Kolkata - The City of Joy

Kolkata - The City of Joy depicting the Howrah Bridge - by Peaceful Writers International

The topic that I have been told to spoke about is - Kolkata. As many of us know that Kolkata is the cultural capital of India and it is the place where you get to see the biggest variety of religions.

Kolkata long back was considered as the capital of India but after the Britishers arrived, they made Delhi the capital of India.

Now talking about some facts on Kolkata:-

Ancient facts

  1. India’s second-largest city is Kolkata
  2. It is often referred to as the city of joy and the city of palaces
  3. It has the oldest zoo in India (Alipore zoo).
  4. Kolkata is the birthplace of trams.
  5. India saw its first metro in Kolkata.
  6. It has the oldest port in India (Khidirpur port).

Not only about ancient things, but Kolkata is also rich in literature.

I would like to tell you that...

Kolkata after Tokyo is the only city to get 5 Nobel prizes.

Literature facts:

  1. Kolkata has Asia's largest second-hand book selling market (college street).
  2. India’s largest library is located in Kolkata.
  3. Kolkata book fair is the biggest book fair in the world.
  4. India’s reachest literature capital is Kolkata.

Sports facts:

  1. Kolkata has the world’s oldest polo club
  2. Kolkata has the third-largest stadium in the world (Eden garden).
  3. Calcutta cricket club(ccc) is the oldest cricket club after MCC.
  4. Calcutta football  league is India’s oldest and world’s second oldest football league.
  5. The second-largest football stadium in the world is in Kolkata.

Now talking about the places which are famous in Kolkata, India...

  • Howrah bridge located in Kolkata is the largest cantilever bridge in India and one of the largest in the world.
  • Birla planetarium is India’s largest planetarium and the world’s second-largest planetarium.
  • The busiest station of India, that is, the Howrah station is in Kolkata.

Talking about the administration and other things in Kolkata, I would like to tell you that if you are an outsider and you have never visited Kolkata then this is a place which should not be out of your wishlist of visiting places.

Kolkata is a land of beauty and a land of culture. Yes, now many of you might take up the point that why only Kolkata and why not the other places of the world. This is so because there are many places in and around this world which are similar to the city of joy but as I said that they are similar to the city but not like the city itself.

To be more precious, I would like to take up an example of an apple pencil and a normal stylus. Taking about these two, I will say that both of them are the same in their looks, they are the same in size and in some cases, both of them has the same design but where they differ from each other is the way they function for the same purpose. It might be that both the pencils will give us the same feelings but they will not be able to full fill the actual needs.

The point of giving such an example was to make you aware of the fact that Kolkata is Kolkata ….no other city can replace this place.

The people in this city are very kind and caring towards their tourists as well as towards each other. This city of joy is also famous for a sweet name as “Rosogolla ” which was a creation of this city itself. In my personal opinion, I would suggest all my readers enjoy the taste once in their life so that you get to know the real meaning of life (in case you are a sweet lover or a food lover).

Other than sweets, Kolkata is also famous for the transport system that it has in and around its city like the trams that we see in the streets of Kolkata then the buses and trains that we see in Kolkata also, I should not forget  to mention the metro trains and the railway stations of Kolkata.

If you are coming to Kolkata then you must take a visit to the victoria memorial. It is one of the best places to be visited. Next, you can go to salt lake to see the nightlife of Kolkata and if you are willing to know how busy city Kolkata is, then go to the Sealdah station and have a look there. Sealdah and Howrah stations are one of the busiest stations in the world.

So this is a brief overview of Kolkata as a city. I did not mention much about the people of this city because I don’t want to share the kindness that the people of this city share and rather I want all of you who are reading this article to visit Kolkata once and experience the wonderful city.

With this, I end my note.

- Shouvik Sarkar 

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