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Today, we have come up with an amazing collection of poems by the super-talented writers of Jewel Skupina, a global community set up by Peaceful Writers International in collaboration with Alistar. Let us read these motivating poems to give a positive start to our day... 

poetry collection about motivation - you can do this - Jewel Skupina by Peaceful Writers International


The world is eminently competitive,

Survival is a sheer tough task,

The only way, your goals to achieve,

Give it all, to what life would ask.

Failures are comrades in disguise,

Stumbling stones firm your steps,

Every fall of yours owns a cloistered rise,

Builds you stronger, after every lapse.

Grab every chance that you face,

For golden opportunities don't recur,

Be perfection, your style and grace,

To your name, zeal be the metaphor. 

The best recommendation is your hard work and perseverance,

Nothing recommends you better than your own past performance.

- ©reshma_kausar_mohideen


DIARY:- Hey you Bloody downcasted fellow..!! Listen..!!

ME:- Who's that? Who is calling me with such vulgar language?

DIARY:- It's me, a book full of pains, love, sorrows, pressed tightly.

ME:- Is that you, My Diary?

DIARY:- Yes idiot. When will you erase those pains from this heart called Me?

ME:- I failed in Studies, Parents stopped talking with me. First I should be a successful person.

DIARY:- But when my darling. Your stupid acts in this lonely room are making me hopeless. Give some Hope with your success. To get your Lover back,to get your parents back, you should hit their hearts with your success.

 ME:- For Entering into world of Success first I should get filled with some boost called motivation. So open page no.143 in you and read those inspiring words.

DIARY:- Yes darling, I'll always be with you. The lines goes this way,"The Heart that was soaking in the impure blood of sorrow should get cleared and fill with pure blood called Happiness.That will only happen when you hit the heart's muscle with your success."

ME:- Thank You very much for reading. Now, I've got enough strength to lead my way towards success. Love you..!!

DIARY:- Love you too darling..!!

- ©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy

गुजरा हुआ समय बहुत

कुछ सिखा कर चला गया

एक छोटा सा तूफ़ान बहुत

 कुछ उड़ा कर चला गया

 ये! वक़्त ही तो था गुजर गया....

बस कुछ !!.......

नया सीखा कर...चला गया ।।

ये वक़्त ही तो था 

गुजर गया......😊😊

बस अब कुछ कर दिखाने का समय 


- Riya 🥰❤️

The energy when we can't get up anymore,

The strength to hold us the last bit,

The power to lift the fallen,

The pick up energy of end point.

Takes advantage of those who apply it,

It's the rock to success,

To which one should climb,

To reach the height the you want,

It's the motivation.

- Marygorett Mang'eni.


Don’t be soft-hearted my friend,

You have yourself to defend,

Don’t give too much away,

They’re probably not gonna stay,

You can’t help everyone with a sad face,

It’s a fact you have to embrace,

Don’t sacrifice your soul,

For it to be stole,

That may be their goal.

Help them, but don’t get too involved,

Maybe they have a problem you can’t resolve,

That’s their challenge which life presents,

Don’t let them distract you from yours.

First make sure if they want to change,

That’s the first move you have to make,

They may not want to change,

Don’t get mad if that’s the case,

You may give away a lot,

‘That’s enough!’, you might have thought,

But for them it is not,

They still have to be taught.

You finally realize that all of this is useless,

You’re gonna be clueless,

But don’t go around looking for excuses,

Because it might be you they accuse. They may take everything for granted,

Don’t be bothered,

They may seem heartless, but they’re just tired,

Life for them has been hardened,

So make sure you have something good in their hearts planted,

They may treat you bad but,

That’s when you know if you’re really wanted.

But the truth is, you gotta go your own way,

Who’s gonna take care of you anyway?

Face your feelings, don’t run away,

Anything that comes in your way,

Make sure you throw it away,

One step every day,

Is gonna take you far away.

Your source of inspiration forever

- Nkosi Ibhubesi Elimhlophe Kunene.

You can have the impossible

Believe that dreamers are believers,

And that believers are receivers,

Know this  truth,

That to believe is all it takes,

Just take heart, get past the losers,

Never quit, you are among choosers,

Choose that dream; set that aim,

It takes a special kind of caring,

And a lot of active sharing,

A better you, a better me,

That's what it makes.

For success is a journey,

And we all win in this journey,

Reach for your dream,

Your heart has spoken,

You're a winner, why not stretch 

For winner's stake?

Time is not all that you're losing,

For the best is yet for choosing,

Strong minds are motivated by

Dynamic purposes,

You can have the impossible.

Get out of tow; give in; let go.

- @Audrey African Queen Tshuma


The longest flight over the crystal blue sky,

Stretching my red coloured wings high,

Crossing over the earth with full of keen,

This aviation makes my heart childish and clean.

The clouds seems to be so strong,

Its guidance protect me like throng,

I can joyfully sing a song in different languages,

 I am free to roam anywhere and choose glorious images.

The sun is in pure gold and as igniting fire,

For now I can feel the heaven of freedom and admire,

The longest flight teaches me that,

Time is one-way road and we need to run fast.

The colours of rainbow inspire my inner mind,

The nature plays a violin beat which make my mood bind,

Mountains are pure brown and very huge,

Dealing with my boredom and accepting my comrade kluge.

His longest flight hiding a poet,

All the mixed emotions screaming it's quote,

Laughter, Anger, Pride and Dreams,

Are museum of our heart and we should flow with this stream.

Being unique when compare to others,

Teach us best experiences like nature's colour,

Fear is our treasure where we dare to enter the dark cave,

Soaring with confidence wake our blind vidion to stand over the waves.

Flitting is like a rollercoaster,

By flying high and high my responsibilities fall upon my shoulders,

The angle of suspicion is too small,

To reach our new heights we need our vision to get install.

We are the pilot of our own flight,

We must search the right direction to find the light,

My soul and land are both interconnected,

Like success and failures are projected.

- ©️Geethika Reddy

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Worth Your Life

Never accept pain in the name of Love...

Never hug sadness to become a World Famous Lover...

Remember your happiness is above everything, above everyone.

It's your life, live it and worth it...

- Dipsikhar Datta

Need of motivation

Everyone needs some motivation or inspiration in life. It helps to achieve your dreams. It provides encouragement to do better in life. If you want to do something new in life, then motivation is required. 

Motivation helps us to improve our well being. It reflects something different about each one of us. It develops a sense of purpose in life for us. Motivation is what changes our thinking, feelings and behaviour.  

Motivation is what helps to provide clarity to achieve our goals. It is important to keep moving ahead in life. It helps us to manage our time and be productive and efficient in our work. Motivation helps us to be creative, to set goals, make plans and grow interests. 

So, have some motivation in life and move ahead. 

- Drishti

भीड़ से अलग पहचान बनाने चले।

कुछ बात सुनने, कुछ सुनाने चले।

मोती की ख्वाहिश ने डुबाया सागर में,

खाली हाथ नहीं लौटे, ये समझाने चले।

मन का विश्वास, हर रंग भरता है,

रंगहीन ज़माने को, इंद्रधनुष दिखाने चले।

नाकामयाबी की चुनौती, स्वीकार कर लिया,

जो कमी थी, उसे खुद मिटाने चले।

संघर्ष का मैदान छोड़, भागे नहीं कभी,

हक़ीक़त से रूबरू ज़माने को कराने चले।

- ©Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef✍

A big motivation is our self-confidence 

People's are affected with illogical,

Give the best message what you have 

We find many things for out of the world ,

Success begins with a fellows; who is inside you 

Life's battles dont always go ,

Our soul is a best motivational land in our body 

When they look in to dark ,

That they has a point mark 

They struggle through it ,

Out of the night that covers 

Shine your bright light on the world ,

The power to wake up from sleep 

Getting plan to escape from problems,

There is a person in the way to help you 

Life is a stunning story.

- Chandini Chandu 

छोटी सी उमर में बड़े तजुर्बे देख लिए,

 पेट की भुख ने सैक्रो हुनर ​​सिख लिए...।

-© Bhumi Mahto


When the ship of your life has lost control and you are unable to rebuild it,

Yes, this 'motivation' works as a captain to  bring back the ship safely to the port,

It pursuades you to rise up even in the situations when you are trapped by the cruelties of life,

It teaches you to stay strong when your own people betray you by back-stabbing a knife,

No, No even when your world is rotten, you have to learn to smile,

Forgive those persons who have hurt you because you have to walk for a while,

Seek your goals as they are important in your world,

And these are some of the things which you gain from motivation which is pearled,

It is alike the ant who despite of failing so many times attempt to climb a wall,

It's a synonym of the bee who by snatching the nectar succeeds in creating a bee hive tall,

Ever seen a little boy who attempts to crawl successfully in his first move,

Yes these are the fundamentals of motivation which I always do love,

Motivation gives us a strength to grow alone to achieve a great motive,

It gives you a capability to forgive your enemies even if you know they will gift you a situation suffocative,

When you are depressed, tired and hurt by this cruel world and people,

Remember, this motivation is the one which serves you the best reason to starve displaying your capability to the people,

It is the only thing which we find in many books, poems and quotes,

But still, sometimes we fail to follow it and detach ourselves from the exact routes,

Do you know a secret that where does this actual  'motivation' conceal?

It's just saved in your heart and in darken situations of your life you have to feel it.

- Srishti Rani Panda


Ha! Kabhi - Kabhi Apni Haar Dekh Tumhara Ye Dil Rota Hai,

Apna Hosla Ye Khud Hi Khota Hai..

Mana Bar Bar Niche Girte Ho Tum,

Kuch Is Tarah Se Bhikharte Ho Tum..

Chah ke Bhi Tum Uth Pate Nhi,

Apne Un Bhikhre Sapne Ko Samet Pate Nhi..

Andhere Sa Lagta Hai Tumhe Apna Future,

Khud Ko Tum Samajhne Lagte Ho Looser..

Par Tumhe Ise Ghabrana Nhi Hai,

Apna Ye Safar yha Thamna Nhi Hai..

Kyuki ; Tum Akele Nhi Ho Iss Ladaayi Mein,

Aisa Sabke Sath Hi Hota Hai..

- ©Anshu Kukreja


You call me weak, you call me a low living butterfly,

Someone who's born with fragile being of skies,

You see me clumsy and I'm full of cons in your eyes,

But you are unaware of the wings I adorn to fly high.

But the waves of oceans cradle and wrap me safe,

I walk on the forest fire in my apparels of strength,

Black flowers slither up my spine as I stiffen my soul,

There's courage in my eyes that keeps me on the track of goal.

My stiletto won't fumble in the deserts or hight hills,

Strap keeping me abreeze with the knock of my gills,

I'll plunge into the darkness to emerge as a Phoenix,

Kindling my eyes with tears that won't ever remix.

I'm strong and I'll knock off the wrongs and fight,

My wedges flutter make me more strong, and still, I rise,

I am my own inspiration!

- ©Angarika

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