The Redress Of Love - A Tale Of Fantasy

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love story

After 600 years long there was a bright moon day in the village of Puthalapattu, Andhra Pradesh, Southern India. On the same day in that same village, a small baby girl was born in one among the families. That baby girl's father (Mr Anilkumar) asked the priest about the horoscope of the child. Then the priest told him that there's a huge mystery of love & long revenge on your daughter. By hearing those words, her father got afraid. The priest exclaimed, "she's the lucky star of our lives & she doesn't belong to our generation at all."

When the baby girl's mom (Mrs Hema Malini) opened her eyes, she saw her baby and smiled. In return, she gave a heart touching smile to her mom back, as she welcomed her again to this paradise. The priest told both of them (baby's mom & dad) to protect her child till the age of 13 years. As the priest told them, they followed his words. Also, they named their baby child Geethika. She always loves to read histological fiction & asks many questions from her dad or her teachers. 

One day, she was playing something through her fingers. On the other hand, she was chanting mantras which were of some rare language. While her mom asked about it, she told frankly that ... "she's going to curse someone in future". At the same time, her friend (Ananya) came to her & she exclaimed that some rogues across the street bullied her. Weeping, she hugged Geethika. They both went to that place. Geethika, in a polite manner, asked them to apologize to Ananya or else their bones might get twisted. 

One among that rogues comes forward and laughs at her saying, "Don't repeat movie dialogues. we aren't capturing any film shooting here." Then, he went closer and stood in front of her. He deeply glanced at Geethika's eyes. In return, his eyes became reddish & unfortunately, he went blind. The other two rogues, in fear, left him & ran away. Later, Ananya asked, "What you had done?" But, Geethika remained silent. 

While she was walking towards her home, someone was following Geethika. Suddenly, she stopped at a point & turned back to look at them. But, that person ran away. By Geethika's guess, she whispers, she seems to look like a girl. But, why she might cover her face with a ninja mask & body with a ninja dress??? By questioning herself, she reached home. Her dad came up with great news for her daughter. The time when she had return home he said to her, "You (Geethika) got an opportunity to visit the museum with me which is situated in Amaravathi (Capital of Andhra Pradesh)." In joy, they packed all their needs & had started their journey finally. After 3 long days, they reached the place. 

While getting down from the travelling van, she saw an artist, his painting & she kept staring at him for a couple of minutes. Also, he looks at Geethika from top to bottom (is it real or else am I dreaming)? While he comes near Geethika, she takes her little steps backwards. When he stood in front of her, the whole world got stopped (everyone became statues). He was about to catch her hands but she refused. As she cannot face him, she turns away her face. 

He asks, "Geethu, tell me why you are behaving so stubbornly... it's been 616 years... I really miss you so much." She says, "See Mr Kishan Reddy (No I'm extremely sorry), Your majesty, the purpose of my rebirth is to take revenge on my opposition clan. I didn't come for you." But, in deep sorrow, he yells, "The purpose of my rebirth is only my love towards you. I failed to keep my promise in the previous life. But this time I'm not going to leave you alone." Suddenly she runs away from that spot & unfortunately heavy rain starts. 

To be continued...

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