Take Me To The Lap Of Nature...

प्रकृति की आवाज सुनो मुसल्सल राहत-सा साज हैं और फिजाओं में खुबसूरती ऐसी जैसे कोई ना सुलझने वाला राज हैं। कुदरत का बेहद नायाब करिश्मा हैं। जैसे धरती पे जन्नत-सा सुकून। जैसे बेरंग-सी जिंदगी में बनारसी इश्क़ का जुनून। जीवन दान भी दिया है हमें, और जैसे आजीवन खुशियाँ बिखेरने का भी पैगाम देता हो। हवाओं में शांति का खत जैसे हर परेशानी का इलाज हो। पेड़ों की लहराती पत्तियाँ जैसे कह रही हो कल की क्या फिक्र करनी जो अंधकार में हैं जी लो जो अनमोल पल आज हो। खिलते हुए फूल जैसे किसी भी मुश्किल में ना मुर्झाने का संदेश दे रहे हो। आसमां में उड़ते परिंदे जैसे अपने डर को दूर भगाकर आजाद रहने का संकेत दे रहे हो। कड़कती धूप जैसे कह रही हो कि मेहनत कर सफलता पा वक्त के पहिये का क्या पता आज तेरा तो कल किसी और के नाम है। काँटों से लगी गुलाब की पंखुड़ियाँ जैसे कह रही हैं जितना मिला उसमें संतुष्ट रह जब जीना इसी का नाम हैं। हिम की चोटी जैसे कह रही हो कि मंजिल पाने तक रूकना हाराम हैं। और कीचड़ में खिलती कमल जैसे कह रही हो कि भेदभाव, ईष्या, द्वेष को छोड़ बस इंसानियत की खुशबू बिखेरना तेरा काम हैं। कि अब उस प्रकृति को क्या कैद करूँ अपने शब्दों के पिंजरे में जो खुद हमें आजाद रहने का पाठ पढ़ाते हैं, चलो एक मजेदार लतीफा पढ़कर हम भी प्रकृति का दिया हर संकेत अपनाते हैं।। 
           —श्रेया गुप्ता

 Amidst the clouds where flashes the thunder,

Snapping in like a dreary shutterbug, 

Pours in the nectar of rain,

The grasses blaze all fresh and joyous,

The petrichor reigning my senses,

 the winds ruffling my wild locks,

Brush against my temples...

Oh! I feel heaven pouring on me,

In those tiny drops is a divinity,

A nostalgia of past,

A few sips of tea,

A plate of fritters,

That oozes my memories,

With lukewarm tidbits of life then...

When we used to dance,

On the very first rain!

When times were a bit sublime,

I see nature painting a canvas green,

Where land was barren and undermine,

The crackling melodies of frog mates,

Beneath the mushroom umbrellas,

Embed a zeal and pinch of life,

In my dreams,

That revives with each drop...

All by the virtue of rain.

-© Shanaya Stephens



Taking a fees breath made me feel brisk holt air filled my soul 

the beauty of that breezy day Was almost staggering. After the misty spring everything that could turn green had outdone in greenery every flower that dreamt of blooming had blossomed. The sunlight was benediction. 

The breeze kissed my face so soft and tender to be embarrassing 

such beauty, I thought was too perfect to have come about by mere chance 

-© Riddhi Sharma


When there's nothing left to say,

Let them know that I tried

Through the gloom and darker days,

Let them know that I thrived

I learned everything I could,

But I'm still unwise

Because there's power in ignorance 

When you have to fight 

And they'll have nothing to say 

About the times that I died

Still, reminded them of what I did 

Not just lived- but survived🥀

-© Shadow


The scenic beauty of nature

The cold gentle breeze in the early morning of the rainy season covers up the path in front of it with white mist because of the cold climate. The little water droplets on the cold grass beneath our feet gives us tingles and forms a cooling sensation. The melodious chirping of birds creates a soothing song in the calm and peaceful atmosphere and the slight rays of sun slowly coming up through the mountains after the dark dawn for a fresh new day creating a beautiful scenery to watch. Nature truly unfolds its real beauty just as a beautiful young maiden from heaven.

-© Mrunmayee Pawar



In the world of mystery, nature is also a mysterious and grandeur creations of God. While seeing it and spending time with it, provokes within us the joy of measureless. It's playing a significant role in all aspects of our life. The benefits are really enormous which are receiving from it in our day to day life. Without nature, we are nothing. It is making us survive, even though we are trying to ruin it for our worthless pleasure.

The food we are eating, the water which satisfies our thirst, and the air we inhale are worthy treasures of nature. We may be a billionaire but without these three combos, we are worthless and can only be called as a dead body. So, just think about the benefits we are gaining from nature and celebrate it for the life it had given us.

-© J.Martina


I'm so lost like a wave,

eager to meet the shore.

vacant like a cloud,

 to touch the hills.

Dark as the shadow of a tree,

to feel the essence of felicity.

Lullaby of a bird, 

Chirping all across the city.

Incandescent like a sun,

forever enchanted.

Amorphous as an air, 

hidden but essence everywhere.

Solid like ice,

Yet made me crystalline.

Dense like a forest,

filled with beauty inside.

- © Yukta Nawani



Wandering through the lonely streets, 

Canvas of emotions melting my heart, 

Blowing winds knew my secrets, 

They whispered the mantras of ecstasy. 

Bruising my skin gently, 

I breathed the freshness of the air, 

And tried forgetting my past and the pain,

They ceased me from lamenting, 

After an inhale of seclusion. 

Humming the music with the eolian sound of the wind, 

The vibrations of wind screwed me with pride, 

For nature loves the human and soothes them when they grief. 

The wind guides us to sway with the crops, 

And release our anger with props,

Beautiful nature is never prisoned,

Let not your past prison you. 

The blowing wind in the seashore, 

Directs us towards a better route, 

With forever ecstasy,

And no melancholies. 

The lake reflecting the sun, 

Drives us with the thought of waking up with a new beginning

Loving the miseries everyday with a new sunrise and cool breeze. 

Leaving back the past distances

Along with the wind blowing in ease,

And human flowing in peace. 

- © Naaz Nayim


The adorable evening

Days after, today I decided, 

To have a view of the dusk.

Ignoring all my compulsory works,

I took a risk.

The sun decided to take rest,

With its vibrant colours it painted.

The return of birds put a sparkle,

Their voice added as a glitter.

Evening time I love to meditate, 

But today I was in a joyful state.

The soothing scene,relaxed my eyes,

It recalled me the saying everything will be soon fine.

- © Payal Chowdhury 



(Tit for Tat) 

It was the time, 

When everything was fine... 

The power on nature’s hand,

Peace & prosperity in this land...

The surrounding was evergreen, 

Hearts & soul completely cleen... 

Humans & Animals will survive both, 

Together it was taken the Oath... 

But it’s something called as greed, 

Destroyed everything like a weed... 

Ended all the trust deed,

In the name of world to succeed... 

They killed all the natures beauty, 

Forget all their moral duty... 

Inspite of being blessed,

They made everything messed... 

Humans invited disasters, 

Which created blasters... 

Nothing existed till the laster, 

Except the world without any Master.....

(Be the change you want to see in others, be the first one to take the initiative & save the world save yourself...!!!)

-© Anuradha Gupta


हरित वृक्षों की वो डालें 

मरुत से थी हिल रहीं

कभी सहमती कूदती सी 

पुष्प पुष्पित कर रहीं

चिड़ियों का मनोहर गुँजन

गुंजित कितना सुर मधुर

झरने भी बहते यहीं वाह

प्रकृति यूँ विचर रही 

हरित पोषित हो रही है

हाय कुछ मनभावन करेगी

चलकर फिर पल में रुकी कुछ

चित्र अद्भुत कर रही

-© आकाश राघव


Elfchen on Selenophile's Thoughts


Night's Glory, 

Peace imbibed within, 

Bruises me in depth, 



Moon's presence, 

Lies in chaos, 

Amidst even when peace, 



Stares me, 

Leaving a smile, 

Surrounding making a selenophile, 



Beating hearts, 

Kissing moon peacefully,

Holding the stars tight, 



Vibed him, 

Smelling the scenario, 

I felt his presence, 



Flavoured Moon, 

Tasted his sweetness, 

Stars nodded head when, 



In sky, 

Stars I would, 

Made the most beautiful, 


-© Naaz Nayim



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