Journey In The Inking Hues

The description of a journey by a wanderer is always special. Today, the writers of The Inkling Hues have penned down their writing journey with the community so far. Let's have a look at their expressions and sweet explanations...

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My Journey In The Inking Hues

You became my friend and now you belong in my heart,

We went through ups and downs but still nothing did tear us apart,

I acknowledge you as my guide and will always care,

Admiration, respect, and belief are the things we share,

All the happy moments that I spent with you,

Will help me in all the bad times to get through,

I still remember that day when we guys were playing,

We were singing and laughing and many things we were saying,

As I rest in my bed,

Your name is racing through my head,

All I can recall of is you,

Solely of the challenges that you make me do,

And the style you view at me,

Every achievement makes me believe as if I'm in a dream,

You have encouraged my writings and parts of my life,

I always look at the certificates with that beautiful smile,

If only you understood that what I say is true,

I would do anything always to be beside you,

I cherish you with the whole of my heart,

Because you never leave me and my writing part,

You make all the dilemmas drift away,

With the topics, you provide every day,

Everyday I'm learning many things from you.

I know these things will help me in life to get through.

From Archishman I am learning that loving is being present in everyone's presence,

While Geethika is teaching me that admiring others shows us our essence,

Kolli teaches me to keep my promises and as a friend to always be honest,

From Naaz I learn to be always humble and modest,

Shreya coaches me to love myself everyday,

Ujjwal trains me to have things my way,

I love being loved by Abhiram, Akash Raghav, Alfiya, Angarika, Anuradha, Rounak, Dinesh, Divyanshu, Nikita, Sudhanya and Hetvi as they are amazing writers.

Having Kalamkaar, Kaushiki, Lokesh, Mihika, Pratham, Rajvi, Navya, Sharanya, Sakshi, Shraddha, Simran, Siya, Tripti and Yash by my side makes my journey in this group even brighter

From where do I start and where do I meet it's ends,

I'm learning something each moment from my The Inking Hues Friends.

Apoorba Chaturvedi

IG - apoorbachaturvedi0108


Well my Journey in Inkling Hues is A dream Come true . I should Thank my Geethu (Reddy Garu) my sister from another mother for adding me here. It's amazing being a part of Inkling Hues which is under Peaceful Writer's International Writing Community. Thanks to Naaz and Archii for always trusting me and giving me a great opportunity to write for both PWI and Inkling Hues. Inkling Hues is just like a family for me , just like how PWI,STI ,WOW, Merakians is . Though I have written only for few challenges . The reviews by Charan and Geethu make my Day an amazing one. Thanks for all the amazing opportunities you have given me . Writing alongside my best Friend Apoorba Chaturvedi is something that I will always remember.

-©️ Navya 

IG - thoughtsofnavs_ 



My journey for THE INKING HUES was started a few days ago...

I joined because my favourite person told me, " you write very well."

She added me to this platform.

Firstly I felt really nervous Coz' I had never shown my stories and poems to anyone else. 

But then my favourite person again encouraged me by saying,

"HELLO Amazing Scrinever❤️

SHREYA this side..!! 

Dear ma'am, 

I've read your writing & all are really fantabulous💖

So Would you like to be a part of our community...??"

I still remembered these words

I joined,

I shared,

I read,

I enjoyed...

And now I am feeling blessed to be a part of TIH ❤️

Lastly thank you to my dear fav person for giving me this opportunity...


Bhumi Mahto

IG - ___the_valac__


Yaathraa in TIH

Safar bahut khubsurat raha hai ,

Yaadein jo khatti meethi sajaai hai,

Maine yaha bahut kuch naya seekha hai,

Wo kehte hai na seekhne ki kabhi koi umar nahi hoti,

Har din insaan ko kuch na kuch naya seekhna hi chahiye,

Par sath ho jab itne saare sitaron ka 

To safar apne aap hi khubsurat ho jata hai,

Aur manzil tak pahunchne ka maja hi kuch aur hota hai,

Chahe ho khushi ya gumm,

Chahe ho akele hum,

Likh kar apne dil ke jazbaat,

Har dard , har khushi apni bayaan ki hai,

Khushi likhne se jyada yaha uski prashansha milne me lagti hai,

Jab humari choti badi galtiyan sunn ke usse sudhaarne ka mauka milta hai,

Naye naye dost bante hai, nayi nayi soch milti hai,

Shabdon se kaise jadoo chalaye apne,

Iss baat ki yaha prerna milti hai,

Hum apni baat yaha alfaz me bayan kar sakte hai

Naye naye logo se mil , naye naye mukam haasil kar skate hai,

Ho chahe mann udaas ya mauka ho khushi ka,

Hum to likhne me hi apna sukoon paate hai,

Ye wo tohfa hai bhagwan ka diya hua hume

Jo bahut kam log samjh paate hai,

Logo me umeed ki roshni jaga sakti hai , naye hauslon sang udana sikha sakti hai, 

Ye taakat hai iss kalam ki jo maine yaha aake pehchani hai, 

Maine yaha aake zindagi ko ek naye najriye se jeena seekha hai.

Anjali Gupta


My first step in INKLING HUES

It is the theater of words , 

The journey is a challenge 

A landscape of greenery, where sweet plums grow ,

Where my thoughts and ideas need to show 

My thoughts turned back at once . 

This beginning has been quietly forming,

Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning 

And out I stepped on to the new ground,

The new people's where found 

It is our's holl day story,

I have learned to find the poetry 

Everyday challenges made me to impress,

If I didn't got winning I use to compromise.

Since we are learning many things,

They showed me how to find my wings 

I started before you on this day,

it's all about my lucky way 

They welcomed us in a back home ,

Where we all together form a family home 

As I entered in the group with spirits ,

They are a family, uniquely combined. 

In one of the boxes I saw you geethika , in my imagination i kept picturing you .thanking you all those members who is backbone to the inkling hues . 

Thank you geethika for giving me this kind of way , where I found a new family bonding , I am still here now it's because of the inkling hues , I am hoping that we dont have end point 

Chandini chandu 



The title "THE INKLING HUES" itself means,

"The slight suspicion colour".

THE INKLING HUES gives a bright and shiny future,

For all the participants in their life.

It gives a perfect colour in life.

Working in this team gives more excitement,

And makes a person zealot,

Through each and every topic given daily.

The way the team is designed,

Is very fascinating.

Each and every instruction given in it,

Is to develop the potential in each and every participant.

The reviews given for every participant,

Is in a very good manner.

The reviews given are in such a way that,

It doesn't disappoint any participant,

But makes them to work hard,

And improve themselves by the next challenge.

Each and every new challenge,

Gives more knowledge and makes to participate actively day by day.

From waiting for the new challenge,

To getting reviews from our admins,

Each and every moment is an amazing experience.

The true judgement is given by our admins,

By the end of the day.

I'm very happy for being a part of this team.

Firstly, I would like to thank,

PWI for creating such a team.

And the team, 


For giving us such a great opportunity for helping us to bring out,

The hidden talent in each and every participant.

Even I would like to thank,

My bestie who had made me know about such a wonderful team.

I'm really very happy and proud,

For being a participant of this team,



IG - certainity_of_life



Can a soul ever thump like heartbeats?

Can a soul ink down its feelings?

Can a soul narrate its inner turmoil?

Can a soul spread millions of smile?

The answer to every question resides here,

TIH is the reason to never fear,

Because when you put down your pen, you'll regret,

Because after every failure, there's a path to rise higher.

It is not a community, not even a company to run,

A family of 150 plus members rule with fun,

There is chaos, there's a pause at times to life,

But falling once makes you courageous to fly.

We spread our wings through bleeding ink,

Never really thinking twice of whether we'd lose or win,

ITH is not merely a group but is an emotion,

Which attracts diaries and papers to fill with notions.

Immigrants and emigrants are also welcomed,

Celebrated fests and contests being humble,

It's commendable how smoothly this channel works,

And still lets our lives breathe letting the moments be preserved. 


IG - deep_scribblings


The Inkling Hues

सफर बेहद हसीन रहा।

हर कोई दिल के क़रीब रहा।

गीतिका जो एक प्यारी सी बहना है।

क्या कहे वो तो सौंदर्य का गहना है।

उसके अल्फ़ाज़ संग यहाँ से जुड़ी।

जुड़ी ही नहीं बहुत ही आगे बढ़ी।

सभी एडमिन साथ निभाते हैं

बड़े प्यार से पेश आते हैं।

नई चुनौती सोचने पे मजबूर करता है।

बुराईयों से कोसों दूर करता है।

एक परिवार की तरह सब रहते हैं।

मिलजुल कर आगे बढ़ते हैं।

अनजान चेहरों के बीच पहचान बनाई।

एक - दूजे संग प्रेम की मुस्कान सजाई

नए लेखकों को प्यार और सम्मान दिया।

लेखकों की दुनिया में पहचान दिया।

दुआ है ब्रह्मांड में The Inkling Hues का नाम रहे।

फले-फूले आगे बढ़ता रहे।

- ©Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef 

Fb, IG - writernilofar



Entered in the last slot of the core as the "Chief Editor."

My creativity is what the Founder (my crime partner) adore.

Designed a Certificate before the actual start of Daily Challenges.

Pinned her chat not to miss her sudden messages.

Sticked to the group where 12 hours of exclusive typing occurs.

Amazed on reading the alluring writeups posted by the writers.

Tried to stop plagiarism which was occurring at first.

By giving inspirational speeches which could help them atleast.

Didn't participate in Challenges at the beginning.

Because I was mingled in reading.

Tried adding best backgrounds to the Certificates I made.

Because "The Inkling Hues" is my abode.


Yours Chief Editor!!

Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

IG - inked_solace_303


Inking hues family

My journey is quite amazing, 

because the members are so lovely. 

I wanna decorate the community with the balloons of smileys, 

I wanna dedicate a poetry with thank you notes, 

I wanna sprinkle thousands of blessings, 

I wanna gift the flowers of happiness with everlasting fragrance, 

For the extremely special moments, 

For the awesome rewards, 

For the selfless efforts, 

For the countless support, 

For the regular motivation, 

For the unique challenges, 

For the alluring certificates, 

For accepting me as a member of your family. 

Shraddha Rai

IG - s_ilent_killer27


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