Pandemic In India - by Geethika Reddy


 "India's Covid Pandemic is on rise,

The scenario is cursing the world to skies." 

The latest disease of the universe called "Corona Virus" is causing illness to the human respiratory system with lots of suffering. In 2021, India hits the maximum number of deaths due to Covid-19. India is now suffering from higher pandemic ratios as compared to countries all over the globe. The situation of my country states that visiting home today makes an invitation of visiting graveyard tomorrow. Though they made a mini lockdown, many innocent people are affected by this huge uncontrollable disease. 

Some of the Indian states are doing cruel business in the name of Coronavirus. The ones whom we are calling "Warriors Of the Disease - Doctors" are just playing with human's life for the sake of money. We really can't believe why some doctors are behaving like evils nowadays. I want to ask them, "What if the same situation arises for you people? Would you people really agree if someone kills you so that they can stop the spreading of the virus?" I really request doctors to perform surgeries to save lives but not to kill poor people with their evil minds. This is a harsh truth. 

On the other hand, the government is impolite in a few Southern India States...The political people are conducting board exams for students' bright future. But, parents and students are against it. India is totally in a chaotic situation. Children are feeling bored without school, youngsters are missing their college life and adults are sorrowful about their survival. India is trying hard to end all these disgusting crises. 

We are really thankful to foreign countries who are giving us a helping hand by providing oxygen to the needy people...You gave us the inspiration to fight the disease together and win the battle of disease. India is developing, yet people cannot digest the news about the confirmed cases and deaths that we see all over the states. Without this virus, India was celebrating festivals each and every day. But, after this virus entered our country, our country became a palace without souls. 

Injecting vaccinations, wearing face masks, sanitizing the hands, and keeping ourselves hygienic became the new habits of this dreadful journey. The other countries' headlines go like this, "Situation in India is beyond heartbreaking"... whenever we see this, our eyes are holding an ocean of tears. Though we are trying to follow all the rules, we are running out of time and this is breaking our hearts. Sharing messages through WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram etc. because of such a great shortage of oxygen, hospitals, ICU beds etc., it feels like India is living in tides of Moana holding a huge disaster in front of our eyes. 

The people who are leaving this world are uncountable, especially in some particular Indian states. We say that the authorities aren't caring for those innocent souls and they're not allowing any of the family members to see their beloved one's last hope...This type of crime is setting our hearts on the fire. We Indians, sometimes, lose our self-esteem while we see the news channels and the current situation of our country.

India reported over 300,000 cases daily for over a week recently. The WHO Country Office for India (WCO India) has been working closely with the Government of India (GoI) to step up with preparedness and response measures for COVID-19. The prime minister (PM) - Sir. Narendra Modi shrieked that "The country is witnessing a huge surge in infections, which has impacted the entire medical system. Nobody could have imagined it would attack us this way,” And India's loveliest capital New Delhi exclaimed that they are completely helpless... “We understand your pain. But, even we are going through it ourselves every day". 

"Indians are waiting for hours to bury the deceased as cases surge." The family members are yelling at doctors and courts saying that 'our child may have a chance to survive if the correct treatment was given in time.' These traumatic stories across India are causing the ravage and ruin of Bharat Mata. The government says that this is really a formidable job for all the people across the globe. 

India is the world's biggest producer of vaccines but does not have enough stock for the estimated 800 million people who will become eligible. Cases have now slowed down in most urban areas, but rural India still remains a bit of a mystery. India has a poor record of certifying deaths and a large number of people die at home. Some of the scientists declared that "The beginning of the upcoming monsoon season is going to be critical in India". 

"When the entire world shed tears in sorrow, we Country of Indus can raise the latest novel tomorrow." 

Each and every human being, with much love in the heart core, is fighting this horrifying disease...no matter what, we are trying our best to find the solutions for rest. This is the whole current situation and news about the Republic Of India. 

©️ Geethika Reddy

IG: @my.silent_world

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