Memories - Sweet And Dark by Keerthana and Mrunmayee Pawar


A memory infers to bring an image or idea from the past into the mind.

Memories are the best thing a person can carry with him everywhere. Memories are of two sweet memories and dark memories.

Sweet memories are those recollections that we spend with our family or friends during school picnics or family picnics. We should try to celebrate our life and make sweet memories with our dear ones. 

Dark memories are those memories which make us feel sad or lonely and depress us to an extent that we want to erase those memories out of our mind. But memories cannot be erased. They are perpetually stored in our mind then how hard we try, we can't forget those memories even if we want to.

Life is all about choices. And we all have to pay for the choices we make. Ignore the dark times and keep moving ahead. None of us knows what's in store for us. So do not stop because of some dark memories in your life.

Enjoy the present. We never know if this happy moment will again ever enter our life or not so why should we lament and regret over things that happened in past and stop enjoying the present.

Once a person leaves this world, the only thing we have about that person with us are the beautiful memories we spent with that person. So memories are the most important part of our lives. 

Many of us may have pleasant memories with us in our minds. Those happy memories always tend to bring a smile to our faces. But many of us may have only dark memories in our lives which always brings sadness to our life. Then the only solution to it is to enjoy your present moment and be happy that will create more sweet memories in the lives of such people.

A sweet memory 

I was 14 years old when I and my family decided to go on a family trip to Vaishnav Devi Temple which is located in Jammu. But before that, we decide to enjoy ourselves a little so we first went to Srinagar and stayed there in a houseboat in dal lake, the cool, beautiful, and peaceful climate there was enough to make me and my siblings already excited for further trip. 

We stayed at Srinagar for two days and in those two days, we also visited a Gulmarg mountain's peak which had snow. We played there and enjoyed ourselves very much and then we purchased some souvenirs from the floating market of Srinagar at night which was lightened with beautiful lights. It was an eye-catching scene.

After that, we proceeded to Jammu and visited the temple at night. Even though it was a late-night, still the crowd in the temple was enough to make me shocked. This was one of the sweet memories I spent with my family.

A dark memory 

I was only 7 years old when my grandmother was detected with cancer. She was the one person with whom I would share all of my secrets with. She was a real fighter because even after she was detected with cancer, she survived for two years that.

But on a night, she passed away leaving me all alone. This was one of the darkest memories of my life and I still miss her a lot.

Memories keep coming and going but we all should make sure that we at least have one beautiful memory with us which will bring calmness and happiness to us in our life.

Here's a small story that is the best example of memories 


With God's Grace, we meet someone somewhere who accidentally brings magic to our life. They may not be our blooded relationships but they care more than our blooded ones. And that's how a person entered and made me change as a better person. The first day I met him was at school, As a teacher of my favorite subject. Slowly I got the personal connection of talking with my brother. Days passed as he became my instant solution to all my problems. Sharing my problems with him makes me free. To those days where I cried my tears of longing for a relationship of brother made me feel so special with him. The way he cares and shows his love makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I came to realize how much a brother is important. Being so protective caring and showing unconditional love. I adore every little thing in him, The way he looks being classy, sharing his life experiences, and the way he interacts is the best one. I started feeling how blessed to have such a non-blooded brother. Those were the happiest moments in my life of enjoying with my brother. Every day every morning I woke up, the first pop-up sound would be from my brother. Happy morning makes my day happier. My problems fly away when I see him. The Good soul attracts everyone. But God hates me enjoying my life with my brother. He took back the happiest days in my life. Due to some family issues, he relinquished his job and took a break from everything which made my heart heavier. When I was in dark, He brought a candle into my life but took it after a year.

I miss you so much, Anna. Love you unconditionally as always and eagerly waiting to meet you!! Every day feels like passing a year without your texts and your calls.

Non-blooded relationships are always special!!

Every moment I spent with my brother is an unforgettable memory of my life.

Hope everything would be fine.


Memories come and go,

Just like the water flows.

Some are so dark,

That they always break our heart.

Some are so sweet,

That they can never be forgotten.

This is how life works,

So stop lamenting and spread happiness, joy and love.

Keep moving ahead,

And hatred you won't get.

Spend time with your loved ones, 

And make more sweet memories.

No one knows when its time to go,

So why to waste time in having sorrow?

Let's make more memories,

So that happy we can always be.

Mrunmayee Pawar 


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