Love Has No Colours - A Beautiful Story

love has no colours - a beautiful story

She was sitting by the river with her feet immersed in the water thinking about how to open up the harassment that her teacher did. If she opens up, will her parents stop her school or will her friends end up their education just because of me? After her dwelling dilemma, she decides to manage and walks him with a sad look. Her mom calls and asks her what's wrong. Why is your face very sluggish? She tells her that she needs a better school to study with a better ambience. Her mom yells at her to stop schooling and helps her with household chores. She started whimpering. Her mom rings her dad and tells her that she's not fine.

Whimpering like a wolf after dawn is a sign of a bad omen. Her dad rushed home and asked Seema what's wrong? Seema tells her dad that she wants to study in a city school with a better ambience. Her dad denies and warns her to finish schooling within 2 years and marry a man. Her lips uttered I'm done. I can't study in that school henceforth. Seema decides to leave her village with her packed books and with some of her savings money. Wearing a black veil so that no one can point it out. It was midnight and she was thinking about where to go standing at the bus stand. Seeing a poster for free education at a sisters convent for the abandoned ones, she decided to go there. There were many girls of her age which stimulated her confidence. 

Seema introduced her to the sisters and her classmates and got adapted very hastily. Her father and mother were tired of searching for her and found a letter in her room stating that not to search for her. They couldn't digest but days passed and they started to work as earlier. Seema has very bad nightmares about the way her teacher tried to harass her. She shouts in the middle of her sleep and all her friends get scared and report to the sister (The managing Head) Sister tried to talk to her but she couldn't open up much easier. After tireless attempts of the sister she hugged and cried in her sister's lap telling her about her past. Sister tried to soothe her and make her feel better. Sister prayed to God to take care of Seema and keep his eyesight on Seema as always. Going good she worked hard, day and night and passed through distinction. Everyone was proud of Seema and celebrated her victory. Dining lunch in the canteen, she meets a guy very adorable and smart-talking to her friend. Seema began inquiring about him and came to know about his details. 

On the other hand, Peter started meeting Seema very often, and it ended with sweet love. While they were in the chemical laboratory, One of her friends, Meghna, meets her and gets shocked to see her.  Meghna was Seema's senior from the same village. She revealed that Seema's mother passed away last night. She got shattered for a second. She informed the sister and rushed immediately to her village crying. Everyone in her house was screaming. Her relatives didn't permit her to enter her home. After some time she was permitted in and she cried a lot. After all the last conventions she cuddled her dad and cried. She assured him that she would come every week to visit him and went back to her college. Spending time with Peter she shared even her darkest secrets such as the teacher who harassed her and everything. 

He was shocked when he heard it. He posted the name of the school and the teacher's name in the youth medium of social media. It was great that they fired him for his worst behaviour. Peter told Seema and Seema had a very good deep sleep that day. Seema had a very incredible life after she heard it. She was in peace of mind after a long eternity. They had industrial projects, seminars and cultural events which was the fortunate part of the college days. Seema & Peter decided to act for The Romeo and Juliet love story which instilled everyone. 

Only by that time, everyone came to know about their surprising love. And everything was going good until the last day of college, which came very soon. Within a period, her college days were over. Everyone was selected through campus interviews. To their surprise, Peter & Seema got selected in the same firm unexpectedly. They were the happiest. Seema walks out with a heavy heart of eluding the sisters who comforted her. On the other hand, she was happy that she's going to admire the next level of life with Peter. She started sharing everything about Peter with her dad. Seema's dad got very angrier. "How could you do this? You're not going to go anywhere henceforth. Will the society accept an intercaste wedding  that too from a middle-class family?"

Put in all the dreams inside you. You are going to hold a guy's hand whom I show. Go and sleep now, he shouted and went. 

After he slept Seema slowly walks to the telephone booth and dials Peter. Luckily Peter takes up her call on the first ring. She cried and told her dad's opinions. He told her to be ready and he shall be within 15 mins. She was all set. Peter took her to Vizag, their office and they both enjoyed life

"Love is the sweetest thing a person can ever get in their life. Support your children because they know what is right and what is wrong. Give them space and enjoy a happy life with them."






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