What Makes You Different?


Have you ever been compared with others and have felt that they are better than you in pretty much senses but all you need to deal with this is to have a detailed analysis of yourself which will help you to know your uniqueness that would act as a tool to stand away from the crowd?

We all are different from each other, no two persons can ever be exactly similar. People do have similarities in certain aspects but differ in the other. Having been aware of certain aspects that are different from others can be a turning point in our lives because once you are aware of your uniqueness you will be able to develop confidence about your uniqueness and embrace it which will make it easier for you to evaluate your worth and feel priceless.

There is an unending list of criteria that can be taken to identify different aspects of different persons. A few of them is mentioned below:

• Beliefs, ideas, and opinions-  

This plays a major role in differentiating people. All of us have different opinions, ideas, etc regarding a particular thing. These opinions are because of differences in interpretation of certain modules by different people. The most important element underlying this is to engender a sense of finding positivity as well as the solution to every issue or in every deed. Also, our ideas beliefs, and opinions are influenced by our background that is the kind of atmosphere that we have reared in, our community, etc.

• Experiences- 

They play a crucial part in the making of the person what he is. Being said, " Man is the collection of experiences he holds". A pleasant experience in life can entail a lot of positivity whereas a bad experience can fill us with negativity regarding a particular thing or situation. This solely will impact your thinking and also the interpretation of thoughts.

• Lifestyle- 

The lifestyle here doesn't refer to the clothes or accessories but it refers to the morals and ethics that you have dunked in. Morals and ethics lead a particular path on which our behavior walks. The morals and ethics that we developed so far are going to serve the sole part of your behavior.

• Style- 

This will be the sole thing that is going to make you judged by others. It depends on two sole factors the quality which will influence the type of person you are and the situation being encountered. It follows whether you are calm, enthusiastic, gentle, sluggish, etc most of the time.

• Relationships- 

Grown-up hearing "your company will influence who you are" is a phase of every person's life. Also, this is exactly true relationships that you possess are going to influence you and be the major reason for the responsibility that you have and the people you like to sit along with, etc.  A human is a social animal and the link of relationship joining him with the surrounding world.

• Dreams and ambitions- 

No what who you are where from you come, you will surely be having some ambitions to achieve. Our dreams and ambitions of life are sometimes the sole reason for our existence and if a person finds someone or something that he thinks can help him achieve his dream. He is attracted towards that pole, molding him in required whereabouts and letting him empowered with the efforts required.

And the list is endless. You might feel like being quite weird and unworthy but remember there is always something to be cherished. If you will be able to find that particular quality you will be boosted in confidence. We all have differences that should never be the reason for being compared. Every person himself is a power package of certain good and some bad qualities. 

As Bhagwad Geeta mentions " there is a unique reason for each one of ours existence ". 

Hence we are unique and uniqueness is a gem. Always cherish yourself and never forget to be "you" as none can play that role better than you.

- Sakshi Sharma

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