Peaceful Writers International organized a FREEdom Fest on 15th August 2021. As a part of the fest, we conducted a writing contest "Indi-Go-Pen" where writers from around the country submitted their content dedicated to the motherland. Reading and judging those write-ups was a tough task honestly. We came out with the list of the best write-ups.

Today, we are featuring the winning contents of the Indi-Go-Pen challenge. Scroll down to read some amazing write-ups by the winners of the Indi-Go-Pen Contest: Angarika, Sayenath Khan, Arkaprava Mukherjee, Noor Tabassum, Somdatta Mitra, Fathima S, Divya Jain, Parthvi Singh, Reshma Kausar Mohideen, Payal Chowdhury, Dr Kanu Tiwari, Vedasmhita Makkireddi, Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef, Manisha Sharma, Muskan Satyam, Rajesh Satpate, Sanya Tikarya, Beena Shah, Riya Agrawal, Priya Gupta, Reet Chauhan, Khushi Jain, Bhumi Mahto, and Amit Kumar Singh...


Why just celebrate one day, in the name of Independence and freedom?
When every other day could be beautiful, if indeed considered surreal,
From respecting freedom in true means, to not discriminating rights,
15th August would be worth it, if people across the mainland smile!

You ask to learn manners, but you yourself have forgotten all,
Are you really illiterate, or don't want to travel along?
When Constitution granted us rights, I thought we all were equal,
Then why such inequality prevails, when a girl child comes as a sequel?

You ask us to pour our hearts, but slap the second we say,
We cannot request anything, but it's a demand you soulfully declare,
When we want sometime to ourselves, you think we're betraying,
As when we try to run from burdens, you call us irresponsible beings.

What do you exactly wish to know, just say it out aloud?
Peeping into our lives and saying, won't help you enough,
Because it feels like we're paying for life, that we've been granted,
And someday you'd snatch a pint of oxygen, left in our skeletal chest.

Just give us permission to explore, we don't need intervention,
We won't jump from the cliff, or dive in the deepest rivers,
We won't do long hours, booze and come out insane,
We just want time for ourselves, with nature and its grace.

Let us take subjects, which won't burden us throughout,
Because we are the ones to study, and we won't like to rot,
Give us freedom from apparels, and things that you choose,
We're not going to betray you, we pledge to stay all cool.

We want freedom from restrictions,
Not restrictions and restrictions,
It seems like we've been caged,
And there are literally no walls to whisper!
- ©Angarika


Soldiership, in our eyes,
Is something we deride.
But listen to what I have to say,
And throw such thoughts aside;
And feel the thrill:
The brave battle that once was fought-
And no one ever will.

9 o’clock, apparent clear sky,
When the unwelcome Afghans came;
They encroached upon a fort nearby-
Saragarhi was the name.

The aberrant, bloodthirsty creatures roared
As they set their cannons aflame;
While the 21 Sikhs within the fort
Geared up for the big game.

The 14000 Afghans were rather stupid
To entice them to surrender:
For a tough battle and an obstinate oppose
Was all the Sikhs could render.

The war was breathtaking and ghoulish,
Fought with all the weapons keen;
For pools of blood and heaps of the deceased
Was all that could be seen.

“Why was there not any alliance?”
The British put to blame:
But 14000 versus 21-
Is it not a matter of shame?

The Afghans aspired, by the dusk,
To capture all three forts.
But losing 1400 on the spot
Was all they could afford.

The brave soldiers, with great vigour,
Mocked at the coward tribe-
Number games have always been
disrespectfully ascribed!

The 21 soldiers of Saragarhi
Fought till their last breath,
And, with enlightened faces, beaming with pride,
Dearly embraced the inevitable death.

Sacrificing without slightest hesitation,
And without any helping hand,
Goes on to show their indefinite love
And dedication to dear Motherland.

The soldiers perhaps, fought that day,
The greatest battle of their life;
What we accomplish does not matter-
What matters is, how we strive.

Still have the same opinion, my friends?
Let them blow away in the wind;
I feel proud of my Great Mother Nation-
And hereby proudly say, “JAI HIND!”
-©Arkaprava Mukherjee


Today as I sit to write, my hands are shaky, my mind does not allow the free flow of words. I am unable to compile all my feelings into words. I feel too little even to write my heart out because I have assembled the audacity to write about the real-life heroes and fallen soldiers. Whenever I sit and close my eyes for a second and think, I fail to comprehend the plight of a person who knows that death is standing in front of him, and yet he marches to protect those he has never seen or met. I think for a while whether I would be a brave heart to give even a single small toe for a stranger in my life? I would immediately deny saying, why should I? At times, we are reluctant to give a bottle of our blood, which is utterly harmless. I think about how my mom would react if someone whacked me. I am sure she will cut their hand off for doing so.

Then what are these brave hearts made of? Is their blood-red or tricolored as our flag? Is it blood flowing through their veins or just the immense cacoethes to live for others and die for others? Have their mothers fed them milk or the hysteria to live and die for the country? How large is the heart of those mothers who surrendered their kids for the sake of the country and smile pompously? It is true; they are not dead; they have become immortal. Moms smile as their kids have become commemorated.

It is effortless to sit and write about them or praise them on special occasions, but please close your eyes and empathize with these soldiers' conditions. Imagine the thoughts they might have felt before they surrendered to the immitigable death. The soothing lap of the mother, the amorous embrace of a lover, the subtle kiss of a baby, and what might not have they desired for the last time. But the dedication and the devotion towards their motherland and love for the fellow beings was so strong that they bravely embraced death. Presume their quandary at a temperature of -30 degrees on the top of the Himalayas. Didn't their blood freeze? Envision their difficulty in the scorching, arid sweltering heat of deserts, standing under the relentless sun to protect us. They hugged death to give us sweet and peaceful sleep at night and give us a life filled with bliss and affluence. Are they less than any angels?

Friends let us value their sacrifice. Let us commiserate with their emotions. Let us live with unity and affection. The country we live in is magnificent land. Our land's mud is prolific not because of the soil but because of the blood of the unsung, brave, and sacrificing heroes. Let us kiss this land and spread love. Life is short, and where do we get this time to despise and disparage others. Let us appreciate each other and live in congruence for the heroes who have sacrificed their lives. That will be a genuine and sincere tribute to them.

My mind is free of any wound to soujourn,
My expectations reap a deliberate heap to fathom.
My country is my ultimate pride to reverberate ,
As I enthrall over the various achievements and dialects to treasure.
From North to South and from East to West,
Cultures, traditions, religions and caste do trigger the warmth and intensity.
Our motto is one and we seem to cherish the unity in diversity.
Adorable historic defeat surge for an independent entity.
We are a proud nation as we chant the mantras,
Patriotism raises the emotions of each and every citizen,
On the auspicious occasion in significant situations.
Independent day or Republic days are two memorable days to treasure.
It's historic feat is always cherished and appraised.
Fond memories of the freedom struggle always touch our heart and intellect.
With each significant phase of the battle,
And with their sacrifices the fighters and leaders strived so hard while they stood erect.
Their endless perseverance and patience redeem the present scenario.
Now we can breathe and enchant in a free land with our portfolio.
Their determination and devotion inspires others.
The resonance uproared with the music,
Nation is our first priority.
To garland the martyrs and parade,
As we marched forward a significant target.
We were aiming to be a developed country,
India with its significant achievements and strength.
Such are the beauty of its rivers and states, forts and estates,
Where the language embraces the other like a friendly playmate.
Each religion is our pride and fervour,
With several modes of worship we are united as one like a stirrer.
Where each state celebrates festivals and linguistic exchange of thoughts and expressions,
Together we join hands to remain as the soul of a great nation.
While we integrate in every circumstance.
The mighty pen chants NATION IS ALWAYS FIRST in all situations.
©Somdatta Mitra


August 15, 1945,
At the stroke of the midnight,
When the Indian people were in snoozed.
Three coloured flag flashing above in the sky.
Saffron in the top, white with twenty-four wheel Ashoka Chakra in middle
and green in the bottom.

When the national flag flies in the wind,
pride awakens in the minds of every Indian.
They awake into a new era of life!
The beginning of freedom calls the mind of each and every citizens.
Coloured wrappers blowing through high.
The eyes glows the happiness of freedom.

Today I live freely on this world,
Only because of the freedom fighters.
For a moment I remember the heroes who liberated India.
Those who uprooted the British Peak have always been heroes in our minds.
No matter how much time has passed, they are still brave in the minds of every Indian.
They are the real fighters of our democratic country.

Yes I'm a proud Indian.
Seventh largest country in the world.
Twenty eight states shares their
Incredible beauty, charming diversity and expressive cultures.
From kashmir to kanyakumari,
Indian landscapes proves the wilderness of nature,
Unique in their richness.

Stimulates nationalism in our blood.
A true Indian have
Pride in their freedom,
True patriotic glimpses in their words.
They never want to fight each other
In the name of caste and religion.
We never forget the sacrifice of our fighters, they are heroes in our life.
It is the result of their dreams,
Their Sleepless dreams,
that we still live happily in our country.

Let us hope that
The next generation will move forward with the real patriotic in their blood.
©Fathima S

Amidst the pale moonlight,
A ray of hope distorts from this sight.
A bright and hopeful one,
Replicating the joyous morning sun.

The day starts with sweet chirpings of birdies floating in the air,
Commenced by jingling temple bells down the thoroughfare.
As soon as horizon seeks the sunshine,
The beauty of markets shimmers like silver line.

Hawkers bellow all day long,
It just seems like a melodious song.
Bangle sellers possess radiant bangle,
Dreamy enough from every angle.

The intricately designed handicrafts,
Fire through your heart millions of darts.
Every stranger greets you with a calming smile,
Leaving it's impression for a thousand miles.

The atmosphere is zealous, filled with joy,
And every little child is longing for a toy.
A spectrum of gestures pricks your heart,
Till the time you sink in the lively art.

Every little explorer insists to listen to a story ,
Which the dearest grandparents narrate with glory.
The diverse cultures and traditions are the sparkles on the top,
Making people intermingle at every stop.

The nature is rejuvenating in peace,
Plants are giving birth to new born leaves.
The sky is binding up this all,
Because now it's time, for the nightfall.
-© Diya Jain

Papa when you will come back!!!

*Disclaimer: this piece of writing is purely fictional. No part of it must be executed before consulting the poet. Poet holds the copyright. This is an original work. Not responsible for tears!*

Papa! Come back please
I didn't prayed for this
I wanted victory of our country
But not your body!

Papa! I can't see your body
Those bullet marks
How cruel this world is!!
They took away your life.

Papa! Comeback to life
Mumma is crying
She is feeling lonely
How she will face this society?

Papa! You called your mother, India!
But today, you are lying
Breathless on it.
You never blamed her
For making enemies
But you preferred
To die for it.

Beta! I am still alive
I will be there for you
Whenever you will need me
Think about the memories;
The fun we had.

Beta! I can't see you crying
I cayour mother suffering
I can't see my mother fighting
This was an honor
I matryed for my country.

Beta! I did this because
It is my country
I can't see it's flag down
I can't see it's pride getting lost.

Beta! It's not only my country
It's yours too!
Its not about fighting for her respect.

Beta! It's not her fault
It's not my fault
It's not your fauIt
I will be there for you
Always in your heart
Atleast!; You are my blood too!
You are my blood too!
- ©Parthvi


Though it is a very tough question,
Needs to be probed every single Indian,
What would I do if the ropes of controlling the nation,
Come in my hands to bring the waves of revolution.

The first thing one must do for a tower to stay for long,
Is to underpin it with founding stones, very strong,
Its the 'Education System' with the aid of which an economy mounts,
From it's quality to accessibility, each an every aspect counts.

Our education system be changed from a factory producing job seekers,
To an institution manufacturing job providers and entrepreneurs,
Also, syllabus examining rote memorising power of an assessee,
Should rather offer contents that coincide with reality.

Another important area where modification is required,
'Chairs of Power' to be handed over to the youth, apt qualification whose acquired,
Moreover payroll & tax benefit schemes appropriate to their services to be drafted,
Educated joblessness shall be sorted to a great extent, if this approach is adopted.

There should be transparency pertaining to the funds contributed, a voluntary gesture,
Religious structures to be less focused on, more be schools, hospitals and infrastructure,
Voting systems to be authentic serving the very purpose of democracy,
Media hampering our society should be penalised, exposing their hypocrisy.

Our 'Law and Order' system that's rendered handicapped,
Needs to be mended to free our nation, in the prison of crimes that's trapped,
No mercy for men or women, involved in murder, rapes or like heinous crimes,
The clips of punishment to be viralized, a lesson for all in the coming times.

If we inject utter discipline in the veins of our economy,
India's sure to embark on a revolutionary journey.
- ©reshma_kausar_mohideen


Vivid in its culture,
Dynamic is its nurture,
Different to each other ,
Yet alluring when taken together.

India the land of freedom,
It holds not only pride stories,
It is the abode of golden histories,
Varied is in its different ways.

Lots of underestimations,
Still it has proved its excellence,
Yes, it's not only a nation,
Its a land of great emotion.

India has excelled in every field,
It's a matter of great yield,
Pride in itself,
The inspirations are greater in themselves.
©Payal Chowdhury

A start so small,
The footsteps so tiny,
Was how it started;
To make our world shiny,
The progress we made,
Matched with the sacrifices we paid,
The bloodshed of thousands,
Was the way it started.
Never thought it to be different,
The way of oppressors,
The last nail to the coffin,
Was the way it started.
Yet the start was afresh,
With electing of new leaders,
With freedom as the view.
We started from scratch,
We built our empire,
A sanctuary of love,
Made with the sacrifices of many.
Today we stand,
As a powerful nation,
An encouragement of many,
That is worth thousands of penny,
The oppressors are gone,
And yes; we are not alone,
The nation has grown,
And what we are worth is shown.
-© Dr. Kanu Tiwari

My phone buzzes, a message pops out from Flipkart " Celebrating 75 years of freedom ..... "
Freedom! I keenly stare at tht word. Today while everyone's heart is filled with pride and the great spirit. Mine is still thinking about the word "Freedom ".

I rest my head, gazing upward at the stars of heaven bloomed in the purest black.
Those beacons of hope sparkling and shimmering, remind my soul of Freedom.I find my bones shaking with a longing to loose all that restrains. Freedom to me is listening to my desires that are wrapped in vibrant light.
It's a chance for my abundance of ideas to grow. My words, passions and visions to be heard.
I long for those days, when I am no one to be, no titles or badges to wear and nothing to wish for.I prefer that gorgeous Freedom, where it's wide and clear. Where She is allowed to dream of the world and scribble her unfulfilled desires and run a thousand miles away and where she feels safe while it's dark out there.Freedom to me is a place where I can be Me authentically, unleashing myself and flying beyond the door where endless skies are only roofs of my home.

We celebrate political independence, but I will wait for the day when we will celebrate Social Independence. Jai Hind
©Vedasamhita Makkireddi

जश्ने आज़ादी

लहू से सींचा, जिसने ये धरती
आज़ाद देश के वो वीर हैं,
लहराता है जो तिरंगा,
खींची गई वो शमसीर है।

आज़ादी के मतवालों ने,
रंगा बसन्ती चोला,
शहीद हुए भगत सिंह,
कितनों ने दम तोड़ा।

राखी टूटे, सिंदूर छूटा,
आँगन हुआ सुना,
आज़ादी के मतवालों तुम,
यूँही न इसे खोना।

ख़ुशी मनाओ, मौज उड़ाओ,
जितना चाहे जश्न मनाओ।
लहू से लाल हुई है ये धरती,
वीर गाथा सब को सुनाओ।
जश्न ए आज़ादी सब मिलकर मनाओ,
वीर गाथा सब को सुनाओ
-© Nilofar Farooqui Tauseef

" भारत देश विशाल हूँ "

ऋषि मनीषियों की धरती मैं,
बर्फ सुशोभित भाल हूं ।
मुझे देखकर विश्व चकित है,
भारत देश विशाल हूं ।।

प्रकृति का उपहार दिव्य मैं,
गंग सुशोभित धार हूं ।
अपनी ही मैं नहीं,
विश्व की भंवरों की पतवार हूँ ।।

सागर मंथन किया हमीं ने,
नीलकंठ बन गरल पिया ।
साक्षी है इतिहास, शत्रु को
रण में चकनाचूर किया ।।

मैं धरती हूं राम, कृष्ण की,
बौद्ध,जैन की हूं वाणी ।
भरी हुई है मेरे अंदर,
अगणित प्रतिभा कल्याणी ।।

मेरी संस्कृति विश्व वंद्य है,
सबके प्रति आदर का भाव ।
शरण हमारी जो भी आया,
सदा मिटाया उसका घाव ।।

शक्तिपूंज योगेश्वर मैं हूं,
सामवेद की मैं हूं ताल ।
वाणी ,रमा संतुलन मुझमें,
मैं हूं कुसुमित तरु की डाल ।।

वीर शिवा का बघनख मैं ही,
गुरु गोविंद सिंह की तलवार ।
राणा का भाला भी मैं हूं,
मैं ही भगतसिंह सरदार ।।

परशुराम का तीक्ष्ण परशु मैं,
अर्जुन का गांडीव प्रबल ।
मैं सुभाष का ओज भरा स्वर,
लोकतंत्र हूं आज सफल ।।
~© मनिषा शर्मा

देशभक्ति का तूफ़ान

है हिंद यह ,
और हिंद की ये सरजमीं है ।
ज़ाबाजों की नहीं जहाँ कोई कमी है ॥

हर वीर की रगों में यहाँ ,
हर पल नया उफ़ान है ।
दिलों में उमड़ता जिनके,
सिर्फ़ देशभक्ति का तूफ़ान है।

इन आँखों को जिससे इश्क़ है ,
जिस पर मर मिटना इनका काम है ।
है स्वदेश जो इनका ,
कहते हैं भारत उसका नाम है ॥

भारत माँ के इन सपूतों पर, हर भारतीय को नाज़ है ।
यह मातृभूमि भी जिन्हें पाकर ,
हुई धन्य आज है ॥

थल , जल , नभ और चहुँ ओर ,
जिनकी होती जय जयकार है।
जिनकी वीरता - प्रशस्ति का, हर तरफ हो रहा प्रसार है॥

जिनकी वंदन में झुके हैं मस्तक ,
हाँ वही भारत - नंदन ।
सम्पूर्ण देश कर रहा है उनका हार्दिक अभिनंदन ॥

हर भारतवासी कर रहा है, उनका हार्दिक अभिनंदन ॥
- © मुस्कान सत्यम्

विषय - आजादी
अपनी आजादी बड़ी,
मेहनत से हमने पायी है।
गैर कोई छीन ले अब,
नहीं चूड़ियां कलाई हैं।

चिड़ियों से भी बाज,
लड़कर हारता हर बार है।
सब्र को कमज़ोर समझे,
धैर्य में जज्बात है।

मान पे आ जाए तो,
कीमत भी उसकी खून है।
अब फिरंगी चाह भी ले,
जोश दिल के जुनून हैं।

देश में जो आ गया,
हमने दिया सब मान भी।
इम्तिहाँ लाखों मिले,
न टूट कर बिखरे कभी।

तुम सदा रखना सजाकर,
देश के इतिहास को।
शान इसकी तीन रंगों में,
सदा सम्मान हो।

-© राजेश सतपते , हैदराबाद

‌वो भारत देश मेरा है

जहाँ की माटी चंदन सी
जहाँ की धारा पावन सी
जहाँ बहता नीर प्रेम का
जहाँ पहर आठों मातृवंधन का
मैं उस देश का वासी हूँ
की ,
वो भारत देश मेरा है

जहाँ बच्चा - बच्चा राग आता
सूर्यवीरो की ,
की ,वो भूमि बलिदानो की
मैं उस देश का वासी हूँ
वो भारत देश मेरा

जहाँ दीवाली में वास्ता अली
और मोहोरम में वास्ता राम
मैं उस देश का वासी हूँ
वो भारत देश मेरा
वो भारत देश मेरा ||
© Sanya Tikarya

यादों का परचम

नमन है उन शहीदों को,
रक्षा की जिन्होंने देश की।
आजादी दिलाई हमें,
परवाह नहीं की अपने जान की।

बलिदान देकर अपना,
बचाया देश के सम्मान को ।
गर्व से लहराया तिरॅंगा,
हुआ फक्र सारे जहान को।

आज भी उनके सम्मान में,
होती है ऑंखे नम।
सिर्फ १५ अगस्त या २६ जनवरी को ही नहीं,
हर रोज लहराता है,
उनकी यादों का परचम...
हमारे दिलों में...!

अगर शहीदों को सच्ची शहादत देनी है,
तो रक्षण करो अपने देश का
और सम्मान करो इस तिरंगे का।
तभी कहलायेंगे हम सच्चे भारतवासी...!
तभी कहलायेंगे हम सच्चे भारतवासी...!!!
© Beena shah

ऋणी हैं हम उन सैनिक के

ऋणी है हम उन सैनिक के जो खड़े सीमा मै आपनी सीना ताने.....
ना धूप ना ठंड इन्हे लगती
क्योंकि भारत माता इनकी रक्षा करती...
ना दीपावली ना होली.....
राखी मै इनकी कलाई सुनी पड़ती .....
ना दिन ना रात ये सोचते ...
सिर्फ खाखी वर्दी की रक्षा करते.....
ऋणी है हम उन सैनिक के...
जो भारत माता की रक्षा के लिए खुशी - खुशी सहिद हो जाते...
ना चैन से सो पाते ना चैन से खा पाते....
बस रात दिन हमारी सेवा कर जाते .....
ऋणी है हम उन सैनिक के....
©Riya Agrawal

अभिमान तिरंगा
आन तिरंगा हैं ये शान तिरंगा।
भारत का हैं अभिमान तिरंगा।।

इस तिरंगे के खातिर देखो,
केई मां के लाल शहीद हूए।
गोलीयां खाई अपने सीने पर,
हंसते हंसते अपने प्राण दिए।।
वीर शहीदों के हैं प्राण तिरंगा।
भारत का हैं अभिमान तिरंगा।।

राजगुरू सुखदेव भगतसिंह,
हंसते हंसते फांसी झूले थे।
कालापानी भोगा सावरकर नें,
भारतमाता को नहीं भूले थे।।
भारत की है पहिचान तिरंगा,
भारत का हैं अभिमान तिरंगा।

सीमा पर लाल भारत मां के,
सर्दी गर्मी बारिश सब सहते हैं।
आंच ना आने देंगे मातृभूमि को,
सपूत सीना ठोक कर कहते हैं।।
विश्व विजयी अरमान तिरंगा।
भारत का हैं अभिमान तिरंगा।।

मन वचन और अपने कर्म से,
भारत माता का मान बढ़ाएंगे।
आज शपथ हम सभी लेते हैं,
हम अपना राष्ट्रधर्म निभाएंगे।।
"प्रिया"हम सब की जांन तिरंगा।
भारत का हैं अभिमान तिरंगा।।
आन तिरंगा हैं ये शान तिरंगा।
भारत का हैं अभिमान तिरंगा।।
-© Priya gupta

हर सैनिक कमाल है।

कंधे पे बंदूक तान वो हर दुश्मन से लड़ जाता है,
अपने देश कि सेवा करते करते वो गोलियां भी खाता है।
अपनों की खातिर वो रातो को भी जागता है,
डट कर खड़ा रहता है हमेशा, ना कभी डर के भागता है।
हर एक सिपाही सौ सौ दुश्मनों का काल है,
तभी सरहद पर खड़ा हर सैनिक कमाल है।

तिरंगे में लिपट कर आना भी उसका जुनून बन जाता है,
देश कि सेवा कर वो सच्चा देश भक्त कहलाता है।
याद करता है वो भी अपने बच्चो की नादानियों को,
पर सबसे ऊपर रखता है देश के लिए मरने वाले बलिदानियों को।
हर एक सैनिक एक हिन्दुस्तानी मां का लाल है,
तभी सरहद पर खड़ा हर सैनिक कमाल है।

सर्दी हो या गर्मी, वो हर मौसम से टकराता है,
सामने हो चाहे पूरी सेना, उसका पैर तक नहीं थरथराता है।
देखते ही जिसकी अर्थी हर इंसान "जय हिन्द" चिल्लाता है,
उसी फॉजी का जीवन आखिर में सफल कहलाता है।
जिस हिन्दुस्तानी की सबसे अलग चाल है,
सरहद पर खड़ा वो हर सैनिक कमाल है।

~© रीत चौहान

वो फौजी नहीं थे

उनकी माताओं ने भी उन्हें नौ महीने कोख में रखा था
देश के लिए बलिदान होने को नहीं जन्मा था
न किसी को फौजी बनाया न किसी ने खाकी वर्दी पहनी
न कोई रखता था बंदूक न किसी ने पिस्तौल तानी
लहू बहा कर अहिंसा के पथ पर चल कर
एक लाठी के दम पर हमें आजाद कराये
वो फौजी नहीं थे फिर भी भारत मां के सपूत कहलाये

कोई झुकाता था सर मंदिर में
कोई मांगता था दुआ मस्जिद में
किसी पर बरसता था शुकराना रब का
तो कोई मांगता मोमबत्ती जलाकर मन्नत
लेकिन जब बात आई वतन पर
तो हिन्दुस्तानी बन कर वो सब लिपट तरंगे मे गए
वह फौजी नहीं थे फिर भी भारत मां के सपूत कहलाये

जब बात आई हिन्दुस्तान की तो लड़ी मर्दानी भी थी
काटी उसने तलवार से गर्दन ढेरों की थी
जो खूब लड़ी मर्दानी थी हां वो झाँसी वाली रानी थी
आग लगी जब जलियांवाले बाग में
तो शोले बन गए आज़ादी के टोले
यूं ही नहीं मिली है हमें आज़ादी
सुभाष चंद्र बोस की बोली ने चंद्रशेखर आजाद की गोली ने बापू की लाठी ने भगत सिंह राजगुरु सुखदेव की फांसी ने हमें आज़ाद कराए
वह फौजी नहीं थे फिर भी भारत मां के सपूत कहलाए
©Khushi Jain

यूही नहीं मेरा देश महान है,
यूही नहीं यहां अनेकता में एकता का सम्मान है,
यूही नहीं यहां रहीम तोड़ते हैं रोज़ा राम की मिठाई से..
यूही नहीं ये देश विद्वता की पहचान है...
नफ़रत को भी जो प्रेम में बदल दे,
यही मेरे भारत की पहचान हैं।
©Bhumi Mahto

स्वतंत्रता दिवस

इस तिरंगे का तुम मान रखना
सड़को पर फेक अपमान ना करना
वीरों के बलिदान को भुला ना देना
जिन्होंने भी इसके लिए जान दी है
उनके सम्मान का तुम मान रखना
स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर उन्हे याद करना
उन सभी का तुम शुक्रिया करना
तिरंगे की शान मै राष्ट्रीय गान गा लेना
आज कहीं तिरंगा गिरा हुआ मिले
उसे उठा तुम सुरीक्षित रख देना
इस तिरंगे का तुम मान रखना
©Ankit Kumar Singh

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