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Pain is a four-lettered word with a zillion miles of depth. Some amazing scriveners have expressed their pain on paper. With Peaceful Writers International, let us dive deep into the painful moments penned down by our poets and explore a dark world.

Life is a bundle of joy and pain. 
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Let me Breathe Pain Today
I want to breathe pain,
I want to laugh like I have got rickets, 
To run down the Perished lane, 
That goads me to Kick The Bucket!

I want to inhale the oxygen of my pain, 
To dance to the calls of my Woes, 
To provoke it's Storm to drive me Insane, 
To see the Beauty of my Blues!

I love to feel the snow of Pain, 
That pinches in the kinetic energy of zest, 
To become the Plucky Woman enjoying the Peril's Rain, 
To satisfy the Mountain of Desires before taking Rest!

I want to Play with Pain, 
To Snub it for being a nervous Wreck, 
By catching the Warrior's Train, 
And breathing down the Destiny's Neck. 

I want to soul talk with pain, 
To see if my heart is sore, 
To see if my senses actually drain, 
To finally Land up in the Lioness's Shore!
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दर्द की आवाज़
 दर्द गूँजता रहता है,दर्द-ए-दिल की परवाह नही होती।
अश्क का पलकों पे उतरना तो बेवजह नही होती।

आज फिर एक आह भरी है, कहीं तो किसी ने,
बूंद ज़मीन पर गिरकर, यूँ इश्क में तबाह नही होती

मिल जाते हैं कई लोग , अक्सर राहों में इधर-उधर,
हर किसी की धड़कते दिल में जगह नहीं होती।

इन आँखों ने कई बार, नज़रें फेरी है हक़ीक़त से,
हक़ीक़त को छुपा लेने से, वो कोई अफवाह नही होती।

मायूसी तुझपे आखिर कर , क्यों छा गयी नीलोफ़र,
जान बूझकर धोका खाने से, धोके की आगाह नही होती।
Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef
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The most unbearable pain is the pain of pregnancy.Nothing is equal to it.But even that pain can be vanished once the cry of the child heard. But the pain of heart which holds abundance of memories but failed to forget everything,which it stored   
with lots of happiness is the utmost pain forever.The pain of heart will continue till your body left alone without a soul.It's the most unbearable pain which will ever makes us sleep peacefully and concentrate in our work whole heartedly.Especially,when we fall in love within a fraction of second and imagine that we have loved with our beloved over 100 years and within a few years or months everything felt blank while they left us by saying adieu and join hands with someone with a happy face which they did to us a few months before makes our heart dead alive.That moment,the pain the particular soul facing can't be define by any words.It's something worse.Living in a present life with a happy face outside, by holding many hidden emotions within and walking like nothing happen outside.Whilereminiscene about the person whom we loved a lot once upon a time and still loving them by carrying their memories within us.At times,while reminiscene the moment makes us shed tears,by the time controlling all our emotions and wiping our tears silently along with that holding the pillows tighly with the intention that no one can able to witness our pain is the most unbearable pain in the world.And it is the only pain which will live with us forever.
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Pain In The Muffled Voice Of A Girl
Born as a girl is not the crime of her’s,
She is always discriminated for her gender,
Starting from home to the society,
She always fights for her societal propriety.
A girl, who never said no to the parent’s decisions,
Her home has become like a confinement prison,
she is repeatedly abused by her step brother,
always treated like a stranger as she is a daughter from another mother.
She was kept like a caged bird in the darkrooms of her house,
Treated like a prisoner and never let her emotions to disperse,
She was torn inside out many a times,
But her screaming remain unheard all the time.
What could be done to the girls, whose voices are remain unheard?
Oh, dear man! how could you sleep in peace by having a calm mood,
Only during the time of Dussehra, lord Durga maa you worship,
How about the girls who are raped day and night? Home only became their battleships.
Can't we stand together for the rights of those muffled voices?
Can't we be the true companion of those raped girls who do not have any other choices?
Can't we stop abusing daughters, girls and women of the society?
Can't we be the voice for those unheard voices by showing some humanity?
Pramila Kumari behera
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दर्द अपने वासीयत में मेरा नाम भरे लगा है,
मेरी खुशियां हो गईं मुझसे खारिज,अश्क कब्लियत दिखाने लगा है।।
जख्म नासुर बन,नश्तर चुभोने लगा है,ये वक्त तेरे यार शायद हम नहीं,
तकदीर अपने जागीरों को देख रोने लगा है।।।।

ये तेरे एहसासों का नमी भेद सारे खोलने लगा है,
तुम किस कफ़न अपनी चिता बनाए बैठे हो
वो तेरे अरमानों का घरूंडा,धराशाई हुआ जा रहा है,
ज़रा सी नमी। एक ही उन।पलको में,ये बारिश क्यू बेतहाशा हुआ जा रहा है।।

ए दर्द यूं आहिस्ता आहिस्ता चलना तेरा,मेरे रातों को एक सफ़र दिए जा रहा है,
मैंने सबेरा देखा।कहां है,ये अंधेरा घनघोर हुआ जा रहा है,
इन बादलों ने भी मचाया,तूफानों सा शोर,
वो बिजली मेरे आंगन शायद गिरा जा रहा है।।।।
हिना राय

There is a stinge somewhere, I can't explain why 
I have gotten used to it, now even tears don't feel shy 
The salt of tears burn the wound
It hurts everywhere not anything particular is found 

It is more faithful than everyone who came 
People changed yet it remained the same 
It is an element of the blank 
Nobody hears of the body while it sank
It doesn't need recollection 
Just close your eyes and feel the pain, it becomes an addiction 

Atleast pain doesn't let me down 
It was there even when I lost my crown 
Talking to the moon 
Sharing the pain hoping it will end soon 
The earth choose the sun 
The sun only making the moon burn 

I don't see it as an emotion but a companion 
Sometimes we do need someone's opinion
Anshika Dutt
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The very first day,
When you passed my way,
My eyes wouldn't stop,
Looking at your presence.
It was just a glance of yours,
Which made me smile and blush.
I wanna stay with you,
Can never keep you apart.
You made me fall in love with you,
How did you learn this art? 
It breaks me apart,
If I think about you going far.
But baby I'm already broken,
Because you are no more mine. 
And this love remained in the scriptures of shrine.
Alfiya Suroor khan

अपनी उंगलीयो में
अपनी उंगलियों में मौत की 
वजह पेहेन कर चलते है,
पर उसे उतार भी नही सकते
क्योंकि अगर उतार दीया तो
और तरप तरप के मारते है ।

जिसे छोड़ना था उसने तो छोर दिया ,
अब वो ना सही तो उसकी यादो में 
ही हम जी लिया करते है ।

और भले ही तू मुझे छोड़ चली गई 
पर मै तुझे कभी नहीं छोडूंगा
की मोहब्बत के गलियों में 
तेरे जैसा बेवफाई का दुकान नहीं खोलूंगा ,
मगर उसने कहा था कि मैं वापस आउंगी
अब तो हमभी इसी बहाने मुश्कुरा लिया करते है ।

पर कर भी क्या सकते है यारो
आखिर उसकी खुशिय ही तो चाहते थे,
बस कभी मेरी जगह उसे ना मिले
खुदा से यही दुआ किया करते है ।। 

As I turn the pages of my past,My breathe starts running fast.That black night with immense darkness fears and scares me the most.When I was returning from my job late night., They blew my sense out with chloroform. Tearing my dress felt like they killed my soul. And my own people tore me apart. I cried the loudest. I screamed the scariest. Streams of tears ran down my cheeks. But found none to save me from the scariest.Not one not two but a gang raped me.They came closer to me,Left a scar on me as they rested hands over my breast, Bruising my thighs,Fidgeting thier finger over my labia,Rubbing thier hands over my body,Held me tight stopping me to scream.Intensifying their so called coward manhood in the darkness when the world sleeps.Anxiety, Anger,Embarrassment, Fear,Lonliness,all that I felt,Laying their naked with a blanket, I could feel the injuries of my soul. Hoping that my dreams will not cease.I felt disconnected from society and my life,The smell was so constant that I couldn't get over it for months,I still feel preoccupied with thoughts. I still feel like it's happening all over again. I couldn't sleep throughout the night.Nights seem to beckon me. I lost a part of mine. I still wake up every night feeling thehorror of assault. My past horrifies me. The pain is unbearable. 
Naaz Nayim

दर्द-ए-कथा एक पीड़िता की
कुछ बूदें उड़ाकर वो मेरी पहचान ले गया, 
मारा तो नहीं मुझे पर मेरी रूह मेरी जान ले गया। 
तड़पती रही मैं बीच चौराहे पर, 
कोई मेरी तस्वीर कोई मेरा ईमान ले गया, आत्मा भी तो भटकती रही मेरी, 
ना कोई उसे श्मशान ले गया, 
बिना किसी गलती के वो मेरे सिर से पूरा आसमान ले गया,
उम्र भर का दर्द देकर भी भरी अदालत में "तुम आजाद हो" का फरमान ले गया, 
कुछ बूदें उड़ाकर वो मेरी पहचान ले गया,
मारा तो नहीं मुझे पर मेरी रूह मेरी जान ले गया।।। 
श्रेया गुप्ता

Pain is evident
Pain of a friend who had always been left out in her group.
Pain of a girl , who never mattered much to anyone.
Pain of a daughter who couldn't ever live up to her parent's expectations.
Pain of a student who was labelled as below average.
Pain of a dancer who was labelled incapable for being fat.
Pain of a girl whose heart broke.
Pain of a teenager whose decisions went wrong.
Pain of a woman whose body was wrongly touched.
Pain of a lover whose forever cheated on her.
Pain of a wife whose husband beaten her to death.
Pain of a mother whose son forgot her , left her to move to the abroad.

Pain was all we women feel throughout the life 
Pain has it's various perspective .

The hurt is same
The tears are so eloquent.
The heartache is so strong.

The pain is so damn haunting 
So much to bear up with
Extremist Infliction as known.
Sirsha Ganguly .

Is that a curse,Or a boon to be born as a girl child.Periods are my physical Problems.Mentally I'm alright and don't I have any right to go to the temple? I'm affected physically.But not mentally.We connect mentally with God.What is this bloody system?What is this worst system?

Blood dripping and suffocating inside. That dampness each time touching my skin produced out some vibrations which reached my heart touching it's muscle. Pads getting wet and agonizing.But still I've to play with my little cute brother who can't live without me. 

They stopped me from entering into the temple where I can lean my pain to the God and feel fresh with his Darshan. The slow dropping of this red juice from my body released tears of my heart along with it.These haunting body pains flooded with my excreta in the periods time with much pain.My mental unstability is crying out the blood from the broken egg in my uterus.

But these social taboos which is prohibiting my mental health is very hard to digest.The fire in me was put away and ceased my reaction to this bloody taboos.Can't we connect mentally? Can't we prohibit the prohibition of mental connection with God?
Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

दर्द की दास्ताँ
क्यों मिला दर्द जीवन की जंग में,
सपने बिखर गए जी देखे संग में;

बिछड़ गया दो हंसो का जोड़ा देखते देखते,
यादें छोड़ गया प्यार उनका जाते जाते;

सिर्फ़ देखी दुनिया ने दोनो की जात,
उनके रहते दे दीं दोनो के प्रेम को मात;

क्यों विद्वान कहलाते लोग करते है क्रूरता?
प्रेम करनेवाले को जुदा करके दिखाते वीरता;

क्यों प्रेम करनेवाले को ठहराते है गुनहगार?
सच्चे प्रेमी को मिलती है मौत की कगार;

दो दिलो को करते है जुदा और देते है दर्द,
अपने आप को बहादुर करते कैसे है ये मर्द?

दुनिया की रीत से मजबूर हो जाते है वो जुदा,
सचमें मानवता को लोग कर रहे है शर्मिंदा.....
Nimisha patel

कब तलक इंतजार करू 
तेरे प्यार से बात करने के लिए
कब तलक खुदको गलत साबित करू ?
तू नही है सही फिर भी तेरी खुशी के खातिर 
तुझे सच्चा शब्बित किया है ।
कब तलक ये एक तरफा सफर तै होगा?? 
कब तलक जिंदा रहेंगे हम ,
तेरे सितम सहने के लिए ?? 
तूने तो वादे किए थे की तू रुलाएगा नही ,
कब तलक इंतजार करू तेरे इस वादे के मुक्लमाल होने का ?? 
कब तलक इंतजार करू तेरा ?? 
ये तो बता दे ,
की जिंदा रहते ये इंतजार खत्म होगा या
मरने के बाद तू मेरा होगा?? 
IG - write_aqueen

दर्द की मेरे खुदा कोई तो हद बता,
मैं दर्द बहुत सह चुका मुझे अब और ना सता।
Vijay Singh Panwar

तुझसे मुलाक़ात काश हादसा होता
ना मै तुझे जानता ना तू मेरा होता।।
Atul Kumar

Dard kya hai us maa se pucho jiske aulaad ne use vidhashram me chora, 
Dard kya hai us bete se pucho jiski maa nhi, 
Dard kya hai us bache se pucho jiska ghr nhi, 
Dard kya us larki se pucho 
Jiski izzat nilam hui, 
Dard kya us insan se pucho jisko tezab ne jalaya, 
Dard kya hai us parivaar se pucho jinhone apne khoye, 
Dard kya us shaks se pucho jiski mohobbat chor gyi,. Dard kya us shaks se pucho jiske apne dokhebaz hai, 
Dard kya un jawano se pucho 
Jo dusro ke liye kurbaan hote, 
Dard kya un bacho se pucho jinki maa doctor hai, 
Dard kya un gharibon se pucho jinke paas khana nhi. 
Dard hi dard mile hai is zindagi me, 
Zindagi hai Dard se ubharne ka safar. 
Rashida usmani 
Pen name - qurat- ul - ain

Pyaar se unhe sister kahte h,
Jo din raat hamari seva krti h,
Khud se jyada Hamari parvah karti h,
Chlo aaj ek kaam krte h...
Aaj Unko ek salaam krte h.

Akele rhti h pr hamari seva k liye,
Apno se durr rahkr Gairo ka khyaal rakhne k liye,
Chlo unhe dhanyawaad krte h...
Aaj Unko ek salaam krte h.

Marizo ko dekhte dekhte ,Khud ko bhul jati h,
Samay pr dawai to samay pr checkup bhi krti h,
Lekin khud k liye samay nhi nikal paati,
Unke is kartavya ko pranaam krte h...
Chlo Aaj Unko ek salaam krte h.

Jab gharwale bhi pass nhi rhte...
Tab wo hame apno ki tarah sambhalti h, pyaar se injection to lagati h,
To kbhi kbhi daat bhi lgati h,
Unke isi pyaar ka maan rakhte h...
Chlo aaj Unko ek salaam krte h.
- © Kushagra Pathak

किसने बोला था उसे मेरी आंखो को यूं समंदर समझे 
ना वो डूबती, ना इश्क होता और न उसे दर्द होता!!!

आज मेरे खामोश होने पर भी वो सवाल करती है 
अब उसे कौन बताए ये दर्द भी तो उसका दिया एक अनमोल तोहफा है

मै अब उसकी तरफ नजरे नही घुमाता 
जाने कब कौन सी पलके उसकी 
वापस जाने से मुझे रोक ले!!!

आंखो में उसकी आंसुओं का एक सैलाब आया था 
किसको पता था दिल टूटने के बाद एक तूफान आया था 
जब तक वो बाहर आए 
सब ठंडा पड़ चुका था 
किसको पता था उसकी बेवफा मोहब्बत का परिणाम आया था!!!

एहसास हुआ.... टूटे दिल के साथ लिखने पर सांसों को अंजाम मिलता है 
रिश्ता कलम से गहरा हो तो एक पहचान मिलता है 
जाते जाते मुझको एक सबक दे गई वो 
किसको पता था लिखने से बड़ा आराम मिलता है!!!
Satyam Kumar

बिजली चमक रही थी और बारिश भी हुई 
मुझे लगा उसका फोन भी आएगा
बाते बेहिसाब दिल की होगी उससे मेरी 
लगा था दिल से एक शोर भी आएगा
धीमी आंच पे जलता रहा दिल मेरा
सितारों की आश में बैठा था यूं
खैर कोई बात नही 
वैसे मुझे लगा इस बार 
रिश्ते में हमारे एक नया मोड़ भी आएगा
मुझे लगा था कुछ हो न हो
उसका एक फोन भी आएगा!!!
Satyam kumar

Her whole body was in pain when she was attacked with acid,her whole body burned like fire,her whole body was charred to pieces,her whole body thrembled with fear when she thought of the horror night that she had just endured,she was in tears the whole time,she couldn't be consoled,she died a slow death each day. Her eyes,ears,everything were paining and a shiver ran down her spine. 

Pain of my heart
The pain I feel seeing the one who bored me 
Saying she doesn't want to talk or see,
Me the son now prodigal so I have to flee
So far away I go from home and find a place to sleep
Confused,broken and hurt feeling like a fooled sheep.

I'm the cursed seed
Is all the feeling overwhelming my mind so deep
Why me not being their heart beat
They say I'm no more for keeps
Left alone to learn the hardest way of the world tips,
For me to survive my broken wounds of unworthy child I treat.

As the prodigal son, I stick to meals of pigs
Hoping some day,my parents will utter forgiveness from their lips
Making them proud and their Apple's eye I be
To an extent of getting them Jeeps
And forever together having best feasts.
Savviest ink
Becky Dan Ogolla
IG: Danto_lupacy

दर्द बेदर्द बेशक है, अब भी आहें मचलती हैं
दुनिया बड़ी कातिल , अब निग़ाहें फिसलती हैं

गुनाहों की सदा क्या होगी बेबुनियाद हैं बातें 
जब दर्द होता है , फिजायें निकलती हैं

कौन समझेगा गुमनामियाँ मेरी बातों ही बातों में
जब भी साँस लेता , साँसे फिसलती हैं

लोग खरोंचते हैं जिस्म बस चंद पल की खुशियों को राघव
पूछलो न सदाओं से क्या हवाएँ भी मचलती हैं
आकाश राघब

I really want to scream out loud that I love you,
So that again you you could come back to pursure,
I don't wanna let you go even in my dream,
The pain of missing you is causing taruma in my bloodstream,
The joy of your presence makes me feel much better,
Your absence infront of my eyes is giving me so much of pressure,
I locked you up in my heart to save from our enemies,
But you always ended up listening to those words of monkeys,
Why didn't you feel the trust upon me through your heart,
Our fun on this land made us strangers on this dry desert,
I'm born from you ; you are my progeny of our love,
I cannot forget how to like you even when you shove,
I just became an addiction to you just as sun needs moon,
I am not the one who chooses other people over you so soon,
You are my favorite story in those zillion of books,
And our love story is my favourite drama in those million of looks.
-©️ Geethika Reddy
IG: @my.silent_world

I feel so alone in the world of billion people,
Broken into pieces like a trash cable,
Shrouded in the darkened blue sky,
Your presence in this universe is only my wifi.

I know that you knew my feelings are lonely,
So I had shared most precious bond to comfort me,
At this time in my heart core I feel completely empty,
I just feel like I'm missing me frankly and amply.

Nobody could hear my cry of sleepless nights,
Behind the satisfaction there were the fears of unite,
I designed a future mission just for the sake of you,
But all you did is allow this lonely bird to flew.

Your attitude towards me changed all my routine life,
Like a pole star in the sky you were flickering in my eyes,
Protecting you at the dangerous time was my big mistake,
Your last message made to lead for a heartache.

I'm left alone just like a lonely star,
Your small goodbye is my heart's biggest scar, 
I just feel those moments with you were completely lie,
I endure like abandoned & my evil hearts says me to die.

Without you I don't feel my life is thrill,
Like when I was a child with a one dollar bill,
All I need to end this coldness,
Before the death leaves me soulless.

I just feel alone the truth that is locked in my heart,
Every second I feel like this emotions are tearing me apart.
-©️ Geethika Reddy
IG : @my.silent_world

ज़िन्दगी तो ज़िन्दगी है मौत से टकराएगी क्या 
बानगी है सादगी इतना कुछ सह पाएगी क्या 

जो पल रही है बढ़ रही अविचल शिखाओं की तरफ 
मौन हो फिर मौन में मौन फिर गढ़ पाएगी क्या

विशाक्त ये भूमि हुई जो यामिनी तांडव करेगी
यूँ दिवा की रोशनी में रोशनी रह पाएगी क्या 

राहें जो खंजर हुईं है धरती भी रोती है रोना
जो रो गई सारी ये प्रकृति चुप भला हो पाएगी क्या

मौन पर्वत ये नजारे मौन क्यों दुनिया की महफ़िल
मौन जो बुलंदी हुई तो मंजिल फिर मिल पाएगी क्या 

पुष्प कहाँ सुगंधित हुए गंध क्यों ये छोड़ते 
गर कभी महके नहीं कोई सुगंध मिल पाएगी क्या 

दिशाओं ने धरना दिया है इनकार है पहचानने से 
पहचान गर जो खो गई पहचान फिर मिल पाएगी क्या 
आकाश राघव

People say that when your loved ones leave you, you feel very depressed and lonely but only in reality when I experienced it, I came to know how much pain of seperation hurts.

I cried day and night everyday in the memory of my loved one but I knew that my loved one will never come back, it was totally impossible. 

I waited and waited slowly my hope started diminishing, I was insane,I acted like a crazy person talking to myself all the time.

Atleast one fine day my hopes faded, my belief in God vanished, I found myself submerging in darkness, my heart was shattered like pieced of a glass, my soul was empty, it was nothing to me now, I was broken, I was completely broken by the pain of separation
Mrunmayee Pawar
IG - Mruna_03

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