The First Love by Keerthana


Annie and Kate were close friends from their childhood. Everyone loves Annie and avoids Kate for his shabby look and for being very quiet. Annie loves Kate as everyone surrounded by Annie was talking always, irritating, and making fun of her. Kate uses to sit very calmly silently and watches all these. Once Annie fell down in the ditch and no one came to help her. Kate silently watched all these and gave his overcoat to help Annie and Annie went home happily. Annie told about Kate in his home and to her surprise, everyone wanted to meet Kate. After a day Annie met Kate in the park and told her that her parents wanted to meet kate and thank him for saving Annie. Kate accepted to meet and went to Annie's home with neatly dressed. There comes the turning point of the story. 
Kate enters Annie's home and Annie starts introducing everyone to Kate. Kate loved the gesture & the way they treated Kate in Annie's home. Everything was going great until Annie's dad returned from the office. Annie's dad's face suddenly changed terribly seeing Kate. Annie's dad remembered killing his mom and dad when he was 6 years old. Annie introduced Kate to her dad. Kate couldn't remember exactly but he felt that he has seen his face somewhere. Kate and Annie enjoyed being there and loved everyone. Kate was still thinking about Annie's dad. It was night 10 pm so Kate waved a bye and reached his home. He wanted to find who's is Kate's dad so he was looking at all his photo albums to see if he is there. He couldn't find Annie's dad's photo there. 
The next day Annie and Kate met as usual. They started sharing their personals with each other and came to know very well. Annie came to know that Kate is abandoned and felt very bad for him. She promised that she would be with him till the last breath. Kate's eyes filled with tears hearing this. Kate was happy as he got a soul who cares for him finally. Days passed as Kate and Annie became thick and thin which made Annie's father filled with fears and anxiety. He was the one who killed Kate's dad and mom in a car accident. But he couldn't share with anyone in his home. Things went as Kate and Annie started coming very often to Annie's home. Once Kate brought his childhood friend to Annie's home. Seeing Kate's dad he got shocked but he didn't tell anything or show anything. Annie's dad realized that his friend found him. He started scolding Annie and told her not to meet Kate henceforth. Annie couldn't figure out why Is her dad telling her not to meet Kate henceforth. Days passed as Kate started feeling abandoned and all alone. Annie became mad thinking about why dad hated him suddenly. Annie's mom passed away because of cancer. Annie couldn't bear the pain of losing her mother. She's deeply broken. After her mom's death, his dad became an alcoholic addict. Annie was all alone. In fact, she felt like killing herself. She started hurting herself every night which made her feel better. Days went and Annie's dad became very ill because of his alcohol. Annie was frozen for a second. 
She doesn't even have money to treat her dad. She started to search for work all where. She met Kate's childhood friend in a cafe accidentally. She told everything to him and started enquiring about Kate. He replied that Kate is in deepest depression and he's under psychological treatment. Annie literally cried loudly in the cafe and everyone looked at her. He consoled her and took her to the psychological ward where Kate was admitted. Doctors strictly told not to allow anyone except Ron as he looks after Kate. Ron pleased the doctors for hours to make Kate and Annie meet. The moment when Annie met Kate, she hugged him with a loud wail. Kate couldn't figure what happened as he couldn't feel anything because of deep depression. He didn't react or not even utter a word. Annie kept wailing. The doctors told Annie that Kate is deeply depressed and he can't feel anything. 
We're trying our best to recover him. Other than Ron we need someone who can talk regularly, change his mind and take him somewhere where he loves to be. Annie told that she wants to talk to Kate for an hour. Looking at Annie's face the doctors couldn't refuse. They told them to talk to him slowly and call them immediately if he responds. Annie made Kate lie on his lap and started talking to him about the best days of her life which they both spent together. Annie could see tears rolling down from Kate's eyes. 
Annie immediately called Ron and told him to rush up with doctors to meet Kate. Ron summons the doctor and takes Kate's room. Annie tells that look tears rolled from Kate's eyes. Doctors told her to keep talking without hurting them. It's a good omen that he's able to hear and let's hope for the best. Annie continues to tell how bad she felt losing her mom. Kate moved his hands and kept on her lap. Kate murmured "I taught, you would have married someone. Annie got a bit angrier and told him she can't think about anyone else except Kate. Kate murmurs that he waits to hold my hands. Annie tells him to let her wait for Kate's perfect recovery. Kate agreed and Annie gave a warm smile. Suddenly her phone rings, Her neighbor Helen tells Annie that her dad is admitted to the hospital. Annie tells Kate and leaves the hospital immediately. Kate felt much better than before. Annie went to meet her dad. The doctors told them that they need to treat him immediately. 
He is in a very critical condition. She tries to collect money from her nearest and dearest and manages. The doctors told him that he is better but he holds his breath only for days. Annie promised that she would take care of him with utmost care. Annie got a job with the help of Ron and manages all kinds of stuff. Every day after work she spends time with Kate and the doctors told that he is doing great than before which gave Annie a ray of hope and positivity. Kate went to Annie's home to her Dad. Annie tells that she takes care like a born baby with deep grief. Kate consoles her and leaves back to Kate's home after months. Suddenly Annie's dad passed away. Kate and Ron go to Annie's home. Kate holds her hand tighter and shows his all love to make her feel better. After few weeks Kate got a job and he decides to marry Annie. They were loving each other and starts living a happy life. Kate felt the warmth of his mother in Annie and Annie feels much secure and safer being with Kate. Kate realized that someone will definitely make us the happiest person and adds colors to our black and white portrait. 


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