My Favorite Destination - My Imagination

article and poem about imagination

It is a place I discovered for peace,

The entire world covered with words of ease.

It is a place with only my reservation,

there's no anxiety or no temptation.

Any kind of problem is recovered with ease,

When I have the power, the world will itself cease.

There's always happiness with no great occasion

This destination is none other than my own imagination.

So with the above poem, you must have understood what destination is been talked about. This place always had a great impact on my life, my imagination is one of the reasons why I'm able to write this article. Looking deep we realize that our imagination is the reason why we have hopes in our life, to be something great, Imagination and innovation are two big reasons behind any great creation.

You can imagine even greater things when you have enough knowledge and skills, But for that, we need to learn more skills and you have to be disciplined for that. Being discipline is such that even if you know that whatever you are doing is uncomfortable, you just need to keep doing it until you win. you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable, ok we're going out of the topic now.

Let's discuss something more about imagination...

Introverts having the lead: okay, we just need to agree with the fact that our thoughts are more creative when we are alone, introverts, on the other hand, got the biggest advantage over here. Most of them are so obsessed with being alone and isolated that the entire lockdown wasn't even a bother for them, even a lot of agree with that fact. Introverts reading this feel free to share your feelings via comments to this article, I'm gonna read it all cuz I too is an introvert ;)

Trauma has hidden creative imaginative property: researches have also proved that suffering from trauma also lures us into finding new solutions to the problems that cause trauma, thus creativity and imagination help you deal with some of the toughest aspects of life (I wrote aspects because life is shit).

So we just discussed some facts and researches about creativity and imagination.

Now that we know how being imaginative can help you fix up a quite lot of difficulties in life...why don't we consider imaginative and creative thinking as a daily practice... Think differently and more efficiently, it will also affect your brainstorming ability to some noticeable extent.

Do share your opinions.

- Nilesh Mishra

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