Do You have It In You? by Sakshi Sharma

Ever thought of doing something great and then doubting yourself ?... No, it's not only you but the scenario of the whole of mankind today. Self-doubt is the biggest issue being encountered by the youth of the day. The fickled mind has become the worst enemy of yours and the animosity of will and can is pushing us into the web of doubt woven by the one responsible and that's you.

We ourself are responsible for all the misery and disappointments that exist in our life. The main reasons including self-doubt, lack of confidence, excuses, others influence, being irresponsible, etc. The most prevailing reason these days is the "fickled decision making" that can be entitled to be the reason for the degradation of man. Once we think of an idea we seek advice from others and almost everyone and their opinions tend to confuse us rather than entangling our dilemma. As every person is different hence their perception of a particular idea is different. You must have heard many times" as many mouths as many say" and we tend to get influenced by their opinions shaping our path towards our goal and sometimes just denying to take action just because of others influence. It is not so that seeking advice is unfavourable but the misguidance that comes along. Do seek advice from the experienced one but rely on your originality. Hence, "absorb the best and deny the rest."

The clear aim is the foremost requirement of this journey which must not be influenced by others which should be the decision of yours and only yours taking into consideration your strengths and weaknesses because it is you who is supposed to work on it, to get affected by it, to devote time to it, etc so the decision must be yours only and a calculated one on a definite note.

Having a clear aim is to initiate things that one needs to have to achieve something big. The big here can have its own definition in every different person's case. It can vary from being a university topper to having an established business firm, it can be breaking world records to being the first of all, it can be proving oneself right to proving others wrong, it can climbing the highest peak to diving the deepest oceans and this is endless because as many people exist as many different aims exist and this is the beauty of the god he created no two of us the same having different aims, motives and ambitions.

Being said a person in his lifetime encounters at least 5-6 billionaire ideas. The only thing is to implement those ideas to be great and have continuous devotion and trust in yourself. The prevailing reason behind the failure of a majority of people is the lack to take action towards your want. This lays the foundation of your efforts for your desire and if you deny doing the same you are denying yourself of your wants and remember " the pain of regret is way too much than the pain of efforts".

All you want to follow in order to achieve a particular aim is the roadmap as follows:

• Have a clear idea - one of the most rudimentary requirements to initiate your journey is to have a clear aim. You ought to differentiate whether you really want it or it was just an idea over the rush of a minute. Having clarity in the vision distinguishes you from the world of confusion.

• Investigate - The next step you need to take is to investigate the idea you need to bank upon. Try getting all the details like requirements, opportunities, skills, etc. required to bring you closer to your aim. This part is going to be the most irritating and confusing one but just bear with it. Heard "always step in the arena carrying all its whereabouts in your mind"

•Turn ideas into actions: This part requires the most courage and effort as heard every time that beginning is the toughest of the whole process. With all your efforts start up your journey to your dream. It might be tough to manage initially but once got habitual to all of it you won't mind working for it and your journey will seem pleasant to you filling you with joy and confidence.

• Develop skill- Word hard, practise all that you need, etc in order to accomplish confidence in yourself. It might be breaking, tough or demotivating sometimes but don't stop putting in the effort. There is always a time when you think of quitting but remember that this is the foremost moment that requires you to keep going and this is when your struggles reach the pinnacle.

• Improve: Try improving yourself each and every day better than the preceding day. Always remember the journey to a beautiful destination is full of stones challenging your strength so don't let them shatter you. If you fail in the initial attempts try harder as it's just the beginning and remember why you started to keep going. You will definitely achieve it with your devotion.

• Achieve and cherish: Finally, the day of judgement will arrive and you will be provided with the result of the efforts, the hard work, the sacrifices, etc that you have made. The day will bring glory to you adding sunshine to your  life and you will be at the pinnacle of the world that day and they will get the answer of ' Do you have it in you?"

• Be grateful: When you have achieved all that you desire don't forget to be grateful to all of them who offered their shoulders when you wanted to weep, support you in your bad, raised you and motivated you to stay in your journey. All of them who offered themselves at moments when you wanted to quit and when were shattered just be grateful to them and also to the supreme power of the world.

Always remember the thing which can be thought in mind can be turned to reality by continuous devotion and purity of ideas. Even some people have converted dreams to reality. You must have heard that Impossible itself say 'I m possible. This is how the law of attraction of the universe works. The thing you will crave badly for sacrificing all your comforts in order to achieve that, there exists no superficial power around the globe that can deny you of your wants.
Always remember it may be delayed but it's never Denied. Don't give up at all. It might happen with your very last lacking efforts.


You can and you definitely will by your desired will as a "desired will" is the most powerful weapon that exists.

- Sakshi Sharma

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