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In the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, we have something new called remote working, something which we haven’t heard about in the past. A lot of people would prefer working from office as they are comfortable with it, because at least they have time to talk to their colleagues, while a majority of them are fine with remote working as they feel that they can concentrate better in their work. But, let me tell you, both, working from the office and working from home have their own merits and demerits. 

The merits being flexible schedules, Work-life balance, free time to talk to colleagues etc. The demerits can be stress, anger, frustration, lack of sleep, bad network etc. Remote working, according to me, is kind of the best solution amidst a pandemic, although it has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is sometimes better than working from the office, as you don’t need to see your manager at work while you work from home

It can also be quite challenging as children keep disturbing their parents when the parents are working from home, but since it’s the 21st century we need to learn to adapt to changes around us, what’s better than a pandemic changing us for the better, Remote working maybe the new normal for some time until this pandemic doesn’t go, it’s kind of here to stay. So, we as matured Individuals who are going to be the future leaders of India must learn to tackle this problem called remote working, We can do this by keeping a flexible schedule for ourselves, where we split time between work and family, where beyond a certain time we don’t attend work calls, as we too have a family to take care of. It can be quite taxing to do this, but we have no other solution than to have a balance between both. In other words, we should learn to multitask. Multi-tasking in remote working would be a tad bit difficult but don’t worry it is possible, nothing is impossible when you try. 

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So, take remote working as a good opportunity to hone your skills and knowledge of your future career, the pandemic is here to stay but you can’t stop yourself from doing work whether it is from the office or from home, just go with the flow, Just take it as a positive thing, everything in life is a challenge, so you need to take risks, in order to have a bright future, so take remote working in a positive light and not in a negative light. 

- S. Sree Navya

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