Venice - The Most Phenomenal And Admirable City

Venice - the most phenomenal and admirable city - by J. Martina

Venice, the most phenomenal and admirable city.Such a lovely place to visit and spend time. I am familiar with this name since my childhood but I really got a passion to visit it once in my lifetime was when I am doing my B.A.English especially when I am reading the play, Othello. That is the first moment, I came to know that it's a land filled with water everywhere. Really, it made me feel unexplainable joy and I started to dream about it while I am hearing about the place. Wow! Really, it's such an unexplainable feeling.

Yes, my words are true, really it's such a fabulous place to visit and spend our lifetime. Just think friends, if the whole place is filled with water and we have to travel through the boats instead of buses, cars how it will be. Wherever we are moving, the cool water chills our heart, and its pale blue colour reflected by the sky, midst of it the city. Wow! really while imagining itself, provoking within me an unexplainable cherishes.

Here, I am very happy to illustrate my dream city to all my friends. Venice, it's one of the most picturesque cities of Italy, also known as the floating city, Serenissima and the city of canals. It is a city that has phenomenal bridges, the architecture of grandeur and winding canals. It has nearly 417 bridges and 72 of them belongs to the private. It is built on more than 100 small islands in the Adriatic sea. It has 177 canals and the S-shaped grand canal is splitting the city into two. And it is the city which is known for the first woman who got graduated in the world was born in the year 1646. The city has been a source for numerous authors, artists, playwrights. The most famous writers Marco Polo and Giacoma Casanova were Venetian writers. And Marco Pola was also famous for his voyage. Venice also had a grandeur and diverse architectural style. One of them was the gothic style.

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They are also most famous for their glasswork which is a world-renowned one. It is known as Venetian glass which has filled with many colours and grandeur style. And it enjoys a cool Mediterranean climate. In the summer times, the temperature exceeds rarely 32c. Imagine, then how it will be, all the time cool and chill, reminiscence from my place itself making me to feel the chillness. Really, we need to appreciate the construction of the city as it is built by mud and sand on the landscape of inhospitable.

The city is known for St.Mark's Basilica and Piazza San Marco. It is remarkable for its splendid architecture. It is founded that the city of Venice is striking at a rate of 1-2 millimetres per year. It was the city where the first public casino was opened in the year 1638. And in this city, the houses are numbered according to districts but not streets. So, different know, yes, that is why it's difficult for the postmen to find out the addresses. Wow! what a phenomenal place. If I had a chance to visit it once in my lifetime, I feel really blessed and happy.

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Because these places are something beautiful and it's something special which imbibed with beauty. Usually, in my life, I always feel very soothing while seeing the images of these beautiful places through the internet. The beautiful scenery of it is haunting my heart whenever I reminiscence about it. In this case, if I had a chance to visit it directly through my eyes, really it is something an unexplainable feel and pleasure to explain for me and that moment will be the most everlasting memory in my life.

As I mentioned above, it is a place which unique architecturally, environmentally and historically. It's a place which is one of the world's oldest cultural centres and tourist spots. Although it is considered an isolated sea city, it has close connections with northern Italy and the surrounding marshlands. As the whole place was filled with water, there were no roads, instead, canals surrounded the entire place. This is why, which is provoking a keen interest in me to see that place once in my lifetime. If we see through the window or wherever we are moving or we are looking at, everything was filled with water. It will be such a phenomenal scene and no words can surpass this unexplainable happiness if I really get a chance to visit that place.

-by J.Martina

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