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In the world of social media, people are getting addicted to social media and screens. They never realize that it's a trap unless and until they get trapped into it. It's high time that we realize the importance of the real world and come out of this virtual world. Today, amazing writers at The Inkling Hues wrote open letters to social media. Wanna read? Let's begin...

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Ke daur mei 

Aao milo khelne wale yaar chahiye,

Iss social media ke daur se pehle wale 

Mere vo bachpan ke yaar chahiye,

Jo khelte the Chuppan-Chupaai, Barf-pani, ghar-ghar, chor-police, rang-rang, 

Mujhe bass vo hie yaar wapas chahiye,

Likin daur hai badal gya,

Sabko smart phone chahiye,

Sab khel rahe hai Pubg, BGMI, COD or nah jaane kya kya,

Par mujhe toh apne chain-chain, pakra-pakri wale dost chahiye...

- Bhumi Mahto


World's helper 

They spend the whole day scrolling,

Through their smiling faces on the screen 

As though the blossoms ,

Had as much a rightful deed to be rooted 

The tent pitched under ice ,

Social media wasn't a just a news ,

It's a satisfactory wall

Every troubles are brought in secret ,

If any poor people's suffer they travel in online 

The white cloud passed over the land ,

There is a sea always round the land 

It I'd all a journey from a room and door ,

The suffering people's have a mutual confidence ,

With the approaching string of rich clouds 

In an effort to get people to look into each other's eyes more ,

The world shrunk the needs to share 

Suffering is a blind - spot in the weather ,

The invisible beetles began 

Instead we walk through the feelings and pain ,

It helped the poor ; stopped a war 

Somebody covers the crime the greedy hands of those ,

Stop short of urge to plead 

Hiding to show their faces ,

Working hard everyday,

Getting existentialist challenges everyday 

- Chandini Chandu



Dear Social Media Influencers,

Hello!! I hope this letter finds you all in the best of health and spirit. I know you all will be surprised to receive this letter thinking who writes a letter in this digital generation. But I know you will agree that the fragrance of letter reminds the scent of loved ones and creates some kind of memories. Isn't ??

“Social Media” has become an inevitable part of life,

Immediately after waking up and before going to bed we never forget to check our social media notifications,

All these seem to be so thrilling. Isn’t?

But everything has its own pros and cons,

The virtual world which aid in connecting people from all parts of the world,

Can also tear you apart very badly physically, mentally and financially,

There are many fraud gangs which act very friendly with you at the beginning,

And gradually starts exploiting you till they suck the last drop of your blood,

Morphing, blackmailing, trapping, cyber-crimes through dark web are increasing day by day,

And innocent people fall in this prey-trap,

Some people commit suicide unable to handle this pressure,

It’s high time for all of us to be aware of these fraudsters and save our dear ones from this social media bullying. 

All these things are really concerning me. I hope you all will be a little careful while using social media and will spread the awareness.

Thanking You!

Yours affectionately

Social Media User

- ©Dr. Sudhanya Nath


समाजिक मीडिया

समाजिक मीडिया एक संचार।

सत्य और असत्य का है भंडार।

हर कोई इसे जी खोल कर नचाता है।

जिसकी आवाज़ जितनी वो जीत जाता है।

फेंक समाचार और ट्रोल एक अदाकारी है,

बुरा न मान तो कह दूं ये एक बीमारी है।

हर कोई इससे ग्रस्त होता जा रहा है,

हक़ीक़त से कोसों दूर भटकता जा रहा है।

लाइक, शेयर और कमेंट एक पहचान बन गया।

सच्चाई से हर कोई अनजान बन गया।

अब भी वक़्त है , न बदले तो बदल जायेगा संसार,

समाजिक मीडिया करेगा बीमार फिर लाएगा उपचार।

- ©Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef


Dear social media,

You are a kind of barrage which connects the people of different places,

Even though if they didn't see each others faces.

When a person is in trouble,

Just a post in social media reaches to many people,

And that particular person who needs help acquires it.

Most of the people are addicted to you,

You made the people flit in their mobiles,

People keep on changing their profiles.

A comment is like a suggestion,

Which makes the person know his position.

More number of likes,

Makes the person feel like hearing the chimes.

Increasing the followers day by day,

Makes the person enjoy with joy.

Most of the people had become famous through social media,

You are designed with many great ideas.

People don't feel satisfied, Even if they use you day and night,

You are like a beautiful twilight,

You are the greatest delight.

Most of the people are addicted to you,

You attract most of the people towards you,

And distract them from their work.

You are like a wonderful perk,

A notification from you makes the people jerk.

From kids to the grown,

Most of the people likes you more.

You are a platform for showing our talent to the whole world,

That made us whirl,

With lots of happiness.

Thank you for being a part of   our lives.

You help in education,

And you act as a barrier for communication,

You are a great attraction,

Nobody can take your postion.

Yours lovingly,

Most attracted person

- E.Mounika



Social media-A virus 

We show on social media more than we do in reality!! 

We have more than 1000 friends in social media !

Only one friend in reality!! 

We smile more in facebook profile! 

More than we smile in reality!! 

Our relationship more perfect on social media! 

Than on reality!!

Our love more pure in whatsapp status! 

More than in reality!! 

Our pictures are more nice on social media! 

Than the moment we enjoy in reality!!! 

Offline replaced by online!

Our blackboard replaced by PDF!! 

Hall replaced by Google meet and Zoom!! 


- By Bandita Nahak


 Dear Social Media,

I remember the decade I was born in which was still not much advanced in technology. We had televisions but were not equipped with internet facilities. So much has the time passed that wherever we look, we find your connectivity. 

If I am not wrong, then it's you who has helped us grow in the time of pandemic. In the situation where education being physically present was not possible, we proved them wrong by being present pseudo- physically. 

I agree to the fact that many children have become maniacs by using you. But it ultimately depends on the user. Something that was invented for benefit of the society if starts getting misused, is it the inventor to be blamed or the user? 

These mobile games that keep children away from books are naturally a bad omen. They end of being sick and may be give up in their lives. But on the other hand, your games like sudoku, chess, etc have helped kids increase their IQ.

The PDFs and presentations that are easily available on site are helpful to many. Yet piracy is a concern if no one is ready to devote his work energy. Also continuous use of eyes for you is yet another concern. 

But still, there are kids across the globe who are yet unaware of the internet connections. In rural areas where optical fibres cannot reach, the children remain less educated, especially if we talk about the lockdown situation. 

And I have personally experienced this with my batchmates, that everywhere your availability is not possible. Apart from the usage, it requires a wide knowledge of handling and using interest.

Also, computers are not seen everywhere. Even people with less wages cannot afford to buy smartphones. Then how would you help children?

Yet, I'm glad to have you, Social media, in an era, where we can communicate even from homes!

- ©Angarika


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