School And College Memories by PWI

School memories are the ones that cannot be forgotten by us throughout our lives. They are all sweet memories. Laughing on silly jokes with our friends, excited when there are some boys vs girls competition, being in unity and helping out a student if he/she has done mischief and the teacher wants the child's name, excitement and enjoyment of whole class during an educational trip or a picnic. Trying to convince the parents of a student who is not coming for picnic, pranking teachers and friends, class-wise competitions, annual functions and some funny moments in between an exam and many more.

The most enjoying year of school is 10th grade. Although we have 10th boards and it is said to be the most important year, but still we don't let a single moment of this year go in vain. We find happiness in each and every small moment of this year,because we know that its the last year of our school and we are not sure if we will be able to meet those friends again in the future or not. So we tend to enjoy this year to the fullest. Farewell is one of the most best as well as sad parts of the 10th. It's best because it's more like a party and it's sad because we have to part ways with our friends. It can be temporary or forever. These are some of the unforgettable sweet school memories of ours and school life is one of the best parts of our life which each one of us should enjoy to the fullest.



ये स्कूल की प्यारी यादे,

 वह खेलना ,खुश रहना, 

और अपने मे मस्त रहना,

 अच्छे दोस्तो की महफिल 

हँसना खुश होना,

याद आता है ये जमाना,

 यही है स्कूल का खजाना, 

न पढ़ने का बहाना,खूब  क्लास से भागना,

 याद आता वह टॉफी और पेंसिल की गिफ्ट का खजाना,

 -© Dr. Surabhi jain "shruti"


The first step of mine,

At the place I wasn’t fine...

Standing in the line,

Felt the classroom like quarantine...

Then years went on,

Days spent on...

Strangers converted to besties forever,

Teachers converted to inspirational endeavor... 

Those last benchers, 

Where the best adventures... 

Still remember the lectures, 

I bunked for friends venture...

The values inculcated,

throughout the life...

Never thought that small lessons, 

Are making me walk on the knife...

Those exams when I used to appear, 

Never expected that are making me ready to face the world fear...

The open days when parents were called,

Now making me realize it was for not to ever fall...

When I was the worst student, 

Tried to become good but couldn’t... 

The memories of School Days, 

Can’t forget anyways...



यादें पाठशाला वाली

चलो सुनाऊ बचपन की वो बाते ,

जँहा पर हम थे खुलकर मुस्कुराते ;

सुबह की किरण होते बुलाता विद्यालय, 

जेसे की बेचेन रहती जाने उस आलय ;

वो मम्मी का स्कूल मे छोड़ने आना ,

मम्मी के जातें ही दौड़कर कक्षा मे जाना;

खेलना वो खेल के मेदान में ,

जेसे शिखते उसूल जीवन में ;

सब के साथ बेठ्कर खाना ,

दुनिया की सबसे बडी खुशी पाना ;

नटुकाका का वो सिटी बजाना,

सुने हो गया जेसे कोई जमाना;

सहेलियों के साथ वो खेल् गतिविधिया ,

बनाती मेरी खुशी की दुनिया;

मम्मी का वो आवज लगाना ,

उसके पीछे जोर से हाथ थपथपान;

परीक्षा आते ही करना टेंशन ,

साल मे एक बार मिलती पेंशन ;

नही आयेंगे वो दिन पाठशाला के,

बहुत यादगार वो दिन जीवन के.....

Nimisha Patel


School memories are beautiful memories of life. We grow, learn, make friends in school. We enjoy every moment with them and have the best time of our life. School memories are cherished forever. 

School is that place where we have lots of memories in almost every corner of it. Especially in the classroom with our teachers and in those benches where we would hide our tiffin and eat in between the classes. To have conversation with our friends by scribbling on back pages of notebook or book. Making excuses for not doing homework and completing assignments, projects at the last minute. Getting tensed at the announcement of the date of exams and making plans to pass them with good marks. Some of the friends would remain tension free but on the day of exam, God is remembered.

 As we look back to our school memories ,we smile and remember them to keep them with us forever. 



Remembering my classmates after a year,

My eyes were filled tear. 

Everyonee is busy as rife.

Making their futures bright. 

The funny nicknames,

And the unnecessary blames.

Finishing lunch before the break,

Such, beautiful memories we all have made.

The first-day introduction & the school instructions,

Foryears our life was under construction.

Everything was fine,

Till the exam time.

The last-minute assignment, 

Or the annual function excitement.

Laughing and chatting, 

We made memories that are everlasting.

It was very hard,

To get depart.

The school days bliss,

Is what, "I still miss".

Srishti Maheshwari


Aaj mujhe ek Sapna Aaya ,

Sapne me mujhe Mera school nazar Aaya ,

Aur specifically bataun to 2nd floor par ART ROOM nazar aaya,

Art room ke Saath Vala classroom nazar aaya jisme hum tab baithte the jab hum 9th class me the,

Achanak se sapne ne ek ghumav liya ,

Aur mujhe hamara playground dikha Diya.

Haan vahi playground janha PT vale sir chakkar katvate the,

Hume fir rakhne ke liye badi saari exercise krvate the.

Fir achanak se mujhe vo sir ki whistle bhi sunayi padi,

Itni me mujhe dikhne lagi mere haath par bandhi ghadi.

Haan vhi ghadi Jise hum last period me nihara krte the,

Ghar jaldi se bhaaag Jane ke liye hum marte the .

Fir main ghum firkar vapis class me aagyi ,

Us classroom me hui har choti badi Yaad meri aankhon ke saamne chaa gyi.

Pata hai Kabhi Kabhi hum kaagaz ke gole bnakar ladte hai ,

Kabhi Kabhi copy pehle check krvane ke liye jhagadte the.

Kabhi Kabhi dusre section ke baacho se hojati thi duster me upar ladai ,

Orr Kabhi hum Khub masti krte the, lekin Saath hi Saath krte the Khub padhai.

Vo ek period SUPW Ka bhi hota tha

Jisme seekha cooking, knitting , art and craft and much more,

Haaan yeh baat sach hai school me hue nhi hum Kabhi bore.

Vo goooooooooodmoooooorning Ma'am to bohot Yaad aata hai , jab hum chote chote hote the,

Tab to school jaane ke naam se bhi rote the.

Magar bade hote hote school Pasand aane laga,

Kyunki padhai ke Saath vanha mazaa bhi aane laga.

Ab agar main har ek Yaad ko Yaad Karu to pata nhi kitne hi panne hojaenge rangeen ,

Itne Saal guzar gye hai in sab baato ko , nhi horha mujhe yakeen.

Lagta hai bas kal ki baat hai sari,

But haan sabse best Hoti hai school life hmari.

Tanya Gupta


School was supposed to be second home ? No? 

NO, really NO 

My school had been by biggest terror, with hatred all around,

With bullies, surrounding like darkest clouds, with no acknowledged abilities.

My school had taught me how to fight with evils 

My insides burnt into ashes, 

Me being a quiet nerd endured it all.

Kept numb, false accusations ripped my heart, "School Slut" that's what I was called.

The bitter memories still hunt me , intensifies my anguish .

They said I'll end up being nothing, they said I'll die in Ocean of nothingness.

The teachers made me able to fight, to survive, asked me to never compromise.

My heart stopped beating in fear of going there.

My supposed second home became the realm of death.

My school memories haunts me , darkens my days .

Sirsha Ganguly



Not a single day,

hundreds of days went away.

Lifted up with happiness, sadness

And quarrels these many days.

Many complaints, Many compliments.

Many good news,Many bad news.

Some stuck to the corner of the room.

Some clung in the pen fights in the middle of the room.

Nanny usually come with a broom

To our classroom.

Some talked with her.

A little swore on her.

Silent on the arrival of the principal,

A few judged him as brutal.

Book cricket was the sport.

By which many hearts clung to that.

Asking excuses for the undone homework.

Frighten on seeing the way they look.

Biting nails when there was a check held.

Cleaning the boots without knowing to the mankind.

Many sticks broke.

Many misunderstandings awoke.

We laughed,cried, enjoyed,

together. Our bond would never end.

Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


Waking at 6 a.m,

Having struggled to open the eyes,

Out of compulsion get down from the bed,

Bathing early and fastly like a crow,

Eating like a squirrel,

Searching scattered books here and there,

Attiring uniforms,

Wearing ties, shoes and Id cards like an officer,

Running fastly like a cheetah to catch the buses and autos,

At times acting more than heroes and heroines,

Reaching school at 8 a.m,

Finishing Homeworks by borrowing notes,

Last bench atrocities,

Chatting with friends,

Roaming within the campus,

Waiting eagerly for the lunch breaks and intervals,

Sharing foods,

Becoming an athlete to reach the canteens,

Listening classes physically,

But absent mentally,

Waiting for the last bell to ring,

Fighting for the leadership badge,

Preparing for the exams at the minutes of the last edge,

Sports day atrocities,

Blissful annual day celebrations,

Now and then having small functions,

Birthday celebrations,

Singing songs for the birthday babies,

Wishing fastly to eat the chocolates,

Naughty fights,

Spending a day with an abundance of smiles,

Hectic preparations for the 10th and 12th exams,

Waiting for the marks of the 10th and 12th exams,

Saying adieu with the heart full of memories,

On the farewell,

Oh, my God, what a blissful and wonderful days,

We had in our schooling,

Tears are rolling down while I am writing down the memories,

Still cherishing those memories,

With the heart of happiness,

Is the reminiscences of the school.



Time stopped! It was the end of a decade, rather an era,

The batch was finally going to graduate from school,

The scenario was so heartfelt and soulful,

It brought in vibes of how the school days started.

I have an entire register filled with creative autographs,

Not of some celebrity but of all my friends insane,

My shirt is flooded with millions of emotions,

The marker had sketched so hard that it engraved.

I still remember, me in a saree walking down the lane,

Assembly commenced the start of the last day,

Farewell! A well organized day out for all the students,

Concluding with games and some pleasant memories penned.

It was that moment when people proposed to their mate,

Some hanged out in canteens to pay their last bills,

No dues left, no list then claimed for a favor,

It was heartwarming to parade the landscape for once.

DJ loud and hands raised in the air, motioning to dance,

Eating and giggling while capturing the scenario diverse,

Sachs distributed to recognize with abilities,

Miss and Mr. were decided and crowned for their deeds.

Speeches and some pleasant memories we cherished,

Clicking photographs while displaying a wide cheese,

Getting blessings from teachers and seniors,

It was one of the most powerful days in my life ever.

It was an end to one part of life, while the other awaited,

It taught to be disciplined and obedient in all means,

School! The name itself ignites so much warmth,

I am a writer, and my credits go to the school's culture. 



The benches, still hold my name, I engraved with my naughty pen,

The walls and roofs echo still, with the distracting sound of my fluttering pages,

There still lie some crushed letters, under the desk, I couldn't throw on my friend,

Winds there, smell fresh, with the cologne of my childhood even after ages.

Broken pieces of chalks, the teacher threw at me, still lie near my seat,

The window panes are waiting for that little pigeon to come flying again,

The friends and foes, all stories of fights and hugs crave to repeat,

My baby soul still hops and jumps, in the playground, enjoying the first rain.

My school is an album, hold pictures of my unfiltered smiles and tears,

The classrooms bear my tender voice, singing dramatically to greet my teachers,

The temple of knowledge, never denied my presence, even when I bled, monthly,

The living idols there, never asked my religion, blessings of wisdom, they shed, selflessly.

Reshma Kausar Mohideen


उस कुर्सी से मुझे प्यार हो गया जहाँ मेरा वो यार बैठा था,,,

मैं घंटो बैठा रहा उसके ख्यालों में वहाँ जहाँ वो प्यार बैठा था।।।

-©️ Arjun Patwari


The feeling of going back to school seems oh  so surreal 

Those carefree days and stress-free days 

What everyone needs to remember is sometimes forgotten by us.

Those group studies which we had with our  friends

Those meet-ups, bunking school, etc.

Those first love memories 

Those canteen snaps, those memorable moments.

Those festival celebrations, birthdays that we celebrate with our friends 

Oh they make us all so nostalgic

And take us down memory lane 

Never forget your school memories!

-©️ S Sree Navya


It's not about school

It's about my world

At the unfurled moment, I entered the school

I scared but my rose fingers hold my elder sister's hand

My teary eyes filled with watery drops land 

Mother is leaving us in this schoolyard 

Never knows this will become my favorite life 

Becoming the best student in the class 

An innocent girl to the teacher's favorite is love 

A friendship bond grows with a group 

Taking tuition together and meeting everyday 

Petals plucked as we separated from each other after primary in another way 

The bond is strong, we are still there as always 

In the tuition and now in calls 

In a new school, I got my best friend 

My world happiness, I found 

Best friend forever 

Girls gang group 

I became sunshine rose 

Which is a magnificence scent 

Flying like a charming bird 

I enjoyed so much 

As I dance like a peacock 

I got love and care from them 

As in Beach warm hug with cold breezes 

In the tiffin time, I ate from everyone's tiffin 

I got to nurture, affection, and fondness together 

The best days, best love 

Still, they are in my life 

But some got married 

And some are engaged 

I enjoy my day with my bestie 

As she is cheerful and a kid as like me. 

School memories are so more 

The bond is from my core 

I miss those days, as I have secrets till yet. 

I learned a lot 

It's like a gift from God 

Kid to teen always loving my books and study 

No phone no messages only meeting in school and in tuition 

The time was best 

Early morning to evening life was with them only 

As a studious, I got this name 

But my bestie calls me Krishna 

And the whole school including teachers too 

We went to picnics where I with friends became a thief 

That I enjoyed and requited the moment again,

Life is interesting as calling Bosconian from others 

Praying Jesus, going to the church is lovable and blessing from church Father 

The memories are like rain, it's flowing in a chain 

I regained them more 

But with bestie, I feel I am living them more. 

Trishna Chakraborty 


School memories

Days of school, 

were very cool. 

The golden period of our life, 

begins in school life. 

Teachers and friends, 

like new trends. 

Tease each other, 

used to make us happy. 

Eating lunch in between periods, 

made us stupid idiots. 

Each day was full of memories, 

like great treasuries. 

Playing with pen, 

was great fun. 

Friends for a lifetime, 

we can find that time. 

The first and last day made us cry, 

like day and night in the sky. 

Love and attachment last forever, 

without a break ever. 

That beautiful morning, 

with a small gathering, 

Full of happy faces, 

with hidden tears in the eyes. 

That was the last day of school, 

when there were no rules. 

Everyone is collecting memories, 

like the valuable treasuries.

Shraddha Rai


I knew everything would be cool,

After hitting out the gates of the school,

The friends I got were so close,

That now I feel like I'm in remorse.

I felt so secured with the uniform,

When my priorities used to come first,

In the eyes of the civilians,

I felt no stress boasted like I'm on form.

Everything went well at that moment,

Holiday trips were like a basic need,

I couldn't miss 'cause after all, it was for students,

And so naive I became with the school uniform.

Good times faded away,

And worst ones reappeared,

As hostility from students,

Had its roots grow deep.

Strikes made us look bad in society,

Increasing stress and poverty,

Especially to the parents and guardians,

Who we're meant to pay for our mess?

If it wasn't for School,

We'd face the authorities but we were in uniform,

Stupid kids that only quenched for advice.

It's sweet and worst memories,

As school made us see things differently,

The world really good at letting you fit in,

As time passes the memories don't fade.



I remember them as faint memories 

Those free lessons at the library 

Cutting out pictures of our favorite celebrities 

Silently from the library's glossy magazines 

Talking about dreams and future plans

Big dreams and heroic plans

But all of them are now memories

In my little heart's treasury//

Saadia Zia Khawaja


कॉलेज का आख़री दिन

ज़िन्दगी तो कॉलेज में ही जीते हैं।

फिर तो जिंदगी में सिर्फ़ ज़हर पीते हैं।

मस्ती की पाठशाला से दूर जाने का ख़्याल।

सोचते ही मन में आ जाता था भूचाल।

वक़्त गुज़रा वो दिन भी आ गया।

देखते-ही-देखते विदाई ला गया।

यारों की यारी, वो आख़री लम्हात।

गले मिलकर रोते रहे, न कि कोई बात।

एक दुसरे से मिलने का वादा 

प्यार भरे किस्से और भरपूर इरादा।

प्रोफेसर भी आज बड़े अच्छे लग रहे थे।

हर कोई दिल के सच्चे लग रहे थे।

आँखों में अश्क लिए विदा हो गए।

मिलेंगे फिर कभी, कहकर जुदा हो गए।

Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef


I remember both my School and college Farewell like it's a fresh memory, both these days were so emotional for me since I was no longer an Alumni of my School and College, those days where I used to hang out with my friends, go for movies with them is something I still remember. I remember during my UG farewell, I was scolded by my Teacher for wearing a sleeveless dress, almost everyone was dressed in sleeveless that day, but my teacher had to only reprimand me, but still, I had a happy day that day, those farewell memories are something that needs to be cherished. 
-©️ S Sree Navya 

For the first time ever,
I tasted the potion of separation.
Salty tears that I enjoyed as a toddler,
tasted like the most bitter secretion.
The teachers I used to never like,
I unintentionally hugged them tight.
Even the foes seemed like angels,
for they'd no more stay in my sight.
From each & every nook of that divine paradise,
my existence was melting gradually like diminishing ice.
It felt somebody forced open my tightly closed fist,
and my childhood got dispersed in the skies of life like a mist.
The non-teaching staff of my school whom I seldom noticed,
I realized, they too held a place on my beloved's list.
Every step of the staircase that I footed on,
Felt like clutching my feet enabling me to move on.
Best friends are like the wounds fresh even today,
I'd rather not open them and let the tears get their way.
The last day of school was actually the first day I had learned,
we treasure the ashes of the most valuable things only after they get burnt.
Reshma kausar Mohideen

Patshala aur college bidaye yaadein
Wo pahle din pett dard ka bahana banana , school na jane ke liye aansu bahana
Aur phir school jaake naye naye dost banana
Kitna khubsurat tha wo jamana!
Wo sath me lunch karna , wo sath me icecream khana
Wo sabka ek sath class bunk kar Cricket khelne jana
Wo class test me cheating karte hue pakde jana
Aur phir sabke sath milke punishment khana
Wo ek dusre par hasna , aur ek dusre ko hasana
Kitna khubsurat tha wo jamana !
Dekhte hi dekhte hum bade ho gaye school se college ki aur ravana ho gye
Last din school ke hum kitna roye the
Rahenge hmehsa contact me kehke khush hoye the 
Phir college ki aur sab ravana hoye the
Ajnabiyon ke bich jaake apni ek pehchan banani thi
Par kon janta tha ye ajnabi itne ajij ban jayenge
Sukh dukh ke sathi aur dil ke kareeb ho jayenge 
Wo college bunk kar ek sath masti karna
Wo last date par milkar assignment submit karna
Wo exam se pahle group study bahut yaad aati hai
Padhai kam aur nautanki jyada, dil ko sukoon de jati thi
Waqt ab bichadne ka phir se aa gya, num thi aankhein aur mann udaas tha 
Bidai ki unn gadhiyon me dil behad udaas tha
Par sacchi dosti itni aasani se kaha tutati hai!
Durr hue to kya dil hmehsa apne yaaro ke sath hai
Wo teachers , wo masti , wo dost  sab aaj bhi bahut yaad aate hai
Par waqt par kiska jor hai ye kab ruka hai !
Kuch khatti kuch mitti yaadein aaj bhi dil ke behad paas hai.
Anjali Gupta

As we were going to pass out from our school, several emotions and memories were going to be left behind. There are good times spent in school which is remembered by us often. 
School farewell memories are fresh in our minds. The Farewell party was amazing and filled with lots of fun and memories to remember. We got to learn a lot from our teachers. The farewell ceremony was graced by our principal and all the teachers who taught us. They were helpful, educated, and humble. 
We had lots of fun with our friends. Photo session, dancing, and visiting our classroom for one last time where we had lots of memories and moments spent. These memories are unforgettable. 
As it is said, "goodbyes are hard". But we have to say goodbye, to cherish them forever in our lives. 

Time may change,
Seasons may differ,
At times we need to cross both the state of happier and suffer,
At that moment, some memories will conciliate,
Among them, our school and farewell bid memories,
Will have a prominent place in each one of us lives,
At that time friendship,
The final hugs,
The denouement photo shoots,
Uncontrollable tears,
Reminiscence of the whole year memories,
No words can surpass those feelings,
It's such a memorable moment,
Which stays in our life forever.

स्कूली जीवन का सफर हो गया आज यहीं पे है समाप्त,
मित्रों से बिछड़ने का खौफ मन मे जगी यूँ हठात।
कर रहे थे इंतज़ार इस दिन का पूरी उत्साह के साथ,
पर ना जाने क्यों एसा लग रहा की लगी है अंतर्मन को आघात।
आ गया है आखिरकार ये दिन जो यादों को समेट कर कदम आगे बढ़ाना है,
हास्य विनोद करते करते वर्षों को दो पल मे गुजार दी, अब बिछड़न से असहनिय पीड़ा को ढोने सा लगता है।
सच्ची बातें जिनकी लगती थी कड़वी कभी, आज डांट भी उनका दिल का हर्षित करता है।
अंश-कालीन वे पर्वरदिगार को मेरा सत-सत प्रणाम है।
उस सुनहरे दिन को यादगार बनाने वाले मेरे अनुजों और बाहनों को इत्मीनान भरा सलाम है।
अभिजीत मंडल

Last Day of School,
Hard to believe that it was the last day at school but a day to remember,
We were busy scribbling on other's face, shirts, etc, those friends who have been with us from beginning
Writing lovely & cherished moments on each other's uniform,
Collecting photos of the memorable day,
All were sad remembering nostalgic memories of those amazing days,
They all knew this was the last day they all met all together,
A new beginning was waiting for them...
This part of life was coming to an end, A celebration.
Looking back on learned lessons, small fights between friends, those bright moments filled with special meaning,  A time to wave a big goodbye to old friends.
The time has come to pack all the bag full of memories,
A treasure for tomorrow,
A new beginning, Time for looking forward to bright future, greater aspirations, some new dreams,
But this part of life was the cherished part of life...

I know our school life has ended. Things won't be the same. Farewell has given us the realization that things are not going to be the same. Days are approaching where everything will be there but not the same us. The coming days will be tormenting. Our eyes will shed thousand years every time will miss each other. The school, teachers and everything wherever we go will miss them all. No matter where ever we go but the feelings for each other are going to be the same. I wish the friendship remains the same. Here's a short poem for you all:
I don't know where to commence, 
From the very beginning till the
End you are worth reminiscing. 
We are a day apart from bidding goodbye, 
Thought of writing a little souvenir. 
I hope you look back to this day, 
And keep thinking about everything we have done.
We have run into thousand problems, 
But we have trusted each other, 
And grew mischievous together. 
The corridors are quieter, 
Classrooms are now better, 
But faculties miss us for sure. 
From knocking each other, 
To owning each other, 
We have built ourselves stronger. 
Wherever we go, 
Will miss you more. 
The days that were tormenting, 
You made it soothing. 
From an introvert, 
You made me an extrovert. 
Every value that's inculcated in me, 
You hold the credit, 
And for sure it can't be debit. 
School, wherever you are, 
And wherever we go, 
I Will miss you more and more. 
Concluding, with a heavy heart wherever you are we will be yours forever and forever. 
The heart of every ISC 2021 candidate is bleeding to explore more of you before a final goodbye. 
-© Naaz Nayim

जादू की नगरी
यही तो जादू  है कॉलेज  का की गम के आँसू  पी लेता है  चुटकी में
यही  तो  जादू है कॉलेज का की सोया हुआ आइंस्टीन जाग जाता है
और चढ़  जाता है कामयाबी की सीढी
यही  तो  है  जादू कॉलेज का जो   जगाता  है मन में  छिपा  हुआ विवेकानंद
जिसके विचार  से हर पीड़ी लेती है आनंद
यही तो  है जादू कॉलेज का जहाँ  दोस्ती की एहमियत  पता चलती  है
जब मुसीबत सामने दीवार बनकर खड़ी  रहती है
यही तो  जादू है कॉलेज का जहाँ संत  भी बदमाशी  के जाम  में मदहोश हो जाते है
और कह जाते  है वो अनकहे अलफ़ाज़
जिसे  सुन रावण  भी बोले राम - राम
यही तो जादू  है कॉलेज का जहाँ  प्यार के इज़हार पर
होता नहीं कड़ा प्रहार
यही तो  जादू है कॉलेज का जो ककड़ी  जैसी ज़िन्दगी को
बना देता है दसहरी  आम जैसा मीठा | 
Vibhor Bijoy dilsedoalfaaz

विद्यालय की बिती यादें,
चंद अल्फाजों के इन पंक्तियों को विराम ले लेने दो, दास्तान नई शुरू हो जाएगी,पुराने बचपन की,
तस्वीरों को समेट लेने दो,
वो अल्लह र सी मस्तियाॅ,वो बांकपन सी अदाएं,वो हसाना बिन बात के,कुछ हमें समेट लेने दो,वो जलदी जल्दी खाना,वो स्कूल सहेलियों संग जाना,वो रिबन से चोटी,वो बस्तो में किताबे मोटी,वो पियुन की घंटी,में हमें फिर दौड़ लेने दो,वो टीचर की 
डॉ टे,वो डर से बकते सारी बातें,
आज फिर उन गलियों में दस्तक देने दो,वो लेना भाग सुईदौड़, बोरादौड़,वो चाहत अव्वल आने की,ज़ोर से हाथ उठाने की,नए पाठ सुनाने की,सहानुभूति टीचर से पाने की,वो घड़ी का देखना बार बार,वो बेल का इंतजार,
वो टिफिन,में खाते सभी साथ साथ,बिल्कुल कोरे काग़ज़ थे यार,
वो दौड़ना,वो भागना वो हसना,वो खिलखिलाना, वोबरिशो में भींगना,वो कागज़ की नाव को चलाना पानीयो में,वो आंखो का मिचना,वो खेल रुमालों की,
पाठ का याद करना ज़ोर ज़ोर से,
वो खड़े करना टीचर का बेंचपर,
वो करना प्रार्थना चिला  चिला कर,मूंद के मिचे आंखे वो बात बात पर रूठना ,मानना सहेलियों संग चलो इन यादों के झरोखे में,अतीत के अवषेशों को समेट लेते है।।।।।।
-© हिना राय

A Day To Be Cherished: Farewell
A day to be cherished
With a lot of surprises and suspense. 
It is a memorable day, 
Where every one of us is special. 
A day to be cherished
With a lot of love and affection. 
No matter how we were treated before
But, this day honors us. 
A day to be cherished
With mixed feelings of merry and sad. 
It is an unforgettable day 
Because of recalling the past days. 
A day to be cherished
With a lot of forgiving and forgets. 
It is a special day, 
Which makes us realize our bond. 
A day to be cherished
With a lot of smile on our lips and
A great longing in our eyes, 
Which holds unutterable emotions in our hearts. 
A day to be cherished
With a lot of promises and punishments. 
Funny punishments for past deeds, 
And pure promises for future actions. 
A day to be cherished
With a lot of gifts and photoshoots. 
It is none other than
Our "Farewell day ".
J. Ragasudha

We enjoy the whole year of 10th or college sometimes because of little jokes during boring classes make our memories sweet, sometimes the boys versus girl quiz fill us with enthusiasm, sometimes we remember the house wise competitions of sports day while sometimes we remember the amazing performances of annual function but the sweetest and remembered memories by each one of us are the farewell memories if our school or college, where we bid adieu to all our friends, we don't know if we will meet them in the future or not but the memories we spent them always bring tears of joy in our eyes and smile on our faces. So school and college farewell memories are the most precious and special memories to all of us.
Mrunmayee Pawar

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