Lost In The Enchanted Forest - By Angarika

"It's freezing cold night. You found a homeless family on your doorstep and you invite them into your home to sleep. But in the morning, the family doesn't leave."

The television was constantly hammering my mind into thinking- What if! 

I was all alone at my place. Mom and Dad had gone on a trip. I couldn't help but switch on the television and watch the broadcast video. A horror movie to be specific!

The movie started with a soulful tune and I thought the movie was going to be a universal one. But Alas! The family was a dead one who's been born as zombies to attack them.

I quickly switched off the screen, went kitchen to pour myself a hot mug of coffee. Sat back and started reading a book...


"La la la la la..."

Oh my God! What's that noise? Shall I open my eyes and look? No, No! How can I? I was asleep and I cannot wake up in my dreams. But, what's with that rough thick poking me? Dah! I can almost feel it penetrating my skin!


A family of some ghostly trees, shrubs and herbs had knocked on my door at midnight! But, my dear readers...

They had come as normal humans but were characters from the novel I was reading. They had personified themselves! I remember giving them food and drinks, but in the morning they didn't leave my place! 

They were the chariots of Mother Nature- the holy trees! And they held my hand, carrying me to some lonely place...

"Hi, Ms Kat! Welcome to Enchanted Forest!"

My My! Was I dreaming? A talking tree, just like banyan with its roots hanging like branches. I was kind of afraid but kept walking. When did I enter this place? I turned around but... 

Oh My Goodness! Was it a floating forest? I had heard of Hanging Gardens of Babylonia but this was out of my scope. The clouds felt like cotton candies and there were stars playing around, making constellations. Some animals large enough were happily hopping. I felt like Alice lost in Wonderland! 

I marched forth when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hi Dear! You seem lost? Want to write something on me and find answers to your questions?"

A walking pen! Was I dreaming? Big eyes, long hands and paper attached to its skin. Wow! I quickly wrote a place to find nearby and reside and Woah! I was transported to a magical gate. It was decorated with creepers and had a board hanging- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I was too late in deciding and walked ahead. 

Serene! That's all I could say. Pretty petunias and burgundy florettes. Prismatic butterflies and hanging creepers. I was welcomed in the land of SPRING season. Phosphorus fairies and twinkling bees. Wow! 

One of the fairies flew towards me with a cupcake and asked to taste it, which I happily did. She welcomed me in her kingdom where I travelled as a long lost friend. We chatted about love and flowers. By dawn, she asked to take her shield and walk towards the East. Maybe something else was awaiting me?

Cold! Hails! I was at the doors of WINTER Wonderland! The icy breeze was freezing me and I am as shivering to my core. I was about to enter one of the gates when a big unicorn flew down. It was like one of the stories I had read with big, brown eyes and rainbow mane! 

We continued our journey with the icicles and landed at its cave where I was pampered with the hot soup of the Unicornian breeze. We had its friends here who had been guarding the place and again by dusk, I was asked to speak a magical charm to continue- Hooblaa Booblaaa.

I would be selfish if I didn't praise the SUMMER season. Big mangoes on trees. The hole in the tree trunk was the entrance to this enchanted world. Should I enter?

"Yes! You are most welcome here!", a big and with antennae came with a tray of biscuits. I wasn't afraid, rather shocked at the site! How cosy and warm were they. I could feel them like my own family. We spent the day playing cards and Uno. When at midnight, she gave me a scroll and pushed me suddenly! I was at a cliff and the bug had pushed me?


"La la la la...", I could hear the noise again! 

I opened my eyes and had the scroll in my land written with-


That was definitely something! I was lost in an enchanted forest- FOREST OF SEASONS! 

Was it a dream? A family of trees disguised as humans? 

Maybe Mother Nature wanted to tell me something? All seasons together...

- ©Angarika

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