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Those Untold Dreams

As I sit by the window and stare at the 

Miraculously bright sky, 

My soul desires to fly higher and higher 

Like the lively restless birds in circles. 

I want the cool air to swirl me up 

And surrender myself in the power of nature. 

But then I realize my wings are broken

And each time I try to mend them 

The cruel world breaks my wings more.   

And I realize there is no way to be free. 

My soul wants to rush on the 

Soft green grass with naked feet 

And dance gracefully in the summer breeze 

As the skeet flies sing by the river, 

The colourful butterflies flutter through the flowers and trees, 

The birds sing a melodious song 

And blend the morning sky with each note and key. 

But then tears roll down and I realize that

It is just a dream. 

My legs are tied with the chains. 

My soul wants to experience the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise and feel the golden sun rays. 

I want to paint my soul with the hues of beautiful sun rays 

And let the glorious rays soothe my soul. 

I want to inhale the warm air of positivity and happiness 

And let the seeds of wisdom grow in my lungs.

But my soul resides in the darkness in the world of demons and there is no hope of light. 

Maybe I will be stuck forever in this dark world. 

©️Kaushiki Sarkar



12th February, a sweet little angel called Manisha was born. She loved to dream from her very childhood. But in return she only received taunts. "Stop dreaming so much and focus on your studies". People would continue with their caustic, judgemental remarks. But despite everything Manisha didn't stop dreaming, she kept on nourishing her desire of becoming a writer. She got a platform to express her deepest feelings in Wattpad when she was 16 where she began writing short stories.

  In the beginning she took it as a nice hobby of hers as she felt whether her stories would be loved or not by the avid readers all around.

   June 23, 2014 Manisha posted the first chapter of her story which received a view of 3.6k with 68 votes and 22 comments. The rank of her story kept on escalating with the increasing number of votes each day. The readers thoroughly enjoyed her captivating write up. Again after some months Manisha stopped working on her story due to some personal reasons and her inboxes flooded with the continuous requests for updates of the same old story. That moment she realised how much the readers loved her wonders in the blotches of ink. As time passed, the fans of Manisha's amazing scribbles also kept on increasing in leaps and bounds. On September 25, 2020 Manisha received a grand surprise. Her story was in no.1 in the Wattpad rank!!!!!So many days hard work finally paid off.

   A day before she also got an offer to publish her webnovel and that too with royalty from her webnovel representative. She was mad with jubilance and mirth. But she knew that this was the first stepping stone towards the fulfillment of her dreams. After four days she again received an offer for publishing her story "Cold Plan'' in an anthology. After that Manisha has worked in four anthologies, waiting eagerly for each one of them to get published. Those taunts from people have turned into compliments now as Manisha is slaying through the rugged road to success with ease. No more "Stop dreaming" but a number of "Keep up the great work"resonates inside Manisha's eardrums, she brims and busks with happiness.

That day Manisha made a big realisation "Never Give Up On Your Dreams".

©️ Misha Writes


Dreams are important to lead a meaningful life. A person requires dedication, passion to achieve it's dreams. Motivation is also needed to achieve your dreams. One should follow one's dreams by getting inspiration from other people who have achieved their dreams in a successful manner. 

With dreams comes hopes, aspirations to fulfill them. A light of hope within us is what keeps our dreams alive. Foliage of dreams are what we depend upon to become successful in life. 

To fulfill our dreams we have to work hard, struggle a lot. Dreams are important for us to lead a fruitful, successful life

Believe in your dreams and make them come true through your hard work and dedication to achieve success in life. 




Dreams are significant in our lives because they provide us with a new viewpoint and awaken a new dream that prevents us from living or sitting in peace. Until we get there, we're restless at every turn. We get up and feel that success is near because we need to find the way that will take us to our destination as quickly as possible, as long as it is with us that removes our ignorance.and ushers in a new era of brightness. Dreams give us a fresh sense of optimism, which causes us to start thinking about ourselves, that is why we are so near to achieving our goal. It also indicates that we should dream under any conditions because only when we dream do our dreams come true, and when something settles in our minds, the entire universe comes to our aid in making it a reality. This also implies that if we have to achieve our goal, we must dream; it is our dreams that provide us with the motivation that propels us toward a brighter future.

- Beena Shah



Sapne tabhi pure hote hain,

 jab ham uske liye dil se koshish karte hain...

 aur sab kuchh bhula kar,

 bus Apne lakshya par Dhyan dete hain...!


 रंग बिरंगी सपने मेरे,

 हर पल मुझको बहाते हैं,

 उनको पूरा करने लुभाते हैं।

फिसल जाती हूॅं मैं बार-बार,

 इनके बारे में सोचकर ।

 खो जाती हूॅं मैं इनमें,

 अपनी सुध बुध भूलाकर ।

 कैसे इन सपनों से मैं लड़ जाऊॅं?

 ख्वाहिशों से अपनी मैं कैसे पीछा छुडाऊॅं ?

- Beena Shah



I wish my soul wandered little more in that magical realm,

my eyes could get a treat little longer of that miraculous dream,

I'm sure some angel stood beside my pillow caressing my forehead,

thus the winds felt like enlivening my soul, long dead.

It was not a mere dream but a strong communication,

A reply to the inner me from the supreme for my devotion,

it was a rainy day and a fresh pond of emerald water seemed to surface,

in the middle of smoggy atmosphere, appearing like an emerald between diamonds in a necklace.

By a few wicked classmates, I was being bullied,

as I struggled to walk because of my twisted feet,

they teased me, addressed me as a 'handicapped', a 'disabled,

pushed me into a pond and waited to see me struggling to get stabled.

My knees were hurt and I saw my foot bleeding slightly,

the magical water of the pond got me drenched completely,

I waited for those stone-hearts to melt with mercy, but all in vain,

none helped me out of the pond and be able to stand again.

With all my strength I tried to rise whilst my helplessness roared,

my twisted feet caused me fall every single time I endeavoured,

gazing at the sky I wished to embrace my lord and profusely cry,

all of a sudden I rose up successfully at the last try.

I came out of the pond and stood straight like any other normal person,

all were amazed and perplexed sighting the strange situation,

I jumped, danced, walked to and fro and with smiling tears I moved on,

whilst I realised God accompanies the one who is left all alone.




I got up with fright, one night,

I found myself in a dense forest incredibly quiet,

Terrified and trembling at the horrendous sight,

I held myself very tight.

In the tranquil habitat, my heart sunk in tension,

Hearing a roar of a lion,

Closed my eyes, pitying my condition,

I knew my death approached without permission.

Lo, behold! The lion knelt before me with affection,

Told me to ride it without any hesitation, 

Drove me to a land far away filled with attractions,

My eyes popped up seeing the extensions.

Transparent lake flowed with brilliant fish, 

Held my hand and pulled me in the water against my wish,

But alas! What was this unbelievable trick? 

I walked on water with ease like a chick.

Vibrant butterflies smiled coquettishly to entertain, 

Fireflies lit my way to amuse my brain,

Flowers laid themselves in my way to drive me insane,

Birds sang sonnets to increase the flow in my vein.

Few monstrous birds lifted me in air,

I shrieked out of terror,

They dropped me off high in the cloud,

I knew this was certainly going to be the end.

Oh, My lord! Am I flying,

Floating in the air like an eagle soaring?

What a sight was I encountering,

My brain was numb, and my heartbeat was increasing.

A tap on my leg and someone screaming,

What happened? Why is everything changing?

Hubby yelling to wake up and start cooking,

Was it all a fantasy world that I was dreaming?

No, my lord, please do not bring me back; it is hurting,

I do not want to return to cooking and cleaning,

Want to live happily in that world enjoying,

Reality is a bit too harsh after returning.

- Noor Tabassum



It was the first day of my college.When I was waiting for the bus, my love was approaching to the bustop. My heart was trembling and vapours were all around by hard hands. Then, our bus had arrived...First I had waited for her to get in but she hadn't left the place. When I had started to enter she had rushed to get into the bus. As it was the new college the bus was not accustomed to us.

She was stuck on the bus stairs and was falling down, immediately I rushed towards her and caught her midst her waist...Heartbroken, heart was beating more than usual,heart trembled...I had started to think about her reaction to my reaction. She had hastened the stairs and turned towards me saying "Thank You for this, My Love...I Love You"...

I had started shouting "I Love you too..I love you too..." Mom thrashed me with a stick on by buttocks saying "To whom was that I Love You too..??It's 10AM now, Don't you have college..??" I got up suddenly and had realised that it was a dream and cheered at my mom saying,"That I Love You too was for you.." My mom laughed at me saying, "Did I tell you that I was Loving You..?" I clamoured saying,"But I love you" for covering my dream..!!

- ©️Kolli Sai Charan Reddy


Dreams are part of life. But a dream is not a life. For each one  of us,  we have abundant dreams,and in order to make them real, efforts are important.

We have to pay due importance to our dreams and continue our journey, changing direction from time to time as per the situation warrants.

In our daily routine,  we ask others, where are you? Which dream world are you living in?

Dream is not a shadow or dark but it is real only.  In the bottom of our hearts, deep thought processes and dream seeds are planted. It is purely an individual conception in the mind.

For poets, scholars, language researchers, inventors' dreams are an investment. They sharpen dreams and give life to it.

For poets, lyrics writers' dreams are like ganges,  using various words, compositions  with a dance mode to the fans.

For poets, a dream is not a camphor and it is a sponge, its flow flawlessly , gives topping on the ice cream. Their dreams have  no boundary. Like  butterfly poets without wings  fly in the dream sky.

The dream is the inherent  quality of a poet. It is a gift to those who think beyond boundaries.. We have to appreciate dreams.

We all have to explore the best possibilities to bring out our dreams and have to decorate with fragrance and flavors then only life smells like a jasmine, rose.

A positive dream gives thrust to explore new unexplored things around us. 

- K.S.Ramakrishnan


Everything is perfect. The pictures I see are clear. No pixels making my vision blurry. No imperfect color's. They all represent harmony and desire. The world belongs to me. I am free and happy. I can do anything. I can be anything. I can achieve anything. The world of dreams...my dreams.

- Jaunmarie Rheeder


I am a writer, not by profession but by hobby. I want to become an actress. In front of the mirror, singing and dancing with expressions which are likely to be perfect. Just hoping, dreaming , acting and reacting!. No one ever knew about this. Not even my parents or my friends but I think,it's time to disclose my true wish. Let the world know, who I am supposed to be and what u wish for!  I hope one day, this 11-year-old dreamy girl gets the opportunity!

- Jagriti_Mandal


The world of my beautiful dream which I wanted to fulfil

I dream of a world,

Where love bless and peace prevail,

The earth is adorned with compassion tale,

Where freedom of speech and expression hail,

Where greed no longer taint or tail,

Nor avarice impinge and surrounding stale,

where all race enjoy bounties of earth and sail,

Where wretchedness die and joy weigh on scale,

Kindness rule and selfishness fail

I dream of a world,

Where love blesses and peace prevail.

- Dr. Sulekha Yadav


We are not in talking terms,

whenever our eyes meet

we turn it's routes.

But today,

In my dreams I saw you,

in a totally different hue.

We shared our fears,

we listened to our hearts 

when it said the truth.

I just hope it's real,

in a parallel universe

a dimension so new!

- Darshika Morey


Like purple blushes of cloud, you come and touch me,
Make my heartbeats flutter, then hide beyond the sea,
Are you a fairy, or an angel who descended from heaven,
I can wait for you now, and even the coming 24 into seven.

You are that dream, which was hard to get and own,
The waves of your eyes penetrated, deep in my soul,
I wondered if you are a mirage, or am I a vagabond?
Who was busy looking for oceans, when the dewdrop was profound.

When at the darkest night I wept, you came as a firefly,
And revolved around me, drying all the cursed vibes,
I wanted you to heal me, and that's how I found you in Moon,
After writing hundred of poetries, I waited for you to come soon.

Maybe a blush or a deep feeling, I have for your presence,
Because I've never joined hands, or wanted someone else,
If has always been you, but are you for real in this world?
You are that dream I wish to savour, before I pass away from my world.

Will you meet me now? I'm waiting at the horizon.



Dekha tha kabhi, is Prithvi ko sapne mein khatm hote,
Aadhi aur tufan ka ek saath prahar bhi hote,
Aur manushyon ko madad ki pukar lagate hue,
Maine dekha tha ek sapna, jo achanak sach ho gaya.

Swarg si thi ye duniya, aur virus ka prahar ho gaya,
Har taraf hahakar, aur lashon ka dher lag gaya,
Jise dekho wo roye, kabhi apno ke liye to kuch aur,
Bhook, pyaas se mit rahe, namo nishan na rahe aur.

Kisi ki Mata to kisi ke Pita, kabhi bhai to kabhi behen,
Bas chhoti si duniya bachi hai, jisme Prakriti hai kaid,
Duniya ka vinash is tarah hoga, ek din dekha tha,
Abhi to sirf din badal rahe, ek din varsh bhi badlega.

Jaise meri aankhon ke saamne sab ho raha ho,
Bhagwan ne bhi aakhiri avtaar le liya ho,
Sab tayyar hai, sirf insaan us waqt tayyar nahi,
Ek virus ne aakar, macha diya shor chaaron or.

Kabhi socha na tha ek din aayega, jab sapna sach hota nazar aayega.

- ©Angarika

Dream ! Dream ! Dream....!

Dream big to achieve big .
Believe in yourself ,
You become what you believe .
You're what you do ,
You're actions creates an great impact !
Champions aren't born ;
Champions are made ,
They would've dreamt being a champion !
Never be afraid ;
If you've dreams about falling ,
Dream to stand up and fight for your desires .
A Burning desire !
A Great vision and a never ending dream ;
Is enough to succeed .
Have the will power to make the dream come true ,
Believe in what you dream for ,
Trust the timing ! 
Dream big and work hard to get it ,
Dream is the first step and key to success ,
Big dreams are long lasting nightmares ,
That threatens you .
Dream till you achieve it ,
Never stop dreaming until you get it ,
Never stop dreaming until people recognise you .
Chase your dream ,
That's more powerful ,
People who dream are more powerful .
Dream to be the person you wanna be in your life .
Life is a not so easy ,
Just dream for your life .
Never be embarassed about your failures ,
Start to dream and pursue. 
There are setbacks !
Time delay may test your patience  ,
Still dream big .
Be consistent ,
Decide your life ;
Is life a dream or a drama !?
Work for it fearlessly,
Once you become fearless ,
You're life becomes limitless.
- Devi Vaishnavi Rajkumar


वास्तविकता तो सदा संगीन होती है,
इसीलिए तो सपने रंगीन होते हैं।

अपने क्रूर अस्तित्व से अज्ञात होने के लिए,
हम सपनों की दुनिया बनाते हैं,
अपने हृदय की मनोकामना पूरी करने के लिए,
हम सपनों को अवलोकित करते हैं।

इस अकेली दुनिया में अपने आप को सहारा देने के लिए,
सपनों को साथी बनाकर अपने पास रखते हैं।
अपने कल को आज में देखने के लिए,
हम मिलकर सपनें संजोते हैं।

अपने बेहतरीन पलों को अपने पास रखने के लिए,
टूटे हुए अंगों को सपनों में बाँट देते हैं।
नायाब वस्तुओं को पाने के लिए,
अंतर्मन को सपनों की दृष्टि देते हैं।

समाज में बदलाव लाने के लिए,
सपनों को हम लेख में बदल देते हैं।
प्रेम की मोहमाया को चित्र में लाने के लिए,
तड़पते हुये सपनों को हम कविता में बदल देते हैं।

दिल में उपस्थित सपनों को सच करने के लिए,
परिश्रम करते हैं,
निष्ठा रखते हैं।

स्वयं पर आत्मविश्वास रखो,
प्रभु पे विश्वास रखो,
सपने अपने आप आएँगे तुम्हारे पास।
- ©लावण्या


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