Happy Birthday Wishes In Hindi And English

Birthday is a special day in everyone's life. Amazing writers at Jewel Skupina penned some wonderful happy birthday wishes in English for putting up happy birthday status and making happy birthday cards. So, next time, whenever you go to wish someone "Happy Birthday To You", take these ideas to make beautiful happy birthday wishes.

happy birthday to you

The day when a baby born,

The day when a baby cries that brings smile on their parents faces,

The day from when a baby got a chance to live his life.

Usually, people say,

Why we celebrate our birthdays??

Birthday snatches our year by year...

And makes us older and older and older...

I wanna tell those people,

That we are not celebrating our birthday because we are getting old...

We are celebrating our birthday because it was the day when we get a chance to live life,

It was the day through which our parent's became parent and got a new responsibility of our,

It was the day when we had put our first step on earth.....

Birthday is not just for counting the years we lived.....

Birthday gives us the chance,

To celebrate our day,

The born day.....

Gives the chance,

To start our life in new way...


The day when each of all others will make you feel like you are on clouds. So much of love, support, concerns, best wishes & quotes to make the day wonderful.

And the reality is the same persons on other days have no  connection woth you from so long days and if they arw in connection, they will treat like you are the most burden of the world.

And so in this world, just a day is to feel other's faithful words and  great words for your success.

The other days you do have to be the one.

The one who guide u, care about you and mostly be with you in whichever situation.

- Joyous Jaya Rauniyar

A day when you come to acknowledge your existence.

A day when the parents shed the tear of joy

A day when tears are considered to be auspicious.

Birthdays comes with all the good things 

From smiles to gifts to genuine laughter .

A day you owe to your parents.

A day for celebrating one's existence, one's life

A day of reminiscence of achievement of victories of joy.

-- Sirsha Ganguly.

We all have got some best friends. But, these days, we have online buddies too. Wanna wish Happy Birthday To You to your online buddy? Check this out...

I didn't see you,

Ur talent impressed me, 

I didn't hear you,

Ur messages melted me,

I wished to say you,

Many more happy returns of the day my online buddy....!

Keep smiling and murder the cake with lots of joy ....!

Stay blessed with happy health and heartful happiness...!

- Bhavya.S

Let's read some more happy birthday wishes in English...

It's been a long wait,

Not in vain but in gain,

Finally, it has fit its bait,

But still not the main.

Still more pages to turn,

I pray Lord be your guide as He said,

To lure, to capture evil plan,

And provide you with an heavenly maid.

Your journey ain't stopping,

For this another step to keep hopping,

I wish you nothing but happy life,

To treat you fair like a sweet wife.

May peace reign upon your family,

May you find courage to face your enemy,

May you have the ability to know your true homies,

And quit the bulk from your phonies.

It's your new birthday today,

As you celebrate be wise,

Have less for haters to say,

Respect your worth be precise.

- Makaveli

The most awaited moment,

That makes us feel special and the best.

Lucky are those whose birthday is celebrated with great pomp and show,

Some like to celebrate it in a simple flow. 

Let this day bring you new way,

Let it be the most memorable birthday.

Friends, family and special ones,

Relatives, fans, followers and everyone.

Bring wishes to a great surprise, 

Wealth, health, prosperity, blessings become the gift in disguise.

~Payal Chowdhury 

Candles blew out 

We rejoiced and all we could do as kids was shout 

The cake smeared on my face 

Revenge was sweet success so we started the chase 

The sweet nostalgia of those balloons popping 

All had to be there was no stopping 

Though it was once a year 

We started counting when the days were near 

- Anshika Dutt

Life is like a birthday when ever 

we choose the day it's feel happy birthday,

Either we celebrate the birthday 

for the purpose or for someone special,

Birthday gives warm and caring to everyone's life,

It's gives blessings, joy and has to brought many happiness to fill milestone,

But birthday comes in a year and we enjoyed with friends and relatives,

On this day we enjoyed lot and gets many special gifts with lots of blessings,

It's gives many happiness filled with loves and affectionate, brightness with fun and enrich with hopes.

~Sitaram Panda

Why not remember some amazing birthday celebrations today? Read the poem below to find out how a girl feels on her happy birthday night when she gets loads of happy birthday wishes and feels like a queen

On that day, I am treated as a Queen;

Celebrated much more than ever. 

Everyone, close to me wake up at 11:45 pm

And wait until the clock strikes 12'o clock

With no other diversion, they wake me

To scream "Happy Birthday", 

Which will reach, 

Not only to my own ears

But also to the surrounding. 

Even, if I know their pre-plans

I used to be very much excited. 

On that day, I am considered as a Gem

Valued much more than ever. 

I used to utilize that day to showcase 

My naughtiness and atrocities to the core

Because, no one will scold or beat me 

On my birthday. 

My ears will overflow by receiving

This "Happy Birthday" from everyone

Who are aware of my birthday. 

By cutting cakes and receiving gifts, 

Of course, with selfies

My birthday ends. 

Even, if everything is over

Memories never leave me. 

- © Sudha Jothi

It's hard to believe you are celebrating another birthday

It was only yesterday your life was full of play

Now here you are with accomplishments in life

And your attitude is one without strife

We are so proud of you

We wish you success in all you do.

So on this day we wish you well

We think you are special and oh, how swell!

- Shådøw

A very Happy Birthday to you
Don't let your age make you feel blue
Another year older and wiser you are
You should feel like a shining star.

Age is just a number you see
What's important is for you to be
Loving and living each day with glee
And celebrating for all to see.

So be happy with this special day
We hope this card which is sent your way
Will make you realize you lucky you are
To have live your life so long this far.

Best wishes and kisses we do send
Over the miles and around the bend
A happy, happy day to you
We are celebrating with you too.
- Shådøw

A short instance of my birthday celebration...
She was late for college that day so after being scolded by teacher she came to her seat bowing her head,  for taking the remaining lecture . 
As she sat , she found a gift box under her bench, that made her smile , but as the lectures were going on she couldn't opened that gift. But after seeing that unopened gift she was on cloud nine. And as the lectures got over she hurriedly opened that , and found a cute little teddy bear 🧸 and a small note. She became so happy after reading the note " Happy Birthday dear...I knew it that you'll forgot  about your special day and being your bestie it's my duty to make your special day memorable. And a lot of more surprises are waiting for you on your way , so wait and get ready for making your day damn special! 😉
Your bestie  forever

- © Anjali Gupta

Birthday bangs,



And lots of loves,

Many more status,

This day you own to be as you wish

Make things in a new way  and stylish

Plan things organised and so cherish

All these things apart ,just feel fresh

It's your day with brand new old age

It never come again in your life race

So special day in your days and phrase

Be you babe with support of bright rays

Time to start growing in your life 

Learning to be bold within you.......

- ©Siri Sumedha Devalla

The only surprise in life , 

The cake which we cut in knife 

The face had turned with full of joy , 

The day has gone with full of enjoy 

Different types of gifts 

Make you jovial to lift 

My wings under skies are blue ,

Were my option turns in clue 

Your my true soul ,

All I desire with you 

Your the gift from God ,

Your birthday simply magnifies what I feel 

A sea around my life ,

Part mirror of my art 

We have made lot of memories ,

No worries in the great big world 

- Chandini Chandu  

Happy Birthday Brother...

Having you in my life is the greatest gift I have.

Thank you Kanha ji for giving him.

Lots of fights,lots of laughs

Most irritating and annoying person of my life

I want you as my brother in all birth

But you just have to change something in your brain.

Without you our home is incomplete,just like Tom missing his jerry.

Teasing you treating you is best fun part of mine.

Sharing everything with you is best.

I have heard the song

"Phoolo Ka taro Ka sabka kehna hai"

But the truth is

12500000 Indian me mera bhaiya hai

- Dipsikhar Datta

Happy Birthday wishes in Hindi are another part of the post today. The Hindi language has an essence of politeness and joy. So come, let's wish our friends "Happy Birthday To You" in Hindi...

बहुत बहुत बधाई आपको जन्मदिन की,

सालमे एक बार  आनेवाले ख़ास दिन की;

जीवन में पालो आप ख़ुशियाँ ही ख़ुशियाँ,

ग़म से लिप्त रहे हमेशा आपकी दुनिया;

सौग़ादके रूप में तोहफ़ा है दुवाओ का,

हर रुख़ मूड जाए आनेवाले संकटकी हवाओका;

ईश्वर से क़रु बस ये ही एक मन्नत,

बन जाए ज़िंदगी लपकी एक जन्नत;

कोई पथरीला रास्ता ना आये कोई भी मोड़ पर,

स्नेह का मरहम लगादु आपकी हर चोट पर;

- निमिशा पटेल

मेरी प्यारी सी गुड़ियाँ आ मेरे पास,

तुझे प्यारी सी लोरी सुनाऊ,

पहले अपनी गोदी में लिटाऊ,

खिड़की का पर्दा थोड़ा खिसकाऊ,

टिमटिमाते सितारों की गिनती बताऊ,

रात अंधेरी चमकती देखो,

चाँद कितना पास है यह भी देखो,

चाँद भी दे रहा तुम्हें दुआएं,

लंबी उम्र के साथ दे रहा आशिर्वाद तुम्हे,

सुबह की माधुरी बेला उठ मेरी प्यारी गुड़ियाँ,

आज तुम्हारे घर मे पावन मंगल दिन है,

खिलखिलाकर उठो आज तुम्हारा जन्मदिन है,

प्रातः की पहली किरण भी,

कुछ नई सी लगती है,

गीत बधाई के गा गाकर,

शीतल पवन यह कहती है,

आज तुम्हारे घर मे पावन मंगल दिन है,

खिलखिलाकर उठो आज तुम्हारा जन्मदिन है,

तुम्हारी उम्र हो उतनी,

जितने हो अम्बर में तारे,

सुमन समर्पित करती तुम्हें उपवन के सारे,

आँचल में सुख हो इतना जितने मोती सागर की गहराई में,

और प्रसिद्धि तुम्हारी बनी रहे,

जग और नभ की ऊँचाई में, 

सुख के सप्त स्वरों से सजी हुई,

देती तुम्हे बधाई मैं,

आज तुम्हारे घर मे पावन मंगल दिन है,

खिलखिलाकर उठो आज तुम्हारा जन्मदिन है।।

- Gunwanti 

Happy Birthday wishes in Hindi for your happy birthday card. Wish your friends, family, and all near and dear ones with these amazing happy birthday poems. Let's make their birthday special... 

जन्मदिन तो है एक खूबसूरत आस

बहुत खास होने का प्यारा अहसास

एक स्त्री अस्तित्व के परिपूर्ण होने का

सुंदरतम,मधुरतम,सफलतम प्रमाण

जन्मदिन का दिन  मुस्कान है लाता

स्त्री को माँ होने का अहसास कराता

जन्मदिन हमारा परिजन और मित्रों के लिए

खुशियों भरा उत्सव का है काल 

अपना अनुराग और स्नेह दिखाने का

आनंद में डूबने का प्रसन्नता भरा पल

अपने जन्मदिन को सार्थक कीजिये

हो जीवन प्रकाशित कुछ ऐसा कीजिये

कुछ संकल्प स्वंय, देश व समाज हित

कुछ मानवता के हितार्थ लीजिये

मनाइये जन्मदिन कुछ खास

पल-पल  को यादगार कीजिये

हो गर्व मात-पिता, परिजन को

बस प्रयास कुछ ऐसा कीजिये।।

- आशा झा सखी

जन्मदिन का दिन है आया, खुशियों का माहोल है लाया। 

छोटे, बड़े, बुढो मे खुशियों की एक लैहर है दौडी। 

इस दिन ने हर घरों को सजवाया है, सभी लोगो मे मिठाईया भी बटवाई है । 

मानो ऐसा लगता है की हम कोई खास इंसान है जिसकी सेवा मे सब जवाब ये हाज़िर है। 

सुबह से शाम तक बस मस्ती है करनी, तरह तरह के पकवान है खाने और लोगो मे बटवाने । 

सबसे बड़ी खुशी तो तोफे लेने मे है आती, और केके कटने मे है आती। 

जन्मदिन मे खुशियों को दुग्नि है करनी तो गरीब लोगो और गरीब बच्चो मे खुशिया है बटनी । 

- © उज्जवल प्रकाश केशरवानी

जन्मदिवस तुम्हारा हमेशा यादगार रहेगा,

दुनिया में आना तेरा मुझ पे एहसान रहेगा।

मेरा बस चले तो जहाँ भर की ख़ुशियाँ तेरे कदमों में रख दूँ,

चाँद -सितारों से तेरी चुनरी मैं सजवाकर रख दूँ।

तेरी राह में आनेवाले हर कंकर को मैं हटा दूँ,

तेरी एक मुस्कान के लिए सारे जहाँ के तूफ़ाँ का रुख़ मोड़ दूँ।

- Nisha Sheth

आश्चर्य जन्मदिन

उन दिनों बटन वाली मोबाइल का ज़माना था , जब पापा के अनगिनत एस-एम-एस आने लगे घबराहट तो तब हुई जब उसमें कुछ भी लिखा न था। मैंने नम्बर लगाया और पापा को फ़ोन किया कि शायद मोबाइल ख़राब तो नहीं हो गयी, पापा ने बताया कुछ बात है , आ जाओ फिर बात करते हैं। दिल में आया तभी उड़ान भर लूँ लेकिन ऐसा नहीं कर सकती थी। एक हफ़्ते बाद मुंबई से रवाना हुई,मन में उमंग और नई तरंग साथ लिए। मैं ख़ुश थी के मैं अपने जन्मदिन पे सब के साथ हूँ। 

जब अंधेरा छाने लगा तो देखा रिश्तेदार कोई नहीं बल्कि कुछ बच्चे घर पे आये, जिनके पास न ढंग के कपड़े थे और न चप्पल। मैं कुछ कह पाती, तभी पापा ने कहा बेटा, ये वो बच्चे हैं जिनका जन्मदिन कभी कोई नहीं मनाता आज ये भी तुम्हारे साथ जन्मदिन मनायेंगे। मेरी आँखों में आँसू आ गए और फिर बच्चों के साथ इतना मज़ा आया जो पहले कभी नहीं आया था।

आज भी जन्मदिन आस-पास के बच्चों के साथ मनाकर पापा को याद करती हूँ जिनके लिए समाज सेवा ही सबसे बड़ा धर्म था और मुझे भी पाठ पढ़ा गए।

- ©Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef ✍️


Here's a special poem that talks about how society should see birthday celebrations. We should wish Happy birthday to you in a simple and special way...let's read to feel what the poet says...


The word 'Happy birthday,'

Doesn't sound blissful any more,

It has rather become a way,

To depict barbarism to the core.

Cakes being smashed on the face,

Candles puking furious flames,

Money being blown on foamy plays,

Birthday boy being hit in the name bashing games.

A means to flaunt the financial status,

Mere wastage of food & money, so precious,

Creating pressure on peers and friends,

Blessings & charities have fallen out of trends.

Its high time we boycott such uncivilized celebrations,

We really need to slide back to the ways of our past generations.

- ©reshma_kausar_mohideen

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