Happiness by Divya B.N (divyachandhu)

Happiness is all about how we take things in life and take up challenges in life. We always have to stay happy even though we aren't...! Happiness is all about choosing what we want in life and find happiness in what we have and what we do...

      Happiness is always a state of mind, it's just how we take up challenges in life and face them....our happiness is always the way we look at things...! Happiness can be brought by money or stolen by others, our happiness always comes from our own actions and how we choose to do things in life... We always have to be careful in what we choose because it always has some of the other reactions in life.." what we choose is the reflection of what we get"..!

        The most important thing in life is to enjoy each and every movement we live because it's not going to come back, to be happy is all that matters in life.. we always need to be happy in what we have in life and always be excited in what life is going to give us next in the upcoming days in future.. we always need to find happiness in what we have in life that is the important key of happiness that a person gets in life.

      Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like. We all have life, may be short or long that doesn't matter..what matter is if you are happy or not. Always while choosing things in life just see if that makes you happy or not. Always choose things that bring a smile to your face.

It's not how many years we have lived, it's all about how much we have enjoyed things in life. Always remember that happiness belongs to you, the decisions you take, your quality thoughts, and mainly your patience and understanding the situation and accepting it in life.

      We all as being humans think that happiness depends on people we meet...? The answer for this thing is absolutely no... It's your life and you need to choose and search for Happiness in yourself and not others. We are born alone and we are going to die alone someday. No one will always come to your rescue time...

     A happy life is when you can see good in everything you see and enjoy the happy and sad movements in life. Life gets healthier chosen only when you are willing to understand all your mistakes done in life and forgive others for all their mistakes. If we are being Happy it doesn't mean everything is perfect in life, it just means that we have just decided to look above the imperfections in life.

         We all have crossed our Teenage. In that age or time, we feel whatever we see is love.. mainly when we look at our opposite genders... At that age/time we feel love is the only thing which gives happiness to all of us and 95% of people choose the wrong path at that time. That's where you see a different life. We might know be that matured to choose what is right or wrong in life. "Life is all about human connections"...!

     Have you ever felt that you are unhappy in your relationship? It's probably because you have chosen love over your happiness in life... Always that's a wrong choice...you just can't give up on someone just because the situations are not idle. We see some people and tell them they have a Great relationship.. great relationship isn't great because they have no problems. They are called great because both care enough about the other person's to find a way to make it work in life. A great relationship is always based on simple two things in life: point one appreciating the similarities in each other and the second point is respecting the differences they have in each other.

Life is just like a camera, we always have to focus on what's important, we always need to capture good things in life and develop from the negatives, and still, if thing's don't work out for you we just need to take another shot at the same way we just need to tey try until we succeed our success called destination in life...

     In life we have to not just do this we even have to feel it:
    We just have to not learn, we have to experience things in life. We read many things we even have to absorb and understand things in life. We feel we are changed in life but we never realize we have transformed to do some things in life. We just need not relate things we even need to advocate things. Normally we promise things in life..., Do we keep up the promises...? Question yourself..we need to prove what we have promised. we have to not criticize we even have to encourage.
 Guys, happiness is always based on what we choose in life and what we choose is what we get reflected in life. Choose wisely to have a happy and beautiful life. Happiness is inside you but not everyone can feel it...
For some, nature is synonymous with happiness...click here to explore

10 steps to lead a happy and successful life : 

1. Identify what gives you peace in life.
2. Judge less and be mature to accept reality and move on in life.
3. Celebrate all the happiness and sadness in life.
4. Focus on here and now. Count this day because it's not going to come back.
5.Frown less and smile more.
6. Question yourself, what is the negative thing that is holding you back in your life.
7.Be matured-enough to show gratitude to people and see good in each and everything you see in life.
8. Never compare yourself with others because not everyone is perfect or not everyone can be the same.
9. Never be dependent on anyone just motivate yourself and be positive.
10. Just be happy for what you have got in life and don't be jealous of what others have... 

"LIVE THE MOVEMENT YOU WANT AND LOVE THE MOVEMENT YOU LIVE" Cherish every movement spent in life.
Stay happy always 💕

Divya. B.N (divyachandhu)

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