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Kolkata is known as the City of Joy and its vintage charm will make anyone fall in love with it. However, this old city, once the capital of British India, is home to many historical and old buildings and it is rumoured that some of them are haunted. 

Kolkata is the cultural capital of the country, but as you look deep into it, you can discover the haunted secrets of the city. Kolkata is home to many ancient buildings and some of them are home to ghosts and spirits! The city is also considered to be a hub of tantra and black magic. 

Sounds interesting, right?

In fact, there are quite a few other destinations in the city that have been witnesses to strange supernatural activities and have really scary stories to tell. 
Now, let's know about one of the famous buildings of our beloved city of joy and that's our 'Writers Building'. 

The Writers' Building, often shortened to just Writers', is the official, building of the state government of West Bengal in Kolkata, India.

The 150-meter long building covers the entire northern stretch of the iconic Lal Dighi pond at the centre of historic  B.B. D. Bagh, long considered as the administrative and business hub of the city. It attracts thousands of tourists from across the world, drawn to its stunning architecture and design. However, the colonial-era building has a history that’s just as interesting. While today the Writers’ (as it’s also known) houses the State Government of West Bengal, it has served multiple functions over the past centuries. 

No one works here after sunset! You ask why? The most powerful building of Kolkata is also one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. The Writer’s Building used to house the secretariat building of the state government of West Bengal. The empty rooms in this 300-year-old building have some hidden secrets. The story has it that this building has been haunted for many decades and the caretakers staying here could not continue their job for more than one month. This was the place where famous revolutionaries Binay, Badal and Dinesh killed Captain Simpson of the East India Company. The large rooms in the building are said to be inhabited by ghosts and someone’s shrieks are heard late at night even though the building is deserted after 7 pm.

The building used to be the CM's office during left front ruling days. It was the age-old British fortification built up 150 years back by the English colonization. Now the CM office has been shifted to Nabanna after-party change. Often said, there are many ghosts in this building which cause a nuisance in the evening times.

Established around the early '70s, the building served as an office for the writers of the British East India Company. On December 8, 1930, the trio of Benoy, Badal and Dinesh headed to the building and assassinated the then inspector general of police, colonel Simpson who was known for treating Indian prisoners brutally. It is believed that the soul of Colonel Simpson has been haunting this place ever since he was shot by the three young revolutionaries. Visitors often complain about hearing the sounds of footsteps, giggling and random outcries, it is also said that no employee or worker here takes the risk to stay past dusk. The fifth block of the building, where Simpson was shot dead, is the least visited area in the building.

Today, there is a statue of the martyred Binoy, Badal and Dinesh in front of the building. Between 1945 and 1947, the open courtyards were sealed owing to the need for more space. After 1947, many more blocks were added although the main block including the five core blocks and rotunda, is the portion with a heritage structure classification. The elevation has mostly remained the same and still, it is famous, standing tall in the roads of Kolkata along with its gorgeous structure.

-© Sujasha Banerjee

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