Life: A Boon - Jewel Skupina

Life is a boon. Today, the writers of Jewel Skupina came together to pen down some amazing poems on life expressing gratitude and gratefulness. Read this magnificent collection of poems to dive into the deep sea of thoughts and words...

Life is a boon - Jewel Skupina

Life, not being a bed of roses,

Or a bed of thorns,

Are entangled,

With the sweetness of roses,

And the sharpness of thorns.


Some moments are cherished,

And at times despised.

As life progresses,

There is a rich mixture,

Of human experiences.

Life, being a boon,

Granted by the creator,

Vast with endless opportunities,

Is a chance,

To find varieties of human lives,

And to explore the world,

With its mind-blowing architecture.

- Anupriya Vijayan

“Life is not an eternal treasury so, don’t spend it with miserliness, Live life to the fullest”

A wanderer, lonely guy

Seeing the sky, with open eyes.

A ray of hope, in his heart, lies,

That the sky will thunder with the flocking wonder.

Here no one cares, but the stranger dares,

For the drop will fall, bringing back the life to all.

The flowers will bloom, killing the sudden gloom

In the air, that fears

The sobbing sound of tears.

All that was lost, in the devastating frost

Will come back again, with the sign of rain.

Love has always been a baneful boon,

Neither the sun sunk nor rose the moon,

That promised evening never broke cocoon,

How much I dreamed for she never let me say,

I only kept waiting & just an idea took her away,

Time is said to pay nice but it instead made me pay.

All I am left with is love & memories, and a right hand.

Life: a boon...

The day you were born as a person...

You understood, that this is the world I have to live in...

The first time you saw your parents you realised these are the people who will be a part of my life till their death...

Going to school, pursuing education I realised this is a place can be called my second home...

But the only change is can't call my teacher mom...

The time I got to know more about my life, I realised that there is a right and there is a wrong...

One can take you to success, though one can even dump you in failure...

Life is a ship in which I have to sail through the river...

Even if occurs fever or even if I start to shiver,I have to take my ship to the way it had to go...

Because if I won't,this world will call me slow and let me throw...

 Life is a boon,and even being a person is boon,because it starts with problems ends with problems,but after completing a certain age no regrets...

Life is beautiful for a day, though someday a curse because the situation starts getting worse...

Life teaches you that you are here for a cause...

No one is useless...

No t knowing is there heaven or hell,but life has the power to show here only everything well...

- Archi Rathod

Life : A boon

Life is an opportunity use it wisely,

Life is a theater, play your role to the best.

Life isn't harsh stop blaming yourself,

Life will smile at you,if you have belief in yourself.

Life is harmony,

Just have love with your peace and feelings. 

Life has a beautiful meaning,

Don't invest it in useless something. 

Life is yours ,decision is yours,

Don't hand over its key to someone else.

Life is a beautiful decision, 

Dont suppress your priceless emotions. 

- Payal Chowdhury 

A mystery
Animation of God's mastery
A long tale
With everyone dragging 
A lump of stories along the trail
Sometimes unrealistic like a dream
So articulated like a film
A series of emotions
Conjured by relations
And lots of expectations
A collection of seconds, minutes and hours
Filled with regrets and mistakes
And nostalgic moments of ours
Sometimes funny
Unfolding like a comedy
On any theatre play
A sweet cartoon
A boon
- Nkosi Ibhubesi Elimhlophe Kunene & Audrey African Queen Tshuma

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