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Being responsible citizens of this society, fellow writers from Peaceful Minds, a unit of Peaceful Writers International, took to raise their voices about certain social issues with the power of their pen. Scroll down to read the wise words by the Peaceful Minds...

protect the world - by the writers of peaceful minds - peaceful writers international

Stop Bullying 

Bullying is referred to as abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, etc. However, women go through some barbaric bullying starting from childhood following through adolescence and maybe entire life.  Bullying includes verbal and nonverbal abuse, such as humiliation through words or actions. Sometimes bullying crosses the level of words in some worst scenarios, beatings, or even sexual abuse. Constant bullying leads to severe maladaptive behaviours and even anxiety attacks, low self-esteem and confidence, which causes attempts of suicide. Such Emotional abuse physical mistreatment makes the victim indulge in self-harming tendencies even severe levels of depressions. Such inhuman acts should be condemned in any way, that can save a child, an adolescent, a woman. Not only women, men also go through severe bullying each day. This should be stopped by taking strict actions. 

- Sirsha Ganguly

Prioritizing mental health

Mental health should be everyone's priority. We are social animals and without being mentally healthy, we will be mere machines or say automatons who work on their own without human help. What makes us different from those is the ability to feel emotions of ours and of others and when these emotions become hard to control, it’s a cue to prioritise our mental health over everything. We need support as said no man is an island. We can find support in our family, friends or in our pets. We need to share our happy feelings and vent out our bad emotions. We need to be a little less tough on ourselves and leave some things as it is. Because not everything can be how we want it to be. So, prioritise yourself.

- Chanchal Yadav

Be You, Show Your Real Colours Proudly! 

Everyone should be treated equally no matter who they or who they love because love is love and a person should be proud of their sexuality. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, it doesn't matter, they are human beings too. They deserve equal rights and the right to love anyone because love is about emotions and feelings, not about gender. The world needs more love and compassion for the survival of humanity. So, accept and be proud of who you are. 

'When you accept yourself, the world recognizes you.'

- Kaushiki Sarkar

'Stop Gender Discrimination'

Men, Women and Transgenders are equal. All are human beings. All deserves equal respect in the society. All have the right to live their life in own terms. All should be independent and have the equal rights. All should stand for their right and if anything is happening wrong against other, then they should stand for them too. All are free birds of this world. No one has the right to cage someone's ambition. All have the strength to be the pillar for themselves. All should support each other and respect each other to make the world a better place. All human beings have five fingers in their each hand. Maybe all look different. But when you unite them together, it works in a great way and becomes stronger. 

- Kaushiki Sarkar

Love Knows No Gender...

Love is pure and true. Love has no gender. A person can fall in love with same or different gender. A person can feel love and is comfortable with a person of different gender or with the same gender. It is not necessary that a person should love a person of different gender. A person can feel love and affection with a person of its same gender, maybe a person feels more safe with a person with is same gender rather than of a person of different gender. Everyone is different in these world. Every person has right to love, it can be of same or different gender. In our society, there are many people who makes fun of a person who is Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual or Transgender. They talk different kinds of things about them. So my question is who are those people to judge or talk about and make fun of that person. Let me ask you a question, if you were in the place of that person and people are making fun of you, then how would you feel? So before judging someone else look at yourself first and think one day if someone, in the same way, judges you and makes fun of you or if you were in their place. No one has the right to judge anyone. 

- Kaushiki Sarkar

Nowadays we can hear Daughter's Day, Mother's Day, Sister's Day and whatnot. People post so many things on social media. But what after that? Again we will hear the same news; Sexual harassment or Rape cases or Domestic violence or Eve-teasing. Posting all such stuffs are useless until the society changes. Until the world becomes a better place to live for each and every living being. Not only in India, in many other countries too 90% of the cases are not even reported because media and government are busy with useless topics. If cases are reported then society blames the victim and in India justice is just a word and has no significance. STOP BLAMING THE VICTIM. It's high time to raise our voice against violence. Never be afraid to raise your voice against violence. Be stronger than fear, hatred and violence.

- Kaushiki Sarkar

Daily I hear rape cases from social media or news. I mean WTF?Even during the lockdown also the girls of our country aren't safe, we hear so many rape cases. Why the hell government doesn't take any strong step? The fucking bastards should be given in the hands of public. They should be tortured harshly and burnt alive. I just feel like to cut them down. Two days back a girl was raped by seven demons and the government tells that three of them are minors so no death sentence for them. I am just like, what is wrong with government??? Rape is Rape. There is no such like minor rape.Government please wake up!!! Enough of candle march. A candle march can never give justice or peace to soul of the girl. Only she knows what pain she had gone through. Sometimes government take years to give justice. Why??? Just hang the bastards in public and let public decide what to do with them. Can you even imagine the pain what the family goes through??? Every week I hear and read about rape cases across the country. So girls, it is high time to raise your voice. Please be strong and fight with demons. And it is not about rape. Even the sexual harassments that you face. Just take stand for yourself. 

- Kaushiki Sarkar

Dear Boys, 

Before you turn into men respect each and every women of the society. Stop judging them by their looks or clothes. You are no one to judge a girl or woman. If you are given all the freedom then don't misuse it. Before asking nudes or trolling a girl think that you are a son of a mother, you are a brother of a sister and maybe a future father of a daughter. If someday a moron does the same with your sister or daughter, how you will feel? And forget about all this things, just remember women are also human beings. Making six packs, beardo look, moustache or strong physique will never make you a man. Learn to respect others. Sharing pictures of other girls or women privately will never make you a man. It will just make you a monster. Just a small letter to the boys with sick mentality.  

“ To the Boy's Locker Room: If you think raping is not a big deal, if you think showing your penises and asking nudes is not a big deal. Then you are just a pervert and douchebag.”

- Kaushiki Sarkar

To accept who you are is to free yourself from the burden of, needing others to accept you. When you accept your soul, you become more courageous to fight with the world, who tells you to be someone else. Don't be afraid to show your true colours because there's nothing wrong with you. There's a lot wrong with the world. So, be proud of who you are. Love Yourself. Embrace Yourself. Just Be Yourself.

- Kaushiki Sarkar

Beauty lies in equality and humanity. When everyone in the society is treated equally. There is no discrimination among religion, race, colour, gender, caste or creed. When people respect everyone equally and help each other in the time of need without seeing their religion because humanity is the mother of all religion. Humanity is the greatest religion. Be kind to all and spread happiness. Beauty lies in unity. 

- Kaushiki Sarkar

दोस्तों आज के समाज में एक बेहद बुरी मानसिकता घर कर चुकी है। सभी जानते हैं हम सभी एक लड़का , लड़की या किन्नर होने से पहले एक इंसान हैं । लेकिन जैसा कि बढ़ते अत्याचारों के चलते कभी कभी हम गलत इंसान को दोषी मान बैठते हैं । जो हमारी गर्त में जाती सोच का नतीजा है ।  जो गलत हैं उनके लिए बेहद सख्त होना चाहिए बल्कि उन्हें ऐसी सजा मिले जो दूसरे भी सबक ले सकें। आम तौर पर आज के समय में अधिकतर झूठे केस चलाकर फसाने का भी प्रक्रम चल रहा है । ऐसे में जिसको सजा से बचने के लिए कभी कभी छेड़ छाड़ , यौन शोषण करने की कोशिश , दहेज की माँग जैसे झूठे केस दर्ज किए जाते हैं । नतीजतन होता ये है जो सही इंसान होता है वो खुद आत्महत्या का रास्ता चुनता है । न्यायिक माँग अच्छी बात है लेकिन अगर इन मुद्दों का सहारा झूठा आरोप लगाकर किया जाता रहेगा । तो कैसे होगा सही न्याय । अगर सच मे ऐसा कुछ हुआ है तो वहाँ मैं कैंडल मार्च जलाने का समर्थक नहीं हूँ । मेरा मानना है ऐसे लोगों को बीच सड़क जिंदा जला देना चाहिए । क्यूंकि सब जानते हैं सारे लड़के गलत नहीं होते । एक मछली अगर गंदी है तो पूरे तालाब को गलत कहना अनुचित है । कभी कभी नारी भी चरित्रहीन होती हैं ।जो झूठे आरोप मढ एक आपराधिक गतिविधि को हवा देती हैं।।

- आकाश राघव

Stop Conflict In The Name Of God 

India is a diverse country both geographically and culturally. It is the only country where all religions and languages shared the same space. Being diverse in language, culture, mindsets and religious practices, many times ideas of different religious groups collide with each other which often led to mass destruction. Sometimes it goes so horrifying that even dead bodies are unidentified. Dividing the God is not as sinful as killing Humanity in the name of God. Religious conflicts destroy the ultimate religion, Humanity. 

Making mono religious country to India is not a solution. Maintaining equilibrium and coordination with everything is a solution to every problem. Not to hurt anyone's faith and to respect all religions can be a solution to this frightful disaster.

 -Saswat Kumar Sahu



This little beautiful souls,

Have great talents.

But,tossing them to the domestic chores,

Is really scandalous.

Instead of holding a pen,

They're holding a mountain,

Of sand,bricks even in the rain,

On their head and stressing the brain.

Those little hearts,

In this domestic chores,

Paining their little hands,

Are Removing their family's economical crisis.

But they're invitin',

The crisis to their future generation.

Can this Child labour be stopped which is harmin',

Many lives and leaving them in pain?

Dear lovable parents,

Stop sending your child to these awful works,

In this small age and start sending them to the schools.

Their education would stab down your economic crisis.

-Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


We vanished it...

Inadequate to know on which pitch,

we are and why? 

That polychromatic existence was lost, 

In its perpetuity. 

We all crave before goddess, 

To confess our joy and cheerfulness, 

She gives us the best, 

A girl infant, 

Then why do they get so violent? 

She's just a child, not a war bride, 

Then why do you send her faraway? 

She is feeling so afraid for playing with her life. 

She is the princess of memorable grace, 

Then why do you depend on status and race?

Girl infant is just like pearl, 

And ought consciousness to unfrul, 

She may be your, 

Mother, sister, daughter, wife and a wonder...

Certainly not a blunder. 

She didn't do any harm to you, 

Also she has right to live too.

To God she can be a parson, 

But to you she can be a ten sons of glorious. 

Come on, let's wake up...

And stop this stereotypes,

Let's save our señorita, 

Who fount no harm, 

And always keep your heart warm.

- ©️ Geethika Reddy  

If you had a choice of choosing your skin colour, which colour would you choose? I doubt that someone would even choose dusky. Let’s accept that society has successfully instilled in us that white is more beautiful. The one who is fairer is more attractive. It is nothing like that. After all, a Melanin pigment is responsible for our skin colour. If our body produces more melanin, we have a darker complexion and vice-versa. Melanin also absorbs the harmful UV rays. If a person produces less melanin he/ she is more prone to skin cancer. Low melanin secretion also causes albinism and vitiligo (white patches on the skin). I believe everyone develops a scientific temperament and ends the discrimination which is prevailing even now. Because I don’t find skin colour is a parameter to judge someone. 

~ Krati Sharma


Raise your voice now or never,

Don't judge a book by it's cover,

Never swallow your words by seeing others emotion,

In this era it is the only reason for life destruction,

You are the pilot of your own words,

Come on let's wake up and scream out loud, 

We are seeing from ages this inadequate,

On which pitch are we standing on and why?

For now let's raise our voice or,

We can't change this horrific crime forever and never,

Let's stand up and walk through justice,

Slowly in this world humanity is dying can you people notice this thing? 

Our existence is vanishing on this planet and society is getting blotted,

Blemishes started to occupy around our body,

Oh people ! what are you still waiting for...

Don't let your vocal cords down on seeing someone,

Let's demand this society and destroy all this errors with the gun,

My dear reality please raise your voice at least now.

- ©️ Geethika Reddy


I was born with many fears,

Accepting anarchy in justice from years,

The blood in me is boiling with pain,

This horrific crime is repeating again and again,

Many untold truth's has been swallowed by me,

Darkness of past is not setting me free,

Demond are using my body as their puppet,

Transporting me from one place to another like nugget,

Night is cursing me for being born and awake,

Day by day I can't handle this kind of situation of mistake,

Sometimes I do hate God,

Tears are rolling down during ravishment also I always try to stop,

But in return I get so much of hurt,

When they took their chance I had buried the exert,

If anyone could listen to my inner voice and truth,

This theme may end it's life truce.

- ©️ Geethika Reddy 


Nowadays feminism is going lower and lower,

Testing a girl to ignite her real power,

Why patriarchy is becoming high,

Discrediting the women and making her cry,

Dear society why are you not listening her inner voice,

Don't you feel shame selecting a girl for beauty choice,

When will you all respect women whole heartedly,

We all are screaming in pain 'coz it is the only taciturnity,

Society says that girls are blessings of God,

But horrific crimes are sending these childs directly near lord,

Why this public support patriarchy but not the feminism, 

Youth boys are very selfish making the girl not to reveal aphorism,

Enjoying happiness by harrassing and playing hide and seek game,

After commiting a crime not even feeling pity and shame,

Don't joke in spoiling a life of a girl,

Once if a women mentally change her mind then your life will be whirl,

Let's stop this patriarchy and treat everyone equally,

And walk in a dignified way supremely.

- ©️ Geethika Reddy 

Fake issues on social media:

Social media is playing a significant role in our lives. It brings the entire news which revolves around the world within a fraction of a second.And it's good to know about the events taking place in some corner of the world, at the same moment, we have to believe in one thing that we are receiving much fake news in social media which we can't deny, in order to increase the followers, likes and subscribers many people are just putting the fake news and it is spoiling the name of the true people who are using the social media properly and also the one who involved in the news are also receiving many bad names.This needs to be prohibited, because of some people illegal activity, many people are losing the trust which they had on social media and at a certain point, it makes them without watching and knowing about the real incidents.If the government had taken strict rules along with public support, surely we can create and take social media to a good level.

-by J.Martina

Child Labour 

Those tiny steps the littlest feet takes 

Is the beginning of wander and hope. 

Hopeful eyes, million dreams, curiosity 

To learn and a courageous mind to move forward. 

But drenched and destroyed by the 

cruel and greedy society. 

The society wants money and power, 

So they crushes the hopeful minds 

And sell children or send the 

Helpless children to work all day, 

Who dreamt to read, learn and play all day. 

The nation wants to end poverty. 

But the irony of the nation is that 

The future of the nation and 

The citizens of tomorrow are sold into slavery. 

Instead of carrying school bags,

They carry coals and mines. 

They take their axes instead of pen and pencil. 

School should be the place where they should go. 

But people are putting them in factories and caves. 

Children should be carefully and lovingly nurtured.

But they work all day with a broken back and unhealed scars. 

The caged souls look at the boundless sky for a glimpse of hope, 

But they are locked in a room and cannot grasp it. 

Those shameless creatures commit sin every moment.

But still they laugh and live their life. 

But the tender and bold creatures are forced to do slavery, 

Can't even remember when was the last time they smiled. 

Trying to hold their last breath.

But they are brutally beaten and are only left with broken and missing limbs. 

They howl and cry for help 

But die slowly in the same spot. 

Raise your voice. Fight for a cause. Children are meant to glide high with glee. They are not born to live in a cage.

Bring back the smile on their face. 

Stop Child Labour!

©Kaushiki Sarkar 

How is the world outside?

A girl is raped,

Oh no, it's a lie.

Her body lay dead,

But the victim is dry.

The world is cruel outside,

Oh god! Please be nice !

Look at those wide eyes,

With no tears left to cry.

Stomachs filled with butterflies,

Is this how they should tell the world bye ?

The world is sick outside,

Oh God ! Please be nice !

He was a little charm,

With long arms.

If he didn't use them,

He was harmed.

The world is heartless outside,

Oh God! Please be nice !

It's enough that I have bend,

Just because I'm a women, I get assault.

I'm a women and in the end,

Being a women is my fault. 

The world is unsafe outside,

Oh god! please be nice !

What is there in this worldly ride? 

Oh man, get back to him and fear the Lord.

Be your country's pride,

And stop this and be a guard!

- Alfiya Suroor Khan

Everyone feels about some or the other social issue. What's your say? Let us know in the comments below...

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  1. Absolutely amazing Krati😘
    Your words are the reflection of how advent you are as a person!!
    Keep writing and keep influencing .
    We're so so proud of you and your work , may all your future endeavors come true!! ...

  2. Well thought and couldn't have been expressed in a better way.