Friendship And Childhood Memories by The Inkling Hues

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friendship and childhood memories - The Inkling Hues


Growing up is the toughest part and the tougher part is to leave the enclosed walls where our little feet were once scared and we were crying to not let go of our Ma's hand. Today while I look back to the golden days, I am suddenly reminded of the grand entrance to the heaven i.e School, the unripe mango tree and the watchman half asleep. The way we used to enter the promoted classrooms screaming, "Pappu, pass hogaya." through a big grin.
The school canteen where Rashmi Aunty used to shout "oh! ain the notorious kids", let tell you school canteen's chai and samosa used to top the list and that Friday pastry. I remember how we used to beat the shit of the birthday guy to give us a treat. Oh! Look at me how I have almost missed out the routine morning charade and long speech, where we used to wish that "God, help us to faint, we want to skip this summer heat."
How on days, we used to run to the sickbay by making an excuse of stomach ache to avoid the scolding of our unfinished homework. We used to hide in the playground and make bets on the basketball match and those who lost the bet used to give us treat. Well, every class had a couchball who struggled to cover the ground in PT period. I was one of the them too so don't feel left out, haha. Have I mentioned the corridor gossips? Or eating tiffin in between the ongoing class? But I miss spending my free time in the library with tonnes of refreshing book. From bunking classes to sit on the school terrace on our farewell day and promising that "we will stay connected" but see somewhere between the lines we all grew up.
Don't you miss us? Do you forget that we have scribbled our names on our benches forever?
I'll visit you again and do all the weird things to make the memories of my joyous phase keep alive. Oh! I forgot to say that even though your thick walls wear a different colour, we your kids will never forget to recognize you. Oh, how much I miss you!           
Shaikh Iqra


Childhood was full of memories, 
like great treasuries. 
Cartoons were very fascinating, 
like a beautiful painting. 
Everyone loved you a lot, 
like a beautiful pot. 
School life was awesome, 
like the flowers blossom. 
The days of school, 
were very cool. 

Friends were like family, 
all together spent the time happily. 
Anger, jealousy and arrogance, 
didn't have any existence. 
Siblings teased each other, 
without a break ever. 
Every moment was full of excitement, 
made our life vibrant. 
Neither the tension nor the stress, 
made us feel depressed. 

Shraddha Rai

बचपन के दिन    
बचपन के दिन आज भी मुझे याद आते हैं l
जब हम छोटे थे तो पिता जी के साथ घूमने जाते थे l
करते थे ज़िद लॉलीपॉप दिलाने की,और हारकर हमसे हमको वो दिलाते थे l
ले जाते पार्क मे पिताजी झूला ज़ोर ज़ोर से झूलते थे l
बनकर घोड़ा हमारा सवारी उसकी करवाते थे l
डाटदे अगर हमको पिताजी उसके बाद स्नेह भी खूब करते जाते थे l
टेडी बेयर और चॉक्लेट हमारे लिए लाते और हमको वो मानते थे l
होता जब जन्मदिन मेरा तो कपडे और सारी पसंदकी चीज़े मेरी वो लाते थे l
दोस्तों को सारे और सभी रिस्तेदार को बुलाकर जन्मदिन मेरा एक उत्सव की तरह मानते थे l
उपहार जो भी आते जन्मदिन मे मेरे खुश बहुत मैं हो जाता था l
खाना भी नहीं खाता था l
खोलने की उक्सुकता मे मैं सारी रात जगता था l
बचपन मुझे आज भी याद आता हैं l
याद हैं मुझे होली का त्योहार जब पिताजी दिल्ली नौकरी करते थे l
आने से पहले कुछ उपहार भेजदिया करते थे l
आते थे बिना बताये और आश्चर्य कर देते थे l
मिलते थे गले हम भाई-बहनो से और खूब लाड किया करते थे l
लाते थे दिल्ली से पकवान और अँगूर की टोकरी भर के और अपने हाथो से हमें खिलाते थे l
बड़ी और रंग बिरंगी और अद्भुत पिचकारी पिताजी लाया करते थे 
कभी बैगन, कभी टमाटर वाली पिचकारी लाते थे l
छुट्टी ख़तम होने पर पिताजी की हम मायूस हो जाते थे l
पिताजी हमको हमको गले लगाके स्नेह से नम आँखो से फिर दिल्ली चले जाते थे l
हमारे लिए वहाँ से चिट्टी भेजा करते थे l
आगे बड़ो और मेहनत करो यही कहा करते थे l
कहते की अगर तुम परीक्षा मे पास हुए तो साइकिल और इनाम लेके आयूंगा, और तुमको साथ घूमने भी लेजायूँगा हमको ऐसे प्रोत्साहन दिया करते थे l
सगे सम्बंदित साथ हमारे रहा करते थे l
छुट्टियां पड़ने पर वो घर हमारे आते थे l
ख़ुशी और उल्लास से साथ मे हर लम्हा बिताते थे l
अब लेकिन सब दूर हैं l
हालातो के आगे मजबूर हैं 
मिलने कोई नहीं आता हैं, बहाने वो बनाता हैं l
सब लोग अपनी जिंदगी मे मसरूफ हैं l
दिखा रहें अपने असली रूप हैं l
मगर बिताये हुए लम्हे बचपन के याद आते हैं 
आते नहीं सगे सम्बंदित मिलने क्योकि वक़्त बदल गया हैं l
जो रहते थे खुश अब वो पिता जी की कामयाबी से जल रहा हैं l
सोचकर बचपन की यादो को हुई आंखे मेरी नम हैं l
बस सवाल यही हैं के क्यों हुआ बचपन 

-© Kalamkaar


Suddenly one day, my childhood memories overtook my mind,
Where my every crime was taken as a mere mistake,
Where I was innocent and kid in my heart,
Where I could express my feelings with all my heart,

Where happiness rested in Chhota Bheem , diary milk & fairy toys,
Where there were scars in body and burdens of bags,
Where no one questioned my decisions and determinations,
Where my marks did not decide my destination,

Where fight with my best friend did not last long,
Where paper boats and paper kites gave me a crown,
Where I was loved by everyone and everyone loved me,
Where I cried for my things and atleast fake smiles did not existed,

Where I did not know the meaning of ego and self respect,
Where enjoying little moments was the main aspect,
When life only gave you happier moments,
Where society did not judge your dressing sense or garments,

Where you did not fear of failing for the First time,
When you enjoyed icecreams and butterflies,
Where scars in the body was as artificial as the bruises,
Where you came home running home with a fierce hurriness,

When you talked continuously without a interruption,
When you did not evolve in technology and internet corruption,
Where a sweet sound of bird would inspire you to sing,
Where only candies and coc you would drink,

Where there was no fear of losing a person,
But the cry rested in fighting with brother for mom's mobile phone,
Where you could defend yourself without any guilty,
Where rain gave you the happiness of something glitty,

Where chalk piece and blackboards excited you the most,
Where the smell of paint and new book excited you the most,
Yes, beautiful childhood I miss you the most,
Because you were the best memories which is now post.

Srishti Rani Panda


खोया बचपन , लौटा दे कोई।
सुने आँगन में छम-छम बजा दे कोई।

वो बारिश की झमाझम,
हँसते रहते थे हरदम,
न खुशियों की तमन्ना न कोई ग़म,
ऐसा था हमारा बचपन,
काग़ज़ की नाव, तैरा दे कोई।
खोया बचपन , लौटा दे कोई।

बचपन के यार,
थे बड़े दिलदार,
खट्टा-मीठा चूस एक ही लाते थे,
सभी चाट-चाटकर खाते थे।
वही प्यार का रास्ता दिखा दे कोई,
खोया बचपन , लौटा दे कोई।

न हाल की चाहत,
न भविष्य पे बग़ावत,
जीना-मरना संग संग
मस्ती मचा हुड़दंग।
वही ज़िन्दगी की डोर थमा दे कोई।
खोया बचपन , लौटा दे कोई।

Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef ✍️

Childhood, sweet and sunny childhood, 
With its careless, thoughtless air, 
Like the verdant, tangled wildwood, 
Wants the training hand of care. 

See it springing all around us -- 
Glad to know, and quick to learn; 
Asking questions that confound us; 
Teaching lessons in its turn. 

Who loves not its joyous revel, 
Leaping lightly on the lawn, 
Up the knoll, along the level, 
Free and graceful as a fawn? 

Let it revel; it is nature 
Giving to the little dears 
Strength of limb, and healthful features, 
For the toil of coming years. 

He who checks a child with terror, 
Stops its play, and stills its song, 
Not alone commits an error, 
But a great and moral wrong. 

Give it play, and never fear it -- 
Active life is no defect; 
Never, never break its spirit -- 
Curb it only to direct. 

Would you dam the flowing river, 
Thinking it would cease to flow? 
Onward it must go forever -- 
Better teach it where to go. 

Childhood is a fountain welling, 
Trace its channel in the sand, 
And its currents, spreading, swelling, 
Will revive the withered land. 

Childhood is the vernal season; 
Trim and train the tender shoot; 
Love is to the coming reason, 
As the blossom to the fruit. 

Tender twigs are bent and folded -- 
Art to nature beauty lends; 
Childhood easily is moulded; 
Manhood breaks, but seldom bends.

Guneet Malik


Wrapping me in a small cloth, she felt so high.
When she put me down, all I do is cry.
She gave me warmth and care,
When I wake from my nightmare.

I roam everywhere holding my toy,
Enjoying my life to the fullest with joy.
Just standing and shaking my hip,
It's enough for everyone to clap.

Searching for a clue,
Why the sky is all blue?
With all my silly questions,
I used to get everyone's affection.
Gifting them my absence,
I give them all tensions.

Recalling the cherishing rare moments,
That was indeed a rare present.
Now, putting my smile down,
Yeah, life goes on...

Back then I was too innocent,
Yet I was excellent.
I wish to become once again good,
In this case, I want back my childhood.

Sehitha Sree


Aaj phir wo kuch pal yaad aaye
Jawani ke chadhte rang me us bachpan ke kuch lamhe yaad aaye

Shararat bhari zindagi thodi ajeeb si thi
Nadan the hum par rangeen haseen thi

Na kisika darr na kisiki taklif
Har pal khushiyon ki majjani life thi

Mata pita ka laad pyar alag sa tha
Shikayaton ka muhh mod lene ke liye dada dadi ka sath tha

Pal me hasna, pal me rona ek jindagi ka kissa tha
Ruthkar jaldi ghulmil jana bhi bahut khoob tha

Na koi umeed na koi khwaab the
Haste khelte jindagi ke geet gate the

Gali gali gunjti thi aawaj un nadaan parindo ki
Us jamane ne me na samjh thi mobile ke games ki

Beet gaya wo pal ab sath hai wo yaadein
Thukra dete the bachpan tab 
Ab hai uski chaahtein

Sushmita Tupkar


बचपन है कागज़ की नाव,
बचपन है आजी का गाँव,
बचपन है आइया की कहानी,
बचपन है परात में पानी,
बचपन है रविवार,
बचपन है अपनों का प्यार,
बचपन है खुले विचार,
बचपन है छत पर डाला अचार, बचपन है कापी पर कवर,
बचपन है क्यूट स्टिकर,
बचपन है गुड्डी के पेंच,
बचपन है चॉकलेट की रेस,
बचपन है गुमशुदा रबर,
बचपन है नया शार्पनर,
बचपन है रोज का हुड़दंग,
यहीं हैं मेरे बचपन के रंग।

अपूर्बा चतुर्वेदी


Childhood is the time,
Which we can never get back.
Those days were very precious,
But, now people are very pragmatic.
Those days I used to play with many toys,
Now-a-days, people are very practical about others lives.

In my childhood,
I was waiting for the whole year,
To celebrate just a 24 hours born day,
But, now not even intrested for that day.

Funny cutifs with friends,
Cute and funny behaviours,
Endless games and joy,
Makes me smile when I think about it.

No pain,
No stress,
No worries,
No over thinking,
Always fun and cutiest moments,
Were experienced in those days,
But, now it's all in an opposite path.

Waiting for the PET hour,
Enjoying a lot with friends.
Waiting for the sleeping hour,
And acting as if laying in front of teacher,
But murmering with buddies under the bench,
Was the most fascinating experience.

When I was a kid,
Just a smile made others anger to cool down.
But, now the same trick,
Didn't work.

In my childhood,
I was like a zealot.
My childhood experiences,
Had given me a lot of memories in my life


Wo ek Bachpan ka zamana tha
No Fasna na koi fasana tha.
Wo Andhere ka darr,
Maa ke Aanchal ka hi aasra tha.

Waqt ka ek tufaan aaya,
Bachapn ka maano janaza le aaya.

Aaj bhi wo bachapana hai kahi dil mai
Bachho ko khelta dekh aangne mai
Dil khilta hai maano jaise
Udd raha ho aasmaan mai.

Yaade kabhi mitaaye nhi ja sakti
Wo to humare Dil me har pal hoti he.
Bachpan humare zindagi ka 
Wo sunahara pal hota hai, jisse
Behtar to aane Wala Kal bhi na ho.

Wo Masumiyat chehare pe lekar
Har pal humesha ghumna.
Fir galti karne par chup reh Jana.
Nanhe - nanhe kadmo ko lekar
Ghar mai khushi se ghumna.
Fir gir jaane pr rote rehna.
Choti-choti baat pe 
MAA ko pareshan karna.
Apne bachpane ki wajaah se
Maa ko hastaa dekhna.

Tasweere to buss ek zariya hai
Unn baato ko yaad karne ka.
Wo bachpan kabhi na wapis aata.
Isliye bachpan mai
Jee khul ke yaade banana.

Saujanya Chunarkar


माँ मुझे बाँहो में भर लो,थक चुकी हूँ अब मैं।
नही रह सकती तुझ बिन,ये समझ चुकी हूँ अब मैं।
तुझ बिन अधूरा सा,सब लगता यहाँ।
बड़ी नफ़ासत से रखा था,तूने मुझे वहाँ।
अब वो नफ़ासत,मैं खोने लगी हूँ।
तुझ जैसी ही,सब की फिक्र में सोने लगी हूँ।
वक़्त को कोसने लगी हूँ,तेरे पास आने को।
रुक क्यों न गया था,वो हमेशा के लिए,
मुझे तेरी बाँहो में छोड़ जाने को।
अब आ भी नही सकती,तुझ संग मिलने।
ये ज़िन्दगी फ़ुर्सत ही,नही देती है दिन में।
वही बचपन की तरह तुझ से,
अपनी चोटियाँ बनवाना चाहती हूँ।
लड़ कर किसी से,
तेरे आँचल में छुप जाना चाहती हूँ।

Priya Kumari


Childhood days are considered golden days of life. Eating, playing, sleeping are the only things to be done. Childhood is the period of enjoyment, happiness without any worries. Childhood days are simple, peaceful days. These days remain in our hearts and memories forever. The most cherishing days are full of sunshine and joy. Making friends, playing with them, sharing things with them and then having fights with them over small things. 

Childhood days are the ones which include a sky of happiness, the days when we would perform acts of becoming prince, minister or a soldier. Childhood days are the ones in which one has lived wholeheartedly. Life is easy and sweet like a box full of chocolates. 



Born on this Earth as a human creature,
My journey started with a loud cry,
Maa cradling me to sleep with endless nights,
And Dad holding me to change my clothes.

Days passed by as I learnt to walk,
Holding fingers of my parents I learnt to talk,
Pa-pa, Ma-Ma, I could hardly say words,
Yet I was held with so much patience and love.

The passage of time transported me to school,
I learnt to read and write with my group,
Teachers scolded for doing wrong jobs,
Who would be mischievous, if none of us talked?

Playing sports and running around the court,
I took up to the passion of taking up my dream,
Favourite subjects and teachers were a part of life,
Ten plus two then took to yet another height. 

At times in fight I used to get beaten up,
Or maybe saved my group from teachers wrath,
Not doing homework or bunking lectures,
School memories was a part of childhood stuff. 

I'm thankful to my parents for handling me,
Taking so much pain in pampering me,
I'm grateful to be born in the era of sophistication,
Maybe I was destined to live a life of sophistication. 



Some used to wait for the class time to get over, by frequently watching at the time.
Some used to stick to the corners, romping pen fights.
Lovers used to jump big walls and escape to a cafe.
Some decent dynamic people like me, were accustomed to studies.

Those standup comedies by the comedian of our class, titled by the headmistress of our school,
Would pain our stomachs due to unstoppable laugh.
Assignments and homeworks were common and crucial.
To accomplish them,we used to dedicate our dinner to half by filling half of the stomach.

Wall chair was the famous punishment in that era,
For not finishing our before day's homework.
Encouragement was infinity, from my best friend in the sports area.
Before entering into ground,I would await for him to wish me best of luck.

Memorable were those alluring days.
If I could time travel, I would get back to those beautiful school days.

Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


I miss my childhood,
Those memories boost up my mood.
Me and my friends enjoy our livelihood,
While playing we felt and stood.
Parents did what they could.
That this is not our adulthood.
And mom cooks my favorite food,
Which is delicious and so good.

Childhood memories have a special significance in everyone's life. As we get older, childhood memories become sweeter and sweeter.

  Childhood is the best period of a person's life. In childhood, there is no worry, no stress, and no workload. Childhood stories cannot be forgotten. 

Whenever I remember my childhood, my mind fills with happiness. Those were the golden days that I spent by laughing and playing. I was not worried in my childhood. I wish I could have that childhood of mine once again. I wish I could go back to that time again...



When I am old,
I desire to remember,
The days, good and old,
I want to remember,
The times, dark but hold
An incomparable place, so I remember,
I laugh, I cry,
Till my eyes go dry,
Because beautiful are those memories,
Worth remembering are those stories.

Glorious days went past,
Diverse memories it made,
I will cherish till I last,
All that grace that is made,
It will be unsurpassed,
It will nevermore fade,
I laugh, I cry,
Till my eyes go dry,
Because beautiful are those memories,
Worth remembering are those stories.

Those were the days,
I beam when I remember them,
Mates, family, love, the delight of those days,
Glad to have them,
I may depart, but these memories won't raze,
I wish to perish amidst them,
I laugh, I cry,
Till my eyes go dry,
Because beautiful are those memories,
Worth remembering are those stories.

Teja Abhinav Reddy Kaipu


You are like an arm of healing, 
who recognizes all my feelings. 
Just understands everything with a single message, 
like learning a difficult passage. 
That's the reason of our strong bond, 
because everytime you responds. 

When my heart feels to be engulfed, 
by the feeling of being in isolation. 
When my mind feels tired, 
due to the world's painful projections. 
Your concern and understanding, 
becomes a place of solacing. 

You are like an antibiotic, removes all the antigens of negative vibes. 
Your advices are like oxygen, rejuvenates all the cells of will power. 
Your love is like a pole star, always guiding me towards the right direction. 
Everyday we do worship, that's why God directed us to grow the seeds of friendship. 

Shraddha Rai


The expression of childhood associate everyone with fond memories be it a just left teenager or a silver haired grandfather everyone envy their childhood with no strings attached,but one can't defy the law of time and undo it's effects. All one can do is to sit back and relive the gripping memories.
    Those zealotic days with not many apprehensions,a reliable father and not to forget a care taking mother would set the right tone for exercising our grey matter to be receptive to all the novelty which world offers in ones growing age.
  As a child grows multiple things recede,not just the age but numerous noble qualities ebb along with it,which we envy after being philosophers!!,but when we look back a child would certainly posses them.Elaborating one such case would get us on same stage of thought.One such thing is to show no disparities be it based on colour or cast,race or religion,rich or poor.All played,studied,studies and what not being oblivious of all the disparities prevalent in the society,but everything would come to abrupt halt,the euphoria which prevailed plummet as our mind would intoxicate with polarity surrounding him /her.This is just a synopsis of single quality out of plethora of qualities which one child could posses.
  If we can just embrace our childhood and have a glimpse through our memory .we would surely envy few,soon we will recalibrate ourselves to incorporate them.Childhood has left us knowing it would never return but it has left it's imprints to pick.So revisit your childhood and relive your life.


सच्चे दोस्ती

दोस्ती में लोग एक दूसरे के लिए 
खुदा होते है
पर उन्हें महसूस तो तब होता है 
जब कभी लंबी समय के लिए
एक दूसरे से जुदा होते है

और चाहे जितना भी बेइजती करदे मुह पे
पर असलियत में तो यही 
हमारे हर महफ़िल की वजह होते है

आज कल तो दोस्ती को 
बाप बेटे का रिश्ता बताया जा रहा है
तो कही अस्ली बाप बेटे को 
दोस्त बनाया जा रहा है
की ये दोस्ती है साहब कही इसे खुदा के नाम से
तो कही इसे फरेबी के नाम से भी बुलाया जा रहा है ,

पर कर क्या सकते है यारो होते है
कुछ लोग ऐशे की कही ना कही यहां 
दोस्ती की कीमत भी लगाया जा रहा है
कुछ चन्द दोगलो के वजह से इस दोस्ती 
के नाम पे ऊँगली उठाया जा रहा है ,

पर अब इन्हें दोस्ती की कीमत क्या बताऊँ
बस यही कहूंगा अगर दोस्ती की कीमत 
जानना ही है तो पूछो उनसे
जिनके पास परिवार के नाम पे
माँ, बाप, भाई, बहन के बदले 
बस एक सच्चा दोस्त है

की आज उस दोस्त को ही जीने की 
वजह बताया जा रहा है
कही इसे दोस्ती तो कही इसे
खुदा के नाम से भी बुलाया जा रहा है ।।



Sudden insane smile, 
When I'm thinking about you, 
Makes my day damn perfect with beautiful morning text message, 
End my day beautiful with your good night text,
Without your conversation, 
My day was totally incomplete, 

Shared every little thing with you make me comfortable, 
I still want to talk to you, 
Even there is no topic, 

Even every one lives me alone when I'm in worst, 
You're there my life,
and makes me best,  

Life was something worst without you, 
Life was something best with my monkey, 
Irritating you is my all time best hobby, friendship is not nothing, 
That's everything, 

In this world, 
We can't say everything to everyone, 
But we can share our feelings with that one special person, 
And that's our best friend ,

Best friend is the person, who listen all our shits, 
And not get tired, 
And gave a best solution, 
Such a best friend is a blessing ! 

Sometimes we can say lie, 
But our eye shows everything that's the lie, 
And he/she catches that one easily by our way of talking, 
And that's our best friend, 

We can't show our love publicly, 
But we can show our love, 
By way of our secret prayers,

Came to my own world ,
And make it our world 
In one word to describe best friend is.
 You're precious ! 



Childhood is the most happiest and fun time . This is my first stage were I have started many to learn Moreover it's the most memorable period of life. A children with their's smile makes a solution for all the problems. 

Again want's to enjoy all the views,
Getting many things of news 
Put out the voice , 
That booms out in noise 
Realizing the days of childhood,
Always cheer ups my mood 
Grandma tells a story to night,
My childhood thoughts infinite. 

Do you know,
The golden days were gone 
While I am remembering those days ,
I learnt to go in good ways 
And how much we have grom ,
The new and good ideas were shown 
The sorrows joyfully shared,
With whom we may merrily share. 

The rainy days ,
Playing with mud,
We find the matter of fund 
Can't washout the days ,
The beautiful period often eulogised 
We are portrayed with our lack of experience. 

Where parents show lot's of love ,
The days of support,
The days of joy ,
The days of naughty ,
The days of jovial,
The days of crying. 

The heart of may ,
Every beast keep holiday 
If I wake at midnight,
I sleep again with a colourfull light. 

The days where I am innocent,
The days where I am naive 
Awww ! I was my dad's queen, and my mom's cute doll 
Oh God! The days have gone,
Please let me go back to the childhood days again. 

Chandini Chandu 


Mera ek yaar hai,
Jo besakhh meri jaan ka hakdaar hai...
Jb bimaar parti hun mein,
Toh maa ki tarah raat bhar jaag kar Rakhta mera khayal hai,

Jab pareshan hoti hun mein toh kisi baba ki tarah aankhein padh leta hai,
Yun toh meri sari galtiyo ko apne sir le leta hai,
Or apni galti hone par aankhe mujhe dikhata hai...

Uski harkaton ki kya hie baat karu,
Bacchon si saraarate karta hai,
Or Khud ko masoom kehta hai...
Hann mera vo ek lauta yaar hai
Jo sach mein meri jaan ka hakdaar hai...

Bhumi Mahto

I’ve a message to send, I'll convey at the end,
In hopes, the intended is listening,
To a gift I've received, and have come to believe,
Is the piece in my life that was missing.

There's a place in my heart, that I've set apart,
It's a place, where no other shall be,
It belongs to a friend, a friend to the end,
And to which, only they hold the key.

I dreamed, someone would come, not knowing where from,
Or to whom, that someone might be,
With my head in my hands, I could not understand,
All the things, that were burdened on me.

Seeing no way to win, and about to give in,
It was plain, that the world didn't care,
When I thought I was done, with nowhere to run,
I looked up, to find you standing there.

I knew nothing of love, till, the one I speak of,
So graciously, held out their hand,
And has shown me the way, to get through each day,
Who has faith, in the man I now am.

There is no room for doubt, how things would have turned out,
If you hadn't been watching my back,
Always there with a hug, or a much needed shove,
When I'm hurting, or falling off track.

There's no possible way, I could ever repay,
How I wish, there were more I could do,
But, I thank you my friend, my friend to the end,
And, I'm making this promise to you.

Wherever you are, be it near, be it far,
The first thing, you’re going to see,
If your world should grow colder, look over your shoulder,
Thank You, My best friend

Guneet Malik 


Thou had left me and lost somewhere where there is no end,
I miss you so much my bold and beautiful best friend,
I still remember the place where we use to eat pizza by the park side,
You will always be remembered by me when there is no one by my side.

You supported me when there was only darkness in my life,
You gave your shoulders when I was wrapped up in my life's strife,
What type of crime did I commit, can you please say?
That you left me abandoned without even addressing your bae,

I still remember the first fight you did with the lecturer because she hurt me,
You were like my warrior who always tried to protect me,
Whether it may be your parents, my Mom you would not spare anyone in my matter,
Anyone special comes in your life, but to you I was the one who did most mattered.

I still carve on all the chocolates which were your favourite,
The movies which I enjoyed watching with you somewhere did degrade,
The last day when you caught my hands and closed your eyes on the hospital bed,
Till now, the heart aching departure of ours is revolving around my head.

I know now too you would be fighting with God for making me happy,
But the truth is except you no one could make me happy,
I don't know where you are at this moment of time,
But, I would sing the eulogy with melancholy rhymes.

Srishti Rani Panda


B - being an 
E- enemy to me 
S - Supporting me
T- to reach 
F- first position 
R- rather than 
I - in the form of 
E-  Enemy 
N- nudging me to reach my 
D- destiny 



Oye my dear friend,
No words to describe you, 
But only I should describe...
No letters to comment you,
But only I should comment...
No limits for loving you,
But only I should love...
People call it as ego & jealous but I call it as love.....!!

Oye my dear,
I think few friendship Starts with a cute fight,
But our friendship Started with a cute sight by you...
You doesn't have any blood relation with me,
But you are the best relation and 
You are the blood filled in me...
 I like the way you fight with me but I really fight for you in many ways...!!!
Oye mine,
Every teacher may not be a friend but you are the one who teach more than a teacher...!
Every doctor may not be a friend but you are the one who care more than a doctor...!!
I love to be with you,
I hate someone being close with you,
I feel happy spending time with you,
I just love your Scoldings,
I promise you that I never leave you till my breath end...!!
One request from my side oops it's not request it's ORDER....;
 I just behave like a kid.., simply my mind is not mature I'm mad...I make many mistakes and I don't even know what I talk and what to talk if I do any mistake or if I speak bad just forgive me. Even though I scold you, I say not to talk to me, not to see my face, and go away from me don't feel bad I request not to feel bad...! 

If you leave me I just leave my breath....!!
Without you I'm nothing,
With you I'm something,
We together can make everything and change impossible as possible....!!
I wish our love increases,
I think our journey rises,
But surely our friendship be as endless...!
Bundle of thanks for being with me,
Gang of thanks for taking a complete part in my life...!
Love you my dear bestie..!
This topic came to an end but our friendship never has full stop.........!
Love grows...!!!

-© Bhavya.S


Hey! You.
Yes, You.
You're the only one,
Who knows me better than anyone.
Whenever I'm falling down,
You're always there holding a crown,
To make me feel like a Queen,
Always stand up for me.
Sometimes, I've to say a lot,
But I say less,
Because you've already got.
In my every problem,
You just give me a hug,
And I forget all.
But now I really miss you,
I really need your hug,
Please come and hug me again,
I want a shoulder to cry,
I want a soul to rely,
And that's your's,
Yes just your's.
Since we are miles apart,
We are still together through our heart.
Without you I'm really alone,
Please come back ,
Once again, I want that crown.

I really miss you my best friend.
Nukhba Maryam


Friendship isn't defined By a Trip to Goa. It's about .....
Khamoshiyon Mein Dheemi Si Aawaaz Hai,
Tanhaiyon Mein Bhi Ek Gehra Raaz Hai.
Milte Nahin Hai Sabko Achchhe Dost Yahan.
Aap Jo Mile Ho Humein Khud Par Naaz Hai.
It isn't about night out every weekends,
It's about being available in times of need. In any day or night. Even in dark or light.
It's about those people,
Jo Dard Nahi Khushiyon Ki Saugat Hai,
Kisi Apne Ka Zindgi Bhar Ka Saath Hai,
Ye Toh Dilon Ka Woh KhoobSurat Ehsaas Hai,
Jiske Dam Se Roshan Yeh Saari Kaaynat Hai.
Who make every moment beautiful,
The ones who make you laugh,
Make you cry. But never leave you in tears.
The one's who get excited for you,
In your happiness. The one's who can fight with the world,
Just for you. The one's who may never confess,
But love and care for you.
It's a Bond,
Where you never propose or reject. You just meet them somehow, And they become a Constant forever.
For Life is a Journey.
Friends are the 'Gems' you earn.  
Jaise haar ek friend zaroori hota hai.

Shaikh Iqra

My best friend...... 
His pictures are all that he left with me! His voice, his care, his smile all seems vanished with these passing days!! But the memories we made will never vanish! Sometimes I want to cry for you but I think who will sweep my tears. I also love you more than my life my dear best friend but the only difference is I didn't lie.You did promises to stay always with me but today all the promises broken. You were taught me what love is but you also taught me that it's better to live alone in this selfish world without any best friend. Honestly saying all the promises in the whole world are made for broken. So it was my mistake to believe in your fake promises. By the way I am not selfish like you, stay happy always and god bless you dear best friend. I don't know where are you now and even I don't know what are u doing now but anyway stay happy always, I always pray for your happiness near god !!

Bandita Nahak 

Best friend is someone who understands you, supports you, and encourages you in life to just do your best. And I am thankful to God that I have got one. As I believe quality matters over the quantity of friends you have. We have been best friends since school time. 

We plan outings, celebrate our birthdays together and have lots of fun. We share our happiness, sorrows, help each other in difficult times and so on. As it is said true friendship is hard to find these days, but I have found one and will keep it forever with me. And I hope this friendship lasts forever.

IG - drishti_2228


The one I’ve found as a charming person,
Who just seems innocent but is a crazy one.
Afterall I indicate her as my [bro] brother,
But she is like a sister to me from another mother.

For the world she is a sweet student with a smile,
Just stay with her as a good companion and she will show you her real face after a while.
All over she is my best friend,
Who helps, learns and plays pretend.

If I want to tell the REAL things about her,
She is brittle at times; but also as soft as fur.
I call her as my crime partner,
Because she is fit for that word; like her I may not get another.

She is a good student I can say,
She has solution for every mystery in a unique way.
She speaks rubbish at times,
But she’s my friend so we have same rhymes.

I can describe her in infinite words and sentence,
She has a way to change my anger into smile; she can be called as a Thor with protective shield but not a princess!!

Hetvi S. Patel

मेरे प्यारे मित्र शुभम 

पहले हम दोनों अनजान थे !
जब मिले कभी फिर हम दोस्त बने थे !
जाते साथ साथ, खाते भी साथ थे !
रूठ ते मानते थे फिर दोस्त बन जाते थे !
क्योकि हम दोस्त बहुत गनिस्ट थे !
हर मुश्किल को साथ झेलते थे !
साथ घुमते और साथ खेलते थे !
हो जाती लड़ाई तो बक्शते नहीं थे !
उसको हम बहुत पेलते थे !
ढूंढ़ने हम नौकरी साथ जाया करते थे !
उस लम्हे को भी खूब जिया करते थे !
गाली खाते घरवालों की थे !
फिर उन बातो पर खुद हँसा करते थे ! 
लाते अगर कपडे बाजार से तो सबसे पहले एक - दूसरे को दिखाते थे !
फिर पहनकर नये कपडे हर-वक़्त उसको पहन के हर जगह जाते थे !
चोरी चुपके घरवालो से कुछ ना कुछ हम दोपहर मे खाके आते थे !
सोने नहीं हम जाते थे !
फिर शाम को मिलते हम और घूम फिर के आते थे !
और पार्क मे जाकर उत्पात मचाकर आते थे !
गलती हुई हो किसी की अगर तो डाट खिलवाकर खूब उसकी खिल्ली उड़ाया करते थे !
और मस्ती भी खूब किया करते थे !
हो जाती अगर गलती मुझसे तो वो मुझे माफ़ कर देता था ! 
क्योकि उसको पता था के बूरा करूँगा नहीं उसका मे उसको मुझपे विशवास था, क्योकि दोस्त भी उसका मे खास था l
हर बुरे और अच्छे वक़्त मे वो मेरे साथ था l
एक दिन पता चला के उसके पिताजी की पोस्टिंग हो गयी हैं l
उसको ये शहर छोड़के जाना हैं l
लौटकर दोबारा नहीं आना हैं !
सुनकर मे ये बहुत रोया l
लगा जैसे मैंने भाई को खोया !
चला गया वो एक दिन जाने से पहले लिपट के मुझसे रोया !
कहा अलविदा उसको उस दिन मे पूरी रात नहीं सोया !
चला गया दूर मगर हमारा साथ जरूर हैं छूटा !
था पक्का रिश्ता हमारा दोस्ती का वो अबतक नहीं हैं टुटा ! 



To my dear lost best friend!!
Remember the day when we first met? When we first talked?
When we First hangedout together?
When we first shared our secrets...??
Ausum days it was...
I know now we don't talk...
Now we never met...
But, I want to tell you one thing....
Don't Remember me in your good days,
But do remember me in your bad days...
Coz m okay not to be with you in your good days....
But I will be happiest one to be with you in your bad days....
Never hesitate to call or msg me buddy....
Whenever you need M here for you always....
Just a call msg away....
With love,
Your lost bff...

Anshu Kukreja

My love To her...

We met each other with a bad fight
She was the one whom I hate the most
All felt we were the worst enemies for ever......... 

Later a day she came with a smile to me.... 
How far I might hate her But.. her smile stole my heart.. 
She made me convenes with all our fights.. 

I saw my mother's care in her.. 
I felt my father's belief on me to her.. 
I enjoyed a sister's comfort with her.. 
I found a sole with same quality of mine in her... 
Totally I started knowing my self in her.. 

Everyone whispered that I didn't love her as she loved me... 
At the last day before we leave...... 
 Tears we shed each other made known to all that we were same in all aspects of sharing love 

And we were best friends forever..... 
         With love my bestie...



When I am in tenth I don't have friends, because I am new to the school . When I have entered in to the class room . A girl with smiling said hiii it's our first meet . We introduced ourselves, I am very happy. As I met a good friend . she is very close to my heart . She asked let you be my friend from now ? I said yes , I will .

From here the day went very jovial ,from here we shared everything, and a day with sadness I don't know what happened? We got fighting, somebody have told to her that I have complained upon her to prince that she has created rumours on a girl . While I went to class she didn't speak with me , I asked what happened but no response from her . The day had gone . The next day she came near me she asked sorry , I have asked her why your telling sorry ? She said i have realized my mistake from now if any wrong message on you given by anyone i wont listen to the message, i wont believe anyone except you , she said . Yes ! We have gone together .

From here she understood that a good friend is not important, a good understanding is more important. 

Oh God! Thank you ,
She is the gift from you 
She is my strength,
Were we met in tenth 
For lifting me up ,
When I am feeling down 
The bond will endure ,
The love will be pure.

Your my happiness,
You secure my tiredness 
So swiftly it flews right , 
Could not follow the fight 
Putting a smile on my face ,
She is my back bone for winning the race 

When I catch your hand,
I feel it's like a love band 
No greater love to follow ,
A friendship to the marrow 
When I sit beside you , 
No one greater than you 
Your very special to me ,
No judgements will be lived between us 
Never fight for long ,
When there is something wrong 

While vibrates rythamically on violin strings,
If your beside me I feel like I have wings 
There are different types of friends,
But no friends are same nor the characters are same. 

Chandini Chandu 

सबसे अच्छा दोस्त

जीवन में दोस्त तो बहुत मिलते हैं लेकिन एक सच्चा दोस्त मिलना किस्मत की बात होती है।एक सच्चा और अच्छा दोस्त बहुत मूल्यवान होता है।

बाकी सब रिश्ते तो भगवान बनाते हैं,लेकिन एक रिश्ता जो हमें खुद ही बनाना पड़ता है वह है 'दोस्ती' का रिश्ता।यह रिश्ता बिना किसी स्वार्थ के जीवन भर हमारा साथ देता है।
सबसे अच्छा दोस्त हम कई लोगों में से कुछ लोगों को ही बनाते हैं

जब हम अपनी परेशानियों को छुपाने की कोशिश करते हैं तो एक सच्चा दोस्त ही हमारे बिना कहे हमारे परेशानियों को जान लेता हैं।
सच्चे दोस्त के रहने से हमारा जीवन एकदम सुखमय और खिल उठता है।

कभी-कभी कुछ बातें ऐसी होती हैं जो हम अपने परिवार में किसी से नहीं बता पाते,उसी समय हम वही सब बातें अपने दोस्त से कह देते हैं क्योंकि हमें मन में यह विश्वास होता है कि वह हमें सही राह ही दिखाएगा,उस समय हमें ऐसा लगता है जैसे कि हमारी सारी मुश्किलें आसान हो गई हैं।

एक अच्छा दोस्त आपकी मदद के लिए हमेशा तैयार रहता है।वह हमारे सुख-दुख में हमारे साथ खड़ा रहता हैं,अगर हम गलत राह पर चलते हैं तो वो ही हमें सही राह दिखाता हैं।

दोस्ती एक ऐसा रिश्ता है जो जितना पुराना होता है उतना ही गहरा भी होता जाता है।
यह रिश्ता बहुत ही अनमोल होता है इसलिए हमें हमेशा इसे संभाल कर ही रखना चाहिए।
यह एक ऐसा रिश्ता है जिसके बिना हमारा जीवन व्यर्थ है।

-© Garima Rajput


In the world,
Where there are many fake people,
I believe in only you,
Because of our endless relationship,
It's names as a "FRIENDSHIP".

The word "FRIEND",
Itself has "END" in it,
But our bonding is restless,
And our memories are endless.

You made my full days,
So bright and shiny,
Our fights were very tiny,
But so cute too.

Even though if we,
Have participated in the same competition,
We didn't have any jealous in us,
But, we worked with a lot of zealous.

We together had done,
Many mischievous things,
That had never,
Become so serious.

We wriggled,
Many times,
But never struggled,
For our friendship.

Few people tried,
To make us fight,
But, we proved it,
Never happens right.

The moments that I have spent with you,
Was like a heaven.
But, when I miss you,
I feel it as a hell.

You helped me like,
An umbrella during the rain.
Never forget you in my life,
And never leave you forever.

Dear bestie,
Our friendship is the strongest bond I had yet,
I never expect,
Anymore next.


"सबसे अच्छा दोस्त.....
खिलाया है पिलाया है पाला है पोसा है .....
पीठ में बस्ता थमाकर चलना सिखाया है.!
दुनिया ने जब साथ छोड़ा तब उसने हौसला बढ़ाया है .....
बाहर से लड़ाई झगड़ा करके आया मैं .......
शिकायत मिलने पर भी उसने नजर अंदाज किया है !
थोड़ा और बढ़ा जब मैं .....
तब उसने अकेले चलने का हुनर सिखाया है !.....
हर कमी को पूरी करके 
उसने मेरा एक आशियाना बनाया है !
छोटे छोटे सपनों को मेरे अपने सपनों को समझा है .....
हर परिस्थितियों में साथ रहा वो.. 
तब तक भी मुझे मालूम नहीं था... 
जब लगी ठोकर दुनियां से तब-तब उसने हाथ पकड़ा है.....
उससे मैं लड़ता हूँ, झगड़ता हूँ गुस्सा होता हूँ .....
वो कहता कुछ नहीं बस अपने अनुभवों से महसूस करवाता है कि जीवन क्या है,जिंदगी का सफर क्या है .....
मेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त 
अंत में कुछ नहीं.....
बस बुलाता है और बैठाता है पास अपने .......
और कहता है ......
घूम ली दुनियां कुछ मिला,कुछ हासिल हुआ बिना लक्ष्य के अब तक के इस जीवन में?
नहीं,.. मैंने कहा !
"चल उठ और फिर आगे बढ़ मैं अब भी साथ हूँ जब तुझपे कुछ भी नहीं है क्योंकि मैं तेरा सबसे अच्छा दोस्त हूँ......
इस समय मेरे आंखों में सिर्फ आंसू हैं ........
मैं उठा औऱ एक कदम बढ़ते ही उसने मेरा हांथ पकड़ा औऱ आखिरी शब्द कहे......... 
"बेटा, जो तुम कर चुके औऱ जो कर रहे थे यह सब मेरे जीवन से होकर गुजरे हैं इसलिए मैं शांत रहा .........
अब उठो औऱ आगे बढ़ो यह जिंदगी बड़ी निराली है ......
कर डालो वो सब सपने पूरे 
जिस जिसकी जिद तुमने पाली है. !! 
कुछ ऐसे मैंने अपने सबसे अच्छे दोस्त को पाया है ......
जब-जब जिंदगी में मुश्किलों को पाया है, तब -तब मैंने अपने पिता को सबसे अच्छा दोस्त माना है !!
उसी ने अंधेरे से निकालकर उजाला दिखाया है ......
मैंने अपने पिता को 
सबसे अच्छा दोस्त माना है......
सबसे अच्छा दोस्त माना है ।।

Ranvijay Singh 


Hi Bestie!!
How are you?
I hope God is taking well care of you,
As you are with him.
Sometimes the twinkling stars,
Remind me of our school rhyme recitation days.
It’s been 16 years and the place of “Bestie”,
Is demanding not to keep that place empty,
But how can I give your place to someone else??!!
I can’t do any type of injustice to you!!
I really miss your physical presence,
But I know you are with me always.
I always regret that,
I couldn’t meet you for one last time,
None informed me that you are hospitalized for blood cancer treatment,
And you know that time I fractured my leg and I was bed ridden.
Though your lifespan was limited in this world,
No one could ever give an expiry date to our friendship bond.

Dr. Sudhanya Nath


When the world is crumbling and there's no one around,
I'd walk up to you from the crowd to be your sound.
When there's darkness everywhere surrounding,
I'll be your profound light, always near and shining. 
When you won't be able to sleep with thoughts in mind,
I'll be your lullaby to make you and your being calm.
When you won't be able to scale heights in life,
I'll hold your hand to let you pass the field without fright.
When you would find it tough to swim the oceans,
I'll be your lifeline to let you shallow with less commotion.
If you have no one to wipe your tears in life,
I'll be the shoulder on which you could survive.
I won't let you say goodbye so easily, my dear friend,
I'll be there for you to walk till eternity without a sigh.
Distances between us won't break our bond ever,
It'll strengthen as I'll stick by your side forever.
From the day we met till the time we'll let go off this world,
I'll always stand with you even if heaven calls from above. 
This friendship really means a lot to me since I met you,
And let me tell you, even if tempestuous storms call me,
I'll give my life for the sake to let you be free from the harsh sea.
If we were destined to meet each other in this birth,
Then I'll make our relationship ever strong till it's worth! 



My dear friend, you are the heaven
Behind my happiness, you are the reason!

Too many friends, but you are the best
For you, I can ignore the rest

When we are together, every thing doubles
Destroying everything, creating a trouble

You're always on my side, oh! my love
And this love, impressed the whole world

You taught me to never give up!
You always advised me to keep it up

I just can't wait, to meet you
Celebrate your birthday and treat you

At last, I'll say, I miss you!
I'll hug you tight and kiss you



Don't let distance to speak between us 
let the feelings erupt , hold on emotions we had gone through carry in your heart.

The melody of love melt yourself too in cadence of beats now forget the feet only count the heat ⁩



Kitna ajeeb hai na karodon ki bheed mai koi apna mil jaana 
Jisse bezizak apni dil ki baatein bata sake

Kabhi maa kabhi behen kabhi bhai ban jo sath de
Akelepan ka ek wo sahara bane

Aise hi mulakat hue ek ajnabi se
Jaha apnepan ka ehsaas hua
Baatein karte karte thoda aur kareeb aaye
Friend se ek best friend ban gaye

Dost kum wo ek family se badhkar tha
Dil se dil ka ek rishta tha
Kabhi baat baat par ruthna kabhi ghussa ho jana
Durr ho jane ke darr se phir wapas gale laga lena

Sath me khana sath me ghumna
Rote hue ko pal me hasa dena
Jo bhi hai jaisa bhi hai
Dost nhi jaan meri wo hai

Haalat kuch aise hai ki durr rehte hum
Kal mila karte the cafe mai
Aaj phone pe baat kar kaam chala lete hai hum

Duriyon me hi ek apnapan hai
Best friend hai wo
Durr rehkar bhi pass hone ka ehsaas hai.

Sushmita Tupkar


We have almost similar names,
That takes place in all games.
Having a mini gang,
With only ourselves, we hang.
Parents names and struggles match,
We have our language that no one catch.

Hello, my dear best friend this is for you...
1. 5 years ago when we met as strangers, I didn't know that you can change my life.
2. You never left my side.
3. You bought everything I need without even me saying.
4. I can't imagine my life without you.
5. I'll miss you like crazy when I find your absence.
6. You were with me when the whole world stood against me.
7. What have I ever done to get a friend like you?
Now read attaching the same numbered points
1. You turned me sinful while I used to be innocent.
2. As if I would make a new friend, come on fellow I'm too lazy for that.
3. At last you end up eating even my food.
4. Who would buy chocolates? so that I can steal it.
5. If someone caught me doing stupid, whom should I blame then?
6. But you stood hiding at my back after you've done some naughty stuff.
7. I wish I could put you in a zoo.

When you come to meet me I'll kick you in the name of lord. For leaving me 3 years and gone away too far from me. But regardless of the fights, I loved you and will always love you as long as you buy me chocolates, take my scoldings, and love me. Now seriously, I love you multiple of black holes unlike you who loves me only to the moon and back.

Sehitha sree


This is the duty to fulfill for a lifetime,
A best friend is the name of getting something even after losing everything.
To make your friend laugh even by stopping yourself,
There's love in it and there's conflict too.
This is the duty to fulfill for a lifetime.
This is the secret of always smiling,
This moment is not a relationship, of two soulmates,
This is the duty to fulfill for a lifetime.
Never come back in life,
Don't know why to be tied in a strange string.
It does not contain conditions,
This is the name of being bound in one condition.
This is the duty to fulfill for a lifetime,
A best friend is the name of spreading happiness.
Friendship doesn't make you cry,
This is the desire for a happy home.
Whatever the point I need support from, my best friend is consistently there for me. We have made many memories together.
Having a best friend like you makes my life simpler. In any tough situation, we support each other. At whatever point I am in any issue, my best friend encourages me by giving me all the support. She encourages me in all activities. We plan our weeks and spend time together. My best friend has been my emotional support. Even though miles separated, we either call or send texts every day.
You're my best friend and dear friend to so many more people we know.
If I could go back in time, if I had to choose again, I'd still choose you to be my best friend. 
A best friend is a relation that, despite not being related by family or blood, is no less trustworthy than them. It is a very difficult task for everyone to make a true friendship, however, if one finds a true friendship then he/she is a very lucky person in a big crowd. I am very much lucky because I have a best friend who cares for me alot. My favorite person after my parents is you, my dear bestie.....You Know that too. I do not leave you in any situation, whether it is good or bad. until my last breath, you are my best friend forever. I will be with you even after I die..... Let us scare people together under a tree, behind the walls..


सर्वश्रेष्ठ दोस्त

दोस्त एक अनमोल खज़ाना है।
फ़र्क़ नही पड़ता, दोस्त नया या पुराना है।

फर्क नही पड़ता, गर कोई बदल जाये।
दोस्त वो है जिससे हर रिश्ता, सम्भल जाए।

एक सर्वश्रेष्ठ दोस्त काफी है, ज़िन्दगी के लिए।
हर मन्नत हो पूरी, इस बन्दगी के लिए।

खून का रिश्ता भी, फीका पड़ जाता है।
एक अच्छा दोस्त, बुरे वक्त में काम आता है।

आग का दरिया हो, या हो बारिश का पानी।
हर दिल में बसी है, एक दोस्त की कहानी।

आजकल दोस्तों से भी, ज़रा डरने लगे हैं।
ये पल-दो-पल में बदलने लगे हैं।

दोस्त ही ऐसा है, जिसे हम खुद बनाते हैं।
धर्म और जाति, को छोड़ दिल से अपनाते हैं।

Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef


Dear Teja,

The biggest miracle in my life is getting you as my best friend. Those old days were the days where we were not even talking with each other. But as soon as the Lockdown emerged, we've got sticked to the WhatsApp. Again,we got connected to each other by the WhatsApp group. We remembered those old days and recognized each others faces. We've clinged to the chit-chats along with some flavours called stickers and GIF's.

The most dazzling look was of our personal chat. That reactions,expressions in the form of GIF's, stickers and emojis caught my thoughts and filled colours in my day. This exclusive chatting have made us together and our bond has become stronger.

The immediate reply to my messages would make me very excited and enter into the topic. Our met in the public place with our friends left a good memory in my memory book. My heart had filled with the enough pure blood and the impure blood leaving was of very less amount.

Your amazing gestures in the form of stickers,GIF's and emojis made me cling to that happiness. Many feelings shared, many misunderstandings awoke and got solved within minutes. I was stuck with your,"What else?" message, literally died. And your reaction to my continuous "Hmm" made me angry but pleasant.

Our first phone call was really a beautiful one. You had come to know about my talkative nature which was unable to find in our meet in offline. The experience was just fabulous. My continuous talk for an hour with you and your cute little "Hmm's" for all my words was really a great experience. My heart filled with lots of happiness,love, strength, energy,etc,etc and etc. with our continuous phone conversations.

Even sharing your dreams which came in the night on me,showed your care and worriness when I was in hostel. Your nightmares about my presence made me more happy to give importance to you.I can't stop to write more about you. See you in the next part of this Open Letter.

Yours Lovingly,
Kolli Sai Charan Reddy.


Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


I have a charming doreamon who is taller than me,
He has a special magic which can make me care free,
His presence is my biggest gadget I can afford from him,
The alluring words of him can make to reach my aim,
His naughtiest behaviour can reveal his childishness,
At sorrowful times his play can wipe away all my tears,
It's a true blessing to have a human typo monkey,
All our laziness match each other like animal donkey,
Playing together with utmost fun creates memories,
We promised eachother not be apart even for centuries,
He's my all time favourite celebrity of my life,
Who can protect me from any of the strife,
Our existence is almost equal to twin brothers,
Sometimes he acts as my crazy partner similar to lovers,
He always irriates me as it's his favourite hobby,
This little friendship in our hearts entangled as fragile knotty,
He never scolds me for doing silly mistakes,
Yet he always understands me without being fake.

-©️ Geethika Reddy

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