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What's new today? The writers at The Inkling Hues took a dare to write some horror stories. So, let's check them out:
Why not read something horror and thrilling today? The dark rooms, the light shadows, the slow footsteps, and thunders in the sky...Shhhh
शशश---शायद कोई है।
आज मन कुछ ठीक नही था, फिर भी कुर्सी पर बैठी और डायरी के पन्ने खोलते हुए क़लम से ज्यूँ ही लिखना शरू किया, अचानक सरररर''-'-पत्तों की खड़खड़ाहट के साथ ज़ोर से खिड़की खुली और धड़ाममम---से बंद हो गयी। मेरे बाल बिखर कर मेरे चेहरे पे आ गए,अभी बाल समेटना शरू ही किया था के अचानक तेज़ हवाओ ने---- सारे पन्ने जो टेबल पे पड़े थे, बिखेर कर रख दिये। तुरन्त नीचे झुकी और समेटने लगी, तभी लगा शायद कोई खिड़की से मुझे देख रहा है , जिसका एक लंबा साया सामने की दीवार पे था। काँपते हुए हाथों से आखरी पन्ना उठाया और ज्यूँ ही खड़ी हुई, बिजली गुल।।।।^*^*^ हु हु हु की आवाज़ साफ सुनाई दे रही थी क़दमो की आहट---ठक-ठप। हिम्मत नही हो रही थी के आगे बढ़कर खिड़की बंद करूँ, मोबाइल कहाँ थी कुछ भी याद नही आ रहा था, मैं पसीने से सराबोर अंधेरे में टटोलते हुए दरवाजे तक आयी और ऐसा लगा जैसे कोई रेशम से बाल मेरे हाथों को छू रहे थे। तभी अचानक ज़ोर से चिल्लाई कौन है???कौन है यहाँ??? तभी बिजली आयी और देखा तो सामने कोई नही था, मेरा दुपट्टा जो रेशमी धागे से बना था वो दरवाजे पे रखा था। तभी जान में जान आयी। 
भाग कर खिड़की बंद की और पलंग पर आकर बैठ गयी। मन में उथल पुथल हो रही थी, तकिए पे टिका कर सर रखा और न जाने कब आंख लग गयी, पता ही नही चला।

-© Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef
FB, ig-writernilofar

Someone is watching
I was walking all alone on a devoid road. That hunch of someone is watching, the petrified feeling of spook, being possessed by a crook.
Is constantly knocking me hard. Rushing towards my house I was restlessly just wanted to reach home as fast as I can. I was just a few meters away from my house's main gate. 
Suddenly something gained all of my attention. 
My legs slow down, I try to take a vision on the bench under a tree on the roadside. 
Someone was sitting on the bench. 
It was a lady, but her face covered with hairs, neck bowing down the ground. 
I can sense, something is very much spooky about her. 
I try to ignore her and pass by her by gaining my speedy walk. Now I was running profusely. 
I reached the main gain of my house and halted there to take a breath. I was bit relaxed that I reached my preach. I can still sense that someone is watching me from behind. 
I turned around to take a glance at her. 
She was standing and starring at me with a weird look. I felt like my heart will be popped out of my mouth and suddenly she disappeared. 
I fainted out of horror and the next morning my eyes opened in my bed with mom dad around.
It's been one year but I can still feel that someone is watching me. 

-© Surbhi Tripathi
IG- mystiq_surbhi

As Geethika invited her two friends named Sehitha and Suchitha to her place. They decided to stay there for a couple of days. Then returned back to Hyderabad. As it was already night, They booked a room in the nearby hotel. And reached their room 707. As they were arranging their bed. they get a strange sound from the next room 706. And went there to check if everything was alright. They heard a girl crying from inside and knocked on the door, There was no reply. So, the friends forced themselves to have a glance through the keyhole. and found nothing but an empty room. They thought that something was suspicious. They checked again. This time they couldn't see anything, but the red color. When they were returning their room key, they complained that there were strange noises from the next room, And they couldn't rest well. Then the receptionist told them that a girl passed away last week and her eyes were totally red. The friends were scared to death knowing the girl was looking at them from the keyhole, Past night. When they returned to their room. They couldn't sleep at night. So, Sehitha decided to take Suchitha out for a walk. And planned to give a surprise for Suchitha on her birthday which was tomorrow. When she was about to give a letter to Suchitha. They heard a gunshot from the next street, and they immediately ran there to check. They hid behind a wall. And saw what happened there. Three gangsters killed innocent people terribly. As Suchitha was capturing it, Sehitha got a call. And gangsters saw sehitha. They both ran for their lives. As ehitha knew fighting, She gave suchitha the letter and sent her from there. She got stabbed while fighting with those gangsters. And fell to the ground lifeless. Then she turned out to be a horrible ghost and decided to take revenge. She kidnapped one of those gangsters and bought her to the haunted house.
Gangster 1: please, leave me.
Ghost (sehitha): Do you love your life this much?
Gangster 1: yes (crying)
Ghost (sehitha): Then why do you kill me?

She turned to her ghost form with anger. And took a nail, Then digged it inside her body, with a hammer. And threw her out of the forest and left a note saying "I PURPLE YOU".Soon cops found it. And went on investigating. Sehitha went to the next gangster for her revenge. She was asking for a lift with a mask on, knowing the car belongs to the next gangster. Which he gladly accepted it. They built a conversation among them.
Gangster 2: so, when is your birthday?
Ghost (sehitha): It's on 30 August and for your additional information, my death was day before yesterday.
(And the gangster put a sudden break and both faced each other. Then the ghost removed mask changing to her original form, with a deadly gare.
Ghost (sehitha): Remember me?
(Gangster freaked out)
Ghost(sehitha): Do you know how it feels when our Dearly ones die infront of us?
Gangster 2: please, spare me. Have mercy on me.
(Then ghost took his mobile and showed him, his family was killed one by one.)
Ghost(sehitha): Will you kill yourself, or shall I?
(Then he immediately took his gun and shot himself. Then ghost created it like an accident marking "I PURPLE YOU".On the galss of a car. But actually his family weren't killed. It was just an edit. Then soon cops found the gangster dead and found the "I PURPLE YOU".Mark again.)

The ghost went on to the last gangster for the revenge. As it was rainy night, the gangster came home fully drenched. The lights immediately went off on his arrival. He closed all the windows and light a candle. Then went to change his clothes. As he was drying his hair, he found the girl image in the mirror. And he freaked out. Then he suddenly heard his mobile ringing. He answered the call hesitantly.But found no reply. His mobile was drag to the wall and breaked out the pieces. Then the glass pieces sticked on to his face. He screamed his lungs out. Then the image of the ghost appeared infront of him. He tried escaping. But found no way.
Ghost(sehitha): You separated me from my best friend. You killed me.
(And anger took the best of her)
Gangster 3: please let me go, I beg you.
Ghost(sehitha): Happy journey....
(Then she drew the knife deep into his hand, tongue, legs. And finally she tortured him to death. And went from there. Mean while suchitha was a crime mess crying her heart out for her bestie sehitha. Then she remembered some thing.
Suchitha: letter (curious)
(She ran inside insearch of the letter. Which was received lastly from sehitha. When she opened it she found *"I PURPLE YOU,* in it. At the same time on the TV, The news popped up saying the three gangsters we're killed with the same *" I PURPLE YOU".* Note, on their dead bodies. There came a loud thunder and she looked at the door. Which was opened. She couldn't see anything but a black figure, standing at the door. Suddenly there came a lighting showing her face clearly. And it was sehitha. Suchitha ran immediately to her.
Suchitha: where were you all this time?
Sehitha: I thought you saw the news.
Suchitha: why did you turned out to be a killer?
Sehitha: That's for my revenge. And revenge of every innocent people, that died in their hands.
Suchitha: Don't you know cops exist for a reason?
Sehitha: But I want to kill them with my own hands.
Suchitha: leave all this and let's move to another place.
(Suchitha tried touching sehitha's shoulder. But she just passed through her, Then she was scared, hurt. This time, She understood everything slowly. The last words sehitha said before fading into the air was, Do remember, Iam always there for you. Just call me if you need my presence. And *I PURPLE YOU....* Suchitha woke up from her dream panting heavily and noticed sehitha beside her sleeping peacefully. Then she slept again hugging her...

-© Suchitha
Insta I'd: my.deep__world

When I was alone at home, unfortunately I got a call from an unknown number. When I took phone and said "Hello", there was no response. I was shouting like a mad by telling hello but in return they had cut the call. Suddenly I heard a sound someone is knocking the door upstairs. When I started to walk 3 steps again the phone rang. My heart just stopped a beat when I got the call. 

As I received the call, I came to know it is a company's number. As soon as I had cut the call the door bell rang. Knowing this mystery one by one made me scared that there is second person hiding in the air. I went near the door and saw through a hole but there is no one. Again I heard the ball bouncing and coming from upstairs. In the fear I couldn't speak a word.

I took a cricket bat and started to walk upstairs. My hands were shivering at the same time suddenly the power has cut. In the fear I screamed loudly. And my idiotic friends gave a blasting surprise on wearing ghost masks. And that was my favourite birthday party and also most horrible night.

-©️ Geethika Reddy
IG : @my.silent_world

Did She Really Disappear..??
I looked back and she was gone,
The previous moment she was here.
And then I realized that I was there ALONE,
Although I was very brave but I then started gathering fear.

My eyes hesitated to open wide,
My hands were constantly shaking.
All the strength which I had; took it's way aside,
The fear within me turned my head aching.

Everything was then so terrifying,
My body was as if freezing.
My mind was wondering as if there's nothing to fear about; I knew it was lying,
I then decided to move ahead by anxietic fear releasing.

What a horrifying experience it was,
It wasn't so easy to handle.
To my little bit if strength I should give an applause,
I was able to tackle my condition which was then fatal!

Hetvi S. Patel

 Ramu and Vishwa are very close friends sharing the same room in Vishakapatnam. Ramu is an actor and Vishwa is a short filmmaker. They two planned of working together on a project. Ramu completed his holiday trip to Guntur and came back. They both started to film a horror short story. It was a completely different thing compared to horror movies. They wanted to show a good relationship between humans and ghosts. The d-day arrived, the last day of the shoot and it was a scene where Ramu wants to go in a car in which the fake petrol pipe is cut while the ghost stops him and says him to get out through a letter! There was also a fake blast in this scene after Ramu gets out of the car. The scene was well captured in the camera and the making unit packed up. Vishwa walking towards the place having a cup of chai noticed that the fake blast bombs were not exploded. He notices some unusual things around there and leaves the place without saying anything about this to Ramu. In fear, he checks the camera in the editing room and notices that the petrol pipe in the car in which Ramu was traveling is really cut. And he also saw an unusual white-clothed person sitting in the back seat of the car. He was in fear and very worried about what's happening...
           In the evening they both were walking in a park and suddenly they noticed someone was roaming around them without noise. The lights were turned off and some unusual noises are heard!.. Vishwa was terrified by seeing all these things. Ramu was holding Vishwa and he was in full of fear. Suddenly Ramu went backward like someone pushed him and his hand was injured. They both experienced like in the horror movies that evening and immediately ran to room. However after a long attempt they covinced themselves and managed to sleep. Vishwa was getting dreams about the things happened on that day and he was worried about ramu. Middle of the night ramu suddenly shouted in fear!.. Vishwa ran to ramu, cooled him down and asked him what happened?... Ramu explained him about his dream. He said "when I was coming back from guntur I saw a white dressed girl seeming like a ghost in my way, without knowing what to do I raised the speed and overtook. But now everything is played clearly on my mind. As I was drunk and she came in the middle of road I thought she was a ghost but didn't notice that she was a person asking for lift. I think I killed her making an accident." Ramu said and cried out louder. The next day they both enquired about the accident on that route and goes near the girl's body buried place. They both pray for her in heaven and Ramu tries to accept his unforgivable mistake. 
For the next few weeks they were sad about this and they didn't even see any unusual things happening. 
Much much later.. A morning suddenly they noticed sounds of mirror breaking. They ran in fear towards the mirror and saw something written on it and felt very bad about it... 

"A person's life should never end like me in the middle.. Don't worry I will not harm you but just wanted to make you know about your mistake.. 
You were drunk.. 
 You drove the car over me in fear of ghost but can you answer me.. 
Why do you fear for a soul like the same as yours? 
Take care... Good bye!! "

Ramu felt very bad about this and started educating everyone about ghosts.. 
Vishwa took this real story as inspiration and said this to many directing a short film... 

IG: @magical_life_015

My last walk
It was halloween night . We all had drinks very tight. Suddenly, a scene caught my sight. It was a bungalow which was very spooky. It was very old and dangerous. My curiosity was high. I spoke with my friends to reach there. No one was interested to go there. But I reached there with my cautious walk. It was a haunted Bungalow. The night was so dark and creepy and the door of the Bungalow was painted with dust. Spiders webs were Crawling from the rails. Somehow I managed to get inside the door. It was a spine- tickling scene. The hall was like a demon's cave. There was it blood-cudlings floors and blood was oozing out of walls . Suddenly, I heard a sound which made me numb. The door made a creaking sound but I never did know that it would be closed forever. Suddenly, I heared a witch's scream but I didn't realise what was wrong. I heared the sound of a roaring wind. I heared the sound of a weeping ghost. I ran from the halls to the rooms .The pitiless skulls ran behind me where I went. I went to the rooms which was the proofs of death and crimes. I felt an invisible soul observing me. With a rush, I returned to the demon's cave and quickly I tried to open the webbed door.
But no, I was already TRAPPED IN MONSTER'S HOME....

Srishti Rani Panda

Horrible night

I was all alone at night, time was around 10.30PM just completed watching series and, I was about to sleep.. 
Suddenly I heard a soft music with radium light. I didn't know from where,I started searching complete home to find out, few minutes later the sound had stopped, so I came back to bed again. And within a fraction of seconds with the same tone I heard some other music, I was scared as hell. And I took the sides off my bed and I found a toy that was ventriloquism anabelle with which my sister used to play. Then I switched it off and slept peacefully.

-© Keerthi reddy 
IG I'd :keerthirddy

I am my own sin
    After hanging out with my friends, the sweet red wine which I've drunk wants me to dance my ass off. Got some moves, dropped my friend in her home. I know it was late night and mom will be afraid as I didn't pick her call not even once. The way I travel back to home was filled with gloominess. I was neither afraid nor wide awake until I witnessed something strange as I kick myself off to the old shaded farm house where my mom warned me not to step in.
      I've never been to our farm house since we bought it. As I was little bit tipsy my ass stepped into that one room which my mom obviously restricted not to. My eyes caught the red light with a pup sound while am on my way to home.
      The room was all dimmed when I set foot over there. When I was in the search of the pup there was a sudden blow of red light and went off immediately. I damn remember somebody holding my nape so hard that I lost my breath for few minutes. My legs searched a way to run off while, I hear a husky voice calling my name out. I was trying so hard to escape and the voice had panicked me. I ran to the home leaving my car near the farm house.
     I didn't utter a single word to mom, but went to the bed. Mom handed me some food and left to her room. The scary incident captured my heart, I was so reckless to see the moment, I functioned as if nothing happened so, shortly , doelfully headed off to the bed. 
       Deep down inside of my hub , there were so much of the incidents, alarming and concerning me, those horrible and cursed incidents, shivered and shattered me into pieces. I couldn't sleep all the night. My illusions were just stressing me, I made up my core to be brave, neither of my aims were useful. 
      I was not able to sleep because, I was broken and torn of the occurrence, I didn't put an end to the curse of my own, as I'm the inhumane , soulful creature. 
     I lost my breath when I was in the farm house itself. Not knowing this my soul craves for my mom's love as I realised my mistake and I return to home every day which is seen by none. Iam alive in the light but dead in the dark. I do the same and I will be doing the same, may be someday God gives me life so that I can go and wipe my mom's tears. Iam no harmful to the people around. As I am my own sin who didn't care the mother's words.

-© Abinaya palani
Insta : Abinaya__palani

10 years back, in the month of June, I with my four friends geared up to travel all the way to TSOHG city. It was located in the heart of HCTIW TOWN. We had no clue how we won our tickets in the Mega bonanza.

Yeah, so we hired a four wheeler enough for four of us, packed our luggage and started our journey sharp at 10pm (Surprised right, well the taxi driver honked right at 10 pm and was eerily adamant to leave us, if we didn’t get aboard then). So we got ourselves comfortable inside the so-called Sedan and chit-chatted all the way we do on reaching.

Surprisingly my vision diverted to the tattooed nape of the taxi driver. I had seen the symbol somewhere but couldn’t quite remember. Anyway, who’s bothered to waste time rewinding the events. Ha! So we were halfway in out travel when tyres suddenly punctured. The driver got off to check and all we could do was get down and stretched a bit. 
I scanned my surroundings; it was ghostly silent with no noise. Only the driver was busy tending the wheel with his torchlight on. The canopy was high and vast enough to block any ray of light. Oh why were we struck here! My friends argued whether to stop or continue our walk further to find a suitable vehicle. The driver didn’t seem to pay any attention, so we made our way ahead. 

It was almost 3 am when we spotted a deserted building nearby. No street lights on path, we moved slowly to the entrance and knocked on the door thrice, yet no sound. Suddenly, a waft of air kissed my skin and I turned about only to come face to face with the same taxi driver. His face was half burnt and he wore a cloak hiding his body. I shrieked but no voice came out. My friends were lying unconscious in the lawn. I tried to run but found my feet stuck. The driver lifted me high in the air and threw me inside the building. I fainted.. 

I woke up with throbbing headache. A dagger was piercing my flesh. And three swords were pushing inside my stomach. But why couldn’t I feel any? It felt like I was dead. The driver sat in front puffing his cigarette (Strange right?). I tried to get on my knees and found myself tied against the wall. 
What had actually happened? The driver faced me, his eyes burning coal.


I understood why I couldn’t feel the excruciating pain. But I wanted solace. I wanted to die completely if all he wanted. Then why was my soul stuck with him? Why couldn’t I rest in peace? It was all because of all who dies had to drink their blood and avenge the bad. But I didn’t do anything.

The driver travelled me to a room at the far corner and strangled me because I wasn’t willing to drink blood. He gagged me and punched hard. I could feel nothing. My fingers noted some powder kept nearby. I took a handful and forcefully spread all over the driver. He seemed to cough and then his entire cloak pulverized. I was finally FREE! BUT DEAD!

I am still alive as I tell you my story. Yes! I might be watching you right now. And this is my tale. I could not die because I wanted to live.

But through this tale, I can tell you that the building is no more haunted and the place I visited was-
GHOST city (TSOHG city, you read that above) situated in the WITCH TOWN (Haha! Read above more carefully, all backwards). Don’t be afraid of me, I won’t do you any harm. And the tattoo on the driver’s neck….

The tattoo seemed too real to me and I was surprised when I got to know the secret. The driver had been working for my family since I was born. But after my schooling, his whereabouts weren't known. 

My dad later got to know that the driver had committed suicide due to less income and big family. What specifically pushed was the fact that he used to work all loyal, but he never liked me. One of the child which was born to him was a transgender and his wife never wished for abortion. Over the period of time, he had murdered the baby.

When his wife got to know, she herself committed suicide. And in the span of time, the driver didn't know what to do. His spirit became rebellious and was in search of the right time to kill me. Henceforth, when on the full Moon night, his power was the fullest, he captured me alive and got me here. 

I'm not sad. I'm hurt. Because people don't believe in equality. Because I reflected his sonm and I hate him because he never bothered to care for his child. For a parent, children are the most precious gift. I'm happy to die today, because my family won't be bothered. I'm sad for the driver who died, because he was ashamed of his son...

IG ID:- @deep_scribblings

After some hundreds of years,unrest started in the people of the village on one day.Children didn't understand why the people are so sad.At the end of the village there was a big palace,after many years people found that palace cleaned,painted and decorated extravagantly.Beside that palace,there was a pond and fields.Children used to play there daily.While the children were playing there,that palace attracted them and they wished to enter into the palace.But their parents didn't agree for that.The lady who belongs to that palace didn't take care of it for some years.Suddenly,she decorated it and started to cook all her favourite dishes for dinner that she planned to happen that night.She went into the village,assembled all the people and invited them for dinner.People were shocked and started looking at each other."I'm also a member of this village.I'm inviting you for dinner.So,please accept my invitation without fail,"she said.
    People didn't understand what to do.They started thinking about their childhood and the stories said by their parents.
   Once upon a time,that village didn't look like a village.It was like a place of laziness.All the men in the village were drunkards.All the women used to work hard for the welfare of their families.At that time,that palace was exhausted at the end of the village.
     The whole palace was constructed by women's hard work.The owner of the palace and his sons,didn't respect the women who were working there.Many of those women committed suicide in that palace.After the completion of construction,home entry ceremony was held.On the next new moon day,the owner of the palace passed away.Like this all the men belonging to that palace passed away one after other on new moon days.People were shocked by looking at all these incidents.Women belonging to that palace vacated the palace.Nobody took care of it.So the palace turned more dusty and people called it as "booth bungla",as it was more dusty and strange.
     At that time, the situations in that village turned to be good.But don't know what happened on one day before dasara,it was a new moon night.In the same way,some women went to the village and invited all the men for dinner which was held under a tree.So,men went there and enjoyed the delicious food.
     By the next morning,all the men started to work.The unrest started in that palace and the village was too good.School was constructed and all the children went to school.Women filled up in all the professions.All together developed the village.The place where the palace is located is marked as the restricted area.
     Thinking about all this suddenly, after some hundreds of years,when the lady invited them for dinner.People were shocked and they didn't know what to do.Finally,they decided to attend that dinner by leaving the children at home.All the adults of the village entered the palace in group.Nobody was at the gate to receive them.They directly went into the dinning room.There they found twenty women,they welcomed them and served delicious dishes.After having their dinner,the lady who invited them assembled all the people."I'm gratified to meet you all.I'm here to say you that this palace will be donated to the orphanage",she said and suddenly disappeared.All the people were shocked by looking at her disappearance and decided that she was soul of the owner's grand daughter.
       Finally,all the people in that village felt very happy and lead a peaceful life.

INSTA ID : certainty_of_life 

It was not a shiny day nor a rainy day. I left Bhubaneswar with my Chartered Accountant for an audit. No doubt it was a painful journey for me. I can ride for miles and miles but I can't cooperate in my single ride. Apart from this, this is the official ride of my audit and we reached as per the official time. As I get down from the car just washed my face as I'm tired from that hectic journey.
The Officer came to invite us and I'm too focused on my work and my CA has started his work and we both divide the task equally and due to some reason my CA left the place and back to Bhubaneswar for tax filing of other clients.
The afternoon was gone and the officer called me for a ride in their place and I said just wait 5min please let me close my work properly. Then the officer smiled and said in a high voice Yes sir no worry. I'm waiting outside.
He took me to the nearby areas for a ride as I entered the Primary school gate from the beginning of my footstep I started to feel uneasy and goosebumps started until and unless I returned from that gate to outside. We are 3 to 4 members who are there including the security guard and his 7 well-trained dogs.
While we are returning to my hotel and those dogs started to bark by looking to the backside as we all know animals can see evil spirits with their eyes. As the security guard is trying to make them calm they are behaving so weird that I can feel the sense of something wrong happening. Immediately pick up my phone and dialed my CA I'm not feeling safe here. Since my birth, I have the 6th sense to sense evils. But my CA said just enjoy the place and eat whatever you want you can eat there and cut the phone.
It was almost 7 pm as the usual time to call my mother when I used to come from Office I used to call her first then my sister. But I dialed both and made the conference and after 10 minutes of our conversation, I'm standing in a garden with 15 mango trees and 3-4 flower plants under a street light.
My phone network is all okay suddenly my mother said I'm not feeling well let me go to the Prayer room and I'm not feeling well as well and she said BETA GIVE ME 5 MINUTES DON'T CUT THE CALL. In the next moment, the phone was cut and the conversation ended with my mother and sister. When my mother said don't cut the call I saw a WHITE Diya just moving in the air and entered into one of the flowering trees.
As it entered into the tree the next moment she touched my back at the next moment. At that time I saw it everywhere but I can't find anyone neither I can call anyone.
My prediction was cleared and I decided to meet the spirit finally with full potential. And she is provoking me so that I can take some wrong step but she doesn't know that I can sense ghosts properly. She slapped my back and hit my head so that I will shout at her and finally she goes into those mango trees which are dense. I followed her but she was actually behind me. NEVER LOOK BACK IF YOU ARE FEELING SOME SPIRIT IS BEHIND YOU IF YOU DO SO THEY WILL KILL YOU. I entered into the dense and she tried her best to overrule my soul but failed at the end she tied all the leaves of the tree and make a hanging structure so that my neck will be stuck there but I saw the formation of the tie of leaves and left that place before it works on me. At the same time the Security guard came and that spirit left the place and I came into my room and mother called me and she was crying and said ARE YOU OK? WHY YOU CUT THE CALL?
That night after dinner she again came into my room but I don't want to explain the rest thing what happened that night here.
The next day my CA came and we both complete the work and left the place before evening.

Ashis Pahi

If you Believe something it will appear
God created nature with both good and bad noms.Which reveals the truth that behind every human there is a good angel and a bad angel. Which pulls us on both sides like a tug of war. The responsibility of the human to just pick out the good way which needs strong decision and faith in God. Like that even God has the opposite vibes that is so far known as "Devil".There was an argument between God and Devil. Where the devil has witnessed to God that even the good creation of God is afraid of the devil, ghosts,spooks, demons etc.. God got frustrated and suddenly created one human who doesn't have any fear of anything. The boy appeared to the world of crime, selfishness, cheating etc. His mother taught him everything including the fear but he does not believe in any of the stuff like ghosts, demons or anything. The boy grew up and started questioning everything about the demon. Now he did research on the topic of medicinal plants so that he needs to go to the forest. His mother does not leave him as she knows the truth of his birth. Finally he convinced his mother and started the journey. His mother gave him a bulb where he is confused as to why his mother gave this. And told him one slogan to tell while in struggle. The boy started his journey and reached the forest with his friends. He felt very bad for his friends that he told a lie to his mother that he had researched in the forest and went trekking with friends. Then everyone consoled him and made him happy. The forest looks so pleasant. The sounds of the birds relaxing as the river falls from the top, tempting them to reach the top to see how and where the river is flowing.. But it's already 9:30 pm so they made the fire camp and the boy and two friends went to search for food. While they are in the search of food that boy missed his two friends but he didn't feel afraid. He heard the weird sound. But he was unable to recognize the sound. And he did not even mind the sound. He just left it and started searching for his friends. At that time he just stood near the tree which looked like a monster. It has such a huge bark where it needs 10 people to hold it around it with hands and the height of its tree which goes beyond the sky and touches the sun it seems. He was just stunned to see that tree and the place was so dark where he wasn't able to see the person next to him. He had the torch light and suddenly he saw the tree closer. Where he felt that the tree was going to swallow him. By seeing that he got a little afraid and started moving from that place. Suddenly the speed of the wind increased, taking him to the unknown pathway . Now the boy was able to see the way clearly as the wind became calm. When he opened his eyes he was first able to see the graveyard of the dead person. At the back he felt someone was standing so he suddenly turned back and he saw the trees which are like the monster where he saw before.. But he was also able to see the human near each tree. But it was not clear to see so he went near the humans.. He was shocked to see them and started shouting like anything.Witnessed person without head. He was about to run and he hit the stone and fell down. The tree was about to fall on him. He just uttered a loud cry and suddenly everything vanished and moon light came and his friends were near him. Everyone asked him what had happened but he didn't respond to them. He just kept silent after that everyone reached the camp and slept but he was thinking about the incident that happened. He got the impression that the human he saw without a head was the person where he was able to feel some relationships with the person. He got confused and started walking into the forest to get clarity of the person but he was not able to find it. On the next day all started their way to the top of the waterfall. At the time he found a bag with more paper which denotes the slogan for encouraging the bad evils.. And it also contains a photo of his mother. He was shocked when he thought that only one person can give the clarification of this, that is his mother. So he left all the friends in the forest and went to his hometown to see his mother after seeing his mother. She was happy to welcome his child but he was confused and didn't even speak to his mother properly. He started asking his mother the question of "who is my father?" and "what happened to him?" His mother started crying loudly and the secret of his father and his birth. After hearing the past, the boy reflected the originality of him, Which his mother does not want him.

Mohana Abirami M.
IG - relishing_writings

The Faucet 
Once there was a beautiful girl in the town, her parents had to go to town for a short while. So they left the daughter alone in home protected by her dog. Her parents told to lock all the windows and doors after they left. And about 8pm her parents went to town. So doing what she was told , the girl shut and locked all the windows and even doors, but there was one window that would not close completely, trying her best finally she got the window shut but it would not lock. She left that window and went back upstairs. Then after some time she sat down and had some dinner and decided to sleep for the night. Steeling down to sleep at 12am she suggled up with dog and fell asleep. At one point they suddenly woke up. She turned and looked at the clock it was about 2am snuggled down again wondering what had made her woke her, then she heard the noise it was an dipping sound she tought she left the water running. She tought as it was dipping in the drain of the shink. So thinking it was not a big deal she decided to got to sleep. But she felt nervous so she reached the hand over the side of the bed and let the dog lick her hand for ressurance that he would protect her . Again at 3:45am she had waken up listening to the dipping sound. She felt nervous and went back to sleep. At 6:45am girl decided that she had enough sleep. She got up just to see her parents pulling up to the house. She her parents can fix the shink dipping cause I know I didn't leave it on. She walked to the bathroom and there was a collie dog skinned and hung up on the roof. The noise she hear was the blood dipping into a puddle on the floor , the girl screamed and ran to her bed room to get a weapon , in case someone was still in the house, and there was a note written in blood saying 'HUMANS CAN NEVER SEE ME'. 

I'd : the_self_speak_out__ 
Name : kishan

My friend along with her four cousins planned a long drive at night. It was around 1:00am. They were hungry and were searching for a dhaba. After one hour, they found a food stall named “The Haunted Biryani Box”. The name was quite unique and funny. All started laughing and making fun of the dhaba. One old lady came and asked what they would like to order. My friend asked what the special dish was. One of her cousins said mockingly “What’s there to ask!! Obviously it’s biryani because it’s biryani box. Oopss Sorry!! THE HAUNTED BIRYANI BOX”. Then another cousin gibed whether someone died in that dhaba while eating biryani. The lady smiled and said politely to wait for some time and she will serve them biryani. After 20 minutes, the lady came with biryani. The aroma was quite good and all couldn’t wait to taste it. The lady asked them to start and soon she will return with raita. Suddenly my cousin found a finger in the biryani. She threw the plate being scared. Then in another plate there was eye-ball. In all the five plates, there were some body parts. All started screaming. They went to find the lady but couldn’t find her. Then they started moving towards the car. That time they noticed that one tyre was punctured. Somehow they fixed this problem with the spare tyre. Then they realised that the car’s key was missing. Suddenly they saw the same old lady standing with raita in her hands. The lady asked them to come inside the dhaba. But they were so scared that they denied going inside. Then the lady came towards them. Suddenly they noticed that the lady’s feet were backward, just like a Chudail. They all were completely blank having no idea what to do. They were praying God to save their lives. 

Suddenly a bus came and stopped near them. The bus conductor asked them what they were doing so late night in that place. They all ran into the bus and pointed towards the dhaba and old lady. To their surprise, neither the dhaba was there nor the lady. The bus conductor and all the passengers were curious to know about the story. They narrated everything and thanked the bus driver for rescuing them. The bus conductor said them that that dhaba was haunted. Whoever used to enter that dhaba to after 12am, they used to vanish. There was a story that an old woman killed her husband and son and cooked biryani with their flesh. She was practicing black magic. One day people came to know about her evil activities and tied her in that dhaba and then injured her by throwing stones and ultimately burnt her alive. After that the lady became a Daayan and used to feed on blood of people who visits that dhaba to increase her life span. Listening the whole story, all of my friend’s cousins including her, were shivering in fear. Then the passengers consoled them and asked them not to worry because now they were safe. Soon they reached the main city and from there they took a can and reached home. When they narrated all these incidents to family members, all were very scared and tensed. Later at afternoon they asked someone to bring back their car and that person said that the key was inside the car only. Then at home, they did a puja and took sigh of relief. 

When my friend was narrating me this incident, I couldn’t believe my ears. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept the things which we think don’t exist like ghost. But if there is good, there is bad also, so if there is positive spirit among us, then there is negative or evil spirit surrounding us. Thus, it depends on us to what we get attracted to, which energy is after us and what are the circumstances and the place of origin of negativity. 

© Dr. Sudhanya Nath
IG- @dr.sudhanya_nath 

Have you ever wondered how can birds fly so high? I wish they would take me with them. but....they can't. Because I'm trapped. My hair is so long if I cut it short, they can't grab me by my hair. They lied to me, used me, I was their lab rat. I want to feel the cool wind brushing my hair again. The medicine, they said it would cure me, but turned me more insane. Torture, Sounds, Sights, ......AAHH......
Now, maybe I'm of no use to them. They put me in the bathroom and starved me to death. My body was drenched in a pool of blood, eyes turned all white. These were the effect of the medicine. No, it was a slow poison. With no mercy, they threw me out as if I'm a dead rat. But it's not the end. I'll come again....... I hypnotized and took them to a creepy house. 
DOCTOR 1: hey! We starved you to death. How are you still alive?
SPRITE: I can never die. Because I'm already dead.
DOCTOR 2: please, leave us, let us go, we beg you. ( shivering)
SPRITE: NO, I'm bored. (Smirk)
I saw them suffering to breathe, as they were dying in front of me I got relived. I faded away.

Soon someone summoned me again. They knew about me.
GIRL: why is she after us? ( freaking out) 
BOY: I-I..( stuttering)
As I spoke out of nowhere
SPRITE: I want to possess your souls and I won't leave you until I do it.
They ran from there and I just smirked.
BOY: she is the girl summoned by us.( freaking)
GIRL: is there a way to get rid of her?
BOY: yes, we need to perform a ritual.
  Vision out of nowhere
SPRITE: I'm sorry for doing this. But, .... You know too much.
 I locked them in the bathroom and starved to death I'm not getting enough of it. I went in search of the next one.
The next one is YOU. Be ready in your shower let's meet there.

Name: sehitha sree

It was a serene night and the streets became silent. The dark surrounded all sides but I was awake in my bedroom covered myself with a bedsheet and kept the ceiling fan at high speed and by my side table fan was at a high speed but I felt some kind of sweet and some different kind of feel which I didn't come across so far. Slowly reciting a small prayer within myself, I tried to sleep, slowly I felt that my eyes were closing and I fell asleep.

          Within a few minutes, I heard number of dogs are joined and roaring together. I felt uneasy and quite disturbed by the sounds, I turned right and left closing my ears but the sound was still continued and it irritated me a lot. So, I thought of closing the window so that the noise will not be heard. While moving from my bed to close the window, I felt someone was standing at the corner of the house next to me.

     As it was too dark and I too was in a much sleepy mood, I didn't know who or what he is doing? Somehow I managed to be in a steady state and wiped my eyes to see who he is? While seeing him, I witnessed he was a guard who roams in the night time,I know him well, so I went to sleep by closing the window.But I don't know, I felt some kind of weird feeling and I can't sleep. So I thought to drink some water and I got up from the bed to fetch the water in the kitchen.

       Meanwhile, I felt some kind of noise.I don't know where it was actually coming from? so, I knocked the bedroom door of my brother to see where the sound comes from? As my parents went to the marriage function,myself and my brother were alone in the house.I had a little bit fear but somehow I knocked the door and he came out by asking a question What happened? Why you didn't sleep? And I told him,Ritvik actually I heard a noise but I don't know where it comes from ,while I am saying immediately,he started mocking at me by saying it may the sound of the dogs,don't think too much go and sleep.

       Immediately,I shouted at him,by saying that,Ritvik do you think I am playing at this time.I am telling you seriously that I heard some kind of noise but you are mocking me.Okay, you and sleep I will check it out,I don't need your help."While I started shouting,my brother understood that I am serious and he asked me to wait and took the torchlight and asked me to take a stick.We switched on the lights and listened but we didn't hear anything.

           My brother said,"you stay here,I will go and check in the backside of our house."But I nodded,no,I too will come with you.So,we moved to the back door by the time we heard a loud noise,we both got frightened and hold a deep breath and searched where the sound is coming from. Suddenly, we both were astonished by seeing the blood coming behind the well.

My brother asked, "who is there,?" but we didn't get any reply. We both held our hands and moved towards the well to see where the blood is coming from. While moving I felt somebody is patting on me and I screamed. After that, the lights were switched on in my neighboring houses and they all came fastly to see why I screamed. Before I am explaining to them, I scolded Ria who was my friend for patting my back. I asked her, what you are doing here? She said, I didn't sleep, I was roaming on my balcony by the time I saw both you and your brother were searching for something, that's why I just from the wall to help you guys and I am sorry for frightening you. I said to her, It's okay.

Meanwhile, my brother and the neighbouring people found that a boy was severely wounded behind the well. They picked him up, he was in an unconscious state. We took him to the hospital but the doctor had said he has died already as the blood was lost too much. I cried there everyone felt upset. By the time, we complained about this incident to the police station. Within a few minutes, the police men were arrived and enquired us. We explained to them what we saw and everything.

Then we all went to our homes but we didn't sleep, we talked about the boy who he was and who killed him and that too at the backside of our house. But we didn't find an answer. Two days after, we heard a phone call from the police station they are in the process of finding the murderer and his intention for killing that boy. It already had passed five months after that incident but the horror was still untied.


The jealous Devil.
Once upon a time, there was a village called Sri ram Nagar.
The people are so helpful and are living their lives happily. But they are afraid of tomorrow.
All were worried about tomorrow Janu's family is very new to the village.
They couldn't understand why the people are thinking about tomorrow.
Sarpanch came and said dear village people did u buy any new things throw out of your home.
Be safe be careful
Sarpanch went after saying these words.
Janu asked Bhanu what's the special tomorrow. Bhanu said many years before Jaya is a girl who lost her family. Jaya went to her relative home. She is a selfish and jealous girl. she theft her aunty's necklace her daughter bangles and lots of money they gave warning to her. Again she done the same mistake. Her aunt sent her home. Sarpanch gave shelter to her. But she didn't stop stealing others.
One day she robed Sarpanchs watch a man who saw this said to sarpanch. He gave punishment she could not digest that.
 She hanged herself.
That night to she started stealing things which is beautiful and new.
If they are not giving their valuable gifts she kills them.
People were feared for that. People talked with a powerful swami.
He gave instructions to that jealous Devil not to rob daily choose one day.
She has chosen one day that is her birthday.
Janu understands and throws her new red dress.
Even now when her birthday comes she goes and searches for her gifts. if anyone disturbs. She kills them.
Even now it is continuing .swami is in deep meditation to kill the jealous Devil 👻
Hope for the best

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