An Open Letter By Nureen Fatima

open letter for my brother

Hey, Bhaiiiii Divyak!

Keeping this letter very simple ❤️. I want to say that you are important to me. Also, your smile..!!

But you don't smile that often now and this bothers me a lot...!

Your smiles should be yours...!

Start smiling for no reason as you used to do ❤️

Whenever I see your name or remember you, there comes a positive vibe and that even when I talk to you over a phone call, I feel better. That's why you are the first person I feel low. 

Even I don't discuss my problems at that time, I somehow feel better. 

This is the comfortable being around you.

I think of the old-time and I feel good that we become brother sister. You have affected my life a lot in a positive way❤️

I was never a mature girl. The childish me has grown a bit over the year and the lectures that you have given me whenever I made a mistake has literally taught me a lot.

I guess this is the bond to being around not only in good times but also to fights the battles that your friends are fighting. 

Thanks for always being there.❤️

You are the person I believe, is my FAMILY.

I hope to continue this bond for life Time. ❤️

Happy vibes..!!

And make sure you bringing a smile on your face, on my face..!!

- Nureen Fatima

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