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"Suicide can't be termed as a crime if it's done for internal Peace."  -Åñüshâvāñü...

Shocked Right !? But can you tell me Why? Just because according to you or according to the universe only dead bodies can REST IN PEACE? So if a person needs peace, should he die? Why alive bodies can't REST IN PEACE? Actually, when a person needs peace, love, care & support, he finds himself alone. No one understands & holds his hand when he really needs it. Some are busy in their daily schedule & some are busy ignoring the emotions of a human being, but no one tries to solve the problems nor available to at least give mental support. 
At last, a person needs to be strong by himself to carry on with life. People will say "Life is not easy" but won't say "I'll be there for you to make it easy". Even if they'll say, but just for formality. 
Finally, when he finds no one except loneliness- he chooses to be silent, far from all, in the darkness where no light of sunshine can even enter. He chooses to be quiet & in that state of mind where he doesn't want to survive with those fake people who never made him worthy of having him. 
A person suicides not just because he's been treated wrong. Sometimes a person needs space because he can't be happy with the environment in spite of having pure & peaceful NATURE. Sometimes a person is forced to live in a place where humans exist because, in the end, they were the ones who destroyed all his dreams & desires. 

"There's no point of being happy when you feel you are finding your smile at the wrong place"

and when he commits suicide, the world calls it a (wrong decision) but again; Do we have any right to question him? Do we really care for him when he was alive & needed someone to listen to what he feels? We keep on giving advice & suggestions... we say yes I can understand, I can feel, I can also go through with the same situation... BUT !! Do we really know what's the matter? what's wrong with that person or in which condition he is? There may be chances that the problem might be different even though if it looks similar to yours. So instead of giving ideas can't we just say that yes I'm ready to listen to you. Yes sometimes a person doesn't need any suggestions, he just needs someone to listen to all the pain, hug him & say "yes you are absolutely correct". But no doubt majority of us do opposite of it & unfortunately not only lose that person's belief in life but also his physical presence. 

Again to follow the rituals we say to his DEAD BODY- REST IN PEACE, we cry for a couple of days, realise our mistake & his value, miss him, and continue with our stuff. 
As the days pass, we come to the same phase of life & recollect the memories gained throughout the years... At times we fall into the same pit where we recommend people to stay strong, learn to live alone, not to trust anyone etc etc. we realise it wasn't fair to just end up the topic with these words. but it will be too late for you to understand & react to it. You've already buried someone, decorated his grave with flowers & wrote their REST IN PEACE which is actually of no use when the soul has left the body long back & moved to the place where no one will make him feel unwanted. He'll be alright there with Peace & Harmony with the surrounding. 

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So don't make anyone reach this stage where a person needs to take unwillingly the decision of saying a final GOODBYE to the world where he was born to live until he's been called up by the law of Universe & Nature. 

I think it's high time to save the future as we are the last generation to think from the heart. 
Or else the upcoming era will like this only kill their loved ones & end up the story by saying Sorry & RIP. Losing lives will be not a big deal for them if we don't respect someone's reason for fake smiles & attachment towards loneliness. I'll conclude here by saying that even if I'm senseless, mannerless, characterless or even worthless. I'll not regret being alone & before I die, I'll make sure that I'm already RESTING IN PEACE...! 

"The words- REST IN PEACE don't work unless we tried our best to do something for a person who could find peace when he was alive & could survive more with happiness".

Anuradha is 20 years old female, Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is completing her Graduation with a Bachelor of Accounting & Finance Degree. Anuradha has been an active participant in Literary Arts, Fine Arts & Performing Arts Competitions throughout her life. 
She is also a member of the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME in her college and worked at district level activities of Social Services. 
She is the Disciplinary Chief of Peaceful Writers International.
Her hobbies are Travelling, Photography & Photoshoot.

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