Pandemic That Changed Lives

COVID-19, We didn't hear this term before 2019, when it is first reported in Wuhan (China) in December 2019. It is actually a virus whose origin is still a big question mark. Earlier there were rumors that this virus was originated from the infected bats, but then there was news that it spreads from a person who got infected by pneumonia. So, its actual origin is still a mystery surrounded by rumors.  Still unclear. 

Covid 19 is nothing but Corona Virus. CO stands for Corona VI stands for Virus and D stands for Disease. Formally the disease was originated in December 2019. So it's known as COVID 19.

Coronavirus has a large family of respiratory viruses, known to cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The current outbreak has been caused by a new strain of coronavirus that had not previously detected anywhere in the world before.

This COVID-19 is a contagious disease, which spreads when we come into contact with the infected person. It has a different mode of transmissions such as directly, indirectly, through the air, aerosols, Coronavirus can also spread among people through droplets from coughs, sneezes, or breathing. The droplets may land on another person on an item such as a door handle. If someone else touches the handle, the virus may pass on to them if they touch their mouth, nose, or eyes.

Once inside the body, coronavirus mostly affects the respiratory system, including the nose and lungs. However, some viruses may cause immune reactions and they may trigger and have a wider impact. 

Coronavirus chokes our trachea and gradually nibbles our lungs in some cases. All these things make our respiratory system weak.  And in many cases, it also causes blood clots in our body which leads to hindrance in our blood circulation.

In order to bear the pain of this virus and to make our body capable enough to fight this virus, our immune system should be strong. A weak immune system has been a main cause of deaths due to COVID-19.

This virus is even more dangerous for old age people, kids, diabetic patients, heart patients, and for those who are having blood pressure problems. 

COVID-19's curability is still a big challenge for all the doctors all over the world. As its proper cure is still uncertain.  Here, "speed of recovery is directly proportional to the strong immune system".

Many Institutions have come forward to help poor people with food, clothes, and basic necessities in the time of COVID 19. Although these people don't know each other still they are bringing their hands forward to help each other. Many people have lost their near and dear ones due to this pandemic and many have lost their jobs and cannot afford to feed their families. 

Over 20 research institutes are working overnight to develop vaccines for the treatment of the highly infectious novel coronavirus, and many government officials are supporting it. The National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune, and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) are among these research institutes.

Many individuals, institutions, pharmaceutical companies are endeavoring to eradicate this pandemic from this globe. People are observing precautions, making each other aware of the safety measures. 

Our Central Government is also constantly appealing to us for staying at home. And to avoid massive widespread and to stop the situation to gets even more worst, our government had also imposed lockdown in our country. 

But apart from all the initiatives and precautions, the most important and most effective safety measures are ' Staying at Home',  'To maintain 2 yards distance from others', 'Wear Masks' and  'Follow Social Distancing ".

With these small measures, we can fight with this noble COVID-19 and conquer it. 

Many doctors, police officers, nurses, and many other Covid warriors are standing up against Covid in order to protect us from getting infected with it. So even we should support them by following the rules made by them and by not increasing the workload on them. Many of them have sacrificed their lives in this pandemic. Even these people have a family waiting for them at their house. Even they have children. But they all sacrifice these things in order to keep us safe and healthy. So, we should respect this sacrifice of theirs and stay safe in our houses.

We can do parties, meet friends and hang out with them, go to theatres to watch a movie with family once this pandemic is over. But for now, it is important for us to stay safe and healthy to support our family and be there for them.

As we know that every coin has two faces. Similarly, this pandemic period also has both sides.  It has been and it is a very tough period for all of us. It snatched someone's loved ones, made someone financially ill, puts a question mark on many students career, etc. But on the other hand, it has proved to be fruitful for us as well.  It provides us an opportunity to explore ourselves, to make new friends, gave us so much time to pursue our hobbies, which we always wanted to do, but time hindered our path. 

And not only for us, this pandemic and lockdown period has also been a boon for our environment. This period has somehow balanced the environmental disbalance. It gave time to nature to rejuvenate itself and has made it even more clean, beautiful, pure, and pollution less to some extent. In this lockdown period, Our environment has regained its naturality and purity to a very much extent. We have also learned the importance of savings and emergency funds.

COVID 19 has also taught us many things that we couldn't have learned in our daily ongoing lives. It has taught us to spend time with our loved ones, to talk to each other and care for each other, to make sure that we all are safe, to stay in unity and not fight unnecessarily, to love one another, and to help each other with each other's problems. We never bothered to look at each other in our daily lives. We all used to have schools, classes, jobs and assignments, workload and stress, and because of that out of frustration we used to shout at one another and then do not even bothered to apologize. But only one pandemic changed all of our lives in one go. It changed our point of view to look at life and the outer world.

It taught us that we should stay happy with what we have and not intervene in nature unnecessarily or nature will definitely give us our required punishment. We should not disturb the peace and beauty of nature. God has gifted it to us and we should not try to make any changes in it.

Many people get scared and panic if they test Covid positive which increases the time period of the patient to cure it. If you are tested COVID positive then do not panic. It can be treated easily only if you want to. After exposure to someone who has COVID-19, do the following:

Call your health care provider or COVID-19 helpline to find out where and when to get a test. Cooperate with the required authorities and procedures to stop the spread of the virus. If testing is not available, stay home and away from others for 14 days. While you are in quarantine, do not go to work, to school, or to public places. Ask someone to bring you daily supplies. Keep at least a 6-meter distance from others, even from your family members. Wear a medical mask to protect others from spreading it, including if you need to seek medical care. Clean your hands frequently. Stay in a separate room from other family members, and if not possible, wear a medical mask all the time.

Keep the room well-ventilated. If you share a room, place beds at least 3 meters apart. Monitor yourself for any symptoms for 14 days. Call your health care provider immediately if you have any of these danger signs:

difficulty breathing, loss of speech or mobility, confusion, or chest pain. Stay positive by keeping in touch with loved ones by phone or online, and by exercising at home. Meditate to keep yourself calm, stable, and happy.


This pandemic year 2020!
Has proved to be "Experience ki Ghanti" !!

Had put everybody's life on break!
And everyone has become, the 'bird of cage' !!

By doing Rest, and Rest, and Rest!
We all got frustrate !!

But this 2020, has gifted so many experiences to everyone!
And amongst everyone's experiences, We also have one !!

This lockdown makes us met with ourselves!
And gets done from us, something very different !!

Makes us met with so many, different people and friends!
And deepens our belief in the fact that,  "Anything that has happened... Happens for the best"  !!

-© Mrunmayee Pawar
-© Silky Jain

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