A Promise of Eternal Love - Open Letter By Abhiram

Here is a letter to my partner who stays far, yet the closest to my heart.

an open letter by Abhiram - Peaceful Writers International

Dear Prachi, 

This is a letter for you, which is a promise that I will always preserve your heart, no matter how torrid¹ the conditions are. 

You are a sweet girl, who is an introvert; and you struggle to keep up with your life. Yet, I tolerate you and advise you that everything will be fine. 

You loved me, yet you didn't say, up to when my dear sister Naina told me that you are loving me from the deep of your heart. This shocked me, but at last, I started to know that you can be my everlasting partner. 

Six months have passed, and many things changed and happened. You are busy, so do I, yet I await your calls and kisses. 

But you never miss me, in whatever problems you face, and I always wipe your tears, because all that you have is me. 

I have done wrong things, but I know, that you will forgive me for all, because you have a heart preserved always, for me, and you care for me. 

My ultimate promise to you is that I will preserve your heart, for life, and you know that you have preserved mine, for your entire life. I would be your eternal husband, no matter who opposes us. No world can judge us, in how we are; and we are always blessed together. 

Every heart is soft, but when two souls are together; they will be the strongest and the cutest ever made. Our souls are irreversibly fused, and no one, not even conditions; can separate us, in whatsoever they try hard. 

Your pleading face, laden with tears to burst at any time, shows how much you miss me; but I assure, that we will be eternally together, no matter what is behind us. 

With eternal love and lots of kisses, 


Abhiram B.

IG: redhunter_m16 

1 - torrid: (here) tough conditions

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