The Man of my Universe - Happy Father's Day

Father's day story by Keerthana

Kiara has an elder brother and Kiara is the younger one. Their dad's wealth was not the best but better enough to run a family. Their dad faced lots of catastrophes until Kiara footed into the World. On the day of Kiara's birth, Her dad got a great project worth crores. He cherished Kiara and she became her dad's universe and he believed that her birth gave an end to his hardship. Living in heaven was Kiara's family with love, care and adorable fondness. Kiara's life is only filled with Happiness until she met her brother's friend Alan. He was very fascinating and hacked Kiara's heart at first sight itself. Kiara & Alan started loving each other unconditionally and felt like made for each other. Alan took a place in Kiara's heart very soon.  Kiara's brother smelled it and acquainted her but she couldn't stop loving him. Kiara's dad started catching a glimpse of her actions and without a word, he went to Alan's house to talk about Kiara wedding. Alan's parents didn't support them as they were from a middle-class family and an intercase wedding is been a great boundary.  Alan pings Kiara and tells her dad came to talk about our wedding. Kiara gets frozen for a second. She's in the great dilemma of how could he come to know about it. She couldn't even respond to Alan. She went into deep thinking.  Her dad's Jeep sound made her more anxious. Her dad came and sat to dine in with everyone. After their dinner everyone went to sleep, Kiara is in deep chaos. She goes to her dad's room slowly and pushes his door to see if he's awake. Her dad was reading a book and Kiara slowly went in.

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Kiara's dad asked in a low voice why didn't you sleep, my princess? Kiara couldn't reply, instead, she couldn't control tears swirling down from her eyes. Kiara taught that her dad would question him and give advice. But her dad cuddled her and cried and told her. " I can make anything for my little princess to make her happy" and his words made her feel more apprehensive. Her dad promised that he would make his daughter's trance come true. Kiara had no words. The next day, a very fine morning, Kiara enters her dad's room with a strong coffee. He drinks and tells her not to fuss about anything. Kiara felt being the happiest person in the world because of her Dad. She feels endowed to get a dad like him. Alan calls her and her phone rings in love rhythm. Her dad tells him to speak to Alan and convey to him that he would be going today to console and talk about Kiara's wedding. Kiara talks to Alan very happily. Alan gets startled seeing her so happier. Kiara tells that her dad would undoubtedly make our wedding, making Alan feel like flying in the sky. Kiara and Alan were very happy. Kiara was very excited to enjoy with Alan. Kiara's dad went to Alan's home and convinces them of her daughter's wedding. It was held like the world's big carnival in a very elegant manner. A dream come true Kiara was in happy tears. Alan couldn't thank in words for making it happen. After the wedding, Alan bowed to Kiara's dad for making it happen. Kiara's dad tells him to make sure that her daughter feels like princes every day being with you.

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Alan promises and everyone was happy. Kiara loved Alan to the utmost and enjoys being with Alan. Kiara couldn't think of missing her dad. She writes a letter crying terribly and she couldn't even imagine her castle without him. Eventuality Alan takes care of her nothing can replace the magical love of a dad.

Dearest Dad,

The world of mine is very small but fully replenished with your love and affection. In times I have hurt you and even betrayed you the most. Even we had brawls and later I understood everything is for my refinement in fortune. I have obliterated the prominence you had, and I really grieve it for every second. And, The way you relieved me is just like taking care of a baby in the cradle. You are the World's Best Dad because you never forgot to give the promising things to me. Words glide when I try to write about you. I will render you delighted and make you roar like a lion in front of those who were contradicting the distinctive way of parenting. Life is very small and you filled with the happiest junctures in my life. I believe that The love and the bond we have is intimate and the strongest bond on Earth. You know my likes and dislikes as nobody knows.  The anger I have in you fades away within seconds because I can't even stay without talking to you for flashes. I have been proud of you, many times. You have given me the dream life of many people who are longing for it.  You have inspired and motivated many people, But you inspired me in a very different shade. People love you for your subject knowledge & generous mind. But I got inspired by the way you treat everyone from their shoes which no one does. Keep making me proud of the worthiest actions.  I will miss you very much & thanks for everything appa!!

"You inspire me in every way,

You are an instil rock made up of love,

We may be separated by distance;

But always United by heart"

With loads of love,

Your Sweetest Daughter,


Her dad reads it and couldn't stop crying. Kiara got relaxed in Alan's home. Every day Kiara & her dad talks for more than an hour and Kiara feels being with him while talking &  enjoys talking to him. After few months her dad passes away. She cried, cried and cried, but then she feels happier as he persuaded everyone's life filled with vibrant shades of Joy. She feels proud of getting a dad like him and follows his principles to make him proud. 

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"No matter what you hide from your dad; He will always know what you do every second!!"


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