Youtube - All You Need To Know

Youtube - all you need to know - by J. Martina  - Peaceful Writers International

Youtube is an online video-sharing platform owned by Google. Billions of people use it in their day to day lives. It's such a useful website, where people can upload their videos as they wish. It has likes, comments and subscribes options. So, whoever is using youtube can give their likes, if they really liked the videos and they can subscribe to that particular channel. When we subscribe, we get updates, once the particular channel is uploading any video. It is a useful source for all kinds of people of all ages. Especially, in this pandemic scenario, many lost their jobs, for them, YouTube is acting as a source of earning. Yes, through YouTube, we can earn money. Truly speaking, many creators are using it in a wonderful way and getting phenomenal payments. It's such a wonderful platform, where we can see videos regarding studies if we have any doubts in any field, what not, everything is provided on YouTube. Even the show you had missed can be seen via YouTube, as per the date. A long time ago, cooking was a difficult job. If one wished to learn cooking, he or she had to learn it from their mother or from Culinary Academy. But since YouTube came, many people started sharing their cooking ideas and new recipes. Whatever you need, maybe American food or African, one can learn everything through Youtube. Even the working people, who are far away from their homes who do not know the basics of cooking are learning many new recipes and simple foods through youtube videos. Even small kids are learning many study-related programs on YouTube. It is helping them to enhance their knowledge. It was actually initiated and started to grow in the year 2006. It has become one of the landmarks of the modern internet and is playing an integral part in the life of many users. The YouTude was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jaweb Karim. These three were the employees of the American e-commerce company Paypal. They thought that ordinary people would enjoy sharing their home videos. That made them create this YouTube. Its headquarter is in Bruno, California, once it was started in May 2005 with limited "beta", in the initial stage itself it had attracted nearly 30,000 visitors and in the year May 15, 2005, it was officially launched and served 2 million videos per day. In the year 2006, the number had gradually increased. Many started to view the videos provided on the channel. The immense growth of it also paved way for certain obstacles like buying computers and broadband connections to the internet. It also forced to allocate immense financial resources for potential litigation because many media companies found out that the videos uploaded on YouTube had copyright issues. So, with limited success in commercializing its website, it had begun looking for a buyer. But, all its problems were solved slowly and now it is playing a phenomenal role in the lives of the people. On the one hand, it has many advantages; on the other hand, it has disadvantages. One problem is, in YouTube, there is no age limit, whoever wishes to upload the videos can upload, there is no restriction. Anybody can create YouTube channels and it can be watched by anybody. As the world is fully equipped with technology, even infants are very well known to the internet. Even they are teaching us. In this situation, they are easily using YouTube and learning many criminal acts. As the world we are living in, is filled with people of good and bad deeds.YouTube is also used by all sorts of people who are uploading videos as per their wishes. Obviously, YouTube has both good and bad videos and the young minds who had the potential of easy attraction towards wrong things are easily getting attracted towards the wrong things. And especially in these lockdown days, as there were no schools and colleges, the children and adults are holding the mobiles from morning to night and using them abundantly, and they are watching and learning many illegal things, practising in their homes too. So because of it, many crimes are taking place. We cannot blame the entire site, at the same time, it's their responsibility to implement some new techniques and ban the illegal videos and worthless videos and have to give permission to launch, only the workable ones. So that, only good things can spread. As it is mentioned in the above passage, it has advantages too. I would like to add my own experience with the usage of YouTube. Really, I have learnt a lot and especially it helped me a lot in this pandemic scenario. I subscribed to many learning channels and I am learning from them. Even in my college days, I still remember that I didn't have taken any notes in the class and I didn't prepare anything before. At that moment, before the exam night, I watched on YouTube and I learnt difficult concepts from it. That way, I learned and helped me a lot to score good marks in the exams, and I got a chance to learn from immense esteemed professors from esteemed institutions across the globe. If I continue the list, it will move on like this. Such a phenomenal site that is helping us to know what is happening all over the world within a fraction of a second. If you want to hear music or watch any particular scene from a particular movie or series everything will be visible to you through YouTube. On average, hundreds of videos are uploaded to YouTube per minute. And it is watched by billions of people all over the world. Instead of videos, you are watching on television you can watch more creative and interesting videos on YouTube. Through YouTube, many are showcasing their talents. Many are using it to show their splendid talents and many are seeking it to watch the talents. Whatever it is, it is such a phenomenal platform that is ruling the world with its tremendous features.

- J. Martina

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