Happy Birthday Geethika

Wishing a truly fun-filled birthday to the Founder of The Inkling Hues, Geethika Reddy, a girl with ambitions. Today, the Inkling Hues fam, along with the Peaceful Writers International Family, wishes you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday wishes for the beautiful girl Geethika - founder of The Inkling Hues

Have a look at these cute and love-filled birthday wishes below...

That girl from Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Who dearly calls me "senior",

Yet her sweetness lies on her writeups,

Which mesmerize everyone with deep meanings.

Abhiram B. "Andy"


Her poetry hits my heart very hard.

Beautiful is she inside out.

A telugaite same as me.

Amazing poet ever found on this earth till now.

Our silly talks will make my day more joyful and happy.

Thanks to her haters every time for giving her more strength.


©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

!!𝙃𝙤𝙬'𝙨 𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙥 𝙟𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙮 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙩!! 

The first time I met you in our writing competition where you are an author and me as head of the competition and our talks start in the middle of the competition by sharing your post to me and at the time of distribution of certificate, I got your no. For sending a certificate which has no blur in the certificate after ending the competition our talking start in WhatsApp but very little quantity then days are passing on and our talks becoming less and our talks became limited such as hey, hello, how are, congratulations and so on. By talking one day I appreciate you and give a compliment to you that "Your heart is very pure and you are a kind-hearted person who helps everyone in their situation", By which compliment you gave a reply to me and said, "you have a good sense of mind reading and finding the best person". By this our talking increase day by day and after someday she allowed me to become a mentor in her community for judging the Hindi writeups by this all talking we both know that we became very close friend and after one month passes the day come when our community, "𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙄𝙣𝙠𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙪𝙚𝙨" established with getting sponsored from PWI international. That day I feel very proud and happy to be a mentor and very thankful to one of my best and closest friends i.e. Geethika. From that day till now we share all the situations, incidents which we are facing in our community and the best part is that while sharing our situation we tell the solution to each other of that situation.

©ujjwal prakash kesharwani

I didn't think that I can write about you because you are that person who thinks about others before yourself. But, I think that God should make friends like you because you are a person whose soul is pure & a kind heart and who always appreciate others in her all situations and always stand with them. So, on the occasion of your birthday I wish you the very happiest/coolest birthday, may this birthday brings a lot of happiness in your life, also fulfil your all dreams, and I also pray to God that they give a friend like you to all by which they also get motivation in all good and bad situations and I am thankful to God that I have a friend like you. Once again a Very Happy Birthday to you Geethika Reddy...

©ujjwal prakash kesharwani

One who lighted the life of many talented writers, 

One who always encourage whenever we are losing hope, 

One who is a great example of happiness, 

One who keeps motivating without getting tired, 

One who works hard every single day to make others dreams comes true, 

One who dissolves every pain in her precious smile, 

One who gave so creative & unique awards to make others feel special. 

Yes, dear Geethika!

It's you only!!

You never wonder about your own happiness, 

You only think about how to bring a smile to others faces. 

Helping others is not your responsibility, 

but, it's your strength, 

which makes you happy!! 

By Shraddha Rai

Happy Birthday, Geethika!!!🥳🎂

Your birthday is very special, 

as it gave us you who is truly a beautiful petal. 

Your image is really inspiring, 

that's why it makes you a unique blessing. 

Today I wanna give you a short message, 

It is like an essence of a difficult passage. 

Falling leaves create a  soothing music, 

just a touch of wind is needed. 

Sunset can become a hint of new motivation, 

just hope is needed. 

A problem can be solved in a fraction of a second, 

just an extra effort is needed. 

Same a community can become a family, 

just Geethika Reddy is needed. 

By Shraddha Rai❤️

It's your 18th birthday,

I wish for lots of birthdays 

Set of the direction of the sight,

Filling the hall with more decoration 

Start with just one action,

Through but a simple nation 

The party is in the crowd,

Party at the night long proud 

I want to give you a surprise,

The day is in prise

The day you came to the Earth,

We should celebrate your birth.

There is not a one day party,

It's your born walla day so hearty

We cut a cake in the hall,

We come out of our mother's womb to build a wall

Pensive we sit, and roll-out tongue to eat,

So far our young pretty queen,

We are here to keep you always fine.

The candy canes are strung,

The varieties which on the table that they bring,

The stockings are dangling ready to fill, 

With all the sweets and chocolates are yummy.

Wishing you a happy birthday dear GEETHU 

Chandini Chandu

G - Generous Hearted with

E - Enchanting Personality & 

E - Encouraging Attitude with

T - Tonnes of Talent and

H - Hardworking

I  - Idealistically with

K - Keen Knowledge

A - Adequate love for everyone

R - Radiant Love

E - effervescent to her

D - Dreams & 

D - Dedicated in her

Y - Youngest Age.



Many more happy returns of the day 🎂

My dear sweetheart 💖

Happiness is full of joy,

Happiness is all around you 

The day that makes to celebrate your life,

We all make friends in this life 

Once in a while; it's special 

In sweet companionship and love,

I say you're looking perfect and how 

Everything will do gather here,

As you fulfil promises of always being together 

The ambience will be smeared in golden,

To celebrate your beautiful union 

Together we fight,

However, your time schedule is really tight 

Hold your little bundle of joy,

Just brighten up each day.

Chandini Chandu

Happy Birthday Geethika

God gave me a wonderful present when he gave me you,

Not only a sister but a most loyal friend too,

To experience moments of laughter and memories,

You can’t put a value on cherished times like these,

What a miracle to hold you in my life,

Always kind in times of worries and strife,

Geethika wishing you a Birthday creating memories,

With companions, parents, and everything to please.

©Apoorba Chaturvedi

Wishes to my dear love  ❤️

I have many friends,

I message to many,

Replies only a few,

But all are not like you


As today is your birthday, 

It's time to have a party 

All the problems of you disappear,

New things will appear 

These many days are gone with some issues,

Just part dawn; feast every moment 


This day is filled with love,

Your jovial has no seasons 

Meanwhile, the world goes on,

The world offers itself to your imagination 

G - gentle giraffe 

E - earning full of ideas 

E - emanating 

T - talent 

H - Healthy person 

I - inspires people's art 

K - kind-hearted 

A - ambrosial girl 

Happy birthday dear ❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤


-  Chandini Chandu

G - Gentle 

E - Emerging Writer

E - Easy Going 

T - Talented

H - Humble

I - Intelligent

K - Kind, Knowledgeable

A - Affectionate, Amazing. 

Happy birthday, Cutie. Stay blessed. Stay happy 💞. And keep Shining. 

- ©Navya 

Warm wishes to this special lady,

Who is an inspiration to all?

A humble and soft-hearted lady,

Who carries elegancy in her grace. 

She beautifully mends every piece of poetry and is a beautiful soul indeed.

You are a remarkable and kind soul to be a cherished lifetime.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sis !!

@Geethika Reddy

By Kulsum Yasmin

Charming smile 

Sweet face 

Helping hands for all emerging writers out there 

Sweet words which bring everyone the best 

Founder of The Inkling Hues

A great Leader who is here for everyone 

Spreading magic through his words 

Many Many Happy Returns of the day @Geethika Reddy 

©Divyanshu Rai

Happiest Wishes My dear bestie 🤗 Geetu😘. 

I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are. 

I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you.

I am grateful that you are a part of my life.

Every step of the way you were there for me. Through thick and thin I’ll always be there for you.

Happy birthday to my best friend, the one who laughs at my silly jokes and still stands beside me even when I do dumb and stupid things!

Geetu, u r my backbone💫❤️ u r like Jerry to me, I won't mind if u think of yourself as Tom 🤭. 

I love the way u call my name 🥰 VAIBHU

No one else is as much as close to me as u r 😍. 

Happiest B'day to u Geetu bacha. 

Love you, idiot😘😘

Many more happy returns of the day,

Dear Geethika Reddy,

You are such a phenomenal person,

Congrats for all your so far achievements,

May this birthday gives you immense pleasure,

We wish you to achieve splendid heights,

You are really a precious treasure,

Travelling with you is a unique pleasure,

Be blessed and stay healthy,

Keep smiling always,

Once again, a very happy birthday to you,

Our charming comrade.

G-Girl of optimistic,

E-Elegant soul,

E-Enigmatic heart,

T-Thankful personality,

H-Hard-headed character,

I-Illustrious woman,

K-Kaiser in the field of writing,

A-Affectionate girl,

R-Responsible soul,

E-Energetic spirit,

D-Dazzling lovely,

D-Dedicated person,

Y-Yielding character,

A very happy birthday to you,

Be happy stay blessed.

By J.Martina

Dear Geethu,

I'm super good here and I hope you are too. I wanna share a thing with you. That! that is..,,

I went to a shop to buy a beautiful gift for your birthday. I started searching for a beautiful gift and I thought my gift should be special than others. I was still searching for a gift. I couldn't select a perfect gift. Finally, I came to the decision that no other gift is perfect than my heart. I thought to give my heart but you already stole it from me so there is no chance of gifting you my heart. Next, I went to a bouquet shop to present you with a beautiful bouquet. I successfully selected a beautiful bouquet, this time but after thinking about your face I started comparing your face with those flower bouquets. Now I thought, if I gift a flower bouquet to you, that flower bouquet will feel bad after seeing your beautiful face. So I rejected that bouquet. And now I went to a teddy shop thinking this time I must select a beautiful teddy bear as my gift. After many minutes I selected a cute teddy. But you already know I have a habit of comparing. I started comparing your chubby cheeks with that teddy bear. After comparing I came to a decision that your cheeks were cute and Chubby than that teddy. I just threw that teddy & returned back home and now I took the phone and started messaging you that, that!....

Many more happy returns of the day dear Geethu

Stay blessed with fine health and maintain a happy atmosphere around. Keep the same smile forever and ever. 

I think I'm lucky for having you in my life and love you a lot.

I pray that our path shouldn't be disturbed by anyone...

And once again

Wish you a very happy birthday. Murder the cake with lots of joy and be surprised with lots of surprises. Stay blessed and take care of yourself. 

Yours friendly,


Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Geethika 

Geethika is a great name you know why? Cause the meaning of your name is "A small Song"  you are the person with selfless love and kindness ...

Some people said that why we should celebrate our birthday day they thought that birthday means Decrease from year to year but that's not the truth. Birthday means you are going to start a new year or a new chapter of your life which we hope that your further life will be full of happiness and love. 

Once again Wish you Happiest Birthday Dear Geethika Reddy 

©Bhakti Rathod



Duniya ki sari khushiyan mile apko

Khuda se rehmat aur pyar mile apko

Apke hothon pe bani rahe hamesha muskan

Dua hai umr ke sath sath badte rahe apka maan samaan 

Aashman ki bulandiyon par naam ho apka 

Chand ki dharti par mukam ho apka 

Khusyion ke samandar ke sab moti apke nasib ho

Apke dost aur paribar apke karib ho

Kuch kyu utre apke liye rehmaton ka mausam 

Ki apko har dua har khwaish qubul ho



Once again many many happy returns of the day dear💓🎂

A girl who is charming, 

My only prayer to the Almighty,

That you keep smiling,

May your hard work and dedication bring glory to your life,

Keep shining.

Best wishes from Payal

जन्मदिवसस्य हार्दिक शुभकामनाः भवन्तः सदैव जीवने प्रसन्नः भवेत् इति मम शुभकामनाः 

Happy birthday To Geethika 🌹


🎈Your name is just amazing like you because it consists most important word of Hindu religion- GEETA...🎂 No doubt that you are too talented & extraordinary writer & a good team manager. 🎀your abilities are really appreciable & I'm happy to be in your touch.🎁 Your reviews & the way you do things are just mind-blowing. 🪔May you reach greater heights in your life & stay connected with me forever.🧨 

💝I know we met a little late but will be forever together.💝

FROM- Your Anuradha (Ms Fool🥀)

Happy Birthday, dear buddy,

You are a crownless princess with inner beauty.

Your smile is like a beautiful flower.

The words you speak are so cute and sweet,

You always worked hard to achieve your success,

But, never gave up at times of difficulties.

You are one who has more patience,

To abide any kind of a situation.

You don't have any kind of jealousy,

But, you are very zealous.

You deal with any kind of a problem,

In a simple manner.

You never abhor anyone,

You had a friendly relationship with everyone.

You are able to do any kind of work,

Through your hard work.

You are the symbol of bliss,

I'm praying for God to bless.

You are the boon,

You make the people around feel good,

Through your cute words.

You boost the happiness around you,

You are charitable and capable to do any kind of work.

You are the charming beauty,

You are very courteous and precious.

You look pretty,

And all the works you are involved in are pretty.

I'm feeling very happy for having you in my life.

Thank you so much, buddy.


Genious Encouraging Enthusiastic Talented Helping Intelligent Kind Angel...(GEETHIKA)



अद्भुत  लेखिका

आंध्र से आई  एक शर्मीली  लड़की

जिसकी मुस्कुराहट  से खुलती थी उम्मीद की खिड़कियाँ

 था उसका चट्टान  जैसा हृदय

जो सेह  लेती थी हर प्रहार

१७ साल की उम्र  में दिखा  उसकी लिखावट  में ऐसा जोश

जिसे देख  नहीं लगता मुस्तकबिल खतरे में

वो है  गीता जैसी  पाक , जो सीता बनकर इस साहित्य  की दुनिया  को बना दे स्वर्ग

आज हो जाओगी तुम अठारह  वर्ष की ,

पर कभी न भूलना अपना कर्तव्य कि  बना  है तुम्हे प्रेरणा  का  वो स्तम्भ

जिसे देख झुकेगा नभ

तुम हो अद्भुत लेखिका

ओ  मेरी  गीतिका  न  देखा  हमने तुम जैसी समर्थ और जिज्ञासु  बालिका

जिसका मूल्य  हो कनक से भी उच्चा

और मन हो हर वक़्त सच्चा | 

©️Vibhor Bijoy

Happy birthday  dear friend,

You are so true

No one needs to pretend,

Stay as you are...

As I wish you

A great start filled with love,

On your birthday!

Happy Birthday Geethika 😊

By Mainak Chakraborty

Happy Birthday, Geethika,

I wish you the brightest future,

may all your dreams come true.

Everyday make yourself strong,

by letting out the door of negative.

May all the happiness surround you.

Be real and imperfections are blessing.

Each minute will be delightful from now.

A year is adding in your life,

Which means it's never only about responsibility,

But also to save childishness in heart.

Candles which your blowing now,

make all desires true at every moment.

Live every note to the fullest,

Just like poetry a golden heart you have.

Rise up and keep shining as best is in way.

Remember, today's last and first,

to receive good things and leave hurtful words.

So, my lady explore more, smile and start a fresh year.

Yours lovingly,



It is a day like this,

At a particular hour

That everything changed

And God's great hand was felt.

A miracle in the society was witnessed.

Unbearable labor pains

Made it hard for mum to persevere.

The womb no longer wanted

To withhold the the joy of the family.

Mama's face changed to a wild appearance.

Cries here and there,

Prayers in every ones lips

To besiege the creator

That he peacefully do his work.

And a big yell was heard from doctor's room.

Drawing the attention of all!...

The doctor,

In uncontrollable laughter;

A report,a positive report;b

"God has done a miracle,

A prince has been born:

To write poems,

To unite different people;

A blessing in the society..."

Today,a day like today,

A prince was brought.

Look at the great work he is doing,

Do I need to explain this?

Don't you have ears to see and eyes to hear?

The labor of a great woman is seen!

Happy womb escape day Geethika🎂🎂🎂

To many years of blowing candles

@Geethika Reddy 

© Washington Newton Odongo.


Happy Birthday to the

Most beautiful creation of God,

A gift to the mother!

A girl with wonders and thousand dreams.

The most discipline and

The most cooperative leader

Leading more than 150 dreams

Towards a common destination!

All the rights for an unavoidable achievement

And yet more than a thousand to accomplish.

Your destiny shall rule the

A plethora of those dreams.

Happy birthday again to the founder, my buddy

It's none other than Geethika Reddy!

- © Archishman Satpathy

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