Failures Are The Pathway For Success

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Nights pass with sleepless eyes and the perspiration shines as the testimony of all the efforts put in, but then when the arrow misses the aim we all know that an utter disappointment clouds our existence. Once when we take a  note that we can't make it to the final destination; the next moment we find ourselves disappointed and deprived of motivation. Not ignorant to the fact that life teaches us to stay patient; somehow in the due course of time, we lose our self-conscience. We know we have something else to keep an eye on, but we just don't! All of us can feel the presence of the blooming lotus, the edifice of the beauty of patience; which brings out the positive and productive inner self alive again but, we are too lost and take it as a blind note ...ignoring the right stance, thinking and crying over the near-miss. But beyond all these, there's a zeal; which we undermine, and to revive it; all we need is to change our way of thinking. 


Being trapped in the dilemma of a vision, always reach out the mirror of self-reflection to bring forth the best in yourself, and when one perceives and explores the best of their abilities, they are way more successful individuals relative to those who have been all-time achievers...a little change in the perception makes a tremendous change in the way of life.

"Conquer the worst of your demons, revive the best of your abilities and you shall remain undefeatable, for there exists no man stronger than the one who has been victorious to himself!"

Although we missed the victorious position, we must remember that what matters the most is the 'truth of perseverance'. Being kind to oneself and reminiscing the fact that- "We tried irrespective of all odds." 

In the world of trillions of human creatures, very few have actually believed in propaganda and the importance of process. The "Believe" in the process matters and defines the paths of your desired goal.

Society expects us to be extravagantly different, ingenious, and tip-toed perfect versions of ourselves, that is the best time when we have the chance to prove ourselves best and to reincarnate the encrypted skills into the most adorable forms. Yes, being the best is never constant but trying hard, harder, hardest, and at last, achieving the crown which the soul was hunting for; is that heavenly feeling, and it is beyond all the hardships and tears that have bygone. It's perseverance that counts. Never ever we had thought of the consequences of victory or the happenings but many times, in fact, most of the time we focus mainly on the consequences of the loss. Better not tell it a loss. Let's be comfortable with it as the absence of victory, the result that went away despite the tough tries. One might think that these morals are a bit hectic and more of exaggerated statements that can only be written on a piece of paper, instead of being followed! If you have such a thought process, kindly bring out that nutshell mind and sanitize it with the power of wisdom. There is no perfect time and no perfect man, just the perseverant ones who make the best use of their present to cultivate a future beyond the stereotype of luck. 

Infinity...It may seem like an unreasonable conquest; an unachievable and unreachable pinnacle but let's not forget the authenticity of willpower. Let's establish a policy and that will be through a quote that will rebound minds and hearts of mankind to believe in realistic optimism-


History itself is the best proof where people sacrificed their gem of thoughts in the due course of unwanted times, but we didn't wonder whether that desired achievement or memento is for a long period...Did We?

We had asked the inner self every time and all of that went into a simple dramatic answer; sheltering and hiding in the thoughts of society." What will they think?" has been the biggest question of worry and anxiety in us. Society just wants its principles to thrive forever and be alive in each and every heart of the insane yet inhumane world where life has been losing its wonderful essence into the rat race of conquering nearly everything; but due to an ambient source of the inner light that sparks the truth of wisdom, there has been enlightenment of the odd mass. Nature had its the best creation for our survival and is a reason to be the best. Answering the inner call irrespective of the odds matters. 

We will have many such changes on the paths we will come to travel. Victory itself is the glorified outcome and just one outcome which still has half the chance for the achievement. That glory which we always expect somehow attracts us only to oblivion and not the much-wanted roadmap to be constructed in order to take the journey up for a much-deserved victory remains dizzy and underappreciated.

Someday we will be questioned by life, we will be strongly interrogated by fate. But never forget a must follow the principle that-

"Life is a game. Travel with the due course of time, but please ensure playing it to win!"

In some cases, we prefer pulling ourselves out of the trying zone and start thinking that particular embodiment to be in infinity. So in such an irrelevant and nasty response from ourselves, we must ask ourselves whether the wording of the sky's the limit exists or not? But haven't we had a walk on the moon, a trip in space! Just like that, we always have to focus on the "POSSIBLE" out of the word "IMPOSSIBLE". Actually, it had never existed, nor was it established by some great philosopher but to be honest, it also had a positive impact and spot on the lives of many. Right now, due to the supremacy of this particular previous statement, we must face a dilemma of understanding and choice with an unrealistic and fathomable mindset but-

"When there's a will, there's a way!"

So falling for this contingent of the life game, let's emerge as consistent travellers on the path deviating from the hurtful rage and walk towards the true embodiment of success. Let's make the process worth experiencing! For a matter of defeat and some unavoidable yet unacceptable circumstances, never stop trying. Always believe in - 


By -

Mr. Archishman Satpathy and Miss Shanaya Stephens


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