The Weird Education System Of India

You are a good student if you score good marks and vice-versa. The statement prior mentioned cannot be denied by anyone who has attained education in India. Indian education system lacks two things- education and system. Education in India is now deprived of knowledge and learning. A number of topics covered are replaced by a number of hours studied. What you learned in the previous class is replaced by percentage scored. In a country where the interest does not matter while choosing a stream, but your score does. We don’t discuss openly the problem in our education system. We believe that the problem lies in our child.

The credibility of students is brutally murdered by exam-oriented studies. There is no student-teacher interaction while teaching. Students do not ask doubts and questions and sadly teachers do not find any problem with it. From personal experience, I can say” no studies no doubts”. If the class is not interrogative, it means students do not understand moreover teacher failed to explain.

Let’s discuss a few loopholes in our system:

1. The old school methods of teaching still prevail in India- Teachers think reading out the chapter and dictating notes is enough. Many a time a chapter is completed in a day in order to complete the syllabus. If a topic is not in the syllabus it is generally not taught. No matter if the topic is a connecting link. For example, while teaching alphabets I teach you ACDF because ‘B’ and ‘E’ were not in the syllabus. Sometimes visualization helps in better understanding; smart boards are effective in that case. But in some schools either they don’t exist or if they are they're not all teachers know how to operate them.

2. No focus on conceptual clarity- From the grass-roots level, we don’t focus on clearing the basic concepts. We want students to score good marks, we don’t ask them to build concepts. Marks oriented studies can only help you to score good marks but not building concepts. The marks scored by cramming will not help you in future; moreover, you will hate yourself for not learning and understanding.

3. Teachers and teaching- I believe teaching is a very sensitive job only skilled people should be appointed as teachers. Teachers deal with the future brains. It is very important to choose professionals who can not only convey but also make others understand. The future of the country depends on teachers they can make it or destroy it. A wise selection of teachers who don’t kill the credibility of students. Encouraging and motivating teachers is the need of the hour. Teachers should not be overburdened by workload. Often it is seen that there are over 60 students in a class. It is quite difficult for a single person to manage such a big strength. Due to the same reason, there is no personalized attention on students. And teachers should not judge students on marks.

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4. As a student – It is very much important to know a students’ perspective. What a student wants from his/her teacher? Why the student cannot connect with the subject? Why the student’s graph is going down? Students don’t want their creativity, hobbies and interest to die in the name of schooling. It is very much important for a student to know that he/she is more than the marks they score. Students should not take themselves as a failure; remember efforts fail but not a person. Moreover, students have a tendency of ending their lives if they don’t make it. Students should never take such strong steps. As a student one should explore his/her interest and skills and polish them.

5. Normalizing internships and part-time jobs – Students are asked to do internships when they are in their final year of college, but it should be introduced much earlier perhaps in school. Teachers should encourage students to do internships or part-time jobs. Students can easily do internships in winter vacations and summer vacations. It will help students in many ways. It will make students hardworking and multitasking. It will also give students exposure to the world outside and to the working place as well. Moreover, it will also remove the stigma on part-time jobs which exist in our society. 

6. Government – Government should prioritize education. Government should make it mandatory that everyone acquires education at least till primary. It can also help the underprivileged ones also get the basic education. It will also help in decreasing the illiteracy rate in India. For the government increasing the suicide rate of the student should be a point of concern. Government should increase resources for students, as we know there are limited resources for a large population. For example; about 16 lakh students appeared in the medical entrance exam and MBBS seats were just 40 thousand. Government should increase seats and also open various other possibilities for students who cannot make it. Government should also increase the amount of GDP they spend on education.

7. Decrease dependency – students are very much dependent on coaching. This dependency has increased in past few years. And things became more chaotic. We are using ourselves less because we are dependent on another medium.

So, according to me, those were a few loopholes in the Indian Education System...

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It is not so easy; it is not easy to be a student. Surrendering yourself in front of a situation that chokes you is not easy. Studying but not actually studying is not easy. Praying for a teacher to get absent, and facing the same teacher if she is present is not easy. To convince yourself that you are not a bad student is not easy. Trusting the schools and teachers is not easy. Dealing with stress is not easy. Being a puppet of a system is not easy. Reaching a stage where you find no way out is not easy. Waiting for the result day is not easy. Thinking of consequences is not easy. Accepting failure is not easy. Therefore, it is not easy to be a part of the Indian Education System.

About the Author:

Krati Sharma -  I believe till my last breath my story is under construction. I predict things for fun. I am sensitive when it comes to nature. I am fascinated by panspermia and the parallel universe.

Together we will change the perception that scoring marks is not education.

Disclaimer: The thoughts presented in the above article are not intended to hurt anybody's sentiments/feelings. Also, the presented opinions are not towards blaming the Indian Constitution or the Indian Government or any organization or functioning body. The article comprises personal opinions and ideas.

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  1. Pura padha aur kya realistic hai yaar Krati 😍

  2. I appreciate the effort for bringing out the harsh reality of our so called education system. Well done and keep going.👍

  3. totally relatable content n really would love to see more content like these that are relatable

    1. Happy to know that you can relate. Thank you and keep reading

  4. I appreciate the effort for bringing out the harsh reality of our so called education system. Well done and keep going. 👍

  5. Absolutely amazing!!!! Great work Krati , proud of you ...❤

  6. An example that in a best way someone shows light on a blunder that is going on from decades.
    The lines written, the phrases used.

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  7. Wow ,its so amazing Krati .It is harsh reality of education system in India.I think the government should think about making our education system better.

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