Happiest Born Date Mr. King


"Sometimes darkest soul can brighten the life of death too... King is important to the kingdom as soul is important for the body..."

I wish you a very Happiest Born date from the smallest particle of my heart. Happiest, Happiest & Happiest day to the king of this universe. Thank you for coming in this planet, thank you for breathing, thankyou for surviving among us & thank you for everything you do for everyone. It's really greatful day not only for you but for the entire world. Your presence is the divine power that keeps everything fine & secure, your name is the key to solve every problem and your soul is the path of every successful life. We the humans bow down to your feets & honour you for being what you are. You are the synonym for every reason of my smile and I want you to give all that happiness back to which you really deserve for. I can't give you what you need but will try to always be your side in every pain no matter I'm absent to bring smile on you beautiful cherishing handsome & lovely face.🤎💜

_"Colourful blood flowing in my soul stolen from your rainbow body..."_

I respect you & feel lucky to experience that moment when I met a king & you met a fool. 
I still remember how casual but something different kind of environment it was. I still remember when I posted your cute innocent type photo in my status wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, never expected that simple & sweet memory will slowly turn into grand event of the year with the intention to create history. I can't buy you beautiful & valuable treasury gifts like all but promise to do everything for you & your loved ones.
Birthdays will come & go everyear but my feelings for you will hardly fluctuate. Birthdays aren't just to greet on the auspicious occasion to celebrate someone's birth but to wish for more & more prosperous years ahead with the positivity to understand that birthday never ends even if the day ends, it's the start of new journey of a person's life & it's a new year of every person on his/her birthday. There are numerous reasons which make me think & wish you the last or least. I don't know about other's but according to me the last person to wish is actually the first one for your new startup of the next day after you take birth everyear with new hopes, new aims & new goals to keep going with life and experience the beauty as well as unfair things happening around. It's important to realise many hidden secrets of this universe. You will soon turn stronger & smart enough to deal with every pain.💛🧡  

_"Wind that passes from my arms giving the message that it's on the request of your demands making me feel free inspite of having full of worries..."_

Like me every individual must have a ginne like you who does everything I desire & dream for. You are the most precious gem of the royal crown & I wish to always keep it with me safe & with high protection inside my heart. I really wish you to see the most healthiest, wealthiest & richest person ever who is immortal with eternal love story to be remembered by the past, present & future. This is not where I'm ending but concluding by saying that be ready for more & much more surprising gifts you will receive further. Soon you will find your every dreams coming true, every needs fulfilling your wants & everything will be under your control. I also wish to go up soon to accumulate the powers by which I'll design/make a girl for you who will be exactly how you want her eyes, skin, soul & heart to be known as your Queen. I really wish to gift you the girl who will be according to your perceptions & mentally, physical, socially, psychologically etc.🤍🖤 

So finally one message/request from me to you is please be how you are forever. It's really rare to find person like you who spend his precious time with a foolish animal...💙❤️💚

-©® Anuradha Gupta

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