Microtales on Love

What is a Microtale?

A Microtale is such a genre of writing where big things are explained in just few words. It's a kind of flash fiction.

On 28th July 2021, writers at Peaceful Writers International expressed their feelings as a micro tale on love. Read these short tales to drown into the pool of love today...


The Earth is the Wonderful Tourist Place for Human Being. Human Life is short, one-third of our life we spend sleeping. Our prime responsibility is to live peacefully, love nature and other living things namely trees, pet animals, wild animals during the span of our lifetime.

The four letters alphabet LOVE is an ordinary word from the outside; it has a positive vibration and good reciprocation when we use it effectively.  In general, we express our affection, show love to others by various means.

Love conveys a lot of direct messages, indirect messages, signals, and meaning towards the relationship namely Parent-Child, Husband Wife, Brother-Sister, and Teacher-Student, with Friends and so on. The magic word love even works out with those who dislike us.

In the present political scenario, a dark cloud is coming around everybody fight with each other across the globe for caste, creed etc. In order to ease the situation, love and peace are the main tools to subside the situation.

The world is full of power-packed anger, backstabbing, jealousy, ego, and one and only Bramashtra is four letters Dynamic Word LOVE. The word Love is mightier than anything, and It can be exchanged at free of cost an infinite number of times, it has no side effects.

At times, many of us show off our love towards others. Here there is a clear difference between ordinary love and true love. In ordinary love we expect something from others, it is a human affinity. But in true love without any expectation love can be offered, humans on the earth longing for Agmark love from others.

We show love in a mixture of traditions to others by way of hugging, kissing, blessing and there are situations we instigate by way of humble talk and KISS (Keep it simple and short) even without touch or talk by way of eye expressions or body language love can be expressed.

Love is the most powerful word and it is an art. Once we start using, every bit of our actions we get inner peace and sanctity and all our body cells rejuvenated. The main advantage of true love is without spending any paisa from the pocket we can create a good circle around us.

The average mindset of the people to be changed and instead of expects love from others, we shall start a portrait without any expectations and it yields in multiples.

We have to start loving ourselves first. In the present situation, we have to produce a love keeping force instead of Police, Military, Army, Arms and Ammunition.

Our prime task of everyone is to plant love seeds in the hearts of humans which destroy ego, anger, selfish etc and stimulate peace, harmony, good living atmosphere.

Through love we see eternal, spiritual, holy things; it is an opportunity for us to surrender cent per cent to the Almighty. The result is phenomenal.  We may buy peace, stress-free, production of antibodies, maintain cordial relation with near and dear etc.

Loves is purely a stress buster and reduce our negative energy and recoup our body cells to recharge and it can build a bonding relationship.

Love ourselves

Love Nature

Love others

Love Living / Non-living things

Love Almighty

Love never fails, keep loving

- K.S Ramakrishnan


Heaven sent beauty,

Camouflaged in the darkness,

I proposed,

Painted colours,

She accepted.

Eternal bond.

- ©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


ये फैसले तो हमारी तकदीर में लिखे हैं,

वरना हम इतनी आसानी से टूटने वाले नहीं है

वरना हम इतनी आसानी से बिखरने वाले नहीं है

 हम तो आसू भी पलकें बंद करके बहाते थे।

 वरना निभाने वाले तो

  मौत के दरवाजे तक साथ निभाते हैं।

   साथ छोड़ने वालों को तो बस एक बहाना चाहिए,

    जिन्दगी है चार दिन की इसे हस्ते खेलते बिताना चाहिए

     दूसरे दिन फिर मुलाकात होगी यही आस मै पहला दिन  बितना चाहिए

      दुआओ मै बस इतनी सी आर्जो चाहिए

       हमे तुमसे मिलने का बस एक मोका चाहिए

       हमे तुमसे मिलने का बस एक बहाना चाहिए

- Riya Agrawal


A girl named Rexa studies at Bangalore university doing her 3rd-year degree in a university. Every evening she goes to the library after her college hours. One day she was coming back from her library to the hostel and suddenly she saw a baby crying and she follows the voice and she reaches a jungle it was all dark and suddenly the baby crying stops. She realizes that she is all alone in the jungle and she loses her way. Unfortunately, she even forgot her mobile in the library. She tries her best to call people for help by shouting. Unfortunately, no one comes and she is tired too. She spent her days in the jungle and she starts recording her day's with the camera that she has and she spends all of her 30 days in the jungle. Finally, there comes a group of people who came for tracking and they helped her to reach her house. She then uploads all of her recordings on YouTube and become the best, brave and strong girl survivor ever. Then people start printing her story in books and she becomes famous. She says she never thought that 30 day's of her suffering would give such a beautiful result... 

Moral: Be brave, never give up, always stay strong... 

- Hayaa Yusuf


You can also find some love poems under this collection of poetry


speech unspoken

leaves have fallen

hot now frozen

we do not bind

yet love is blind

blowing out minds

our hearts are clays

on a display

cracking both ways

it’s a shame

we quench our flames

passing the blame

after the lies and ties

in a thousand times

we lost the sparks

we still do fight

in dark and light

shredding our one heart

- Nkosilamandla Kunene


He called him an angel, and she called him my soul,

There was deep-rooted love that rolled,

But society never approved their call,

How could an ordinary person get an angelic doll?

But love listens to no troll,

They quit their bodies, never to separate at all.

- Noor Tabassum


I have violated my soul and sold my spirit willingly to the darkness lurking around. My heart bulges out from my eyes. My lips shiver in darkness and my hands are pressed against my lips not to utter a sound, a cry. Fading memories, longingness sit and dine with me. The door is shut and barred. A worm sneaks in and laughs its heart out. See, it has started dancing too...

- Sheril Mustalee
Love karu ya pyaar
koi bata bhi de mujhe...
tujhe dekhu to haai rabba
koi girne se bacha le mujhe...
- © Satya R. L2L
मेरी माँ को अपनी माँ कहने वाली वो लड़की
मुझसे नहीं अपनी माँ से रिश्ता तोड़ के चली गई।
-दीपक अग्रवाल
Pyaar ki kahani bhi kya khoob hai. Insaan ko uss ek shakhs me apni puri duniya nazar aati hai.
Par aajkl ki ye generation pyaar kam aur Timepass jyada karti hai. Inke liye to ye ek trend hai jise follow karke ye cool ban jaate hai. Gf/ bf se breakup patchup to inke liye bas khel hi hota hai.
Pyaar ke asli maayne to hume humare Mummy Papa, Dada Dadi, Nana nani se seekhna chahiye jinhone mushkil se mushkil samay me bhi ek dusre ka sath nahi chora. Kitne bhi bure halaat ho par ek dusre ka hath nahi chora. Sukh dukh ke saathi ban ke jeevan ke har padav par ek duje ke sang khade rahe. Kabhi dikhawe ke liye show off nahi kiya par har pal ek duje ke sang khade rahe aur apni puri zindagi ek duje ke naam kar di.
- ©Anjali Gupta
Love heals scar, hatred and jealousy,
Love is supreme and God.
- Dr. Sulekha Yadav
यूँ खुश तो हम बहुत रहते हैं,
पर कभी कभी मन को मनाना पड़ता है,
अपनेपन और प्यार बरकरार रखने के लिए,
अपना अहम झुकाना पड़ता है।
- डॉ सुलेखा यादव 
प्रेम - एक आनंदप्रद एहसास
प्रेम तो ईश्वरीय इबादत-सा हैं, जो टूटे ह्रदय को जोड़कर, मन के सारे घाँव भरकर, 
एक हसीन, एक रंगीन जीवन अदा करता है।
किसी को पूरी सिद्दत से चाहना जैसे एक सुकूनदायक एहसास-सा हैं जो दिल में चुभे हर एक काँटें को निकाल कर, सारे दर्दों को सिल देता है।
और किसी को तन-मन-धन सब अर्पण कर चाहना ही नि:स्वार्थ प्रेम कहलाता हैं। 
कहते हैं जब आप किसी से सच्चा प्रेम करते हैं तो उसके बारे में, उससे जुड़ी हर चीज आपको खूबसूरत लगने लगती हैं।
बस उनकी ही बात, बस उसका ही ख्याल जैसे मन तो आपका परंतु आधिपत्य केवल उनका।
जिनके होने से आपकी अँधेरी जिंदगी में भी रोशनी हैं। 
जिसके साथ आप अपना सुख-दुख, अच्छा-बूरा सब कुछ बाँटते हैं। 
जिनकी गलतियाँ भी आप आसानी से नजरअंदाज कर देते हैं, जिसके लिए आप दुनिया की हर ताकत से लड़ने की हिम्मत रखते हैं। 
जिसकी बस एक छोटी सी मुस्कान के आगे आपके सारे गम फीके पड़ जाते हैं। 
जैसे बस उनको पाना, उनका आपकी जिंदगी में होना ही आपका मकसद बन जाता हैं। 
वो आपकी प्राथमिकता,आपके जीने की वजह बन जाते हैं। 
जिसकी बस एक झलक से आप निखर जाते 
हैं और उनके ना होने की कल्पना से ही आप बिखर जाते हैं। 
और यही प्रेम अगर मुक्कमल हो जाए तो स्वर्ग मिलने सा संयोग और ना मिले तो उम्र भर का वियोग। 
जैसे कृष्ण के मिलन को तरस गयी मीरा 
और ना कृष्णा को मिली राधा 
परंतु आज भी उनका नाम प्रेम का प्रतिक मानकर प्रेम से लिया जाता हैं।
और इस बात का प्रमाण हैं कि जो आपका हैं वो आपका ना होकर भी आपका ही रहता हैं।।  
- श्रेया गुप्ता
Love isn't just about the 4 alphabets,
It is about those 4 coordinating 
and caring for each other,
Who 4?
It's your heart and brain
And Their heart and brain.
- Reet Chauhan
Today is the day I want to say it aloud, 
It's time to break the necklace of thorns, 
I am touching the dead alphabets, 
By looking up at the amorous stars, 
With the hope of finding you in the naughty nebulas. 

A folded page in my journal yearns for you, 
The last poem of yours plucks me with my misdeeds,
Those painful metaphors tear my dermis into pieces, 
My toxicity towards you is my own hydrochloride now, 
The demons and devils are dancing over my loss.

The moonless night erased the meteor I drew for you,
The wicked clouds covered my rose in the sun, 
The howls of your heart still echo in my cave, 
I still look for your petrichor on your grave, 
I was possessive over you, but I lost you to the stars. 

Look darling! I have stored the crystals of your teardrops, 
By signing your melodies at every twilight, 
I still visit the night that promised us with infinity, 
I am still hoping to catch you when it rains from the sky, 
It was the moonless night that left me in my plight.
Our love may always be eternal,
But I find you not with me always.

In the blast to the past,
We used to talk, cuddle, kiss
And even hug each other;
With deep emotions
Lying beneath our hearts,

But after many months, to now;
I don't find even a single message from you
Which used to soothe me
Deep through my mind.

I tried hard to talk with you,
But I thought why I should disturb you? 

But I know it is wrong to think like that,
And I want that old glory to come back within us.

I would ask a question to you,
But never be angry and doubtful;
- ©Abhiram B. "Andy" 
My heart is now in so much pain.
My tears are falling like pouring rain.
I am smiling but I'm dying🥲💔

I can no longer sleep a full night.
I can no longer fight.

We broke each other's hearts.
We were torn apart.

We are no longer together.
What happened to forever?

No one can save me from the dark's might.
This time there will be no light.
I'm not going to fight.

There's no reason to.
When I did fight, it was for you.

I know I never did show how I felt.
Just believe me,
every time I saw you,
my heart would melt.

Just know...
I loved you then,
I love you still.
I promise
I always will.

I don't know why
we had to say our goodbyes...
but I'll love you till the day I die.

My heart is broken,
but I still have hope.

One day
we might get back together.
Maybe next time will be forever...
- Sheril Mustalee
Every dawn I wake up to realise,
It's a day added full of grace,
I never know if I am gonna reach tomorrow,
But all I know is,
Currently, I am alive,
Thank you, God.

If nightmares were graves,
I would have dug a million by now,
Or they could have dug one for me,
More probably when I was an infant,
But God knows His ways.

I have had good dreams,
Giving me a green light to the future,
Oooh yes! I am living in the promises of God,
That is why I have to thank Him,
For He has been my hope and my power.

I have heard of witches and wizards,
I have personally seen heartbreaking deeds of pure witchcraft,
From family and sometimes trusted friends,
And that is why I believe,
I am alive because Jesus is there for me.

At 8am I will start to work,
That I do not forget,
But why do I always forget to pray when I wake up?
Hey, you Satan leave my back,
Let me give praise and worship to the source of my breath,
For He doesn't seem to forget me.

Thank you Abba Father,
Alpha and Omega, the first and the last,
The God of the heaven and the earth together with all its belongings,
Jehovah God thank you!
- Kelvin Muzira (the curve)
Sometimes I wonder what my world would be like,
If I don't have someone like you in my life.
I come back to reality only to see,
That I wouldn't be myself without you and me.
I'm looking forward to the future hoping you'll be with me,
Growing old together and being happy as can be.
I want to spend my whole life making it up to you,
I know all of the hell I have been putting you through.
I'm sorry and I can't say that's enough,
But I promise that's the last time it'll ever be rough.
I love you completely with all my heart,
I'll love you forever till death does us apart
- Hrishikesh Vatsa
The roses that he offered to earn her heart and love,
blushing red petals to express his pure feelings as white as a dove,
she fell for him not, unfortunately, got lowered in her final bed
and he still convinces by keeping her grave afresh offering the petals, white and red.
- ©reshma_kausar_mohideen
As I am penning my thoughts on the subject of love. I recalled the divine love of Shree Radhe &  God Krishna. The true unconditional love of Heer & Ranjha, Romeo & Juliet, Anarkali & Salem.
ShahJahan & Mumtaz , Bajirao & Mastani ,Laila &Majnu etc
Why today these love stories are not existing these days, is this due to lust, sex, or money revolving around today's relationships the answer to this question still lies unanswered to me.
Successful love relationships are the sequence build on honesty, transparency trust, & respect. If one of these breaks, the other three falls automatically.
Unconditional love, simply states, the love without any conditions attached?
We don't love someone to get something in return. We love it as it's the beautiful feelings of two unknown souls yearning to be together most of the time.
There can be many types of love & relationship building in our journey.
Maybe it can be love with divine God-like Meera & Krishna. It can be love with our parents. It can be love between brother & sister.
Love is like beads of the necklace. It is built on cords of our feelings & emotions. 
Strings of love happen when each bead of the string is built on selfless motives,  transparency, respect, sharing, trusting, giving, mentoring, motivating giving independence in any love relationship.
Strings of love demand acceptance, forgiveness,  recognition, sacrificing in a devoted relationship.
True love sometimes happens, at first sight, it needs to been nurtured & maintained over the years.
Strings of love qualities are when both partners are patient, polite, keep away from covetousness anger,  fights, have trust, transparency, respect each other spreading happiness & loves with each other.
- @jawahar B Lalla.
"Prove your love for me?" He asked.
"Okay, I won't fight with you over the quantity of Maggie again" I replied.
- Wagisha Srivastava

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