns.

Where is the Meshach in me?

Even Shedrach is dissuading Daniel.

I don't know what next steps is to be taken.

Stream of chlorine flows through the wide road of my cheek.

My heart aches so much that even the drum can feel it beat.

©Fatai Rukayat Toyosi


Hiding behind the guise of religion.

Thieves dressed in holy ropes.

Wide wolves

In sheep clothing devouring preys 

Who seek prayers.

In the guise of religious houses

Crimes untold happen.

Dressed in holy garments

In the morning.

Yet at night

Walking with arms.

Raising rebellious

Soldier's blinded by doctrines.

Brother's slaughtering each other on the alter of religion.

While many shout

To the one above.

Others dwell in hypocrisy

And beautiful lies.

A world of religious thugs indeed.

If only true worshippers would seek him

He would heal our land.

Religion indeed

-© Alao Oluwakemisola

Smooth Criminal

Did your ancestors tell you

when hanging around with me

lies a poison lurking behind?

perhaps a charm loitering around to kill wit?

I'm a silent stone 

crafted by a wilful master,

whose being is mysterious;

My nectars are bricks and hard pebbles

weaving spur and thorns without salvation.

I'll sooth your breath with lime

& water your body with sulphur 

and acerbic liquor.

Boo me with your charges at distant-

I'll come for you at midnight

lurking around like polecat;

my prickles and stickers will slay thee 

at your comfort zone.

It's an ambush—you slay my flesh

avoid my nest, o daughters of ruin.

I'm sad; you gall my speech.

I'll beat the drums of missiles

that will grow like giant sequoias,

and you and your kindred will dance like kolanut in my tray. 

For I'm the horror scene of every movies;

the horror you made me drink;

the pains you made me feel;

the ugly romance I encounter— we encounter,

while I inhabit with you

shall spill blood on our heads.

I cry ruefully like a wolf

because the land is full of bloods;

don't fool me!

you've torn my guards.

And until I meet thee at noon,

add up all humus beneath your arms,

your criminal at wait is loitering around to kill.

©Excel c Michael

What do you do...

When your battles choose you,

When something shows at your door step that you never directly cause,choose or definitely anticipate,

Life has never been easy😔

The fact is some of you are reading this and you are going through the toughest season of your life....

There will be seasons where we will suffer,

Seasons for real pain,

But the question is how will you respond in those moments.


Its hard sometimes

Not easy at times 

But that's not an option all the time,


Its worth fighting

Its worth believing

Its worth giving yourself a chance,

Its worth standing up to what you believe in,

Its worth never giving up,

Its worth......

You can do it...

At times we go through hell things and promises causing stress and anxiety....

Its not all about what is happening around you but rather inside you.

Just because.....

Just because you feel afraid doesn't mean you be afraid,

Just because you feel discouraged doesn't mean you be discouraged,

Just because you have fear doesn't mean fear has to have you.

The sentence out of you r mouth is the story you are putting out,

Am not gonna make it

I quit

I can't keep pushing,

I can't proceed with this 

Let's take a break ,divorce

I have fucked up

Made many mistakes 

Am a failure...

We can avoid that

Those are death sentences but

We should speak life sentences just like Obama yes I can

Giving up I can't

Giving in I can't 

This isn't the first heart break,

This isn't the first time you are broke

This isn't the first time you have failed

Keep off those who pull you back

Steer forward ever

There is a reward on the other side

I can testify pain is never permanent



I always knew you would come back home,

Home to me my darling,

Because our love is impervious to destruction,

And our hearts are intertwined,

But do all our wishes come true?

My heart is disgruntled,

Since you turned your back to me, to us,

Were all those things that you said just but pseudo?

Was I fool to adore and believe in you?

You saw me irrevocably in love with you,

And you were not even judicious of it,

Then you were filled with iota of sympathy,

The same one I mistook for love,

Then fell for it akin to a trap.

Now you're gone,

Where your heart is,

And mine went with you,

Leaving me an empty shell.

I am here languishing in pain,

Melting too fast like ice under the sun,

Drowning in a lake of my tears,

With my broken heart that still beats for you

Prince Diaries

To My  Crush

Hae beautiful,

To the heavens am thankful,

To your folks am grateful,

For allowing you be part of us,

At least they gave me a chance to see a star,

Your body and skin complexion,

Your smile and everything about you is amazing,

Sharp upstairs,

Warm body temperature by nature,

But I don't know why...

Why did you have to see me 

Why did you have to meet me,

Why did you have to chat me,

Why did you have to get attached,

Why did you have to become so close,

Why did you have to fall for me....

Hey why ...

What did you see in me beautiful,

Whom do you think I am beautiful,

Where do you see us in the next 10years beautiful,

Tell me what really made you get deeply attached,

Hey can you just tell me why you choose only me,

Am just a simple graduate without a job,

Having a heart problem,

From Poor background I come,

Treating my cardiac problem is an issue,

Tell me can it  even love???

No bank account,

No place to call my own,

Nothing to be proud of,

Can't even take care of myself?,what of us......

Hey beautiful 

Trying to make my ends meet I do,

Being successful I dream,

Having a brilliant future I admire,

Having a fancy life I wish,

Maybe its not our time mama's girl,

Maybe you made a mistake meeting me,

Maybe am just a stepping stone my love,

Maybe am just......✍️

Maybe ...😔

Maybe am just that guy who was blessed with eyesight to watch,😢

Watch him treat you,

Watch you having fun,

Watch you climb step by step as I move your ladder...

I wish I could be that guy I always see in my dream...  

But you are too good to have me,

Maybe I don't deserve you for now not unless you give me reasons😔✨


Being My PA 


Good morning Sir,

I...I... I came to... Inform you about your meeting,

It's scheduled exactly at noon, your coffee is ready,

And...and...I ... I would like to talk to you

 Wanda The Poet ✍️ 

Wow, come and give me a hug my sweet pie,

I already know about that,but......

As usual,you know you are my morning tea,

So.... Let's it be. Ssssssh... I will give you that.


Emh... Sir, you still have to sign this document,

You requested an internal meeting starting in the next five minutes,

With all due respect, I would like to clean your table,

It's already messy and I had worked on it.

 Wanda The Poet ✍️ 

Easy... I know that,you know how I always do it...smiles,

I'll attend to all that after licking that cookie,

I'm the boss you know, I'll ensure all are done,

You know we also have a dinner today.


Sir, you know that I am not comfortable with this,

Besides, you have a wonderful family,

A wife to be precise sir,

I beg you repsect that transparent fact.

 Wanda The Poet ✍️ 

I know my cock's crow always race your speaker,

My family ain't here,and you know she's not as you are,

Remember I promised you a nice furnished house,

Let not this opaque wall scare you.


Sir, I talked of you signing some documents,

Here, this is my resignation letter,

I am sorry I am not ready to cause my fellow woman any pain,

I never knew this is what is meant by being a PA.

 Wanda The Poet ✍️ 

You are going nowhere and I won't sign them,

You better think twice,never be carried by emotions,

After everything I've gave you? This is......

Leave my office before I lose my patience.

 Zari ft Wanda The Poet ✍️

Try Another

Episode 2

Lasing🇰🇪 and Zari


Hey beautiful

Never thought I'll meet you,

My heart skipped at your glance.

My emotions you had it, abduct.


Hey!  excuse me, 

Do I know you?

Do you know me? 

You've mistaken me for another.


Oh my...

Sasa umekuwa Peter

Unadai kunitenda kama Jesus?

Zari stop pretending,

Or is because ain't you league?


Damn! Don't you dare raise your voice on me,

My name would sound better if your mouth was shut,

What has come over you?

Can't you see you are drawing attention?


Stop of your stoppers

Am drawing that attention,

Cause umeshindwa kuilipia,

I need not much of your time but your ear,

Nimejiexcuse kujiexpress kwako cause tume meet here.


Everyone has the right to be stupid but you are abusing the privilege,

And incase you don't have anything to do with your time I do,

Sorry to disappoint you attention seeker,

I am flying out of time.


Your demons seems upset,

Sorry for bothering you,

Early making your sunset,

But at least for once make me wanted,

Acha kutusi ng'ombe ng'ombe.


Spare me the soft soap,

I am not accustomed to be lectured on what to do or not,

Get a cup of green tea and relax,

Then get your head together man, you ain't my dog.

Lasing🇰🇪 ft. Zari

These were some of the happy poems submitted by the amazing writers at Peaceful Writers International. We will come up with more beautiful poems soon. Till then, keep penning..!

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