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It's a pleasure to have talented writers from The Inkling Hues on board. With this first post, we announce our sponsored writing community - The Inkling Hues. Scroll down to read about "pen and pain." See how a poet related to things surrounding her. With a pen being mightier than a sword, it is the best tool to express the pain out. 


Pen and pain becomes an inseparable one from my life,
To get rid of pain,I took the pen,
Most of the times,my pen is acting like a chimney,
Through it, my painful heart shares all it's burdens,
When focussing the pen's tip,
My hand is initiating to write,
My mind is searching for the topic,
Once bursting out all my pains using my pen,
My heart becomes a slight canorous,
Most probably,it's my pen,
Which helps me to canonize my thoughts into writings,
And making all my ideas and pains into the arts of immortalization.

Insta ID-@martinajohnson1502020


Pen everyone is using since childhood. Pen is the updated version of pencil. When you are writing in pencil you have an eraser as an option to erase your mistakes.. Since you chose to write in pen that days onwards it will quite impossible to erase any mistake done by all of us. Right? Yes its true..
The way we can't erase our mistakes done by us through our pen similarly in the case of pain in which situation we are going through or had gone through we can't remove it from your life.
These two pen and pain are different words and different meaning but if you will correlate them you'll find similarity..
Both pen and pain are attached to human body.. Through 3 fingers of joint cooperation we can write by using a pen similarly pain is also internal which affect the brain through which nerves act accordingly.
Both are control by brain.. You thought something brain says write it down.
When you are happy or sad accordingly brain allows nerves to according to the situation..
Internal or External body parts is the only answer of Pen and Pain..
Both are written by us.. Through pen we write up and for pain we create such situation to go through.. Create something we are writing without any physical touch.

Ashis Pahi
#insta_id:- ashis_luku95


TOPIC : my unsaid fellings to her..

I , intentionally hide her in my write ups and wait to seek her presence... And she asked me once ,have u ever felt that lonlieness all alone.. but she never knowed.. but this is how i played hide and seek all alone......

I know we cant run away from pain but we can choose the person whom v want to suffer with..i thought she would be with me..but she wasn't .. finally my pen Carried out all my burdens.. buried Deep inside in..my heart..

Na jane aaj kaha hogi..
Jo kal mere sath thi na jane aaj kaha hogi, .. fir b rhe gaye hai tere adhure yaadien...na jane Jane kab puri hogi, lamho ko thorkr kuch adhure khwab lekar .. duniya say pare kahi dhur ha chuke hai hum, na jane aaj kaha honge mere humdam,

 Aate hai tumhre armaan adhe adhure say juba pe aake ther jate hai... jo kal thay risthe ghere.. aaj bas ek eshass bankr rhe jate hai.

Tanahon ki raat meh chand meh tumhe dhekunga.. jab kabhi yaad ayegi tunhri meh akele e ro lunga...

Ek dard bara eshass or kuch unkahien battien bejh dena tum waha say aaj jaha hogi.. Na jane aaj meri jaan kaha hogi ....

#The pain i feel today was the happiness i had before 

Pavan Kumar


My own pen sometimes makes me write about pain..... 
-©️ Navya 
IG -:@thoughtsofnavs_ 


Title : MY WEAPON ♡

My weapon is the pen
When Iam in the pain.
I wasn't writing then,
Now I am penning down. ♡

Ever since I started feeling the pain,
I recognised my friends, pen and paper.
Rather than sharing my pain to others,
I started inking them in my diary. ♡

I slowly turned my feelings into poetry,
Turned my pain into rhyming words.
I write when Iam excited and happy,
As well as when Iam sad and depressed. ♡

I kiss the rainbow
Through the paper and pen
I reach the glowing moon
Through the blue ink. ♡

I turn my imagination into write-ups,
Live my fancy world in the paper.
Pen is the prince and paper is the princess,
I narrate my own story and I'm the writer. ♡

IG : Abinaya__palani



I like to write because,
when I am brimmed,
no one is there to hold,
gushing emotions need to be trimmed.
I like to write because,
if anything that renders solace,
is my pen at its pace
and my inky petals laying with grace.
I like to write because,
I feel what is oral,
is good to be heard but later forgotten,
that gets engraved by pen is always written.
I like to write because,
that's the peaceful way of mine,
the ice of pains dissolved in it's inky wine,
to gulp down the dark and flawlessly shine.
I like to write because,
the only mates righteous of my trust,
is my companion of every ready to bleed it's ink,
I can hold it with trust until my fingers shrink.
I like to write because,
I don't have to beg for it's time,
It doesn't judge even my crime,
It makes me feel that I am mine.

Reshma kausar Mohideen.
Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.


Pen and Pain

Suddenly, one day, I started shivering with pain,
It was a phrase where anything I did not gain,
My heart did ache and I wanted to scream,
How helpless I was! Shattered was my every dreams,

What to do I didn't know at that particular time
In the darken room only a paper and a pen were the things that were prime,
I took out the paper and scribbled for a while,
After an hour, I felt a relif after a strange trial,

From that day pen became my strange friend,
With whom my every sadness and grief did end,
Whenever I felt low, sad or depressed from my life,
My dearest pen worked as a sharp knife,

Whenever a friend did hurt or my love ditched me,
Always I found my pen available with me,
When I used it to describe my unsaid feelings,
I was able to wash out a lot of choked feelings,

It never did judge me according to my past,
It never asked me why don't your relations last?
It wrapped my feelings what I described to it,
It was a place where all my screams did meet,

Any bad day or a bad time I used it immediately at the moment,
It said, Yes master I'm ready you can describe about your sad moments,
See how nicely today I am writing about my weapon,
And the thing is , I am lavishing it with the help of my weapon,

Pen and pain were simultaneously the similar things according to me,
Because whenever pain found me, I found my pen near me.

Srishti Rani Panda


Pen And Pain !!

I pen it down so that I can remove my pain 
I pen so that there will be Rain which will our heal our pain 
One cherishes and other gives sorrow 
But are important as if not then we are not penning this too!!
Pen for a better tomorrow
Pain will give you insights for your pen!!

Divyanshu Rai 
Ig- @penmyidea


Theme : Pen and pain
Title : Pains of my pen

A story of pen by its owner... 

     Pain! It's such a small word right. But it tells the emotions of people from young to old. But have you ever thought your belongings will feel the pain too.... 
     I say yes... Because my pen is a victim. Let me put it this way : For suppose if your pen has a chance to talk or speak, what does it say?.. My pen goes like this :) 
          Alas! There's my owner who thinks can change the world and starts writings by scribbling my head on papers. Well if it goes good I wouldn't complain. But the scribblings she does are useless.. 
     She thinks that she can do anything.Yes!! She does have skill..It is just she's still struggling to express as the passing doors are not opening! 
     She looks like a weirdo when she chews me like a candy besides writing... But yeah it is just until when I understood that she's in pain.. 
        She just did that to overcome pain. She didn't hurt me a lot.. She just carried me everywhere and never lost from me.. 
        As time passed, I was getting ready to say goodbye.. She didn't felt like me... She indeed had a replacer of mine. 
But I only have her, My blood (ink) is filled with her writings.. 
             That one day when she succeed, I would be the happiest!! But I can bet she doesn't understand me... 
      The pain of me when she started writing.. The pain in me when she was broke... She can't see it! 
       Still I love that person.. I would rather choose to be with her than going to the burial ground (dustbin).... 

           So what does your pen feel like? Is it same like mine or it feels greater pain?... 

-©️ Sathwika


Topic: pen and pain. 

I pen the words when i feel pain hurt other feelings. The pain that come that come through my heart is about the society. When i see my society i feel my self pain. Is about female rupture that comes through my heart. it is sorrow feeling that i cant digest. 



Theme: Pen & Pain.

As an author writer & blogger, my pen always want to write on facts, truths & actuality occurring around us, but my esteemed readers like my fictions & anecdotes more .
After spending 36 years in technology consulting , my pen writes due to my love & passion to write.I author my thoughts, feelings & opinions as I love to compose and share my life knowledges with my readers .Writing invariably makes me happy I keep on writing blogs daily & sharing with my large followers of readers. These blogs are based on inspiring & motivating summaries to invigorated readers in this covid pandemic .One way of giving back to society.
I authored my thoughts & ideas to express myself and not to receive any awards ,certificates or impress others.
Yes it's invariably feel promising when my dissertation is appreciated and I touch people hearts.
Let me my pen again start percolating once again with one more inspiring content, which I want to inscribe for my esteemed readers. 

Jawahar Lalla.
Instagram ID : JBLwrited


दर्द और स्याही
अल्फ़ाज़ को अपने साज़ में घोलती हूँ।
हाँ, जी
स्याही हूँ, बोलती हूँ।

काली हूँ, 
मतवाली हूँ।
सच और झूठ को तोलती हूँ।
हाँ जी, स्याही हूँ, बोलती हूँ।

कभी अश्कों में घुल जाती हूँ।
कभी मुस्कान बन छा जाती हूँ।
धुँधले पड़ जाएँ हर्फ़ तो क्या?
स्याही की छाप छोड़ जाती हूँ।

ख़ुद जो बिखरुँ तो दाग़ बन जाऊँ।
लफ़्ज़ों में तराशा तो आग बन जाऊँ।
शोला भी मुझमें, शबनम भी मुझमें,
कभी ख़ुश्क तो कभी सैराब बन जाऊँ।

ज़मीर की आवाज़ हूँ मैं।
अंजाम नहीं, आग़ाज़ हूँ मैं।
हर सफ़हे पे है ज़िक्र मेरा,
स्याही हूँ, हसीन अंदाज़ हूँ मैं।


मेरा दर्द भला कौन समझता है।
कोई लिखता है तो कोई पढ़ता है।

तभी तो,

किसी के ख़्वाब की ताबीर हूँ,
किसी की टूटी ज़ंजीर हूँ।
समझो तो क़िस्मत बुलन्दी का
नहीं तो यादों की तस्वीर हूँ।

हाँ जी हाँ,

दिल के बंद लिफ़ाफ़े खोलती हूँ।
हाँ जी, स्याही हूँ, बोलती हूँ।
स्याही हूँ, बोलती हूँ।

©Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef
FB, ig-writernilofar


Topic - Pen and pain
Title - the suffer I had

In every aspects of life we get hurt.... The only thing that doesn't makes you feel uncomfortable is a pen. The more you write the more it makes us better. Pens carry the deep meanings of our feelings. 
People do fail in accepting our feelings. I always wanted to share my feelings to a person and then one day I realised there are no person who listens to us. So then I decided to write up my own feelings by a pen.
The only thing that didn't hurt me till now is a pen. Every drop of ink that comes from the pen says the deep meaning of me. 
The only thing that never doubted me for what I am doing is a pen. 
The unknown saying of a pen is that whatever you do I'll be there to share with you! 
The day I started taking a pen and writing up my own stuffs made me feel comfortable and better. 

Ig: ak_jeff403



Mr. Pen and Mr. Pain are very good friends.
One fruitful 🍎morning Mr.pen and Mr pain went for jogging. People are seeing them both and whispering by seeing them pain very said about that situation she went to drink water. One person came near pen and asked dear pen will u please come to our home... With me.. pen said why? I have to come iam a writer I can write stories, novels etc by taking help with you I can change the people mind and society..
Pen replied to writer I should ask my friend 
Writer said alright today evening I will come to your home..
Pen said the conversation between pen and writer pain said OK u can go iam proud of u friend go and change the world by ure ink...
That day evening writer came near them while going Mr pen gave a gift to his Frd pain
At night pain is lonely and saw the gift there was a inkpot mr .pain took a quarrel and started writing ...by weeping lord Vishnu came near pain and said write Mr pain by reading your feelings many people may change their negative thoughts... That day to till today many of our people used to write at nights called their great book in every home called DIARY ...
Writing DIARY keep going up



।। जीवन के रहस्य में ।।

जीवन के रहस्य में आज कुछ सीखा है मैंने, कुछ सवालों को विस्तार से समझा है मैंने। यूं ही नहीं बुरी हूं मैं, बुरा बनाया गया है मुझे, कुछ रहस्यो से अनजान खुद को पाया है मैंने। आज खुद को अपनी नजरों में अच्छा पाया है मैंने, कुछ रहस्यो से पर्दा उठाया है मैंने। दिन रात की कशमकश से जुझी हूं मैं, खुद को कटघरे में पाया है मैंने। आरोपों से घिरी दीवारों को आज तोड़ा है मैंने।बेगुनाह होते हुए भी खुद को गुनेगार पाया है मैंने, लोगों की सोच का शिकार बनते हुए खुद को पाया है मैंने। यूं ही नहीं हारी हूं मैं, कुछ रहस्यो से घिरी आई हूं मैं। आज रहस्यों से पर्दा उठाया है मैंने, खुद को बहुत अकेला पाया है मैंने। इस रहस्यमई खेल को खेलने आई हूं मैं, सब्र की परीक्षा देने आई हूं मैं। जीत जाऊंगी ए जिंदगी सब्र का पाठ तूने पढ़ाया है, आज नहीं तो कल जीत की मिठाइयां खिलाऊंगी मैं, कुछ रहस्यो से पर्दा उठाऊंगी मैं।
-©️ तृप्ति पांडेय
Instagram ID : @__satiety & @_.satiety._


Title :- You're been my friend to share pain

Small age children use dolls to vanish the tears, 
Middel age has games to come out of pain, 
Teen age has friends to share their pain, 
Working age people has created something to come out of pain, 
Old age people has medication to get relief from pain,
Myself to away from pain and to present my pain 
I have chosen you.... Choosen you as 
Doll, Game, Friend and ain relief Medicine Through out the pain journey, 
You was my support to over come everything
When I feel lonely you hold my hands,
When I feel depressed you cheer up with words,
When I feel anger you clam down through your nib,
When I feel stone hearted you break it through fluid,
Totally you been my thoughts and emotions..

At the age of 8 picked up you and scribbled in the white sky,
Can't even recognize your are going to be my reflection..
Started the playing with your mate letters.. 
You made the world to praise me, 
Your not only special to writers, 
Even for readers to are stress buster.. 
That's the reason 
I get you as my gift in all celebration... 
The Present is "PEN"

 P - Pull out our pain N
 E - Encourage the intelligentsia IA
and gives 
 N - Number of wonderful write up P

Mohana Abirami M
Insta I'd - relishing_writings



अक्सर दिल में दर्द छुपाया करता था,
खुद ही खुद में रो जाया करता था,
कैसे जताऊ दर्द में यारो,
में तो अब कलम से भी इश्क़ लड़ाने लगा था।।।

इश्क़_ए_दर्द भूल जाया करता था,
कलम से ही इश्क़ लड़ाया करता था ,
जब कोई नहीं था अपना तो बस कलम के साथ कागज को प्यार जताता करता था।।

प्यार का एक फितूर है,
दिलो का ही सब कसूर है,
वो तो शुक्र है कलम का यारो ,
नहीं तो दर्द_ए_दिल का मासुल है।।

जज्बात_ए_दिल जताया करता हूं,
अपनी आपबीती बताया करता हूं,
मोहब्बत हो या आशिक़ी यारो, 
सबसे बेहतर बस कागज_ए_कलम को बताया करता था।। 

दर्द से दूर रहने का फितूर है लिखना,
खुश रहने का फितूर है लिखना ,
मोहब्बत का मुकाम है लिखना ,
कैसे कह दू जन्नत_ए_नाज़ है लिखना

-©️ Vinay Sethi 
Insta id @jazbaat_e_dil0



My pen is the ruler of my destiny,
Manufactured from the area of spinney,
It's body is filled with full of emotions,
Inking glossaries is his greatest devotion,
It always bleeds his passion in form of stanzas,
Blotting alphabets always brings the marvellous bonanzas,
Scribbling is sparkle hidden in foetus of intelligence,
Flowing our imagination in ocean of excellence,
Pen the master's of sensation and slave of feelings,
By it's communication with words pen starts stealing,
Though I'm lost in this forgery universe,
My pen make my life song to sing as a verse,
The one and only living soul of my heart,
Which always cheer me up and never ever hurt.

-©️ Geethika Reddy
IG : @my.silent_world


𝘽𝙚𝙬𝙖𝙖 𝙈𝙤𝙝𝙤𝙗𝙗𝙖𝙩 

Zindagi ke gham, 
Churate hai rang, 
Pakad ke kalam, 
Ye kaha aagye hum, 
Akhen hoti namn,
Wo khubsurat sitam, 
Waqt gya tham, 
Ye kaha aagye hum, 
Roshan sawera, 
Muskata chehra, 
Teri chahat me, 
Ye kaha aagye hum, 
Kyun tabah ho gye hum,  
Kyun fanah ho gye hum, 
Kyun katal krdia mere mohobbat ka,
Ye kaha aagye hum, 
Ye kaha aagye hum... 

Rashida usmani 
Pen name - Qurat - ul - Ain 


Title - Pen and Pain

Let your pen seek revenge for your pain. 

Bandita Nahak 
Insta I'd - Bandita Nahak 


Topic - pen and pain
Sharing the view's of one of my friend....

Still so much pain
But the tears finally stopped falling From my eyes...
Now the words will fall from the sky....
I'll write a poem...my feelings and tell everyone...wht u did to me and how u broke my heart....
I picked up my pen and now nothing can stop me 
Ink runs out I'll write with my blood, feelings and with all emotions 
And if I run out of the pages then I'll write on the wall.....
You smiled enough...now it's my time for the playback nd revenge....
Give me my mom.....every single drop of it....
Give my LIFE ...every single moment of it....

Her words with god .. whatever I feel and I have seen in her eyes and her emotions....
O wrote here....expressing all the pain with the help of PEN here....🙌🏻

Feels comfortable

Insta I'd- Ananya.961


Theme : Pen and Pain
Title : Molestation (ACROSTIC POEM)

M-akes a woman completely broken from the heart. 
O-ffers a lot of pain and depression. 
L-ots of people dominate and suppress her in the society. 
E-ncircle her all the time & makes her feel like a criminal. 
S-oon she becomes mentally weak. 
T-orture and discrimination makes her feel lonely. 
A-part from this, sometimes her family members also treats her with arrogance & anger. 
T-ells her to stay at home always. 
I-nspite of all this, her dreams and goals all goes in vain. 
O-f all the odd things happened, there's no one who support and love her. 
N-either the family nor the society, she have to make herself stronger and fight for her life. 

Shraddha Rai
IG : s_ilent_killer27


Theme : Pen and Pain
Title : Ek dardnak ghatna 

Ek bohot andheri raat thi, 
Usme chipi ek gehri baat thi, 
Vo sbse bura waqt tha, 
Jab mene apne papa ko kho diya tha, 
Ye ghatna ek bure sapne ki tarah thi, 
Kuchh pal me sari zindagi chin gyi thi, 
Aaj bhi us baat ko maanna mushkil hai, 
Us raat jo hua use sehna mushkil hai. 

Us waqt ke baad zindagi badal gyi, 
Qki mere andar ki har ummeed chli gyi, 
Ab me sirf apne parivar ke liye zinda hu, 
Unke sahare ke liye ek parinda hu, 
Ab pehle jese hasna muskurana chod diya hai, 
Qki zindagi ne mujhe akela chod diya hai, 
Zindagi ka sach maanna to padega ek din, 
Vrna jhooth ke sahare jeena mushkil ho jaega har din. 

Shraddha Rai
IG : s_ilent_killer27


Theme :- pen and pain
Title :- ankahe jazbaat ..

1 Panno par utare hai maine kai raaaz apne ,,
Ek meri kalam ka sahara hai 
Tabhi nhi dikhata jazbaat apne,

2 Mohabbat me ranjhe ki tarah mera bhi ek Afsana tha 
Mai bhi ek saksh ke liye begana tha ...
Jisspr sabse zyada bharosa kiya ..
Usne bhi mujhe azmana tha ,,
Janab itna mat ghumo meri kahani me ..
Maine kaha na "Tha"

3 Pahla rota tha , akele hota tha 
To kayar kahala tha...
Un jazbaato ko likhna kya shuru kiya 
Ab shayar kahlata hu .... ....

Ek ajnabi se safar par nikla 
Mai saksh bada kaafir hu ,,
Ha mohtarma mai @its_anjaan_musafir hu

(Himanshu Sharma )
IG- @its_anjaan_musafir


दर्द का मीत 

मेरे दर्द से मेरी कलम का 
बहुत पुराना नाता है 
जितना मेरा दर्द है बढता
ये उतना चलता जाता है।

जब दर्द में आँसू बहते हैं 
हम तन्हाई में रहते हैं 
तब चुन के ये आँसू सारे
अपनी कलम हम भरते हैं 
तब दर्द दवा बन जाता है 
और एक गजल हम कहते हैं 
तेरे हिज़्र के मौसम में मैं 
जब जब तनहा होता हूँ 
तब बन के मेरा साथी तो
ये कलम ही साथ निभाता है ।

ये मुझको बहुत ही प्यारा है 
हर दर्द का एक सहारा है 
ये किसी भी हाथ न बिकता है 
बस सच्ची बात ही लिखता है 
हर गम की एक जबान है ये
मेरी अपनी पहचान है ये
मुझको ये बड़ा समझता है 
मेरा दर्द इससे छ्लकता है 
मै जैसा इसको कहता हूँ 
ये वैसा लिखता जाता है ।

जज्बातों मे बह जाए तो 
इक प्रेम कहानी लिख डाले 
अपनी धुन में कह जाए तो
हर बात पुरानी लिख डाले
सब दर्द से मेरे वाकिफ ये
हर गम का मेरे हाफ़िज़ ये
इसमें मेरे अहसास हैं सारे
जो मेरे दिल के पास हैं सारे
मैं इसको सुनता जाता हूँ 
ये मुझको कहता जाता है ।

-© अमित'केवल'
©️Amit Misra 



I often get confused about my feelings 
I wonder.......
That if I have any feel of my own,
I really feel happy when people's hold me 
But some times I feel sad 
Putting down ....... wondering thoughts running wild down their blood streams,
The drop of ink that drops me 
Then I feel ......
I think offf no use of me 
A void inside me
My mind didn't give me a thrilling 
But a thrill to people 
Sometimes the realization that sometimes those drops of ink fill up the voids inside people's heart 
I feel very happy 



कलम की तो बात है निराली हाथो में हो तो कर दे हरियाली
लेखक की तो साथी है पुरानी फिर भी घमंड ना दिखलाती
लोगो की शान है कहलाती हर दम उनके जेब में ही रहती 
ऊच नीच का पाठ ना पढ़ाती हर दम सर झुकाए रहती

Ujjwal Prakash Kesharwani


My Pen Knows My Pain!

My pen has a very strong connection with my pain,
When I jot down my emotions; satisfaction is what I gain.
If my heart wants to cry,
The ink of my pen are the tears,
If my heart is frightened,
The perils of my words are the fears.
If my heart feels heavy,
The smoothness of my pen makes it feel light,
If my heart suffers from extra brightness,
My pen writes down the beauty of night.
The pain my soul feels,
Is experienced by my pen.
The wound my mind heals,
Are medicated by the strength of my pen.
Heaven takes a shape instead of any kind of hell,
Indeed; my pen knows my pain very well!

Hetvi S. Patel


Theme - Pen and pain
Title- Expressing of thoughts, ideas. 

Pen enables me to express my thoughts, ideas. It helps me to provide relief when there is chaos of thoughts going on in my mind. Sometimes pen enables me to express my pain in times of difficulty. But on other hand, it enables me to provide me courage to express it in a free and fearless way. 
Pen is what is always with me in times of happiness and sorrow. It is a medium through which expression is possible. Through it many unsaid things can be said. It is like a loyal companion for expressing thoughts, ideas which are safe and secure. Expression is free without any judgement. 
Insta I'd - drishti-2228


Theme : Pen and Pain

Writing became my love; when i failed to confess,
Heavily devastated,fall in love with the feeling of air,
Spilling from my lungs,
And painting my chest with sorrow.

To say i'm without fear,it wouldn't be true,
Afraid of being remarked and humiliated,
Cluster of words with lots of sensation,
Became the string of love between our remoteness;

I never desire for a traceable kind of love,
Just want to write my love story Bold,Permanent and Black and leave the white nor at home,
I don't care if my writing smudges,but just don't even try to erase it,
As it creates a intense blessed love zone;

Like the spring blooms,i slowly unfurled,
Now and then i will never be ashamed to say it around my family or even in public,

Yep! I do adore you and sure of it too;

Unanticipatedly, Writing became the mole concept of my love to Divulge.

Rutuparna Nayak
IG: rutuparna_nayak_3310



I chewed the nib of my pen, to beautify my sullen scars,
The stretch marks that I'd received, or people called me dark,
Pen and pain, both have become my lifeline ever since,
Ever since I started to keep a diary, and ink down my feelings.

From the day I started writing, to embracing myself,
The mirror had shown me, as a beautiful human self,
From the womb I was born, and the soil has enriched me,
The climate of my mind is such, that reflects my inner being.

The pen knows my story, and fills the pages in a way,
That whenever I write a letter to myself, I can feel the pain,
The scenario goes inside my mind, like a hurricane of thoughts,
Filling in paper like wildfire, and igniting the raindrops.

Pen and pain, both go hand in hand as I stay alive and breathe,
For the ink flows in my blood, and colours my breeze,
I can sleep peacefully, knowing my pen has been pained,
Maybe then can I colour the paper, with soulfully gifted pen!

IG ID:- @deep_scribblings


Pen and Pain

You may not know how much pain I hold while writing about you,
My pen bleeds each time while I think about you,
It overwrites in that time,
It remembers so much and don't stop,
Pen is having a flow only,
Words just are written in that paper,
But the pain can't be compared to anything,
It takes time to forget,
It takes time to be like earlier,
It takes time to stay stable,
We flow emotions and that stays perfect!

Rajvi Shah



Jab baatein main keh na saku,
To apni kalam se duniya rang deti hoon,
Un kore panno ko nadi mein bahane,
Jinmen meri kuch kahaniyan likhi hon.

Jin logon ne dard diya, ya khub tadpaya,
Kuch kale panne hain aur kali syahi,
Jo rang de un safed panno ko bataye kahani,
Ek ladki ke baare mein jo kabhi thi pyaari si.

Apne dil ka raaz un kuch kagazon mein hai,
Man mein jo bhi bhadas thi sab unmein hai,
Agar wo na hote to na jaane kya hota,
Kyunki kalam aur mere dard mein kuch aise bat hai.

Har kisi ko pata nahi, koi janna chahta bhi nahi,
Phir bhi meri dukh bhari aankhein bayan karti hain,
Jo shayad jeete jee keh na saku kabhi,
Shayad meri parchhai bhi meri kalam mein hai.



कलम और दर्द

ये दुनिया कुछ अजीब है,
सुनना चाहती है,
मगर सुनने को तैयार नहीं,
फिर किया क्या जाए।

जी हां! कलम और दर्द,
दोनों को पन्नों में कैद करना,
सोते वक्त बयां करना,
पूरे दिन की घटना।

जिसने दिल तोड़ा हो कभी,
या सामने से आकर बात की हो,
या मैंने खुद को चोट पहुंचाई हो,
सब कुछ लिखा है।

क्योंकि स्याही की ऐसी बात है,
जो दर्द को अक्षरों में लिख ले,
लेकिन फिर भी हकीकत तो ये है,
कि हर किसी को समझ नहीं आती।



𝗧𝗵𝗲𝗺𝗲 - 𝗣𝗲𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗻
𝗧𝗶𝘁𝗹𝗲 - 𝗛𝗲 𝗸𝗻𝗼𝘄𝘀 𝗺𝘆 𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗻

He lives in your desk, on your table , in your pencil box. 

You think he is only a object but I think he has emotions too. 

Sometimes he makes me inspire to write up which is in my mind. 

He makes me feel that all is not over yet. 

If I feel alone, he usually say that am here for the creation. 

He is my friend now, with him I write diary everyday. 

Am not a great writer but he named me Literary boy. 

Sometimes I feel sorrow but never feel alone cause of his presence in pen stand under the table lamp. 

He makes me always enthuse to create a new gener with his touch of ink. 

For you he may be the pen just only but for me he is my inspiration of writing. 

He is not a object anymore 

He knows me, the real me

He knows my pain, 

He knows.

Joy Mondal
Instagram ID: @a_literary_boy

Published in collaboration with The Inkling Hues - a writing community sponsored by the Peaceful Writers International.

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