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From PEACEFUL WRITERS To PEACEFUL WRITERS INTERNATIONAL, I've experienced the journey of this community. I came across many unknown facts about writing skills here, I got a chance to improve myself day by day, I met friends who are now more than a friend my sisters & brothers... It's nearly 5-6 month's I've been participating in the daily challenges, special fests events, open mics etc, therefore I got enough time to observe & prove myself too in front of the world. I got achievements in many challenges too such as Participation in special prompts, special mentions, winning positions, record attempt breaker member etc which are now my acknowledgements in the form of Certificates to shut the mouths who once said me- "I can be nothing in life ever". As the days passed I was added by in core team of PWI & I was again not ready to believe that I'm worth something. One day someone created suspense and called me urgently in the group to question. I was really unaware of the question of what it will be... worrying about what mistake I would have done...!? what problem I might have created, whether I'll be a member anymore or not !? I asked- "have I done some mistake ?" and the reply was - "yes !!" I was just feeling to die because it was impossible for me to see that because of me my sister will also be insulted indirectly for being my cousin, but the next question was- "why are you so hardworking !?" and I was confused this time ... but I answered in my way- "I work for those things which really deserves, needs & value my work. Though I'm not giving my best currently because of some personal issues I'll try to be active in a couple of days..." and the next things was just amazing !!! The poster consisted of my beautiful pic & my fascinating name with the responsibility allotted as "The DISCIPLINARY CHIEF OF PWI" which is still an alluring feeling & memory for me...

Let me also describe my hidden feelings for the beauties & stars of my life in the literary field-


My Partner, my sister, my helpline centre & the one with whom I can share my joy & sorrows too. A perfect synonym for the word cousin. You are the one who brought me to PWI & inspired me always to fulfil my dreams. It won't be easy without your support & love, because you showed me a path where I can do something for myself too. I feel so proud to introduce myself as being a sister of yours. I'm really thankful to you for everything means everything. I wish I could give you in return whatever you do for me but no doubt it's incomparable, still, I feel like always staying with you, work with you, talk with you, eat with you, sleep with you, have fun with you & most importantly GROW WITH YOU... 


My Archiiiiii, my brother who makes me smile & sometimes laugh too at his beautiful stickers as a reply on WhatsApp. The way you call me Dii & at that moment itself, I forget all my tiredness. You always support me & is supporting me for one of my biggest happiness & that really means alot. I can feel you when you are happy & I can understand when you are unhappy... I just want to meet you, in reality, to admire the presence of such a talented person and want to thank everything which made us meet anyhow & obviously again the first credit goes to my cutie-pie- Shreya.


As your name defines you itself and I truly believe that you'll achieve much greater heights in future, and yeah one of the reasons is the writing skills you have... I'm amazed at your dedication towards literature & the only thing I can say to you is that- I want to learn everything from you & I know you'll be available for helping me as you've done also... I'm blessed to again meet such a good writer & a hardworking founder with lots of enthusiasm.


You are the one who not only helps me feature my words but also my emotions in front of the world. The way you suddenly without any reason come and say- "Di, aapko pta hai ? aap bohot achhe ho..." and this makes me smile the entire night & think about you. You clear my all silly doubts, you helped me become a YourQuote collaboration fan, you read my writeups completely & for me, all these are really heart touching moments.

I love the way SHANAYA understands my worries & ping me to try to help me out without asking. She helped me when I was stuck in much stress & wanted to give up badly... She held me up & showed me the path to walk on my dream to fulfil... I also love the way when ALFIYA agreed to help me in spite of not being well & on days of her festive. 

The journey of mine in PWI will last how much longer don't know but I want to feel every day with PWI & the team to create much more memories as a treasure. It's the place where the founders are ready to make my manuscripts, ready to participate within challenges & many more. I'm undoubtedly happy to be a part of this community & wish to stay forever with the motto- "WITH YOU FOREVER" PWI turns into every possible thing with its a hardworking environment which I dream for & I'm hoping for many more accomplishments by its support. One of the biggest successes for me too is looking & calling PWI as an International Writing Community with many other talents showcasing communities working under it to provide & collect a variety of talents under one roof along with a well know PUBLICATION HOUSE which makes me smile from my entire face because 

"I have lot my expectations & confidence to create history to be remembered by history"


"As true feelings never end, I won't be short of words in spite of writing all the time but I'll conclude here to continue again..."

-©® åñüshâvāñü

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