The World Of Advertisements - by J. Martina

The world of advertisements - a building in the Times Square with multiple advertisements on-board - Peaceful writers international

Nowadays, advertisements are playing a significant role in our life. From television to the internet, all sites are giving much importance to advertisements. Even all the social media platforms reduce their showtimes and show multiple ads, giving importance to them. Because they are earning much through the advertisements more than the shows that they are showcasing.

For each trivial to a vast thing, advertisements are needed for marketing purposes. Ads became very popular once people started to believe in them. So, the companies and media people have used the mindset of the people as a medium to sell their products and to make anything popular. It may be a product or service, they need ads, through which they are provoking the interest in the minds of the people.

To sell the products and make something popular, the industries are using some tactics, including asking a topmost celebrity to act in the ads. So that many people will believe that if their famous actors are playing a role in that ad, it will be a good show or good product. And many because of their attraction towards their famous celebrities, will surely buy that product and watch the show. And automatically, it will provoke many benefits to the particular person.

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In these advertisements, some will be phenomenal, some make us laugh some will create an inspirational effect, some carry a good message and most probably it has the potential to create an immense feeling. At the same time, some will create the worst feeling and irritate us. Here, I would like to share some of my favourite advertisements and their impact on me. While seeing that, it gave me a different kind of feeling.

One of my favourite advertisements is the babies ads which are created for johnson's baby soap, pampers, wood wards, etc. I used to watch the ads just for the kids. We all love kids. I love kids a lot. And while watching these young, chubby kids, entirely changes my mood and I forget all my problematic situations and tensions whenever I used to watch those advertisements. 

And also, the ad which created for the Horlicks. While watching that ad, I didn't felt that the ad is just created to sell the product, I felt it's a kind of motivation. I loved it a lot. Because it's an ad that was created to provoke awareness for the girls. The ad was like this, a mother was driving a car on the highway accompanying her two daughters. In the midst of the night, the car stops. There was no one on the road, the mother was unaware of how to change the Stepney, she got tensed. Meanwhile, her younger daughter come out of the car and changed the Stepney. Her mother feels proud of her. The girl states that she learnt it from her father. This ad was meant to create the awareness that everybody, especially the girls who are learning to ride also should learn to repair their vehicles.

Similarly, there are many ads which are really provoking an interest to learn something out of it. Beyond everything, ads are paving a way to increase profit and also it's playing a significant role in creating awareness.

-by J.Martina.

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