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The Inkling Hues has come up with a small collection of poems about "HOMEWORK"

Collection of Poems About HOMEWORK - PWI

Homeworks proudly stand in the class,

With experience, they influence the mass,

Lighting a flame in curious minds,

Proficiently as the teachings unwind,

Homework is a calling that burns deep inside,

To command thirsty and inquisitive minds,

Establishing a passion that leads to success,

Encouraging pupils to give of their best,

Supporting our creative gifts,

Cheering and applauding whatever it is,

Those who are prepared well live well and get ahead,

Praised are the homework it has to be said,

It doesn't go overlooked our dedication involved,

Producing great people to evolve,

All humble and nurturing professors out there,

Thank you all for your tender care,

Those who go on to find their beliefs and dreams,

Cherish the homeworks because they cast the beams.

- ©Apoorba Chaturvedi

उम्र बीती पर हाल वही रहा।

आज भी घर का पाठ याद नहीं रहा।

बचपन में मास्टरजी, पाठ देते थे,

पूरा नहीं होने पे पिट देते थे।

आज वही पाठ बॉस देते हैं,

पूरा न हो तो खारी-खोटी सुना देते हैं।

न कल कोई समझता था, न आज समझता है।

घर तो घर है साहेब क्यों ये पाठ होता है।

घर एक मंदिर है, प्रसाद ज़रा खाने दो।

घर में  भी कार्य देकर, रक्तचाप न बढ़ाने दो।

मास्टर जी और बॉस का चेहरा एक नज़र आता है।

घर का पाठ नहीं करने पे जब डाँट लगाता है।

घर का पाठ नहीं करने पे जब डाँट लगाता है।

- ©Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef ✍️

स्कूल में जब बात गृहकार्य घर लिखने की आती थी,

तो हाथ दुःख जाते थे सबके,

जब होमवर्क नहीं कर के जाते थे तो बहाने लाख बनाते थे,

आज इस विषय में लिखना रास आ रहा है हमें...

यूं तो बहुत याद आती है अपने बचपन वाले यारो की,

सब बिछर गए हैं अब,

इस दुनिया के कामों में...

- Bhumi Mahto

I still remember,

How I told to my teacher,

That I haven't completed my homework by.

Where as in reality,

I have done it with the help of my mom.

I still remember,

How I showed her another page,

Instead of the homework page,By mistake.

I still remember how that teacher beat me on my forearm,

For not completing the work.

I still remember,

How I recited that day happenings to my parents like a parrot,

Making them chuckle and for my forgetfulness and innocent behaviour. 

I still remember,

How because of my one mistake,

My fore arm was hurt and became red.

The next day,

When I explained same to my teacher,

I still remember,

How she smiled at me.

Such a beautiful memory it was.

I still can't forget it.

- Sravani 

Tons of messages pending, Oh! Hi! We have pandemic here,

And I am a lonely student, who relies on the internet peers,

Teachers send millions of notes, and we have to pen them down,

The story doesn't end here, there are so many subjects to go around.

Even though the heaviness of bag isn't there, but mind is heavy,

With the constant pressure to complete tasks, before they scold me,

Although I can mug up the facts, as I have internet facility,

But still, I want to know my potential, and how much I know things. 

So here I am sitting, with my mug of coffee and a notebook,

Pen kept aside and coughing, seeing my face so sullen,

I flip the pages right and left, to complete the given headings,

All I know is that- this needs to end before I give it an ending. 

Sometimes voice notes, at times sheets! Oh! How do I live!

I feel so cramped up at times, when homework these people give,

As if we have nothing else to do, but just taste each line which is printed,

And write line by line, as we are a parrot of this millennium.

But okay! Let's do it! Let's learn and recite right now,

We never know what future would bring, let's do it somehow!

- ©Angarika

Chalo homework karte hein... 

Ek saal Se homework ki 

Probability zero h, 

Kal Se homework karenge ka motion Chalu h... 

Chalo home work karte hein, 

Ek saal se home work ki 

Momentum zero h, 

Na speed h Na displacement 

Na velocity h Na replacement 

Chalo home work karte hein... 

Ek saal Se reaction zero h

Na formation h Na conformation h

Bombardment of molecules Chalu h... 

Chalo home work karte hein... 

SA node bass Chalu h 

Catalyst Se energy Lena zero h... 

Chali home work karte hein... 

- Bandita Nahak 

The toughest work is given by the teacher,

Students look into the faces of each other.

As soon as the teacher says the word " HOMEWORK",

Students feel it is hard work.

As the teacher gives homework,

Students feel, the teacher as the captain,

Students as the colonels,

And they must get ready for the war, called homework.

The teacher wants the students to learn more,

But, students feel it is a bore.

Students expect rest after school,

But, heavy home works makes them sleepless.

Incompletion of homework,

Gives more punishment.

From pre-school to high school,

The common problem of every student is homework.

As a child goes on changing the classes,

The homework goes on increasing,

But, the burden never decreases.

The main thought of the teacher,

Is to make the students learn,

But, the thought of the students,

Is to reduce their work.

The real fact is that,

Whatever the homework is given by the teacher,

If a student shows their own interest,

Instead of feeling it as a burden,

He can complete it as soon as possible.

But, if they feel it as a burden,

Then it takes some hours of time to complete it.

The exact trick for completing any work in time,

Is to show own interest,

Instead of feeling it as a burden.

So, Dear Students,

Always demand yourself to complete the given homework,

And get the commends from your teacher.

- E.Mounika

Hello Mr/Mrs HomeWork,, you are the one who had spoiled my secret plans. I'm the one who was affected by you. When I was in 6th, I started to taste the slaps of my favourite teacher who never bet me before. That was my first experience of taking beatings from my beloved teacher..!

And you are the one who pulled my happiness by taking all the time I love to spend with my parents..! 

And also you are the one who stole my entertainment of chit-chatting with friends for long hours! 

And the main thing you are the one who misplaced my enjoyment of spending time with my toys..!

If I touch the book to complete you, I feel like my toys are crying for the reason of not playing with them.! 

And also I feel like my friends are waiting for me to play..!

And many more....!!

- Bhavya.S

Learning some new...

When I was in the class third I ddidn't know how to learn maths, I hate maths, the day where my teacher gave me homework, I opened my diary. Oh, God! It is maths homework (division), I don't know how to do it, without writing, If I go to school my teacher will give a slap on my face, so I took leave.

The next day I went to school, the class was being, I saw the timetable, ochee... it was maths period, the teacher has entered into class he asked to have you all written your maths homework? All they replied yes except me, he corrected all the homework. 

Now he came near me, my hands are shivering, my body is becoming hard, my legs are shaking, he is asking where is your work? There are no words from me.  He is asking again, I said sorry sir I have not written the homework, excuse me, sir. He asked me to have you come to school yesterday? I said no. He asked why have you not come to school yesterday? I replied sir I didn't write my homework I don't know how to do division, so I am absent. 

I showed my hands towards him to beat me, but he didn't beat me. He said if I beat you now you will be repeating the same work if I leave now, then then you can feel my words what I have spoken.

From that day onwards I understood that escaping from every mistake is equal to cheating ourselves. 

Learning new can change many things. 

- Chandini Chandu 

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