A Cute Love - By Chandini Chandu

a cute love - by chandini chandu

When I am studying 9th I had a bestie named Boomika, she is my close friend, memorable friend, she is my soul. One day We went to a picnic with friends where we are travelling we met an accident, but there is no problem and no injuries we are safe. 

Again we started our journey from there that we don't have the interest to keep endpoint for the picnic.  The next day my friend Boomi had met a person with the name Sathish. As he is Boomi's classmate, he travelled with us from there, he fell in love with Boomi by seeing her nature. The day he proposed.......

When I saw you first time , 

I gave my heart to you last time 

I had the words to describe my feelings,

You touched my heart with your mesmerize smiling 

I would like to live in your heart,

Where my heart is filled with your art 

In spite of all your tenderness,

I chose to love you in loneliness 

I hold my breath for you,

It's the memories of you 

So .... I love u 

The girl stunned, she has shocked by his words, she felt happy, she said ...... love u too. Expression in his face that he was flying without wings. All are in shock, all they asked why you said love you too without knowing the person's background? If he cheats on you, then what you're going to do, she replied he is my crush when I am studying 8th but I didn't propose to him. I am guilty if I propose the answer if he says I hate you I can't hear the message from him.

This is my luck, no it's God's grace the day he proposed himself to me, I am very jovial now. So I don't want to know there's personal or his background.  When we see a girl or boy for the first time our heartbeats with a beautiful smile, and with a sudden surprise they will propose it is called love. After seeing many times of a girl or boy, if we propose to them, it does not love.  

This I had understood from him, she kept a treat all were enjoying, it was the night we went to sleep, the next day morning we went for temple we prayed God to give good Mark's this time also. We enjoyed a lot going to so many places and we had reached home. The next we went to school, today Boomi was absent, all are asking why she is absent, we thought she went outing with Sathish.

It was an evening we called Sathish and asked Boomi came with you for an outing? He said no. And he told Boomi said hate you today I don't what happened.  The next day she came to school, we all were asking her why have you not come to school yesterday? She said I had stomach pain. Why you said to break up with Sathish? Then she replied my mom knows the matter she scolded me so I said like that. 

Daily she will keep her face sadly. All we thought it's all about Sathis. But we don't know the day was a black day, she hid me a message. She called me that she got stomach pain again no one in her home, I took her to the hospital, doctor given an appalling message that Boomi has cancer. I don't know what to do I am in shock, then I went near her and asked why you hid this message? She said keeping you all in a disturbing mood I do not like it, I said I hate you for him this is the reason.  As I know my problem before only. 

If I die suddenly then he will become alone, I don't want that, he will attempt suicide if God is really observing me, if God has eyes then he will help me. I am missing everyone.  She said.

Then all these words I have passed to Sathis, how she got this cancer, we all are in deep thinking then my friend said we have met an accident while we went to a picnic, right. There when our bus fell in reverse a mirror peace was struck her left kidney.

We are discussing what to do now, then we got an idea yes! Doing operation is good, we collected the money, yes! She is now in ICU the operation is going on .sathis is telling if anything happens to her the next minute I won't be in this world. Without her, I don't want this life. I can't imagine. Oh God! please help her we all need her.

Ochee ... the doctor came out gave a jovial message that she is alright now. Oh God! thank you so much all are very happy.

The same days were came again, their's love being continued successfully. 

- Chandini Chandu 

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